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Chapter 128: Contest for the Trade Route

7890words in this chapter2024-01-06

After winning the Wind and Cloud Arena,Old Gu bowed to Nie Fang and showed a bitter smile,saying,"I hope Brother Nie will go easy on me."

Nie Fang chuckled,"Don't worry,when have I ever gone easy?But after this,you'll have to take care of my business again."

As he spoke,Nie Fang already made his move,clapping his palms,and an endless wave of heat surged forth.Nie Fang's hands were like a pile of scorching little suns,crashing towards Old Gu!

Nie Fang always preferred quick and decisive battles.With this strike,he didn't hold back at all.The powerful heat from his Iron Refining Hands made the people below feel a wave of heat.Every step he took,even the blue stones beneath him turned scorched black.

Old Gu's expression tightened,swiftly retreating,and his short knife slashed out dozens of blade glows in succession.However,all of them were crushed by Nie Fang's Iron Refining Hands.In the end,a palm strike directly smashed down,and Old Gu quickly pulled out his knife to defend,but Nie Fang grabbed the short knife and crushed it!


Sparks and fragments of the knife burst out,almost injuring the onlookers under the arena.Old Gu,with empty hands,looked helpless,but he knew Nie Fang had spared him.

Nie Fang chuckled,"Old Gu,where did you get this weapon?The craftsmanship is not great,much worse than mine.Come to my place when you have time;I'll forge you a new one at a discounted price."

Seeing the dark expression on Yan Jiheng's face,Old Gu dared not say more,reluctantly bowed,and walked off the stage.

Nie Fang grinned,"Wasn't it three rounds,two wins?Send someone else."

Yan Jiheng snorted coldly without saying a word.He had three innate martial artists under him,but all of them were locals from Shangshan City,and none could match Nie Fang.

Yan Zhongheng and the others had unpleasant expressions,but they didn't send anyone else.

They never regarded Yan Qingsnow highly,and the strengths of the others were well-known.The plan was to use their current forces to compete on the arena and secure their share of the business.However,Yan Qingsnow unexpectedly recruited Nie Fang and his two companions,catching them off guard.

At this moment,a man in his thirties next to Yan Shuheng suddenly stood up,saying coldly,"Are you all scared by a wandering martial artist?How useless.Since you won't make a move,let me,Mo Chentao,come!"

Mo Chentao leaped onto the Wind and Cloud Arena,drew a slender and straight willow leaf blade from his waist,and stood proudly.

Nie Fang sneered,about to make a move,but Hong Lietao,who had been silent below the stage,suddenly said,"Wait!"

He stared at Mo Chentao and asked coldly,"Are you from the Mo family of Canglan Valley?"

Mo Chentao proudly replied,"Yes,so what?"

Hong Lietao said coldly,"Half a year ago,was it your Mo family that killed the'White Ape Sword Hand'Gongyang Liu?"

Mo Chentao showed a thoughtful expression on his face,and after a moment,he seemed to recall something,sneering,"Oh,you're talking about that fool who dared to hunt exotic beasts in our Canglan Valley?Intruding into our Canglan Valley and attempting to poach our exotic beasts,such a fool deserved to be killed on the spot."

Hong Lietao's face,distorted with anger,became extremely grim."Poaching the exotic beasts of your Canglan Valley?Gongyang Liu chased that Seven-Colored Muntjac in the dense forests of Southern Hunan for three whole months!Just because the Seven-Colored Muntjac ran into your Canglan Valley,it became yours?And not only did you take the beast,but you also killed him.Is that how a reputable sect acts?"

Listening to Hong Lietao's words,everyone roughly understood what had happened.Hong Lietao was seeking justice for one of his few friends.

They were familiar with the'White Ape Sword Hand'Gongyang Liu,a peculiar character who wasn't skilled in direct combat but excelled at hunting various exotic beasts.

The Seven-Colored Muntjac was a kind of exotic beast native to Southern Hunan,agile and elusive,with antlers that had seven colors.It was once considered a symbol of auspiciousness,and the ancient Zhou Dynasty had even offered a high price to purchase these Seven-Colored Muntjacs,planning to raise them in the imperial garden.

However,these exotic beasts were not only visually appealing but also valuable.The antlers of the Seven-Colored Muntjac were precious medicinal materials,with a weight equivalent to gold but ten times more expensive,and they were priceless.

Moreover,the Seven-Colored Muntjac moved like the wind,adept at concealing its presence.Even Gongyang Liu,who specialized in capturing such exotic beasts,spent three months before finally catching it.

But unexpectedly,the Seven-Colored Muntjac ran into the territory of Canglan Valley,and Gongyang Liu,along with the beast,was left in Canglan Valley.

Mo Chentao sneered,"Once you enter the territory of Canglan Valley,any beast becomes the property of Canglan Valley.He was just a hunter,and if he's killed,so be it.If you want revenge for him,Mo is here on the Wind and Cloud Arena waiting for you!"

As one of the top martial forces in Southern Hunan,Canglan Valley's Mo family naturally cared little about the life of an innate martial artist.In their eyes,Gongyang Liu was just a hunter.

Even if Hong Lietao wanted revenge,Mo Chentao still didn't take it seriously.

"Nie Fang!Let me handle this match.Today,I'll avenge my brother!"Hong Lietao declared with a resentful tone.

Nie Fang,realizing the gravity of the situation,quickly stepped down to make way.

"Miss,Hong Lietao seems a bit off.What if something goes wrong?"Mr.Liang asked with concern.

Seeing Hong Lietao in such a state,there was a possibility that he might turn this match into a life-and-death battle.

Yan Qingsnow said sternly,"If Brother Hong has chosen to help me,he is one of us.If anything happens,we will face it together."

Su Xin nodded on the side.As a leader,the last thing one wanted was to throw their subordinates under the bus when things went wrong.It not only discouraged the team but also made others look down upon them.

While Yan Qingsnow was impulsive,her approach was commendable.However,seeing their concerns,Su Xin reassured them,"Don't worry,even if it turns into a life-and-death battle,we won't engage.But they are worried about delaying the merchant activities."

On the stage,Mo Chentao,looking at the murderous Hong Lietao,felt a bit disdainful.It wasn't arrogance but rather the typical confidence of disciples from prominent sects when facing wandering martial artists.

Being born into a large sect,with renowned teachers guiding them from a young age and abundant resources for cultivation,they believed that if they couldn't defeat these wandering martial artists who had nothing,it would be a waste.

Unfortunately,he miscalculated.In a life-and-death struggle,family background alone couldn't determine victory or defeat.

Hong Lietao made his move,and a boundless hatred turned into endless blade glows.The chilling blade glows,like a torrential wave,made Mo Chentao's expression change.

"Blade Intent!You've actually comprehended Blade Intent!"

Using the same weapon allowed Mo Chentao to sense it.Hong Lietao was indeed using Blade Intent,a realm belonging to the Innate Qi Sea.This wandering martial artist had comprehended Blade Intent even earlier than Mo Chentao.

Facing a martial artist who had comprehended Blade Intent,Mo Chentao didn't dare to be careless.The willow-leaf blade in his hand slashed,and his internal Qi burst out instantly.The ice-blue Qi transformed into a towering and terrifying wave,crushing towards Hong Lietao like a surging flood.

Those who had dealt with Mo Chentao before were immediately surprised.Mo Chentao had actually revealed his trump card right from the start!

Canglan Valley's"Raging Waves Secret Technique"was a well-known cultivation method,majestic and grand when executed.In this technique,there was a move called"Raging Waves Shocking the Sea,"where all the internal Qi exploded in an instant,creating an offensive force like the furious waves of the sea,overwhelming everything.

Although using this move consumed a significant amount of internal energy,its explosive power was equally astonishing.

Typically,Mo family disciples treated this move as a trump card.But unexpectedly,today,facing Hong Lietao,he employed it right from the beginning.It indicated the tremendous pressure he was under.

However,under Hong Lietao's Blade Intent,the sharp and chilling blade glows directly tore through the overwhelming surge of the furious waves.In an instant,they reached Mo Chentao,and with successive slashes,a giant blade mark was left on Mo Chentao's chest.He groaned and was sent flying backward.

Not willing to give up,Hong Lietao wanted to follow up with another slash,but this move angered the other two.

While they weren't from Canglan Valley's Mo family,they were still under Yan Shuheng's command,and witnessing Hong Lietao trying to ruthlessly finish off their comrade in front of them made them furious.


"Seeking death!"

The two shouted angrily and rushed onto the Wind and Cloud Arena.