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Chapter 215: Jiangnan Gathering

8637words in this chapter2024-01-23

Su Xin felt the immense power of Yue Qingping as soon as they clashed.It was an unreasonable kind of strength,as if covering the sky with one palm,grand and overwhelming,directly suppressing with force.

As the saying goes,one force can subdue ten meetings,and Yue Qingping had taken this to the extreme.After a single strike,Su Xin retreated several steps,and even his Sword of Wandering Dragons emitted a mournful sound.The power of this collision was so strong that it could not be resisted even by a yellow-grade weapon!

Five blood lines shot out from between Su Xin's fingers,attacking various fatal acupoints on Yue Qingping's body.However,with just a casual grab,Yue Qingping made the originally eerie and sharp Blood River Divine Finger become extremely fragile,crushed on the spot.

Palm after palm came crashing down,and Su Xin stepped back with each exchange.Every time they clashed,Su Xin felt his body tremble,the powerful force resonating within him,making him realize the might of heaven and earth.The strength of the human body has limits,but the power of the universe is limitless.In the process of cultivating oneself,harnessing the power of heaven and earth is crucial.

Originally,sensing this power required reaching the Elemental Spirit Realm,but Yue Qingping,having achieved the unity of man and nature,could also grasp this to some extent.Fighting against Yue Qingping felt as if even the heavens and earth were aiding him,making Su Xin uncomfortable,yet he gained a different insight.

In the past,Su Xin had entered the ethereal realm to perceive the elemental forces through his Mind Palace in the center of his eyebrows.He was on the verge of triggering the elemental forces to refine his Mind Palace,but unfortunately,it was forcefully interrupted.

Now,Su Xin felt a similar sensation,just a bit away from entering that realm again.He could potentially enter this state at any moment.Although currently engaged in battle,he was accumulating this feeling.Once he left the battle,he would immediately enter this ethereal realm.

While fighting and retreating,the flower boat beneath their feet had already been half-shattered and was slowly sinking.Seeing that Su Xin was truly not Yue Qingping's match,Zhuge Qingtian's Seven Star Sword appeared,radiating a dazzling light.Sword energy pierced through the sky,attacking Yue Qingping.

He couldn't let Su Xin be killed by Yue Qingping.Zhuge Qingtian hadn't intervened earlier because he wanted to gauge Su Xin's strength.His sudden attack made Yue Qingping abandon Su Xin and turn to defend,relieving the pressure on Su Xin.However,Su Xin looked at Zhuge Qingtian with dissatisfaction,as his intervention came at an inconvenient time.

Su Xin's opportunity to ascend to the Divine Palace Realm was nearly complete,but Zhuge Qingtian's sudden interference disrupted it.The only benefit was that Su Xin had accumulated enough,and a breakthrough to the Divine Palace Realm might happen anytime soon.

Zhuge Qingtian's unexpected intervention left Yue Qingping somewhat angry and puzzled.Although Su Xin was from the Six Fan Pavilion,Zhuge's family was currently busy,and they shouldn't bother with Su Xin.Moreover,Yue Qingping,with his royal bloodline from the former Wu Kingdom,found it disrespectful for Zhuge's family to ignore their commands and interfere.

Yue Qingping,aware of his questionable identity,had told Jiang Heliu before coming that if he couldn't take Su Xin's life,he would wait until the Jiangnan Gathering to settle the matter.With Zhuge Qingtian's involvement,this time seemed to be wasted.

With a palm,Yue Qingping shattered the sword energy containing the power of the Broken Army Star sent by Zhuge Qingtian.He said to Su Xin with a calm expression,"Your life is temporarily spared.When the opportunity arises,I will come to claim it."

Su Xin replied indifferently,"I'll be ready at any time."

People on the shore watched as the situation ended abruptly,feeling somewhat disappointed.The only gain was witnessing Zhuge Qingtian,who rarely intervened,displaying strength far beyond their imagination.Among the top ten on the ranking,Zhuge Qingtian had the fewest battles but held a high position.

After the battle between Su Xin and Yue Qingping,the flower boat was completely destroyed,sinking rapidly.Su Xin and the others had to use light footwork to return to the shore.

Zhuge Qingtian had already dismissed the boatmen on his flower boat,and only a maidservant named Jin'er,who had no martial arts skills,was brought to the shore.Watching the sinking boat,Jin'er stared at Su Xin with resentment.Although Zhuge Qingtian had bought the boat recently,she had put a lot of effort into decorating it.Now,it was destroyed due to the fight between these two.

The central street of Jiangnan Mansion has been cleared to create a massive square,capable of accommodating tens of thousands of people.Numerous large platforms are arranged in the middle,thirty-six in total,with the central one being the largest,spanning three hundred yards in width.Such a vast area is undoubtedly prepared for the top-ranked martial artists during their competitions.

In contrast to the venue,the Xiao family is even more generous by prominently displaying the rewards.In front of the platforms,ten tables are laden with various precious training resources.Among them are common items like elixirs,but also over a dozen manuals of martial arts techniques accumulated by the Xiao family over the years.

As a former royal family,the Xiao family,in its prime,collected thousands of martial arts manuals.Presently,bringing out a dozen or so doesn't make them feel the slightest regret.In addition to martial arts,there are various weapons such as knives,spears,and swords,all of which are of high-grade quality.Apart from these,there are rare items like Mechanisms from the Ink Sect and concealed weapons from the Tang Sect.Surprisingly,there are also some privileges,such as the opportunity to receive guidance from a Spiritual Realm expert for a month and the chance to cultivate in Xiao Family's secret grounds for a month.

After Su Xin,Zhuge Qingtian,and the others arrived,they witnessed the Xiao family placing these valuable training resources on the tables,attracting the attention of numerous martial artists.Su Xin couldn't help but admit that the successive family heads of the Xiao family were not simple individuals,turning the Jiangnan Gathering into a spectacle.

Martial artists who stand out during the Jiangnan Gathering can be recruited by the Xiao family.However,if they are unwilling,they can still receive rewards based on their rankings and then leave.Although these rewarded martial artists may not join the Xiao family,having their favor is advantageous.With this favor,not only can the Xiao family improve their reputation in the martial world,but if these martial artists break through to the Spiritual Realm in the future,the Xiao family essentially made an early investment.

Seeing Su Xin and the others arriving,a member of the Xiao family immediately approached respectfully,guiding them to their designated seats.Yin Xixue had invitations,but she wanted to conceal her identity,so she transformed into the appearance of Tie Yao Hua and followed Su Xin inside.In any case,the Xiao family's invitations allowed them to participate together as a group.

In front of the platforms,dozens of seats are arranged,reserved for the top-ranked experts and some Spiritual Realm powerhouses attending the Jiangnan Gathering.The Xiao family member led Su Xin and the others to their seats,and a young martial artist,about twenty years old,approached them.With handsome features,arched eyebrows,and dressed in elegant gold attire,he exuded an air of nobility.

Zhuge Qingtian whispered to Su Xin,"He is Xiao Huang,the'Little Peaceful Marquis,'ranked third on the People Ranking.He's not a simple character."

Su Xin nodded gently,observing Xiao Huang.He had heard an amusing anecdote before,about a'Ranking of Top Martial Artists That Martial Women Most Want to Marry.'Xiao Huang had consecutively ranked first for five years.The fact that the top three on the People Ranking hadn't changed for several years spoke volumes about their formidable abilities.

In this peculiar ranking,Xiao Huang managed to secure the top position for five consecutive years,despite being ranked third on the People Ranking.There must be a reason behind it.

Among the top three on the People Ranking,Lin Changhe,known as the'Dao Enthusiast,'was the least favored by those martial women.Although he possessed great strength and had good looks,his personality was quite off-putting.His nickname,'Dao Enthusiast,'revealed that he was a person obsessed solely with the Dao,and nothing else.

Lin Changhe dedicated his entire life to the pursuit of the Dao.Even the current head of the Taiyi Dao Sect had once said that Lin Changhe was the person closest to the'Dao'he had ever seen.The'Dao Enthusiast'Lin Changhe's heart could accommodate nothing other than the Dao,and certainly not feelings of love or romance.In the'Ranking of Top Martial Artists That Martial Women Most Want to Marry,'Lin Changhe surprisingly ranked over ninety,only slightly better than some infamous martial artists from the demonic path and some independent cultivators.

The second on the People Ranking,'Sword Gentleman'He Xiu,also didn't have a high ranking on that list.He barely made it into the top twenty,mainly because of his personality,which wasn't very likable.Although He Xiu was powerful and the heir to the Sword Sect,his determination to win and lose was too intense,and his character was too domineering.

In his pursuit of the first place on the People Ranking,He Xiu had challenged Lin Changhe no less than ten times.This showed how obsessed he was with victory and defeat.

Such individuals could be admired as idols,but considering them as future marriage partners might be a different matter.