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Chapter 231: I'll Support You

8836words in this chapter2024-01-25

For someone as clever as Lu Xu,Su Xin didn't need to say much;he would naturally discern the current situation.Once Lei Yuan is done for,coupled with what Su Xin said today,Lu Xu would know what to do.

However,there was a slight issue with Zhao Yiming.Huang Bingcheng personally went to invite him,but he didn't come.Huang Bingcheng exclaimed,"Zhao Yiming is really disrespectful.Who does he think he is?Even when the boss personally invites him,he refuses to come."

Su Xin waved his hand,saying,"Forget it,I'll personally go and talk to him.Dealing with someone like Zhao Yiming requires a different approach."

Su Xin had carefully reviewed Zhao Yiming's information.According to the records,he had strong abilities,despite being a wandering cultivator.He had joined a top force in the past but later defected,seemingly due to conflicts with certain individuals within that force.Eventually,he joined the Six Gates Sect.

In Su Xin's view,Zhao Yiming was a proud individual.He didn't care about Lei Yuan,and Su Xin himself wasn't a concern either.However,Zhao Yiming had his merits–he was diligent.In the Six Gates Sect of the Southern Jiangnan Province,most enforcers had become lethargic,but Zhao Yiming and his subordinates continued to diligently fulfill their duties.

Such people were often called stubborn,but for those in higher positions,sometimes they needed individuals with such determination.

Arriving at Zhao Yiming's residence,the guards at the door quickly saluted and ushered Su Xin inside.Unaware of the internal struggles among the higher-ups,they only recognized Su Xin's formidable status and strength,which they dared not underestimate.

Seeing Su Xin's arrival,Zhao Yiming frowned,"Lord Su,I've already said I'm not interested in getting involved in your internal conflicts.Please leave."

Su Xin chuckled,"Does Captain Zhao not welcome me?"

Zhao Yiming nodded,speaking firmly,"Indeed,I don't welcome you,Lord Su.I acknowledge your strength,ranking in the top fifteen of the People's List.I estimate I wouldn't last even ten moves against you.But even if you surpass me in strength and status,I,Zhao Yiming,won't be willing to be someone else's lackey,playing games of power and profit within the Six Gates Sect!"

Su Xin shook his head,"When did I say I wanted you to get involved in my internal conflict with Lei Yuan?Did Huang Bingcheng mention that?"

Zhao Yiming was momentarily stunned.When Huang Bingcheng came to find him,Zhao Yiming almost knew that Su Xin wanted to recruit him to deal with Lei Yuan and others.After all,it was a common strategy,especially for someone new like Su Xin,who would naturally try to enlist a group of followers.

Su Xin gazed directly at Zhao Yiming,"With your strength,engaging in power struggles within the Six Gates Sect is a true waste.Among all the enforcers in the Six Gates Sect,only you persistently and diligently fulfill the duties assigned by the Six Gates Sect."

Zhao Yiming sneered,"But what's the use?When our Southern Jiangnan Six Gates Sect was at its peak,all the martial forces in Jiangnan Province trembled at our oversight.And now?Our enforcers are treated worse than wandering cultivators in the Jianghu!Last month,a third-rate small sect dared to lay hands on my subordinates.They not only attacked but also detained them,demanding that I go personally to retrieve them before they released them.In the entire Six Gates Sect across the realm,only the Southern Jiangnan Province experiences such humiliation!"

Zhao Yiming usually spoke sparingly,but these words seemed to have been held back for a long time,and he wanted to vent them.

Su Xin asked,"With your strength and the abilities of your subordinates,you could easily crush a third-rate small sect.Why are you feeling so frustrated?"

Zhao Yiming's expression darkened,"I don't care about a third-rate small sect.However,the martial forces in Jiangnan Province are intertwined.This third-rate small sect has ties with many second-rate and even first-rate forces.When I went to retrieve my people,there were two God-Realm martial artists from second-rate forces conveniently present in that third-rate sect.They had influential backers,but who supports me?Is it the idiot Jin Wulin,who has been deceived by the White Lotus Sect,or is it Lei Yuan,a useless waste who gets a few smiles from other sects when he kneels down to change their shoes?"

Su Xin calmly said,"What if I tell you that in the future,I can support you.Do you believe that?"

Zhao Yiming directly shook his head,"I don't believe it.The position of Chief Enforcer in the Southern Jiangnan Six Gates Sect is not something an ordinary person can sit securely in.Even if you,Lord Su,are a top 15 strongman,it's not enough.Even if the largest family in Jiangnan Province,the Southern Jiangnan Xiao family,is removed,there are still hundreds of martial forces in Jiangnan Province that are notable.Unless there's a Martial Master in the God-Realm sitting there,they won't be feared by others."

Su Xin smiled and said,"How about we make a bet?If I can restore the former glory of the Six Gates Sect in Southern Jiangnan Province,you must unconditionally join me.What do you think?"

Zhao Yiming shook his head,"It's impossible."

Su Xin replied,"Anyway,it's just a bet.Regardless of whether it's possible or not,first,tell me if you agree or not."

Zhao Yiming nodded,"I agree.Moreover,if you can lead the Six Gates Sect in Southern Jiangnan Province back to its former glory and secure the position of Chief Enforcer,then naturally,I'll be under your command.There's no need for talk of joining;it's implied."

Su Xin stood up and said,"Alright,just wait and see until that day comes."

After Su Xin left,Zhao Yiming shook his head.If Su Xin were a Martial Master in the God-Realm,he might have believed it,but with Su Xin only in the Divine Palace Realm,he dismissed the idea.

Outside the door,Huang Bingcheng,after Su Xin came out,couldn't help but ask,"Boss,these two guys are so ungrateful.How do we deal with Lei Yuan?"

Su Xin calmly said,"Throughout history,adding to success is easy,but providing aid in adversity is difficult.However,everyone knows that the rewards for aiding in adversity are high.But why do so few people do it?"

Huang Bingcheng hesitated,"Is it because of uncertainty?"

Su Xin nodded,"Anyone placing a bet would bet on the side with higher chances of winning.But do you think my chances of winning are high now?"

"Uh."Huang Bingcheng suddenly fell silent.

Setting aside their confidence in Su Xin,it seemed that Su Xin currently had no advantage.Despite Su Xin's apparent strength internally,it was of no use.Even if he was strong,it was only his personal strength.Without any subordinates,Lei Yuan could easily overpower Su Xin.

If Su Xin,in a fit of anger,killed Lei Yuan,it would also be useless.In the end,it would incur internal wrath,and externally,facing those martial arts sects,Su Xin wouldn't achieve much.It wouldn't take long before Su Xin would have to pack up and leave.Those who actively sought to join Su Xin at this time would be no different from fools.

"Boss,what should we do now?"Huang Bingcheng asked.

"One word,wait."

Su Xin looked at the empty Six Gates Sect headquarters and said,"Wait until five days later.I want to see how many people will dare to show support for Lei Yuan.Also,those who have been sitting idle,let's clean them out.Since the Six Gates Sect in Southern Jiangnan Province is rotten,let's dig out all the rotten flesh.It might hurt momentarily,but it's better than prolonged suffering."

Su Xin's words carried a strong scent of blood,making Huang Bingcheng shiver involuntarily.This wasn't the first time Su Xin had done such things.

Back when he was in the Flying Eagle Gang,Su Xin had just taken over as the gang leader after defeating Sha Feiying.The old members of the Flying Eagle Gang,apart from those who voluntarily integrated into the gang,were all marginalized by Su Xin.Some even had to retire and return home.

However,those old members of the Flying Eagle Gang were no longer a threat to Su Xin at that time.Moreover,Su Xin had no good excuse,so he was able to retreat unharmed to retire.

Now,the people inside the Six Gates Sect in Southern Jiangnan Province were evidently not going to be spared by Su Xin.In five days,those who rejoiced more enthusiastically would probably have a more miserable end.

During these five days,Su Xin wasn't idle.The secret bases of the Six Gates Sect in Southern Jiangnan Province had been reestablished,and new intelligence agents were already in place.The headquarters of the Six Gates Sect was quick in its actions.

Su Xin had obtained information about some sects in Southern Jiangnan Province from these intelligence agents and studied them with Huang Bingcheng.Securing the internal situation of the Six Gates Sect was the first step before dealing with external matters.

After five days,the Chief Enforcers from various states collected the problems and affairs from their respective regions and presented them.

This time,there was only one position in the hall of the headquarters of the Six Gates Sect in Southern Jiangnan Province.Su Xin sat in the center,with Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng standing behind him.

All the Chief Enforcers presented their submissions,and Su Xin carefully reviewed them.However,the more he read,the heavier his heart became.He had expected the situation in Southern Jiangnan Province to be bad,but it seemed even worse than he had imagined.The entire Six Gates Sect in Southern Jiangnan Province had no restraint over the martial arts sects in the region.

The duties of the Six Gates Sect in each state were twofold:supervision and martial judgment.The former involved monitoring local martial arts sects to ensure they didn't cause trouble or engage in activities against the court's interests.The latter involved using force to judge martial arts sects that committed serious offenses.

In summary,local officials'constables dealt with ordinary people,while the Six Gates Sect's enforcers dealt with martial arts sects.

If a prince committed a crime,he would be treated the same as a commoner.Even if you were a martial arts sect,if you violated the court's rules,you would be punished.