The strongest villain system
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Chapter 238: Eliminating Dissent

4648words in this chapter2024-01-26

The person who suddenly took action is Li Huai.He has been closely watching Lei Yuan.As soon as Lei Yuan moved,Li Huai immediately made a move.With the speed he gained after practicing the Sunflower Scripture,even Su Xin felt a sense of shock.

"Get lost!"

Lei Yuan angrily shouted and directly slashed with his knife,hot true qi carrying a bursting blade aura.However,Li Huai in front of him suddenly disappeared,and the cold sword edge stabbed towards Lei Yuan's armpit.

A red aura burst around Lei Yuan,and the long knife in his hand swung wildly,splashing hot bursting aura.However,he couldn't touch Li Huai and was forcibly pushed into a corner.

The people present couldn't help but gasp in shock.They had thought that Li Huai was just Su Xin's follower,and what could a Lingqiao realm cultivator achieve?

But now,seeing the speed displayed by Li Huai,they were all astonished.When the speed reached its peak,it could truly rival strength!

If Li Huai's speed were compared with those present,no one would be confident in defeating him.Seeing Lei Yuan,who was at least a half-step Divine Palace realm,being pressured so much by Li Huai,they were all amazed.

After the shock,Wang Jingping and others reacted,cursing Lei Yuan for being shameless and trying to escape on his own.They immediately attacked,trying to flee outside.

However,Lu Xu and Zhao Yiming also reacted at this moment,quickly blocking the door with their men.

They realized that Su Xin was ready to clean up the entire Jiangnan Dao Six Gates once again today.This was the time to show loyalty;when else would be better?

Su Xin stood up,pointed his finger,and instantly a gust of wind and thunder surged.The powerful finger force spanned several meters and directly spurted fresh blood from Lei Yuan,who was fighting Li Huai.

Taking advantage of this moment,Li Huai used the Evil Warding Sword Technique.His moves were ruthless,instantly launching more than ten moves,directly severing Lei Yuan's throat.

Seeing Lei Yuan dead,Wang Jingping and others immediately lost the thought of resistance,surrendering and admitting defeat.

Su Xin stood up,naming one by one.Everyone who stood with Lei Yuan was gradually subdued by Lu Xu and Zhao Yiming with their men.Anyone who dared to resist was immediately killed.

Wang Jingping,with a mournful face,said,"Lord Su,this matter was all Lei Yuan's doing.I was just a helper.It's really not my business."

Su Xin said indifferently,"You accepted the things from the Year Gang,and now you tell me you weren't involved.Do you think I'll believe that?"

Wang Jingping was about to say something,but Su Xin had already pointed out a Blood River Divine Finger.The sharp bloodline immediately pierced through Wang Jingping's head.

The people present shivered instantly.With evidence,Su Xin didn't need to consider much.As the head of the Jiangnan Dao,wanting to kill two traitors colluding with remnants of the Wu Kingdom and betraying the interests of the Jiangnan Dao Six Gates,he only needed to inform the higher-ups later and make a record.

Su Xin turned his gaze to Chen Bai and Liu Hao.Chen Bai hurriedly said,"Lord Su,I have no intention of being your enemy.Everything was influenced by Lei Yuan.Lord Su,spare me this time,and I will surely devote myself wholeheartedly to you in the future."

Su Xin raised an eyebrow and said,"He influenced you,and you agreed.It shows that your will is not firm.People like you will sooner or later be tempted by those evil and demonic ways,just like the Golden Martial Arts threatening the safety of our Six Gates.Such useless people,what use do I have for you?"

As the words fell,Su Xin directly pointed and killed Chen Bai.

Su Xin believed that Chen Bai was influenced by Lei Yuan,but even so,Chen Bai had to die because he and his subordinates were useless,wasting the resources of the Six Gates.

Chen Bai was quite old,and his subordinates,the constables and heads,were also veterans of the Six Gates,having lost their edge long ago.They were slippery in their dealings.

In these years,under the indulgence of the Golden Martial Arts,Chen Bai secretly embezzled various cultivation resources issued by the court.The amount was ten times more than what he deserved.

Su Xin wasn't afraid of using greedy people.Greedy people had desires,so they were easy to control.However,for someone like Chen Bai who was already greedy to the point of foolishness,misled by greed,Su Xin didn't want to use him.Of course,letting him go wasn't an option either.Fortunately,just killing him would solve the problem.

On the side,Liu Hao saw Su Xin decisively kill Wang Jingping and Chen Bai,and his heart sank.

He was also tempted by Lei Yuan to help him deal with Su Xin.Chen Bai was dead.Would he be spared?

Liu Hao sighed in his heart.Fortunately,he didn't beg for mercy.He directly said,"Lord Su,if you want to kill,just kill.Whether it's the rise of a king or the defeat of a bandit,I stood on Lei Yuan's side against you,and if I die,it's well-deserved.

But the brothers under my command have nothing to do with this.They didn't know about my decision.Please spare them,Lord Su."

At this moment,Lu Xu suddenly hesitated and whispered in Su Xin's ear,"Lord Su,if Liu Hao can be kept,it's better to keep him.He's not on the same side as Lei Yuan,and his strength is not bad.Now,the strength of the Six Gates headquarters in Jiangnan Dao is declining.Keeping him is better than killing him."