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Chapter 281:Loopholes in the Jiangnan Dao Six Gates

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In the rear hall of the headquarters of the Six Gates,Huang Bingcheng and other confidants of Su Xin were present.

They were certainly aware of the incident where someone was sent to pick peaches.Huang Bingcheng's words today were deliberately spoken to show authority over Yin Ji.

Huang Bingcheng sneered,"Look at Yin Ji's arrogant behavior,still trying to dictate to us.Why don't we find an opportunity to take him down directly and say it was the remnants of the Wu Kingdom making their move?"

As Huang Bingcheng spoke,the others agreed one after another.

If we can't confront him openly,can't we do it covertly?

After all,it hasn't been long since the incident with the remnants of the Wu Kingdom.We can just push everything onto them.

Su Xin shook his head,"Don't think of the people in the headquarters of the Six Gates as fools.If we can think of such a simple plan,how could they not be on guard?Killing Yin Ji might be simple,but can you guarantee that this won't leak out?Don't forget,there might be spies from above even within the Jiangnan Dao now,just waiting for us to make a move.Every place has its own rules,especially the Six Gates.You may have underestimated him before and let a few insults slide,but if you really lay a hand on him,it would give them a reason to act against us."

The group exchanged glances.It seemed unlikely to take down Yin Ji without any repercussions.If they were discovered,it would provide a pretext for retaliation.

"So what do we do?Just watch him cause trouble within the Six Gates?"Huang Bingcheng said reluctantly.

This time,Liu Fengwu and others managed to disgust everyone by obtaining the title of inspector,which was equivalent to the position of chief constable.

Yin Ji could use this position to cause trouble within the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao,and there might be some people who would be swayed by greed and follow him in his clandestine activities.

Su Xin asked,"Do you think there might be disloyalty among the chief constables of the Six Gates in Jiangnan Dao now?"

Huang Bingcheng and others glanced at each other.Despite their reluctance to admit it,they nodded.

Given the current situation in the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao,it would be strange if the chief constables were not disloyal.

Currently,the chief constables of the Six Gates were divided into two groups:some were former bandits recruited by Su Xin,and the others were numerous chief constables left over from Jiangnan Dao's previous administration.

Under Su Xin's persuasion and some threats,the recruited bandits had become more compliant.However,there might still be some among them who were greedy for more.

Moreover,the remaining chief constables of the Six Gates had their own concerns.Even though some had sided with Su Xin after he dealt with his rivals,there were still more than a dozen who remained neutral.Even though Su Xin had spared them,they felt uneasy,fearing that he might settle scores later.

Especially as the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao grew stronger,these chief constables felt less significant.Additionally,the treatment they received now was not as generous as during the Jin Wulin period.

During Jin Wulin's leadership of the Six Gates,they could obtain resources for cultivation without having to carry out tasks.Although the treatment remained the same,obtaining those resources had become more difficult.

Furthermore,there was a more serious issue:the apparent harmony between the original chief constables and those from a bandit background was superficial.

The original chief constables of Jiangnan Dao,regardless of whether they joined the Six Gates as independent cultivators or were trained by the Six Gates themselves,shared one common view:they looked down on those chief constables with a bandit background.

In their eyes,these former bandits were once their targets for elimination,but now they were treated as equals.This didn't sit well with them.

Therefore,there were frequent conflicts between the two groups.

Su Xin was aware of these issues and had tried to mediate,but while he could suppress them forcibly,he couldn't change their underlying attitudes.As long as they didn't cause major disturbances,Su Xin didn't intervene too much.

Fortunately,these individuals knew their limits and didn't dare to go too far.But with Yin Ji now stirring up trouble,the situation might change.

Su Xin tapped the table and said,"Since there are unstable elements within our Six Gates,we can't blame others for taking advantage.If someone can't see the situation clearly and decides to collaborate with Yin Ji for petty gains,what use do we have for such fools?"

Huang Bingcheng's heart trembled.It seemed that Su Xin was planning another round of executions.He just hoped that there weren't too many fools within the Six Gates now,or else Jiangnan Dao's Six Gates would once again be engulfed in chaos.

At this moment,Yin Ji's thoughts were indeed similar to what Su Xin had anticipated.His first priority was to divide the power within the current Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao.

During the day,he wanted to ask Su Xin for a group of people,but Su Xin completely ignored him.Although Yin Ji was angry,there was nothing he could do about it.However,just because Su Xin didn't provide them didn't mean he couldn't find them himself.

It had been less than half a year since Su Xin took over the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao,and Yin Ji admitted that Su Xin's methods were indeed powerful.He had organized the entire Jiangnan Dao Six Gates,along with the martial world of Jiangnan Dao,in an orderly manner.However,this orderliness was built upon Su Xin's high-pressure strength.Yin Ji didn't believe that Su Xin could completely integrate all these forces within the Six Gates in just half a year and make them all loyal without any betrayal.As long as he could split off one or two people,create a gap in the iron-clad Jiangnan Dao Su Xin had built,it would be enough.So,after dark,Yin Ji began selecting from the information on the chief constables of the major states in Jiangnan Dao,carefully studying which chief constable had the lowest loyalty to Su Xin.

However,after Yin Ji finished studying the information,he was somewhat surprised.According to the information provided by the Six Gates'spies,those who were later recruited bandits were actually very loyal to Su Xin,while many of the remaining Six Gates constables,who were discontent with Su Xin and complained in secret,were not.But regardless of the target,as long as there were loopholes,that was good enough.

To welcome the inspector sent down by the higher-ups,all the chief constables of the states in Jiangnan Dao were now staying in Jiangnan Mansion.It was a good opportunity.So Yin Ji directly headed towards the mansion of a target he had chosen overnight.

Zheng Tianhe,the chief constable of Xihe Prefecture,had been feeling very upset lately because he had clashed with some of his constables who were former bandits.Last time,Su Xin had completely rearranged the lower-ranking bandits,and even some of his own men were replaced by former bandit constables,who now made up the majority.Zheng Tianhe was a legitimate member of the Six Gates,and he was quite unhappy about these former bandits,who were once their targets for elimination,suddenly becoming his colleagues.However,due to Su Xin's power,he dared not voice his anger openly,or rather,he didn't dare to show his anger on the surface.He still vividly remembered the scene when Su Xin eliminated dissidents,causing rivers of blood to flow.Nevertheless,he still looked down on those constables who were former bandits.The constables under his command were treated in two distinct ways.Those who were originally his constables had the least missions but received the most rewards in the end.Meanwhile,those former bandit constables had the most tasks but received the least.As a result,they began to unite and resist Zheng Tianhe,even attracting Su Xin's attention with their disturbances.Huang Bingcheng was sent to reprimand him,which made Zheng Tianhe somewhat restrained.However,he still didn't change much.Although he increased the rewards for those constables who were former bandits,the treatment was still unequal.The saying goes,it's not the lack of resources,but the uneven distribution.If everyone had less,it would be acceptable,but why should others have more than us?So,recently,Zheng Tianhe's constables had been causing trouble again,which made him feel extremely disgusted,and at the same time,he harbored some resentment towards Su Xin.After all,the last time Su Xin had let Huang Bingcheng punish him,Zheng Tianhe was very dissatisfied.He didn't think he had mistreated those martial artists who were former bandits.In Zheng Tianhe's view,his brothers had followed him for so many years and contributed so much to the Six Gates.Why should they receive fewer rewards than those former bandits who joined later?However,although he thought so,Zheng Tianhe didn't dare to say such words in front of Su Xin's face.He just complained to his confidants as usual.

Just as Zheng Tianhe was about to go to bed,there was a sudden knock on the door,which made him frowned."I'm about to rest.Why are you knocking?"Zheng Tianhe said impatiently.This mansion in Jiangnan usually had no one living in it,and he only had a few servants to take care of it.However,these servants seemed to be too ignorant of the rules,disturbing him late at night.

As soon as Zheng Tianhe opened the door and saw the person in front of him,he was stunned.He stuttered,"Mister...Mister Yin?"Yin Ji smiled and said,"Chief Constable Zheng,why so flustered?I've come here to give you a little surprise."