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Chapter 90: Trap

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Standing at the corner of the street,Zhang Qingfang from the Zhang family watched Su Xin's figure and chuckled,"I say,Old Meng,you seem to be getting more and more back to your roots.In the past,the Three Heroes had the strength to dominate Changning Prefecture.Now,you're actually pushed to this extent by such a young person?"

Even though it was true,Meng Changhe couldn't hide the embarrassment and anger on his face.

However,facing the direct disciples of the Zhang family in Xiangnan on the other side,the reputation of the three major families in Xiangnan was much greater than that of martial arts sects like Yijianmen,which dominated the Central Plains.

So,even though Meng Changhe felt ashamed and resentful,he had to force a smile and say,"Don't underestimate this young man;he's quite sinister.Su Xin rose from the bottom of the gang to become the leader of the Changning Prefecture gang alliance in less than a year.My senior brother,Chen Zhao,died at his hands."

Ruan Mingyue sneered,"Killing innate martial artists with perfected strength in the future?What a joke!"

Meng Changhe explained,"It's true.In front of many gangs in Changning Prefecture,Su Xin released a true energy flame blade and killed Chen Zhao instantly."

When faced with something beyond their understanding,people's first reaction is skepticism.The three people,Zhang Qingfang and his companions,were no exception.They clearly didn't believe it.

Jiang Yuandong,the strongest among the three,waved his hand and said,"Enough,Old Meng,you don't need to say more.As long as you can help us seize the treasure,we will take care of Su Xin for you."

In fact,Jiang Yuandong and the others had a plan beforehand.If the treasure really appeared,they would use the power of the Three Heroes to seize it.

Despite the formidable strength of innate martial artists,the Three Heroes had a force of fifty thousand people,including elite disciples with internal cultivation and mastery of more than ten acupoints.This force numbered in the thousands.

Ants may be small,but with such a force,they could change the course of a battle.

Although Meng Changhe knew that this move would offend Yijianmen,Qingcheng Sword Sect,and Nian Gang,he had no choice.

One reason was that the three major families were the local powers,and if he dared to refuse,the consequences were easy to imagine.

Another reason was the promise of the three individuals.As long as Meng Changhe used the power of the Three Heroes to help them,they would assist him in getting rid of Su Xin once the task was completed.

Meng Changhe harbored deep hatred towards Su Xin,but in the current situation,whether in terms of influence or strength,he was no match for Su Xin.Only by relying on external forces could he eliminate him.

And these three major families in Xiangnan were undoubtedly a very good choice.

Seeing Su Xin's figure disappear,Jiang Yuandong and the others dispersed.Only Zhang Qingfang quietly pinched the note in his hand,revealing a strange expression on his face.

Su Xin didn't notice the surveillance from these three people and Meng Changhe.At this moment,his focus was entirely on the system.

Just as he had walked out of the hall,the system issued a new side quest.

"Activate Side Quest:Enemy of the Righteous Path(Part 1)

Quest Description:Kill disciples of the righteous sects;reward anti-hero points.

The rewarded anti-hero points depend on the strength of the killed individual,with each kill granting one point,up to a maximum of 1000 points.

Failure Penalty:One-year time limit,deduct 1000 anti-hero points upon failure."

"Hehe,Enemy of the Righteous Path?This is really forcing myself into the role of an anti-hero."

In fact,the moment this quest appeared,Su Xin thought of Fang Dongting.

He was a genuine disciple of a righteous sect,and killing him would probably yield a substantial amount of anti-hero points.

But this was just wishful thinking.Even with all his skills,Su Xin would find it challenging to kill him given the significant difference in their realms.Only by using consumables could he stand a chance.

However,to kill Fang Dongting,Su Xin would need to exchange for a martial skill of at least three and a half stars,costing him 320 anti-hero points.Moreover,it was uncertain whether killing Fang Dongting would be worth those points.

The system only mentioned that the reward for anti-hero points depended on the strength of the killed individual.Who knew if Fang Dongting was worth those points?

Furthermore,even if he was,Su Xin didn't want to make a move in Changning Prefecture.If he killed Fang Dongting there,it would inevitably cause a stir.

He and Xie Zhiyan had just clashed with Fang Dongting,and if he ended up dead in Changning Prefecture,the explanation would be obvious.

Xie Zhiyan had the backing of Yijianmen,so she didn't have to worry about trouble from Qingcheng Sword Sect.However,Su Xin was a lone ranger,and it would be too easy for Qingcheng Sword Sect to eliminate him.

Temporarily putting aside this quest,as there was a one-year time limit,it was still early.

After exploring the entire Changning Prefecture for a while,Su Xin returned to his residence in Golden Moon Lane when the sky was already dim.

He dismissed his subordinates,instructing them to rest since Xie Zhiyan was not in a hurry to find the key.

Su Xin didn't let anyone follow him and returned to his residence alone.

The five major gangs of Changning Prefecture had started searching the city with the pattern of the key in their hands these days.However,the attitudes of some gangs were less than friendly,causing a lot of disturbance in Changning Prefecture.

So,as soon as the sky darkened,all major shops had closed their doors,and the entire street was silent.

Su Xin suddenly felt a movement in his spirit,and faint footsteps approached.He quickly turned around,and the footsteps accelerated.A figure in black leapt out,throwing a punch at him!

The person in black was completely covered in night clothes,making it impossible to see their face.Su Xin dodged to the side,retaliating with a powerful punch that forced the assailant to step back.

"Innate mastery?"

Su Xin couldn't sense the specific strength of the person in black,but their power was clearly inferior to his own.The person in black seemed surprised by Su Xin's strength.Failing in the ambush,they immediately turned and fled.

Su Xin drew the Dragon Sword from his waist and gave chase,but the person in black demonstrated astonishing speed and disappeared from Su Xin's sight in no time.

"Who would ambush me?Not very powerful,but quite agile–probably skilled in lightness skills,"Su Xin pondered with a furrowed brow.However,there was no such person known within Changning Prefecture.

At that moment,a scream echoed from the street.Su Xin hurried over and found a person in black lying on the ground.Judging by the physique and the night clothes,it resembled the one who had attacked him.

Approaching cautiously,Su Xin confirmed the person's death before lifting the face veil.The victim was a handsome young man of around twenty,his throat severed by a sword.

However,Su Xin didn't recognize him;he was certain he had never seen this person before.

Just then,a commotion erupted on the street.Hundreds of disciples from the Three Heroes,led by Meng Changhe,rushed over.Accompanying them were Jiang Yuandong and Ruan Mingyue from the three major families in Xiangnan.

Seeing Su Xin there,Meng Changhe was momentarily stunned."Su Xin,what are you doing here?"

"Golden Moon Lane is the territory of my Feiying Gang.Why can't I be here?"Su Xin retorted."I actually want to ask you,why is the Three Heroes coming to my Feiying Gang's territory in the middle of the night?"

Before Meng Changhe could respond,Jiang Yuandong and Ruan Mingyue saw the corpse on the ground,and their faces turned pale.The dead person was none other than Zhang Qingfang!

Seeing the sword wound on Zhang Qingfang's throat and Su Xin holding the Dragon Sword next to him,the situation became clear.

"Su Xin!You're courting death!"

Jiang Yuandong shouted angrily,unsheathing the long knife from his waist and slashing towards Su Xin.

The three major families in Xiangnan had close ties,and in terms of family relationships,Zhang Qingfang was technically Jiang Yuandong's cousin.However,putting aside the messy relatives,Zhang Qingfang's death in Changning Prefecture would undoubtedly bring blame upon him when he returned to the family.

This time,leading the search for Du Yuansheng's treasure in Changning Prefecture,it was nominally Jiang Yuandong's responsibility.If something went wrong,he would naturally be held accountable.

Su Xin dared to kill Zhang Qingfang;if he didn't settle the score with Su Xin and provide an explanation to the family,he couldn't imagine the punishment he would face upon returning.

The knife in Jiang Yuandong's hand was a slender Miao knife,and the technique he displayed had only one word:fast!

"Nine Swallows Continuous Slash!"

In an instant,Jiang Yuandong unleashed nine slashes,all targeting the same spot.If it were anyone else,their weapon would have already shattered,or they would have been split in half by the continuous slashes.

However,to Jiang Yuandong's horror,he felt a slight numbness in his hands.The Miao knife,made of fine steel,showed tiny cracks and ultimately shattered with a loud bang!

"Yellow-grade weapon!"

Jiang Yuandong stared at the Dragon Sword in Su Xin's hand in shock.Su Xin,the leader of a minor gang in Changning Prefecture,possessed a yellow-grade weapon.

In their family,only the head or the elders were qualified to possess upgraded weapons.

Weapons were also graded,and standard-issue weapons,even if made from excellent materials,were just ordinary.Only weapons meticulously designed and crafted by forging masters were graded,each with its unique name and various extraordinary effects.

Commonly known weapons in the martial world were classified into four tiers:Heaven,Earth,Profound,and Yellow.

The peculiar-shaped longsword in Su Xin's hand was undoubtedly a weapon of Yellow or higher grade.Otherwise,his Miao knife,made of refined steel,wouldn't have shattered due to the counterforce.

Fending off the attack,Su Xin frowned."Who are you?I didn't kill this person."

Jiang Yuandong coldly said,"Who are we?We are Jiang Yuandong from the Xiangnan Jiang family and Ruan Mingyue from the Ruan family.The one lying on the ground is Zhang Qingfang from the Zhang family!Su Xin,you have great audacity to dare kill someone from our Xiangnan three major families.Do you think you can despise the entire Xiangnan martial world just because you dominate a corner of Changning Prefecture?"