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Chapter 197: An Annoying Fly

7925words in this chapter2024-01-14

Regarding the backgrounds of the top twenty warriors on the ranking list,Su Xin carefully analyzed them and could only shake his head at the conclusion.It seemed that traditional forces like the Sword Sects,which had a long history in the martial world,were impeccable both among the top-tier warriors and the younger generation disciples.On the other hand,other forces like the Eight Gates of the Left Path or the Seven Gangs of the World had relatively shallow foundations,with only the Seven Heroes competing with the Tang Clan of Chu Prefecture.

Su Xin shook his head,choosing not to focus on the ranking list.Instead,he turned his attention to the food and wine that had just been served.Since Tianfeng Tower was an inn,it naturally served as a place for people to dine.If Tianfeng Tower couldn't offer impressive dishes,it wouldn't attract so many warriors,eventually becoming one of the largest inns in Jiangnan Prefecture.

One of Tianfeng Tower's signature dishes was the Silver Thread Braised Crucian Carp.Despite the many bones in crucian carp,the head chef of Tianfeng Tower was said to be a master at using a knife.He could skillfully remove all the bones from the crucian carp,cutting it into fine threads and stewing it in high broth until flavorful,while maintaining the shape of a whole fish when served.

This dish was limited to a hundred servings each day,and Su Xin was early enough to secure a taste.If one arrived later,they might miss the opportunity to savor this delicacy.In addition to local dishes from Jiangnan,Tianfeng Tower also offered over a hundred varieties of dishes,including specialties from the northern frontier such as lamb-filled pastries and roasted meat with mare's milk.

When Su Xin ascended to the upper floor,he casually ordered a table full of dishes.As he was about to enjoy his meal,he noticed a swordsman coming up from downstairs,heading straight towards him.

"Master Su,I am Liu Tianyuan from Jingzhou.I would like to seek guidance from Master Su,"the swordsman greeted,clasping his fists.

Su Xin put down his chopsticks,looking surprised."Are you sure you're talking to me?"

Liu Tianyuan's strength seemed to have just reached the Spirit Aperture Realm.He had probably recently opened his eye apertures.Did he dare challenge Su Xin?

Liu Tianyuan nodded."Of course,I'm talking to you,Master Su."

People around them seemed unperturbed,as if such scenes were commonplace.It appeared that this was not the first time they had witnessed such challenges.

Initially,Su Xin couldn't understand the swordsman's intention.However,observing the expressions of the onlookers,he guessed what the man had in mind.

Liu Tianyuan had a simple plan–to leverage Su Xin's fame for his own gain.In the martial world,people sought nothing more than fame and fortune.Those with strength didn't need to resort to tricks,but those without strength had to use some cunning methods,especially individuals from small sects or independent martial artists.

Su Xin,realizing Liu Tianyuan's intention,lost patience.He coldly said,"Get lost,don't disturb my meal."

Su Xin wouldn't let those seeking to gain fame at his expense succeed.Liu Tianyuan's expression changed."Master Su,I sincerely want to learn from you.Are you refusing to spar with me,or are you afraid to challenge me?"

Hearing Liu Tianyuan's words,Su Xin couldn't help but burst into laughter.This guy had quite a few tricks up his sleeve.If he couldn't get Su Xin to fight,he would resort to provocation.Su Xin,no longer patient,said,"Fine,if you want a fight,I'll oblige.Just hope you won't regret it."

Liu Tianyuan was delighted,drawing his long sword and saying,"Please enlighten me,Master Su."

As he was about to charge at Su Xin,the latter's figure disappeared like a gust of wind,almost instantly reappearing in front of him.A powerful kick accompanied by a burst of energy tore through the air with a thunderous sound.Liu Tianyuan was sent flying backward,chest caved in,rolling from the fourth floor to the third.His life force rapidly dwindled,and it seemed he wouldn't survive.

On the third and fourth floors of Tianfeng Tower,all eyes were on Su Xin.Many warriors silently swallowed a mouthful of saliva,finding Su Xin's actions incredibly ruthless.To kick a Spirit Aperture Realm warrior to death with a single kick–Su Xin was indeed quite fierce.

It's worth noting that there are quite a few martial artists who come to challenge and seek opportunities at the Jiangnan Conference every year.Although some of the ranked warriors may find it annoying,none of them resort to violence.

Everyone knows the rules–these challengers only seek to gain some advantage,and you don't suffer any loss.Why resort to bloodshed?

In the martial world,there's a general understanding that people leave room for each other,at least within Jiangnan Prefecture.Otherwise,how would their reputation in the martial world survive?After all,they are all young heroes listed on the ranking,and reputation is sometimes more important than strength.

However,Su Xin has no such concerns.The rules may be set by the warriors of Jiangnan Prefecture,but they aren't Su Xin's rules.For the intruder who disrupted his meal,Su Xin had no intention of showing mercy.Otherwise,more challengers might come knocking.

Indeed,on the third floor,there were a few Innate Realm warriors who seemed eager to challenge Su Xin.However,witnessing Liu Tianyuan's miserable state,their enthusiasm vanished instantly.Reputation was undoubtedly important,but one's own life was even more crucial.Without life,there was no enjoyment of the benefits brought by reputation.

Su Xin returned to his seat and continued eating,his calm demeanor sending shivers down the spines of those around him.To casually eat after killing someone,Su Xin was truly extraordinary;he likely had quite a few lives on his hands.

At this point,people suddenly remembered that this man had once ruthlessly slaughtered the entire Zhu family.Even after such an infamous act,these challengers dared to come to his door.That was truly seeking death.

Su Xin dispatched Liu Tianyuan without hesitation.This event spread throughout Jiangnan Prefecture in the afternoon through the promotion of those independent martial artists.Almost everyone said that Su Xin was ruthless and cruel,quick to kill without a second thought.Some even claimed he was worse than disciples with demonic backgrounds.

Some argued that if Su Xin had a background like Yan Naluo,the'Fire Domain Demon God,'born in the chaotic battlegrounds of the Western Thirty-Six Kingdoms,he would undoubtedly be a merciless killing deity.

Despite the external criticism,Su Xin remained unperturbed.No one dared to come knocking with grand excuses like Liu Tianyuan did,so Su Xin enjoyed peaceful days.

In the evening,Su Xin wandered the streets with a jug of wine.He casually found a small bridge and sat down.The water town of Jiangnan was full of lakes and bridges,and there were numerous sturdy,delicately crafted small bridges throughout the city.

Leaning against the small bridge,Su Xin drank his wine.Beside him,a grandfather and granddaughter were singing local operas in the Wu dialect.Su Xin couldn't understand the dialect,but the old man's singing was full of vicissitudes,and the fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl sang with a poignant tone,clearly performing a tragic piece.

Although Su Xin couldn't comprehend the lyrics,he could feel the sense of sorrow and helplessness in the opera.Intrigued by this feeling,he pondered on his own'Dao'–his martial path and the path he would take in the future.

When Su Xin first arrived in this world,his goal was simply to survive and become stronger.With the system,it was both an opportunity and a driving force.Now,being ranked in the top thirty of the ranking,he could become prosperous within the Six Sects while relying on the Iron Family.

With his strength and potential,expressing a desire to join a martial force would likely lead even the influential families like the Ouyang Clan to extend a warm invitation.However,this wasn't what Su Xin desired.He intended to walk the path of an antagonist,a'Dao'unique to himself.

The entire martial world was shrouded in various rules.For instance,when Su Xin killed Liu Tianyuan,he seemed to have become an unforgivable criminal overnight.

Indeed,warriors like Li Chenfeng might have been harassed by these challengers,but due to the rules,they had to endure.Su Xin's goal was to break these rules.No rule could bind him,whether he rose to power or became a scourge to the martial world.He would not bow to any rule;instead,he would become the one who created the rules.

Having realized all this,Su Xin felt as if something in his mind had cleared.A refreshing sensation surged as the surrounding natural energies,mixed with starlight,entered his body.A cool feeling emanated from the divine palace between his eyebrows,as if he could sense the trajectory of the world's energies.

The singing girl curiously glanced at Su Xin.He seemed to disappear for a moment,which was strange.If her eyes couldn't see Su Xin,she might have thought there was no one on the bridge.