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Chapter 175: Lay Disciples of Shaolin Temple

8947words in this chapter2024-01-09

Xie Zhiyan's words puzzled Su Xin.Since he entered the martial world,he had encountered quite a few troubles.He had killed the son of the elder of the Qingcheng Sword Sect,and now he had offended disciples from the Yan Gang,Shangguan Family,and the Zhengjian Alliance.Was killing one of Shangguan Yanqing's subordinates really considered a significant problem?

Xie Zhiyan said,"Although you've encountered many troubles before,the disciples like Di Yunfei,despite being the legitimate successors of their respective sects,cannot represent the true power behind them.Whether it's the Zhengjian Alliance or the Yan Gang,it's impossible for them to mobilize their entire strength to deal with you.However,killing the person under Shangguan Yanqing will drive certain individuals insane.Although his backing may not be exceptionally strong,it is indeed troublesome."

"Oh,who are you talking about?"Su Xin asked,curious at Xie Zhiyan's serious tone.

"Zhu Yanxin,"Xie Zhiyan replied.

"That useless guy?"Su Xin frowned instantly.The memory of Zhu Yanxin,who came to kill him with a fake Crimson Flame Fire Lotus,was still fresh in his mind.

"But from what I know,Zhu Yanxin only comes from a mediocre small sect,the Jiuyang Sword Sect.To be blunt,if I reveal all my cards,wiping out such a mediocre small sect wouldn't be a difficult task,"Su Xin boasted.

On this point,Su Xin wasn't exaggerating.The strongest in the Jiuyang Sword Sect was only at the Divine Palace Realm,and Su Xin could easily defeat them using a consumable item of three and a half-star level.

Xie Zhiyan shook her head and said,"The Jiuyang Sword Sect is indeed just a mediocre small sect,but Zhu Yanxin's family background is not that simple.Zhu Yanxin hails from the Zhu Family Village in Hannan Dao,and he is the only son of the village master,Zhu Zefang.Despite Zhu Zefang's cultivation being at the Divine Palace Realm,his identity is troublesome.He was originally a lay disciple of the Shaolin Temple."

Su Xin furrowed his brow.Dealing with lay disciples of the Shaolin Temple didn't seem to be a first-time occurrence for him.Meng Changhe's master was also a lay disciple of the Shaolin Temple.

"There are quite a few lay disciples in the Shaolin Temple,and it seems a bit too common,"Su Xin commented.

"Even if Zhu Zefang is a lay disciple of the Shaolin Temple,so what?As you've mentioned,not even Di Yunfei can represent the attitude of the Zhengjian Alliance.Can a lay disciple like Zhu Zefang represent the Shaolin Temple?"Su Xin asked.

Xie Zhiyan said,"Of course,Zhu Zefang cannot represent the Shaolin Temple,but he can represent the group of lay disciples in the Shaolin Temple.In the martial world,it's not easy to deal with this group of people."

Su Xin frowned and asked,"What does this group of lay disciples in the Shaolin Temple represent?"

In the information provided by Tie Wuqing,there was indeed a lot of information about various martial arts secrets.However,these details were only rough introductions to each sect.If delved into deeply,the historical secrets of a top-notch sect could probably fill an entire book.

Xie Zhiyan explained,"Originally,the Shaolin Temple did not have the position of lay disciples.The reason for recruiting lay disciples was a strategy devised by the previous Shaolin abbot,Elder Jieye Zunzhe Xuantan,to counter the rise of the Daoist sects,especially the emergence of the Nature Daoist sect.Since ancient times,the Dao and Buddhism have been at odds.Among the three major temples of Buddhism,the Vajra Temple is located far in the western border,the Lotus Zen Temple is often in seclusion,and sometimes not a single disciple emerges for hundreds of years.Relying on just the Shaolin Temple,one sect can easily overpower the four major Daoist sects.However,after the rise of the Nature Daoist sect a hundred years ago,they began to suppress the Shaolin Temple in turn.The abbot of that era,the'Pure Yang Daozun'Li Boyang,personally went to Shaoshi Mountain,the Shaolin Temple,to discuss Buddhism and Daoism.After Li Boyang left the mountain,the Shaolin abbot at that time passed away three days later.The power dynamics between Buddhism and Daoism were completely reversed.After that,Elder Xuan Tan,who later became the abbot and was known as'Jieye Zunzhe'Xuan Yan,took over the position of abbot at a very young age.After becoming the Shaolin abbot,Xuan Yan carried out a large-scale reform in Shaolin,the most important of which was to relax the conditions for recruiting disciples.Regardless of talent,there was no need for shaving the head,and even adherence to the precepts was not necessary.As long as one joined Shaolin,they became a lay disciple of Shaolin and could even be taught the latter thirty-six of the seventy-two ultimate techniques.After that,Shaolin selected outstanding individuals among the lay disciples to join the inner circle,while the rest of the lay disciples,if they wanted to leave Shaolin,could do so,but they were not allowed to pass on their martial arts.Otherwise,if discovered,they would be hunted down by Shaolin.This strategy allowed Shaolin to recruit hundreds of outstanding disciples in just over ten years.With full cultivation,they regained the strength to rival the Nature Daoist sect.However,those who were expelled from the mountain were of varying moral quality,and some even committed acts of debauchery and plunder.This seriously affected Shaolin's reputation,nearly destroying the centuries-old clean image of Shaolin.'Jieye Zunzhe'Xuan Yan,who had only been in the position of abbot for thirty years,directly resigned from his position.Therefore,when the current abbot,'Du Er Luohan'Xuan Ku,took over the position of abbot,he made a decisive decision:Shaolin would no longer recruit lay disciples,severing all ties with lay disciples.Any lay disciple who dared to act maliciously using Shaolin's name would be hunted down by Shaolin."

These lay disciples expelled from Shaolin may not possess particularly high strength,and without the protection of Shaolin,they have formed an alliance,uniting under the identity of lay disciples.Anyone who dares to insult them will face a collective retaliation,making them extremely troublesome.Provoking one of them is equivalent to provoking a group of people."

Su Xin was completely unaware of this secret regarding the lay disciples of Shaolin.Over the past few decades,with three different abbots in succession,Shaolin Temple had indeed faced difficulties.However,even so,Su Xin still held a strong contempt for Shaolin in his heart.

The actions of'Jieye Zunzhe'Xuan Yan were correct.Shaolin Temple did not lack inherited martial arts techniques,and each of the seventy-two ultimate techniques was formidable when mastered.'Jieye Zunzhe'Xuan Yan earned his title by mastering the Finger-Flicking Flower technique to perfection,embodying the power of Jieye in the world.

Shaolin Temple had always followed the elite path,with disciples starting from the outer sect,going through rigorous training,familiarizing themselves with Buddhist scriptures in the inner sect,and only then could they enter the Warrior Monk Academy for true martial training.Although this method of cultivating disciples ensured that almost every Shaolin disciple was elite,the number of successful graduates was too small.Despite Shaolin's strength,the requirement to shave their heads and adhere to strict precepts deterred many talented young warriors.

Xuan Yan's approach allowed Shaolin to regain strength rivaling the Nature Daoist sect within decades.However,due to a reputation issue,he eventually gave up.It was a classic case of trying to have one's cake and eat it too.

Xie Zhiyan said solemnly,"Don't be careless.Zhu Zefang and his group are the last generation of lay disciples in Shaolin.Although their strength may not be strong,it's not weak either.There are warriors in the Divine Palace and Spirit Aperture realms among them,and even a few overlooked geniuses who have broken through to the Yuan Shen realm."

Su Xin nodded,"Thanks for the warning.I'll be cautious."

With the reminder concluded,Xie Zhiyan didn't continue speaking.Having cooperated with Su Xin twice,she knew he was not an arrogant person.She shared everything she knew,and Su Xin would surely make appropriate arrangements.

Three days later,in the Zhu Family Village in Hannan Dao,when Zhu Zefang,the master of the Zhu Family Village,heard that his only son had been killed by Su Xin,and even his remains were gone,his vision immediately darkened,almost causing him to faint.Although he was a lay disciple of Shaolin and hadn't taken vows of celibacy,he couldn't marry or have children while training at Shaolin.He returned to Jiannan Dao only when Shaolin completely expelled lay disciples.There,he established the Zhu Family Village,married,and had children.

Despite the Zhu Family Village being sizable with hundreds of people,all surnamed Zhu,they were actually Zhu Zefang's lay relatives.His only heir was Zhu Yanxin.

"Suxin!I swear to dismember your corpse!"Zhu Zefang gritted his teeth in hatred,almost biting down on one.

Zhu Zefang's younger brother,Zhu Qifang,tried to console him,"Big brother,Aixin is gone.You must mourn."

Others in the Zhu Family Village also began offering condolences,but Zhu Zefang suddenly turned his head towards them,his eyes filled with a bloodthirsty red glow,"My only son is dead.How can I mourn?Now,should you all be happy?Aixin is dead,and from now on,the future of the Zhu Family Village will be inherited by your descendants!"

Avoiding Zhu Zefang's gaze,Zhu Qifang awkwardly said,"Big brother,what are you saying?We watched Aixin grow up,and we all hoped that he could lead the Zhu Family Village to prosperity.We didn't expect such a disaster to come out of nowhere."

The other brothers of Zhu Zefang also dared not meet his eyes.What Zhu Zefang said reflected their inner thoughts.

Zhu Zefang snorted coldly.He knew his brothers very well,but right now,he was filled with grief and anger,and he couldn't care less about them.

"Now,send someone to deliver a message to my senior brother,Duan Tianya.This time,I will make sure that Su Xin pays for burying my son!"

Hearing that Zhu Zefang intended to take serious action,Zhu Qifang and the others hurriedly shouted,"Big brother!You can't!"