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Chapter 41: Delivering a 'Grand Gift' to the Foster Father

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Chapter Forty:Do You Really Think I Won't Dare to Kill You?

At this moment,Jigang was completely unaware that a great disaster was about to befall him.He continued to incite the five elderly men who had been following Su Xin from Happy Forest,spreading the word that Su Xin was finished(The Strongest Antagonist System,Chapter 41).

Ever since joining Su Xin's ranks,Jigang had felt stifled,especially witnessing Li Huai being favored under Su Xin's command.This sense of frustration intensified.However,only Jigang knew that it wasn't just frustration;it was regret,deep regret.

When he initially joined Su Xin,Li Huai,despite being unreserved in his dealings with Su Xin,didn't harbor any sinister motives.In contrast,Jigang was there under the orders of Tiger Third Master to monitor and restrict Su Xin.

Of course,the outcome was evident.Jigang couldn't even fulfill his surveillance role.Su Xin didn't even bother assigning someone to monitor him,showing remarkable tolerance.Under Tiger Third Master's watch,Jigang felt the suspicion,which fueled his envy that Li Huai gained such trust from Su Xin.

Jigang constantly pondered–had he wholeheartedly supported Su Xin initially and devoted himself to Su Xin,with his capabilities,there would have been no room for Huang Bingcheng to cause trouble.Unfortunately,there was no regret medicine to take,and Jigang could only reflect on what could have been.Since he had completely severed ties with Su Xin,he had to find any means possible to deal with him!

Later,as the gap between the two sides widened,Jigang was about to give up on these thoughts.Unexpectedly,Su Xin made a reckless move and killed the big boss,Houtong!This was the opportunity Jigang was waiting for.

Upon learning the details of the incident,Jigang immediately began to connect with some of Su Xin's old associates,preparing to carry out some covert actions(The Strongest Antagonist System,Chapter 41).

Jigang was somewhat shrewd.He chose not to incite the newly recruited members under Su Xin,as they were easily swayed but lacked significant influence in Su Xin's ranks.Even if he convinced hundreds of them,it wouldn't make a dent since Su Xin could easily dispatch a few people to suppress them.Instead,he targeted the old associates who had been with Su Xin since the days of Happy Forest.

"There's no way out for Su Xin this time.Once the punishment comes down,he won't be spared.And once Su Xin faces punishment,whether it's being disabled in martial arts or getting killed directly,Happy Forest and Yongle Lane will be up for grabs.Don't you want to control these territories in your hands?This time,during the promotions,you,who have been with Su Xin the longest,fought alongside him to the death,but in the end,you didn't even get a measly position.Are you satisfied?Don't you want to grab your own territory?"

Jigang's persuasive tone was remarkably effective,but the five men present weren't buying it.

One of them retorted,"Cut the crap!Who said the boss is finished?That dog Houtong saw us living well and wanted to extort some money.Even if the boss doesn't kill him,I'll find a chance to finish him off!"

Another person coldly snorted,"Jigang,don't think we don't know what you're planning.The few of us might not know big characters,but we're not fools!If the boss dies,who will pay us our monthly wages of ten taels of silver?"

"Yeah,Jigang,you don't need to sow discord among us.It's true that it's uncomfortable not to be selected as what,but we've never blamed the boss.The boss said,if you want to eat meat,go fight for it with your life!When we were fighting against Qingzhu Gang,it was my own incompetence that made me hide behind,got injured without killing anyone.It's not the boss's fault!"

Jigang was momentarily speechless.He didn't expect Su Xin to have such high prestige in the hearts of these people.

"Are you determined to follow Su Xin down this path?When the punishment in the gang comes down,it will be too late for regrets!"Jigang sternly declared.

"They might regret it or not,but I know that you will regret it now,"a voice suddenly came from outside the door.

Seeing Su Xin pushing open the door,Jigang's face turned ashen.

Wasn't Su Xin supposed to be in distress,figuring out how to deal with the gang's accusations?Why did he have the leisure to find him now?


The five men respectfully greeted,but secretly,they were sweating bullets.Fortunately,they didn't say anything out of

line just now.Otherwise,they wouldn't be standing here now.

Su Xin nodded,"You've done well.Leave for now."

The five nodded and immediately turned to leave.

Jigang's eyes revealed a trace of despair,"To the victor belong the spoils.If you want to kill me,go ahead."

Su Xin sighed,walked to Jigang's side,but the previously lifeless Jigang suddenly erupted.A dagger slipped from his sleeve and stabbed towards Su Xin's abdomen.

With a casual swing of the sword hilt,the dagger was knocked away.Su Xin reached out,grabbing Jigang's neck.The suffocating sensation made Jigang feel the imminent approach of death,and this time,he truly felt despair.

Just as he was about to pass out from lack of air,Su Xin unexpectedly threw him to the ground."The most pitiful and pathetic in this world is someone like you,who thinks you're clever.But you still have some value.I won't kill you now."

Li Huai approached,unsheathed his sword,and severed all the tendons in Jigang's hands and feet.He lifted him like a dead dog and handed him over to a gang member outside the door.

At this moment,Huang Bingcheng,along with Li Qing and others,returned.Judging by their appearance,it was evident they had already taken action.Someone like Jigang,who dared to act against Su Xin without even cultivating internal strength,was not a threat to others.

"Old Huang,how many people?"Su Xin inquired.

"Eight people,"Huang Bingcheng replied with a somewhat grim expression.Although Su Xin had mentioned that some of their subordinates were likely disloyal,he didn't expect the number to be this high.

"Kill them all,"Su Xin's tone was indifferent.

"Boss,can't we be more lenient?Just cripple their martial arts and expel them,"Huang Bingcheng's expression was complicated.These eight people had been with them for the longest time,and one of them even had a good relationship with Huang Bingcheng.He had recently promoted that person to a position of some importance.Despite knowing about their betrayal,Huang Bingcheng found it hard to bear the thought of killing them now.

Su Xin waved his hand,"Old Huang,I can agree to other things,but not this.I gave them a chance.If they had quit early,we could have gone our separate ways peacefully,and I wouldn't pursue anything.But now,they've taken my silver,learned my techniques,used the authority I gave them,and yet they still want to betray.This is unforgivable!"

"Yes,Boss,I understand,"Huang Bingcheng gritted his teeth and made a throat-slitting gesture towards Li Qing and others.

"Let's go.We'll visit my adoptive father and give him a big gift while we're at it."

Su Xin looked in the direction of Shunyi Lane,his thoughts somewhat complicated.A little over three months ago,he had arrived in this world,relying on sweet words to eke out a living from the hands of others.Now,with strength and influence,he could decide the fate of others.It felt peculiar.

Meanwhile,Tiger Third Master in Shunyi Lane didn't share Su Xin's complex emotions.His feelings were straightforward–fear.Upon hearing that Su Xin had killed Houtong with a single sword,Tiger Third Master didn't feel joy;instead,he began to fear.

Who is the most terrifying person in the world?A madman!Because you can never fathom what he's thinking,what he'll do next.Houtong thought Su Xin wouldn't dare to kill him,so he arrogantly came to Happy Forest,provoking Su Xin in a domineering manner.Similarly,Tiger Third Master believed Su Xin wouldn't harm Houtong,so he comfortably handed over a hundred thousand taels to him,letting him trouble Su Xin.

Everyone believed Su Xin wouldn't dare to kill Houtong,but he did.It was this kind of madman-like thinking that Tiger Third Master feared.Who knew if Su Xin,while considering the identities of foster father and son,would still come to kill him?

"Lao Shi,pack up;we're going to the main hall!"

The more Tiger Third Master thought about it,the more uneasy he became.He immediately wanted to pack up and head to the main hall;only there did he feel safe.Even if Su Xin was powerful and arrogant,he wouldn't dare to act recklessly in the main hall.There were three mid-level Innate stage hall masters and the main leader present.Su Xin absolutely wouldn't dare to be presumptuous there.

However,after shouting a couple of times,Lao Shi,who used to be like Tiger Third Master's shadow,was nowhere to be seen.

Just as he was about to call out a couple more times,he saw Su Xin,accompanied by Li Huai and others,walking majestically into his residence.

"Adoptive father,don't be in a hurry to leave.I've brought you a gift."

Su Xin chuckled and tossed Houtong's severed head in front of Tiger Third Master,causing his heart to skip a beat.

Tiger Third Master stabilized his emotions,speaking coldly,"Su Xin,you better think carefully.This is Feiying Gang.Your current actions,do you want to betray the gang?The strength of the main leader and the three hall masters is absolutely beyond your imagination.Now,come with me to the main hall and apologize.Considering the significant merit you've contributed to the gang,I'll plead with the main leader to spare your life!"