The strongest villain system
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Chapter Ten: Rejecting a Favor, Losing Face

10279words in this chapter2023-12-23

The business owners were silently contemplating when suddenly two cold laughs echoed in the room.Everyone looked up,and it was Huang,still speaking.

"Sulao Da,your idea is indeed good,but it's a bit impractical.Merchants are ruthless,and if we implement your plan here,we might attract many customers initially.However,if the folks in Changdefang catch on,they might copy us,and the advantage of location will resurface.We still won't be able to compete."

Many nodded in agreement.Huang's concern was valid;imitating the plan could be a significant threat if other areas adopted it.

Sulao Da put down his teacup and shook his head,"They can't imitate it.Changdefang has a fatal flaw–the size of their properties.Our Longle Lane was planned by the government,and even the floors are identical.But over in Changdefang?It was rebuilt from ruins after the capital moved.Shops vary in size,with small taverns on one floor and large gambling houses on three.Even the buildings from the Prefectural Government's office are mixed in.They can't achieve the same interchangeability.Even if they try to imitate,they can only have influential merchants buy surrounding properties,trying to emulate our model.The land value in the central market of Changdefang is extremely high;how many merchants can afford that?We all know the financial strength of Changning Prefecture;the number of wealthy merchants there doesn't exceed five.Even if Changdefang manages to imitate 30%,it won't meet the demand of the entire Changning Prefecture.The remaining customers who want this service will have to come to our Happy Forest!"

People nodded as Sulao Da's plan unfolded systematically,covering every possible angle.Currently,the hesitation among the merchants was about the one-tenth share.

For these businessmen,paying monthly dividends of several dozen taels was already akin to having their flesh cut by a knife.Now,giving up one-tenth share would be even more challenging.

After a moment of silence,Huang spoke again,"Sulao Da,your idea is good,but my Shunde Gambling House operates on a small scale.I'm tight on funds recently,and I can't afford to make any moves.Let's not complicate things."

Huang,while approving Sulao Da's plan,disagreed with the conditions.He couldn't afford to give up one-tenth of his shares.

Even though he didn't agree with Sulao Da's terms,it didn't mean he wouldn't follow the plan.He intended to stall for some time,gather a few more owners,and then implement Sulao Da's method.By then,Sulao Da might find it difficult to claim the one-tenth share.

While Sulao Da was known for his business acumen,Huang felt Sulao Da was too astute for his own good.However,facing Sulao Da's blunt approach,Huang didn't dare to refuse openly.

Sulao Da sighed,"Huang Lao Ban,being too shrewd isn't always a good thing.I provide the plan,and you make money,and I only want a small share.Is that excessive?Taking my ideas and not planning to share the profits is a bit much,isn't it?"

Without warning,Sulao Da moved swiftly.His iron sword,hanging at his waist,was in his hand in an instant.He grabbed Huang's right hand,pressed it on the table,and with a swift motion,pierced the iron sword through his hand and the table,leaving only the hilt visible.

Huang let out a painful scream,and the blood splattered onto a nearby person,startling them.

Sulao Da scanned the surroundings,and none of the other owners dared to meet his gaze.He turned back to Huang.

"I'm a man of principles.I provide the plan;you make money,and I just want my share.Taking my things and not paying for them?Well,I'll have to collect it myself."

Removing the sword,Sulao Da grabbed Huang's hair,and once again,the iron sword plunged into Huang's mouth.A bloody piece was pulled out.

"Now,has anyone agreed to my plan?"

Everyone nodded frantically.Sulao Da waved his hand,and Huang Bingcheng immediately ordered someone to bring ink and paper.The transfer of shares document was prepared.

However,despite the fact that no one spoke up at the scene,all the bosses obediently wrote down the transfer documents,secretly reveling in their hearts.

"Suxin,what you did today is outrageous.We'll see how you end up!"Wiping the bloodstained blade on Huang's body,Suxin waved to Huang Bingcheng,"Go,call all the brothers in."

Suxin currently had fewer than seventy subordinates,but when they all entered,the hall still seemed somewhat crowded.

Seeing Huang lying on the ground,covered in blood and seemingly dead,sent shivers down the spines of the subordinates.

"This boss is ruthless!"they thought as they looked at the scene.

Suxin spoke in a deep voice,"Being in the jianghu,one essentially sells their life for a good price.I'm not a good person,and I don't expect you to offer your lives for free.Now,I have an opportunity here,but I wonder if any of you dare to take it."

Pointing at the fallen Huang,he continued,"The boss of Shunde Gambling Den has been disabled by me,and you all witnessed it.Now,whoever steps forward,goes to the authorities,and claims responsibility for disabling him,I will reward them with three hundred taels of silver.From then on,I will take care of his family as my own."

The numerous subordinates present suddenly felt their breath quicken;three hundred taels of silver was an astronomical sum for them.

Among Suxin's current subordinates,only a few were from the old days of the Feiying Gang;most were recruited locally from Changle Lane.These people,originating from the slums,were tough but struggled even to secure their daily meals.

Now,with three hundred taels of silver presented before them,it was inevitable that they would be tempted.

Seeing their hesitation,Suxin added fuel to the fire,"Surrendering doesn't necessarily mean death.I will arrange things outside to ensure you're released within three years.Spend three years in prison,and once you're out,there will be a place for you under my command!"

The bosses looked at Suxin in shock.Could he really play it like this?

At this moment,a man in his mid-twenties stepped forward,speaking fiercely,"I'll take the blame!Three hundred taels of silver is enough for my mother,wife,and son to live comfortably for a lifetime."

The man saluted Suxin,saying,"Suxin,I'm selling my life to you.I just hope my brothers in the gang will take care of my family and prevent my wife from using my life money to cheat on me!"

Laughter erupted throughout the venue,but some subordinates secretly regretted not stepping forward themselves.

"Now,don't worry,I don't want your life.When you surrender,I'll immediately arrange for a lawyer to protect you,and the money will be delivered to your home.All the brothers present can bear witness;I,Suxin,keep my word.If I break my promise,I won't be able to stay in Changning Mansion anymore."

The subordinate nodded and walked away.

The remaining bosses lowered their heads,afraid to have any other thoughts.At this moment,Suxin appeared even more terrifying than when he disabled Huang.

He understood the mind of the authorities better than those gang members obsessed with fighting and killing.

While harming others was a crime,the authorities didn't care who committed the crime;they only considered their own achievements and reputation.

Suxin now obediently presented the criminal to the authorities,giving them the reputation they desired.The behind-the-scenes arrangements would not be lacking,and they also gained benefits.Why would they have a problem with Suxin?

As for Huang,no one cared.Some businessmen present were even thinking about how to take over his Shunde Gambling Den.

"Alright,today's discussion has been pleasant.I won't keep you all any longer.I believe you all have a plan in mind.During this time,you can start the decoration."

The bosses looked at Huang,who was still lying on the ground,uncertain of his fate.They inwardly sneered.

Could this be considered a pleasant discussion?

However,now they dared not show any dissatisfaction with Suxin,smiling and bowing before leaving.

"Others can go down as well,but leave Huang behind.Also,take Huang down for me,take good care of him,and don't let him die,"Suxin ordered.

Injuring someone and causing their death were different;if Huang really died,it would be difficult to explain to the authorities.

After everyone left,Huang Bingcheng bent over,full of admiration,"Boss,you came up with such a method.I truly admire you."

"It's nothing,just a small trick."Suxin waved his hand casually.

Although Huang Bingcheng thought Suxin was being modest,in reality,Suxin's approach was indeed just a small trick.

Such things were common in his previous life,but here,no one had used them or even thought about them.This was because the gangs here only valued strength.

"Strength is the real king!"Suxin sighed in his heart.If he had strength,he wouldn't need to resort to these lowly tactics.These were the things that Huang and other businessmen liked to play with.

The leader of the Feiying Gang,Shafeiying,had the strength of consummation in the acquired realm.If he were here,not only would he disable Huang,but even if he killed him on the spot,the authorities

would turn a blind eye.

The authorities also had their own power.In Changning Mansion,there were forty-nine districts,excluding Changde District in the middle,divided into East,West,South,and North,each with twelve districts.Each set of twelve districts had a Chief Inspector.

These four Chief Inspectors were all consummate in the acquired realm,and their subordinates,the constables,numbered over a hundred each,enabling them to suppress the three gangs and four organizations in Changning Mansion,even if it was only a facade.

"Huang,later take three hundred taels and deliver them to the brother who's taking the blame,in front of everyone.Also,find the most famous lawyer in Changning Mansion and let him help with the defense.The sentence must be three years or less.You should know better than me which departments to grease in Changning Mansion.Don't worry about expenses;spend freely.We'll have dealings with those places in the future."

Huang Bingcheng hesitated and said,"The family settling fee is three hundred taels.Lawyers aren't expensive,ten taels should be enough to find a good one.But when it comes to the departments,I'm afraid it won't be possible without a thousand taels."

Suxin nodded,"A little over a thousand taels,less than I expected."

"But even if it's less,we can't come up with it."Huang Bingcheng wore a troubled expression."Our only five hundred taels were given to Tiger Third Master by you.Now,in the gang,we only have some scattered silver left."

Suxin said indifferently,"Shunde Gambling Den is so big.That fat Huang has a fortune,probably not just a hundred thousand,even if it's just ten thousand,isn't it still money?"

"But,Boss!Disabling Huang is one thing,but taking the property of Shunde Gambling Den,the authorities will definitely intervene,"Huang Bingcheng said in shock.

Harming someone and robbing them was much more severe than disabling Huang;it touched the bottom line of the authorities.Currently,they were a Jianghu gang;if they harmed and robbed people,they would become bandits engaged in home robbery,a completely different nature from a gang.

"We can't eat tens of thousands ourselves,and we didn't plan to.Go and compile a list of Shunde Gambling Den's assets,and present it to Third Master Hu.He will understand my intention."

The so-called bottom line of the authorities didn't really exist.As long as the money was enough and the strength was sufficient,the so-called bottom line might shift somewhere else.

Huang Bingcheng,in deep thought,walked out.Suxin added,"When you go,you might see Jigang.Don't be surprised;just pretend you didn't see him."

Nodding,Huang Bingcheng left with some thoughts.