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Chapter 70: I Am the Gang Leader, Who Approves? Who Opposes?

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The continuous flow of sword strikes,and the momentum on Sha Feiying's body had reached its peak.His blade now bore a hint of the Dao.

Approaching the Dao,given Sha Feiying's strength,he was far from mastering the Dao of the blade.However,the technique he displayed undoubtedly originated from the hands of a master of the Dao of the blade.

As if rediscovering the feelings of his youth,Sha Feiying laughed madly,"Swift as the wind,steady as the forest,ruthless as fire!The blade carries the spirit of fire;even a spark can ignite a prairie fire!This blade technique of mine is called'Ignition!'"

Sha Feiying's martial talent was not outstanding,but diligence compensated for his shortcomings.Throughout his life,he only learned this one blade technique and knew only this one.

With this Ignition strike,the gang leaders who rose with him in Changning Prefecture and the powerful figures of the factions died under his blade.Today's Su Xin would be no exception!


A crisp sound echoed as Su Xin swiftly retreated,his sword snapping directly into two.

"All your calculations have come to nothing,Su Xin.You've already lost!"Sha Feiying's face revealed a joyful smile.More than a decade ago,he rose to prominence in Changning Prefecture with the Ignition blade technique,establishing the Feiying Gang.Today,he could use it once again to slay these traitors!

However,contrary to Sha Feiying's expectations,there was no hint of nervousness on Su Xin's face.

"Lost?No,I haven't lost."

"Your sword is broken.Do you still want to struggle?"Sha Feiying sneered.

"My sword is broken,but what about your blade?"

Sha Feiying's expression changed suddenly as he quickly looked at the Yanling Blade in his hand.At some point,a deep crack had appeared,extending from the tip of the blade to the entire handle.With a movement from Sha Feiying,the Yanling Blade disintegrated into fragments!

Su Xin sneered inwardly,thinking Sha Feiying believed the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art was so easily dealt with.

Even at the first level,the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art could boost Su Xin's strength tenfold.Under the influence of this powerful technique and Su Xin's precise strikes,he shattered Sha Feiying's Yanling Blade with each sword.

"Can a broken sword still kill?How about you try demonstrating the Ignition blade technique with a broken hilt?"Su Xin,holding the broken sword,approached Sha Feiying in three steps.Although the dagger was only slightly longer than a dagger,it moved like a phantom,striking from unexpected angles,making it tricky for Sha Feiying to deal with.

Sha Yuandong,who had initially been delighted to see his father in an advantageous position,did not expect his father's blade to break in the next moment.The situation took a sudden turn for the worse,leaving him terrified,and he turned and fled.

Su Xin taunted,"Gang leader,this is your well-raised son,the one you wanted to place in the position of the gang leader.When his father is in danger,he abandons him.If he becomes the gang leader,he'll throw the gang away at the first sign of trouble.Such a person with no sense of responsibility,why should he be the leader of the Feiying Gang?"

Sha Feiying remained silent,only engaging Su Xin in hand-to-hand combat.

Unfortunately,his martial arts skills were terrible,or rather,he had never practiced martial arts at all.His moves were completely random.

Left hand holding the broken sword,Su Xin struck with his right palm-the Vengeful Heart Palm.Empowered by tremendous internal force and the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art,the force of Su Xin's palm was astonishing.Sha Feiying spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with organ fragments,and his speed immediately slowed.

The broken sword sliced across Sha Feiying's windpipe,and amid the splattering blood,he fell to the ground with a resentful gaze.

Simultaneously,the qi in Su Xin's body flowed madly.The last acupoint was finally broken through by the powerful internal force,connecting all 108 acupoints,forming a small cycle.

Perfect mastery of the Second Heavenly Realm!

Combat was always the best way of cultivation,a belief Su Xin had always held.Sha Feiying's death further solidified Su Xin's understanding of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art.

With Sha Feiying gone,his carefully nurtured disciples didn't all want to fight for him.Only a dozen out of more than a hundred rushed forward;the rest scattered in all directions.

"Kill!"Su Xin uttered a word,and Li Huai,upon hearing it,swiftly moved.His figure was like the wind,and in an instant,those who charged forward seemed to fall like cut wheat,lying on the ground in an instant.

"Do we pursue the others?"Li Huai asked.

Su Xin shook his head,"They're just a bunch of stray dogs,not worth bothering about."

At this moment,Huang Bingcheng brought back the previously escaped Sha Yuandong.

The present Sha Yuandong had lost the arrogance of his past.Witnessing his father's death,he had long been sobbing in fear.

Su Xin looked at Sha Yuandong with disdain.He truly embodied a well-known saying:"Like father,like son."Regardless of whether Sha Feiying was ruthless or selfish,he was deserving of the title of a hero.Starting from scratch,he had spent more than ten years establishing a firm footing in Changning Prefecture.This achievement required not only strength but also strategic thinking.

In contrast,looking at Sha Yuandong,he had not inherited even a trace of his father's virtues.A typical waste.

"Boss,what should we do with this kid?"Su Xin turned his head,saying indifferently,"The Green Bamboo Gang harbors malicious intentions towards us.They sent experts to ambush our leader.In the battle,both the leader and the deputy leader lost their lives."

Huang Bingcheng smiled knowingly,while Sha Yuandong,in stark contrast,shouted in terror,but in the next moment,his voice was silenced.

Inside the main hall of Jin Yue Square,the remaining eleven top leaders and the trio of Dong Chengwu sat in silent contemplation,saying nothing.

Even the most foolish among them could guess what Su Xin was up to.

For so many years,no one dared challenge Sha Feiying's authority,but today Su Xin openly confronted it,leaving them with complex emotions.

As the doors swung open,Su Xin,accompanied by Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng,entered,carrying a faint scent of blood that sent a shiver down everyone's spine.

"Dear friends,I have unfortunate news to share.The gang leader and the deputy gang leader were ambushed and killed by the villains from the Green Bamboo Gang on the way.Please accept our condolences."Su Xin walked to Sha Feiying's former position,stating it plainly.

The crowd was instantly shocked.The gang leader was dead?The man who single-handedly founded the Feiying Gang,with decades of accumulated power,died like this?It seemed unbelievable to many.

However,with this disbelief came a surge of excitement.Sha Feiying was gone,and the massive burden above their heads had disappeared.Who would now occupy the position of the gang leader?How would the power within the gang be redistributed?

All these thoughts kindled a fiery anticipation in their hearts.Even Dong Chengwu and the others,their eyes glinted with a greedy look,gazing at Su Xin's current position.

In terms of position,Su Xin was also a hall master like them.However,in terms of seniority,any one of them was more experienced than Su Xin.So,who should be the new gang leader?Wasn't it more suitable for someone venerable to take up the role?

Seeing the expressions of the people below,Su Xin sneered inwardly.

Some people were like this.They dared not confront Sha Feiying face-to-face,but when it came to reaping the rewards afterward,they were extremely enthusiastic.

Su Xin tapped the table and declared loudly,"The gang leader is dead,but the Feiying Gang cannot disband just like that.Just as a country cannot be without a ruler for a day,a gang cannot be without a leader for a day.Today,we should elect a new gang leader to lead the Feiying Gang to new heights!"

The excitement in the crowd's eyes was evident,but before they could speak,Su Xin continued,"So,I'll take the lead without hesitation.Rest assured,under my guidance,the Feiying Gang will undoubtedly rise!"

The faces of the crowd changed simultaneously.They hadn't expected Su Xin to be so direct,immediately aiming for the position of the gang leader.He didn't even ask for their opinions.

Among those present,the most qualified to be the gang leader were undoubtedly Zhuang Li and Dong Chengwu.Lin Fuhu,although powerful,was not accepted by the other top leaders.

Both of them,regardless of who became the gang leader,would be better than Su Xin.Because Su Xin's personality was too domineering!

Finally,a top leader stood up and said,"Lord Su,isn't your approach a bit too much?Everyone here has more experience than you.Even if we need to choose a new gang leader,it should be selected from among us.Why should it be you?"

Su Xin,sitting in the gang leader's position,revealed a slightly chilling smile,"Why should it be me?Talk about achievements—I've captured four districts for the Feiying Gang single-handedly.Facing ten top leaders from the Green Bamboo Gang,I've killed two and defeated one!One-third of Feiying Gang's combat strength is trained by me.Is that not enough?"

"There's one more thing."

Su Xin's gaze stared directly at the speaking top leader,"I said I want to be the gang leader,not for discussion,but as an order!You may be dissatisfied with my order,but you cannot refuse it.The cost of refusal is death!"

A shadow flashed by Su Xin's side,and the next moment,Li Huai,like a ghost,had already reached the front of the speaking top leader.With a gleaming edge,the top leader was already holding his throat,lying on the ground unwillingly.

Su Xin tapped the table with his fingers,his gaze sweeping around,and asked lightly,"I want to be the gang leader.Now,who agrees?Who disagrees?"

The crowd was instantly stunned,quickly bowing and saying,"We salute the gang leader!"

Sitting on the gang leader's throne,Su Xin didn't feel much.Power?Just a fleeting illusion.

In this world where strength was supreme,without actual power,no matter how great your authority,it was like a castle in the air,vulnerable to a single blow.

Among the many great villains,Su Xin particularly liked a character:Li Chenzhou,the gang leader of the Power Gang in Wen Ruian's"God's Heroes."

Fist is power.

Holding a fist is holding power.

A forceful fist represents power.

A man should not be without power for a day.

I only believe in my fist.

Like Li Chenzhou,Su Xin also only believed in his fist,his sword,and his strength.

Looking up at the top leaders and hall masters in the meeting hall,Su Xin's lips revealed that chilling smile again,"For the Feiying Gang to rise,reform is necessary.Now,let's carry out a major reform!"