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Chapter 203: The Resolve of the Court's Hound

8311words in this chapter2024-01-19

Hu Jingyan bowed to Elder Xiao and said,"Senior,Su Xin has not changed his violent nature.Just before the Jiangnan Assembly is about to begin,he ruthlessly killed several wandering martial artists.Not only that,even the ranked martial artist Li Chenfeng,who had a grudge against him,died at his hands!"

Others immediately gasped,their gazes towards Su Xin filled with shock.

To dare to attack a ranked martial artist right before the Jiangnan Assembly,it seems he truly doesn't care about the Xiao family.Isn't this too bold?

The gaze of Elder Xiao fell upon Su Xin,his aura exuding pressure."Su Xin!Did you really kill Li Chenfeng?"

This Elder Xiao's strength should be around the early stage of the Nascent Soul realm.Su Xin had clashed with'Zhan E Mo,'who was in the later stage of the Nascent Soul realm,so the pressure from this Xiao family elder was of no use to Su Xin.

"If I say Li Chenfeng wasn't killed by me,do you believe it?"Su Xin said indifferently.

From this Xiao family elder,Su Xin could sense a dislike towards him,even a hint of disdain.The Xiao family,as the organizer of the Jiangnan Assembly and as descendants of the royal family,values rules and etiquette the most.This elder particularly dislikes individuals like Su Xin who casually break rules.

Although this Xiao family elder had known about Su Xin killing those wandering martial artists before,it was a minor matter that didn't touch the bottom line of the Xiao family.Nevertheless,it still triggered a sense of aversion in the elder.

Now,seeing Su Xin as the main character of this incident again,the elder couldn't hide his emotions.

"Whether Li Chenfeng was killed by you or not,it's not for you to decide.Come back with me and await the judgment of the Xiao family,"the Xiao family elder said coldly.

"Judgment?Excuse me,why does your Xiao family have the authority to judge me?What qualifications do you have to pass judgment on me?"Su Xin replied coldly.

The Xiao family elder was momentarily stunned.Why?Did he need to ask why?

Although the Xiao family elder wanted to say that the Xiao family is the head of the six major families,the top martial force in the world,and thus has the right to judge Su Xin,such arrogance wouldn't be good for the reputation of their family.So,the elder just snorted,"You don't need to argue further.You're now a suspect in Li Chenfeng's murder.You must come back to the Xiao family for judgment.I advise you to come willingly.If you force me to take action,you'll regret it."

"Regret?"Su Xin shook his head."I won't regret it.I've said it before;your Xiao family has no right to judge me.Even if I did kill Li Chenfeng,your family still has no right to judge me!"

The Xiao family elder's expression became unpleasant.He couldn't currently do anything to Su Xin,and the identity of a Wind Pursuit Marshal was indeed troublesome.

The enraged Nascent Soul realm expert stirred the power of heaven and earth around him.Within dozens of yards,fierce winds roared,thunder rumbled,creating a terrifying atmosphere.

The Xiao family elder reached out,and a giant hand condensed from true energy pressed down.Onlookers who recognized it exclaimed,"It's the Xiao family's Sky-Overturning Palm!"

As the Sky-Overturning Palm was about to land,Su Xin produced a token and said sternly,"I am a Wind Pursuit Marshal of the Six-Fold Doors,under the direct jurisdiction of the Six-Fold Doors headquarters.Apart from the court and the Six-Fold Doors,who has the authority to judge me?"

The giant hand of the Xiao family elder abruptly stopped.He looked at the token in Su Xin's hand,his expression extremely unsightly.

As a Nascent Soul realm martial master and a Xiao family elder,he had dealt with the Six-Fold Doors before and recognized this token.The reason was that Su Xin was just an ordinary martial artist without any roots,but unexpectedly,he had become a Wind Pursuit Marshal of the Six-Fold Doors!

Su Xin smiled faintly."Senior,do you still want to pass judgment on me now?Li Chenfeng is the Martial Flower of the court,and I am a Wind Pursuit Marshal of the Six-Fold Doors.Is it reasonable for me to kill him over a personal dispute?Even if I did kill him,your Xiao family still has no right to judge me.If the Li family has any objections,they can come to the Six-Fold Doors and talk to my superior."

The Xiao family elder's expression became extremely ugly.Currently,he couldn't do anything to Su Xin,and the identity of a Wind Pursuit Marshal was indeed troublesome.The surrounding martial artists,including Hu Jingyan,were shocked and speechless at Su Xin's sudden change in identity.To go from a ranked martial artist to a Wind Pursuit Marshal of the Six-Fold Doors was undoubtedly big news.However,despite the change in Su Xin's status,these martial artists secretly looked down on him.No wonder he,an ordinary wandering martial artist,had cultivated so quickly,rising from the bottom of the ranking to the twenty-second position in just two years.

Originally,they thought Su Xin's talent and comprehension were exceptional.Now,it seems that he gained these cultivation resources not due to his innate abilities but by seeking refuge with the Six-Fold Doors,becoming a hound for the court.

In the martial world,whether from sects or wandering martial artists,the attitude towards the Six-Fold Doors has never been favorable.One martial artist even disdainfully muttered,"A ranked martial artist willingly becoming a hound for the court,truly pathetic and laughable!"

Su Xin squinted his eyes,drew his sword with his left hand,and a blood-red radiance flashed.The martial artist who mocked him had his head directly sent flying into the sky,and blood gushed like a fountain from the headless corpse.

The Xiao family elder never expected that Su Xin would dare to commit murder right under his nose.He was infuriated,his hair standing on end.He shouted,"Su Xin!Do you think you can act recklessly in my Jiangnan Mansion just because you're a Wind Pursuit Marshal of the Six-Fold Doors?Do you think my Xiao family doesn't dare touch you?Even the Chief Constable Jin Wulin of Jiangnan Province wouldn't dare act so audaciously in front of me.Do you really think your Six-Fold Doors can protect you?"

Su Xin coldly chuckled."Under the heavens,there is no land that is not the king's soil,and no shore that is not ruled by the king.This world belongs to the court.Yet,this person claims I am a court hound.What does he think of the court?I,Su Xin,fulfill my duty faithfully to the court as a Wind Pursuit Marshal of the Six-Fold Doors.How can I allow this person to slander the court?Killing him is a lenient punishment.If he persists,I would like to see which sect he belongs to and if his sect's elders taught him to speak like this.Does his sect disregard the Great Zhou Dynasty?"

Some of the surrounding martial artists couldn't help but show a hint of fear.The reputation of the Six-Fold Doors was still tarnished due to their role as executioners during the unstable period of the founding of the Great Zhou Dynasty.Though many years had passed,some martial artists couldn't forget the initial fear.Su Xin's actions reminded them that the Six-Fold Doors was not just a court hound but also a killing machine capable of exterminating sects.One could dislike it,but one couldn't help but be in awe of it.

The Xiao family elder couldn't refute Su Xin's words.He could only wave his sleeves and leave in frustration.Hu Jingyan,who wanted to take Li Chenfeng's body away,was stopped by Su Xin.

"Su Xin!Don't go too far!"Hu Jingyan angrily said,"Li Chenfeng is already dead.Can't I collect his body?"

Knowing Su Xin's identity as a Wind Pursuit Marshal of the Six-Fold Doors,Hu Jingyan had given up on opposing Su Xin.However,Li Chenfeng was his good friend,and with the Li family not present in Jiangnan Mansion,he couldn't bear to leave Li Chenfeng's body exposed in the wilderness.

Su Xin replied indifferently,"Li Chenfeng was killed,and he died in one of the secret bases of my Six-Fold Doors.This matter is suspicious.As a Wind Pursuit Marshal,I need to investigate.I still have use for his body.After the investigation is complete,I will naturally send him to the charity institution."

Hu Jingyan could only leave with resentment.Other martial artists did the same,busy spreading the big news of today.

After everyone left,Tie Yaohua approached."Master Su,your identity is exposed.Will it have any impact on you?"

Su Xin shook his head."It's okay.The identity of the Six-Fold Doors can be hidden for a while but not forever.My contacts with Lord Tie Wuqing in Xiangnan have left traces.Exposing it a bit earlier doesn't matter much."

Tie Yaohua nodded.She took out a pair of silken gloves from her bosom and examined Li Chenfeng's body.Her actions were not amateurish but rather professional.

Su Xin was surprised."You can even perform a post-mortem examination?"

"Any ordinary person in the martial world can do this.Born in the Six-Fold Doors,one must be more proficient,"Tie Yaohua said.

After a thorough examination,Tie Yaohua said,"I can't find anything unusual.Li Chenfeng was killed by someone who diagnosed his meridians with a single palm strike.It was a lethal blow,and from the injuries,I can't discern the martial art used by the killer."

Su Xin nodded.He had brushed shoulders with the killer and could feel the incredible lightness of their footwork,comparable to his own Wind God's Kick.

"However,I found this on Li Chenfeng's body.It seems to be a fragment from something,"Tie Yaohua said,extending her hand with a piece of material about the size of a thumb,resembling some kind of jade,with patterns on it.