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Chapter 190: First Battle in the Yuan Shen Realm

9304words in this chapter2024-01-11

Previously,when Su Xin was besieged on the official road,Jue Yan did not reveal his own cultivation level.Therefore,both Su Xin and others considered Jue Yan to be a powerful warrior in the Divine Palace Realm.

But now,as Jue Yan reveals his strength and identity,the entire scene is shocked.Even Su Xin shows a solemn expression.With his current strength,he dares to fight against even a pre-natal Divine Palace Realm warrior,as long as they are not on the ranking list,even without using consumables.

However,it's different for a warrior in the Yuan Shen Realm.Even with consumables,Su Xin doesn't have the confidence to defeat someone at this level.The gap between heaven and earth is not so easily bridged.

The onlookers sympathize with Su Xin,as this person on the ranking list is probably the one who stayed on it for the shortest time in history.They acknowledge Su Xin's strength,but any pre-natal warrior is not qualified to be strong in the presence of a Yuan Shen Realm powerhouse.

Even'Dao Fool'Lin Changhe,the number one on the ranking list,can sit and discuss Tao,silencing four Yuan Shen Realm martial arts masters in Southern Wulin.However,he cannot surpass a Yuan Shen Realm martial arts master.

Martial Arts Masters perfectly embody the strength of Yuan Shen Realm experts.Only by reaching the Yuan Shen Realm can one truly comprehend the meaning of martial arts and become a master.

Jue Yan doesn't waste words with Su Xin but directly attacks with a slash.In his eyes,Su Xin has already shown signs of demonic thoughts,and the demonic nature is deep.Verbal persuasion seems futile.Since gentle advice won't work,Jue Yan decides to use his own sword to guide him!

As a Yuan Shen Realm powerhouse,Jue Yan's slash is earth-shattering.The blade is both ghostly and divine,with a radiant Buddha light,but it carries endless murderous intent!

Su Xin's heart tightens.Jue Yan's strength is only in the Divine Transformation Realm among the three Yuan Shen Realms,but his actual strength is comparable to Yanzu Nine,who is close to the Integration Realm!

In the past,in the city of Shangshan,the old Yanzu Nine could battle four martial arts masters in the Divine Transformation Realm in the Southern Wulin,but compared to Jue Yan today,those four are far inferior.

Facing this slash,Su Xin doesn't have the courage to confront it head-on,so he retreats hastily!The Wind God's Leg is swiftly executed,like a gust of wind,but it's not an attack,it's a retreat.

While retreating,Su Xin kicks continuously,using the power of the Wind God's Leg to dissipate the force.However,he is directly blasted away by the sword energy,and a stream of blood flows from his mouth.

"What a wonderful light-footed technique,"Jue Yan murmurs,realizing he may have underestimated Su Xin.

No pre-natal warrior has ever been able to block this slash,but Su Xin not only blocks it,but also seems to have not suffered much damage.

Of course,Jue Yan is only slightly surprised.Even if the martial arts of a pre-natal warrior are mysterious,they are useless in such a huge level difference.

Jue Yan swings his giant beheading horse saber again.The pitch-black saber seems to devour all radiance.The light within several yards around the beheading horse saber is completely swallowed,as if it were a black hole,charging towards Su Xin.

"Cutting through all evil in the world,liberating sentient beings from endless troubles!"

As the black hole approaches,boundless Buddha light bursts out.Though it's compassionate,it contains endless killing intent.This is Jue Yan's knife intent!

Su Xin's figure retreats rapidly,and the Wind God's Leg is swift as the wind.His feet create a series of afterimages,but it's not an attack;it's a rapid retreat.

However,Jue Yan's sword intent sticks to him like maggots on bones,and Su Xin has no choice but to take action.The Torrential Dragon Sword slashes with a blood-red light,turning Su Xin into a crimson figure,exuding a bloody aura.

Jue Yan coldly snorts,"Such a sinister sword technique.You have indeed walked the path of evil.Shatter for me!"

The black hole tears apart the sword energy formed by the blood river,and the remaining force directly sends Su Xin flying,making him spit out a mouthful of blood.

While flying backward,Su Xin flicks his fingers three times.One finger is as fast as lightning,one is as hot as fire,and one is cold and fierce.

The three finger forces head towards Jue Yan,but Jue Yan just opens his mouth and roars,unleashing the mighty Lion's Roar from Shaolin!

The intense sound waves visibly shatter Su Xin's finger forces,causing him to bleed from his mouth,nose,and ears.

In consecutive moves,Su Xin struggles to block or evade Jue Yan's attacks.Su Xin narrows his eyes and,utilizing the power of the Wind God's Leg,charges towards Jue Yan.

Jue Yan is momentarily stunned.Has this kid gone mad?

But Su Xin's target at this moment is not Jue Yan;it's Zhu Yancheng,who has been watching the commotion from the sidelines!

The Blood River Divine Finger is pointed,and blood lines,like sword energy,shoot directly towards Zhu Yancheng.

Zhu Yancheng's strength has not yet reached the Pre-Natal stage,how could he escape Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger?Besides,even if he reaches the Pre-Natal stage,he won't be able to avoid it.

Seeing Su Xin daring to attack at this moment,Jue Yan is immediately furious.However,Su Xin has already unleashed the Blood River Divine Finger,and even if Jue Yan intervenes to kill Su Xin,Zhu Yancheng won't survive.

For Jue Yan,saving lives comes first.Therefore,he has to reluctantly abandon Su Xin and turn to save Zhu Yancheng.However,at this moment,a fierce light glimmers in Su Xin's eyes.While he was dealing with Zhu Yancheng,he already used a consumable item.

Su Xin puts away his sword and draws out an invisible blade-a hand blade!In an instant,flames burst forth,as if it were the end of the world,devouring everything!

A slash tears through the void,scorching the sky and boiling the sea!Su Xin had displayed this Flame Blade in the Post-Natal realm,but now he unleashes it with the perfect cultivation of the Pre-Natal Spiritual Sense Realm.The difference in power compared to when he was in the Post-Natal realm is like night and day.

"Esoteric Flame Blade!"Jue Yan's eyes reveal a trace of astonishment.Under this world-engulfing blade intent,even he feels a profound threat.Jue Yan quickly turns around to defend,and a golden aura erupts around him.A golden shield envelops him,colliding with the Flame Blade,causing a fierce burst of true energy flames.

The onlookers and martial artists,seeing Jue Yan,a Yuan Shen Realm warrior,instinctively retreat to a safe distance of several hundred yards.Witnessing Su Xin,a Pre-Natal warrior,displaying such power against a Yuan Shen Realm expert leaves them in shock.

After about a dozen breaths,the flames dissipate.Although Jue Yan hasn't been injured by Su Xin's Flame Blade,he appears somewhat disheveled.The red monk robe is burned in places,and his beard and mustache are charred.

At this point,Jue Yan's face is not blackened by the flames but by anger.Beside him,Zhu Yancheng's forehead has been pierced by the Blood River Divine Finger,and he is already dead.

However,there is no sign of Su Xin in front of him,indicating that Su Xin has played tricks on him.Considering Jue Yan's dignified status as a Yuan Shen Realm warrior from the Shaolin Temple,being toyed with by Su Xin,a Pre-Natal warrior,is infuriating.If not for the presence of so many people,Jue Yan would have roared in frustration.

Just as Jue Yan is about to continue tracking Su Xin,a monk wearing a kasaya swiftly approaches from a distance.With each step,covering several dozen yards,he arrives in front of Jue Yan in an instant.

Seeing the old monk approaching,Jue Yan quickly clasps his hands together in salute,saying,"Greetings,Master Xuanming."

This old monk,belonging to the Xuan generation at Shaolin Temple,holds the same seniority as the abbot Xuan Ku.Moreover,he is the head of the Luohan Hall at Shaolin,a Yang Spirit Realm powerhouse and Jue Yan's immediate superior.

Observing Jue Yan's disheveled appearance and the body of Zhu Yancheng on the ground,Xuanming sighs,"Have you fought with Su Xin?How did it go?"

Jue Yan,with a red face,says,"Su Xin,despite his young age,is quite cunning.He managed to escape from me."

Xuanming sighs again,his expression serious."Jue Ming,how many times have I told you?Do you treat the abbot's prohibition as a joke?Now Shaolin Temple has completely severed ties with those secular disciples.Why do you still intervene on their behalf?"

After a moment of silence,Jue Yan says,"I am not standing up for those secular disciples.Su Xin is too malicious,ruthless,and cunning.Moreover,he is a wandering martial artist and is showing signs of heading down the wrong path.If I don't bring him back to the temple,suppress him,and cleanse him of his malicious intent,who knows if he will completely fall into the demonic path in the future?"

"Nonsense!"Xuanming points at Jue Yan,frustrated."Don't use such excuses to confuse me.Can Su Xin be compared to others?At just over twenty years old,he is ranked in the top thirty on the ranking list,a prominent figure among the younger generation in the martial arts world.If nothing unexpected happens,he will undoubtedly be one of the leading figures of this generation in the future,a potential Yuan Shen Realm cultivator.If you could have killed him this time,it would have been acceptable.However,you let him escape,further proving Su Xin's excellence and tenacity.After this incident,Su Xin will surely harbor deep resentment towards Shaolin Temple.You have brought us such a formidable enemy.Don't you understand the gravity of your mistake?"

Jue Yan remains defiant."He's just in the Pre-Natal Spiritual Sense Realm.What storms can he stir up?I can deal with him again,and this time,I'm sure I can kill him."

Shaking his head,Xuanming sighs once more."Why don't you understand what I'm trying to say?Su Xin,at the Pre-Natal stage,could make you look so miserable.When he reaches the Yuan Shen Realm,the outcome of a battle between you two is still unknown.Moreover,if he could escape from you once,he can escape a second time.Also,from what I know,Su Xin has already received an invitation from the Jiangnan Association and is preparing to go to the south.Once Su Xin becomes famous after this Jiangnan event,our actions today in Shaolin Temple will become a joke,a mockery of suppressing the younger generation in the martial arts world.Jue Yan,the trouble you caused this time is too significant.Not only did you violate the abbot's prohibition,but you also tarnished the reputation of Shaolin Temple.Come back to the temple with me and accept your punishment."