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Chapter 188: 'Evil-Slaying Monk' Jue Yan

7748words in this chapter2024-01-11

In the assembly hall of the Zhu family estate at this moment,Zhu Qifang expressed dissatisfaction,"Dad,what exactly do you want to do?"

Currently,Zhu Qifang is the head of the Zhu family estate,with great authority.Naturally,he doesn't want anyone else to point fingers at him.

Zhu Qifang's father,Old Master Zhu,snorted coldly,"If this old man of mine doesn't come out,I'm afraid the century-old foundation of the Zhu family estate will be lost in your hands!"

"Suxin killed your elder brother,and now he has appeared again.Do you intend to endure it forever?"

Zhu Qifang helplessly replied,"Dad,as you all know,Suxin,ranked twenty-third on the Person List,is not someone we can measure by realms.When my elder brother and the others joined forces to kill him,they were counter-killed by Suxin.What can we do?If I could seek revenge,would I let this enemy swagger in front of me?"

Old Master Zhu narrowed his eyes and said,"Whether to seek revenge or not can be set aside for now.Our Zhu family estate is currently being eroded step by step.Don't you have anything to say about that?"

Zhu Qifang fell silent.The current situation was not caused by him.What could he say?

The strength of the Zhu family estate has always been somewhat exaggerated,mainly because Zhu Zefang had the backing of secular disciples from Shaolin Temple,giving him face in the martial world.But now?With Zhu Zefang gone,those secular disciples from Shaolin Temple have nothing to do with the Zhu family.

Old Master Zhu snorted,slammed his iron crutch on the ground,and rebuked,"You're a congenital martial artist after all.Can't you use your brain?We can't find the secular disciples from Shaolin Temple,but can't we find others to support the Zhu family estate?"

Zhu Qifang said hesitantly,"Apart from the former disciples of my elder brother,who else can we find?With the current strength of the Zhu family estate,I'm afraid no one would be willing to help."

Old Master Zhu sighed,"The most critical issue for our Zhu family estate now is that we don't have a powerful backing.That's why other martial forces dare to encroach on us.So,it's not about killing Suxin but finding another support.Even if it's just a borrowed tiger's skin,we must have one."

"Where do we find this support?"Zhu Qifang asked.

Although he was unwilling to let his old dad,who hadn't been in charge for more than ten years,take the lead,he knew that his father surpassed him in scheming.

Old Master Zhu calmly said,"Your elder brother's teacher at Shaolin Temple was a powerful martial artist in the Elemental Spirit realm,'Evil-Slaying Monk'Jue Yan.Jue Yan is known for his hot temper,hatred for evil,and he would go to great lengths to kill those who commit crimes.That's why he earned the nickname'Evil-Slaying Monk.'"

Zhu Qifang rubbed his head.He knew about his elder brother's teacher,but did his dad really want to use Jue Yan's power to deal with Suxin?

Indeed,Old Master Zhu continued,"Jue Yan was very fond of your elder brother.After all,they had a master-disciple relationship.If your elder brother's talent wasn't lacking,Jue Yan might have even formally accepted him as a disciple.Now that your elder brother is dead,and I just received news that Jue Yan has come to the Han Nan Dao for official business.Send a clever disciple to beg Jue Yan to avenge your elder brother.Make it sound pitiful,and I'm 90%sure that Jue Yan will take action."

Zhu Qifang widened his eyes.His old man really dared to think.

In fact,Zhu Qifang had thought about this idea,but he didn't dare to be as decisive as Old Master Zhu,who dared to manipulate people from Shaolin Temple.

Suxin did kill Zhu Zefang and his son.Jue Yan was Zhu Zefang's teacher.However,Jue Yan was hot-tempered and rigid.He only killed those who were truly evil.In this case,Jue Yan wouldn't interfere in the feud between Zhu family estate and Suxin.

Since that was the case,they could only deceive Jue Yan to deal with Suxin.But deceiving a martial arts master in the Elemental Spirit realm was risky.If they were exposed,the Zhu family estate would face destruction.

Old Master Zhu decisively made a decision for Zhu Qifang.Zhu Qifang could only agree and prepare to send a clever disciple to Jue Yan.

However,Zhu Zefang immediately said,"But Dad,as you said earlier,what we should do now is to prevent other martial sects from encroaching on us.Otherwise,even if we kill Suxin,it won't help."

Old Master Zhu shook his head,"That's one thing.If'Evil-Slaying Monk'Jue Yan truly helps us kill Suxin,in the eyes of outsiders,we still have some connection with Shaolin Temple.The deterrent power of a martial artist in the Elemental Spirit realm who comes from Shaolin Temple is much stronger than those secular disciples.As I said,raise a tiger's skin as a big banner,and the first one we need to use is the big tiger's skin of Shaolin Temple."

Zhu Qifang had to admit that experience matters.Although this plan was dangerous,if it succeeded,it would not only secure the current position of the Zhu family estate but also eliminate Suxin.It was truly killing two birds with one stone.

Upon receiving the order,Zhu Qifang immediately dispatched his son,Zhu Yancheng,to personally visit'Evil-Slaying Monk'Jue Yan.Belonging to the third generation of the Zhu family,Zhu Yancheng was much younger,merely fifteen years old.However,being clever and suited for such tasks,his status as a child could give him a significant advantage when dealing with Jue Yan.After all,when an adult speaks such words,Jue Yan might suspect intentional provocation,but a child would undoubtedly lower one's guard.

As the head temple of the Buddhist Triad,Shaolin Temple had a complex structure with essential institutions like One Pavilion,Three Halls,and Four Courts.The One Pavilion was the scripture repository,while the Three Halls included Arhat Hall,Dharma Hall,and Prajna Hall.The Four Courts consisted of Bodhidharma Court,Precept Court,Medicine King Court,and Relic Court.

Jue Yan hailed from Arhat Hall,a martial monk academy dedicated to training disciples in martial arts.Although Jue Yan,with his initial Spiritualization stage strength,wasn't qualified to be the head of Arhat Hall,he held the position of the chief martial monk instructor.

Since Shaolin Temple abandoned the policy of accepting secular disciples,the yearly intake of disciples significantly decreased.Therefore,skilled practitioners from various halls and courts would descend the mountain to seek talented individuals for meticulous training.Although slow,this approach ensured quality.

Jue Yan had visited Han Nan Dao in the past and vaguely remembered teaching some secular disciples from the region.Now,late into the night,he arrived at Han Nan Dao again.Jue Yan casually entered a hotel and shouted,"Waiter,bring up wine,and another ten catties of beef!"

By this time,the hotel's guests were scarce.Upon hearing the loud call,several customers,glancing at the speaker,hurriedly settled their bills and left.After all,Jue Yan's appearance was far from that of a good person.Towering at almost two meters,his face covered in coarse facial hair,and a red,fierce scar at the corner of his eye,Jue Yan carried a giant black beheading machete on his back,emanating a fierce aura.

Although he shaved his head and had a monastic scar,Jue Yan didn't look like a virtuous monk at all.Instead,he appeared as a rebellious monk and bandit,disregarding any monastery rules.However,his habits of drinking and eating meat were merely due to personal preference.

The waiter cautiously served the wine and meat to Jue Yan,who immediately began devouring them,alternating between sips of wine and bites of meat.

At this moment,the hotel's door was suddenly pushed open,and a handsome young man entered.He directly knelt before Jue Yan,banging his head on the floor repeatedly.Jue Yan,momentarily puzzled,used his powerful true energy to lift the young man and asked,"Who are you?What's the meaning of bowing like this?"

This young man was none other than Zhu Qifang's son,Zhu Yancheng.After Jue Yan arrived at Han Nan Dao,Zhu Yancheng easily found him,making sure that everyone else stayed far away before approaching Jue Yan alone.

Seeing Jue Yan helping him up,Zhu Yancheng smiled inwardly.He had already completed most of the tasks assigned by his grandfather.Although excited,he wore a sad expression on his face and said,"Master Jue Yan,I've come to ask you to avenge my elder brother and my uncle!"

Jue Yan,surprised,inquired,"Who is your uncle?"

Zhu Yancheng replied,"My uncle is none other than the secular disciple who learned martial arts with you back in the day,Zhu Zefang,the master of the Zhu family estate!"

It had been more than a decade since they last communicated,and Jue Yan had forgotten what his former disciples looked like.However,when Zhu Yancheng mentioned Zhu Zefang's name,Jue Yan immediately recalled his once-favorite secular disciple.