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Chapter 68: Betrayal from Within

8983words in this chapter2024-01-03

For the major leaders and hall masters of the Feiying Gang,ShāFēiyìng taking away their territories and rights only made them angry,but they wouldn't confront ShāFēiyìng over this matter;it wasn't worth it.

Even without territories and rights,they were still the hall masters and major leaders of the Feiying Gang.The Feiying Gang owed much of its prosperity to their efforts.In that case,why resist?

Although the prospect of early retirement angered them,it was not entirely unacceptable.

Because Su Xin guessed their thoughts,he didn't intervene last time.In that situation,these people just wanted to use him as a pawn,and even if he spoke up,no one would support him.

But now,things were different.ShāFēiyìng had genuinely hit them where it hurt.

Looking at ShāYuándōng's appearance,causing such a huge disaster within a month,he was a typical case of being ambitious but lacking ability—a real amateur.

If the Feiying Gang were really handed over to him,as Su Xin said,it probably wouldn't withstand his repeated blunders.Today,he lost an inexperienced district,but tomorrow he might make another mistake and lose even more.Even if their family business was large,could it withstand his repeated errors?If they wanted to reclaim their rights,they had no objections,as long as the Feiying Gang survived.At least that way,they could secure a life of prosperity for the next generation.But if the Feiying Gang disappeared,they wouldn't even have the qualification to exist.

"ShāYuándōng can live,but he must take responsibility for this matter!In the future,regardless of the size of the matter,it should not be entrusted to ShāYuándōng.He has proven himself unfit to take over the Feiying Gang!"Su Xin declared.

"Outrageous!"Someone from the four disciples brought by ShāFēiyìng rebuked when hearing Su Xin's extreme statement.

Su Xin glanced indifferently at him."I'm talking to the Gang Leader.Do you have the qualification to interrupt?If you don't understand the rules,shut your mouth."

As he spoke,Li Huài,sitting next to Su Xin,moved swiftly.In the next moment,he was already beside the gang member who spoke out.A slap was delivered,and then he quickly returned to his seat.

The rapid sequence of actions made the onlookers only see a blur.The gang member screamed as he was sent flying.ShāFēiyìng's brows furrowed,thinking that Li Huài dared to take action in the council chamber;he obviously didn't regard him,the Gang Leader,highly.

The other major leaders and the three hall masters had strange expressions.ShāFēiyìng was known for his firm decisions,but today Su Xin openly suggested removing ShāYuándōng from the successor position.Moreover,Li Huài dared to discipline his disciple right in front of him,a direct slap to his face.

Recalling the last time Su Xin handed over territories and hall entrances,which were then snatched by ShāYuándōng,who had slapped Su Xin hard in the face,no one expected that,in just a month,Su Xin would return that slap,even more forcefully and decisively.

Su Xin acted as if nothing had happened,saying calmly,"I'll repeat myself.Feiying Gang belongs to all of us,not just your personal Feiying Gang,Gang Leader.Should we let ShāYuándōng continue to take over Feiying Gang?Give us your word,Gang Leader."

ShāFēiyìng laughed madly but revealed a fierce expression in his eyes."Good!Very good!Haven't encountered anyone daring to challenge my authority like this for many years.Feiying Gang is the creation of my own hands,and today,unexpectedly,someone says it's not just mine!"

His gaze,sharp as a knife,turned to Dǒng Chéngwǔand the others."Do you think the same?"

Finally,Dǒng Chéngwǔand the others understood what Su Xin meant when he talked to them in front of the gate.Is Feiying Gang solely ShāFēiyìng's,or does it belong to everyone?Su Xin had already stated his position;now it depended on how they chose.

Dǒng Chéngwǔraised his head and whispered,"Gang Leader,when we established Feiying Gang back then,it wasn't just you,ShāFēiyìng.I don't want the gang that our brothers fought hard for to end up in ruins."

Though he didn't say it directly,the implication in his words was clear:when they built Feiying Gang,it wasn't just ShāFēiyìng alone.

Zhuāng Líchuckled,"Yuándōng is our junior.We've watched him grow up.Managing a gang isn't a big deal;as long as Feiying Gang is still here,he'll be assured of a life of prosperity."

Among the three hall masters,only Lín Fúhǔremained silent.

He had always been ShāFēiyìng's confidant,or at least he thought so.However,in his heart,he also agreed with Su Xin's words.

People are selfish.If he,Lín Fúhǔ,were alone,perhaps he would stand by ShāFēiyìng,charging into battle for him.But unfortunately,he wasn't alone.

Lín Fúhǔhad a son and disciples,all depending on the existence of the Feiying Gang.If ShāYuándōng were as outstanding as Su Xin,he wouldn't mind entrusting his son and disciples to the gang.Unfortunately,ShāYuándōng couldn't do it.Under his leadership,Feiying Gang could only decline or even perish.

With the hall masters taking a stand,the other major leaders also gained courage.

Out of the thirteen major leaders present,only two or three didn't declare their stance.The rest voiced their support for Su Xin.

"Good!Very good!"

ShāFēiyìng looked at the people in the council chamber,a face full of chilling severity.


This was the real portrayal of ShāFēiyìng at the moment.

These subordinates,brothers who followed him for over a decade,betrayed him without hesitation when faced with their interests.

ShāYuándōng also sensed that something was wrong in the room.His body instinctively moved behind ShāFēiyìng,and this action didn't escape the eyes of the onlookers.It made them feel that their choice was correct.

Such a weak person,how could he support the Feiying Gang?

The entire council chamber fell into a tense silence.

Considering ShāFēiyìng's personality,he wouldn't just let it go like this after being betrayed.

But they wouldn't back down either.Now it depends on whether ShāFēiyìng would jeopardize the entire Feiying Gang for the sake of his son.

Given the current situation,if ShāFēiyìng still insisted on promoting ShāYuándōng to the position of Gang Leader's successor,they wouldn't sit idly by.The entire Feiying Gang would undoubtedly fall apart.

"Hope you won't regret today's choice!"After a moment of silence,surprisingly,ShāFēiyìng didn't directly confront them.Instead,he turned around and left with his entourage.

Seeing this,the other major leaders breathed a sigh of relief,thinking ShāFēiyìng had compromised.However,Zhuāng Líand Dǒng Chéngwǔsuddenly frowned,a sense of unease creeping in.

Knowing ShāFēiyìng well,they were certain he wouldn't just compromise like this;it wasn't his character.

Su Xin stretched lazily and stood up,ready to leave with LǐHuài and Huáng Bǐngchéng.

Zhuāng Líand Dǒng Chéngwǔimmediately followed.However,Lín Fúhǔremained sitting there in a daze.

"Leader Su,where are you going?"Zhuāng Lícaught up and asked with a smile.

Su Xin casually replied,"The enmity of the Green Bamboo Gang against me is not over.I'm worried they might harm the Gang Leader,so I plan to take people to protect him."

Zhuāng Líand Dǒng Chéngwǔwere startled.Su Xin's tone didn't sound like he was concerned about the Green Bamboo Gang harming the Gang Leader;it seemed more like he intended harm!

"Are you out of your mind?"Zhuāng Líexclaimed in a hushed voice,his eyes showing shock.

Su Xin chuckled,"Out of my mind?Have you ever considered,ShāFēiyìng,is he the type to let things go easily?I heard over ten years ago,he ruthlessly killed a large group of major leaders who disobeyed him.Now your actions are even more serious than those people over ten years ago.Do you think ShāFēiyìng will spare you?"

Zhuāng Líand Dǒng Chéngwǔfell silent.They had personally experienced that incident years ago,and ShāFēiyìng's ruthlessness had terrified them.Even against brothers who fought together for supremacy,he wouldn't hesitate to swing the executioner's blade.

Now,they had openly torn off the facade,directly challenging him.Would he spare them?

"What do you want us to do?"Zhuāng Líasked.

Dǒng Chéngwǔ,still silent,stood there.Although he had significant conflicts with Su Xin before,at least at this moment,both sides were on the same side,facing ShāFēiyìng's threat.

"You don't need to do anything.Just stay here and watch."Su Xin left these words behind and directly departed.

Dǒng Chéngwǔgaped,"Does he really want to kill the Gang Leader?Or is he planning to seek help from TiěWúqíng?"

Zhuāng Líshook his head,"It probably isn't TiěWúqíng making a move.If he could,he wouldn't have waited for a month.With TiěWúqíng's strength,he could have dealt with the Gang Leader during the last council meeting."

"But if he wants to take action himself,where does he get the confidence to confront the Gang Leader?He just broke through to the mid-stage of the Second Heavenly Realm a month ago.Can he advance another realm in such a short time?"Dǒng Chéngwǔquestioned.

Zhuāng Lílooked up at the sky.The slick smile that usually adorned his face was now replaced by a profound expression."Who knows?Anyway,if Su Xin returns alive today,it means the fate of the Feiying Gang is about to change!"

In fact,Dǒng Chéngwǔ's speculation about Su Xin's strength was quite accurate.Su Xin hadn't reached the complete mastery of the Second Heavenly Realm,but he had successfully opened 107 acupuncture points!

Originally,even with the assistance of elixirs,progressing in the later stages of body refinement became increasingly difficult.Not to mention Su Xin,even the disciples of major sects in the Central Plains wouldn't be able to open more than 107 acupuncture points in just a month,advancing from 72.

However,the terrifying effects of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art on body refinement stopped at this point.In the later stages of body refinement and the early stages of qi cultivation,the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art could only strengthen the physical body but couldn't increase Su Xin's martial arts cultivation.

ShāFēiyìng had reached the peak of the Second Heavenly Realm,having opened 108 acupuncture points.Su Xin knew this.However,ShāFēiyìng was already old,while he was still young.This difference was enough to make up for the one-point gap!