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Chapter 121: Yan Huangjiu's Attitude

8251words in this chapter2024-01-06

Su Xin stared into Yan Qingsnow's eyes.He had already explained the complex situation to her,and now it was up to her to decide.

Yan Qingsnow felt the intensity of Su Xin's gaze,as if he could see through her innermost thoughts.She couldn't help but feel a bit flustered.However,Su Xin's words kept echoing in her mind.Should she fight for it?

If she didn't fight,she wouldn't be accepted by Yan Zhongheng and the others.If she did fight,she would have to face her half-siblings in battle.But not fighting would also burden those who had been with her since childhood—her close maidservant,Lvli,the elder Liang who had taken care of her,the kind-hearted elder brother-like figure,Chi Rang,and the followers who were willing to stand by her side.If she failed,she would feel guilty for dragging them down.

Taking a deep breath,Yan Qingsnow said with difficulty,"I want to fight."

Upon hearing her answer,a faint smile appeared on Su Xin's face."Knowing your decision is good.Miss Yan,rest assured.Tomorrow,I will give you a satisfactory response."

Yan Qingsnow left with a sense of melancholy,while Su Xin began contemplating his next plans.Helping Yan Qingsnow secure the position of city lord was not a simple task.Her starting point was too low,and careful planning was required.

Moreover,Su Xin's real enemies were not Yan Zhongheng and the others—they were just small players.His true adversary was the entire martial world in southern Xiangnan.Shangshan City stood tall in the middle of southern Xiangnan,the largest city with considerable economic profits and a large population of martial practitioners.Southern Xiangnan martial factions coveted its resources.

In the past,with Yan Huangjiu in charge,they could only cooperate with him.Yan Huangjiu was no fool,and Shangshan City didn't align itself with either southern Xiangnan martial factions or the imperial court.Now that Yan Huangjiu was aging,the successor to Shangshan City would undoubtedly become a target for the various martial factions.

At the same time,Liang Bo reported the day's events to Yan Huangjiu.Although Yan Huangjiu had already learned about the situation through spies,what Liang Bo witnessed up close was different.

After listening to Liang Bo's account,Yan Huangjiu nodded."Meng Qingze is not bad.He understands that making a name for himself in a battle would benefit Yan Qingsnow.However,her strength is still lacking."

"Take these medicines back with you.Give the high-level ones to Meng Qingze,and use the others to recruit martial practitioners,"Yan Huangjiu ordered,and a large box filled with various cultivation medicines was brought in.Shangshan City's financial strength and Yan Huangjiu's connections allowed them to gather rare herbs and alchemists.While the production volume might not be high,they didn't have to spend a fortune purchasing from major sects.

Liang Bo's face lit up with surprise.The resources Yan Huangjiu provided indicated his favor towards Miss Yan.He dared not speak too much,as the thoughts of those in power were unpredictable.He simply accepted the orders obediently.

Sighing when Liang Bo left,Yan Huangjiu couldn't help but regret his previous decisions.Could Yan Zhongheng and the others really protect Shangshan City?Once they took over as city lords,Shangshan City might become a vassal to the various martial factions in southern Xiangnan.

The next morning,Su Xin received a message from Yan Qingsnow,inviting him over.Upon arriving at the main hall,he saw Liang Bo and others excitedly discussing something around a box.

Seeing Su Xin,Yan Qingsnow smiled and said,"Meng Young Master,I feel a bit guilty for luring you here with a painting.Consider these as compensation."

She pushed forward several bottles of cultivation medicines.Su Xin inspected them and found they were high-quality pills.Silently,he affirmed their value in the system—two-star rated pills,quite decent.

"No need to feel guilty.The painting was worth my effort,and I'm curious where these pills came from,"Su Xin replied.

Liang Bo explained,"These were handed to me by the city lord yesterday.The high-level pills are specifically for you,while the others can be used to recruit other martial practitioners."

Su Xin nodded,accepting the pills without hesitation."Then I won't be polite.Thank you."

He was surprised that Yan Huangjiu had changed his stance and was secretly supporting Yan Qingsnow.It was a good development,as long as Yan Huangjiu maintained neutrality and didn't lean towards the southern Xiangnan martial factions.Su Xin could continue with his plans.

Yan Qingsnow checked the quantity of pills and calculated,"With these pills,I can recruit about twenty late-stage innate martial practitioners and around a hundred mid-stage innate practitioners.However,recruiting early-stage innate practitioners is impossible."

Cultivators at the Innate level are considered experts throughout Shangshan City.Convincing them to join our side with these pills won't be easy.However,Innate cultivators play a crucial role when contending for the position of city lord.

Although Yan Zhongheng and his group are currently subdued by Su Xin,the one or two Innate cultivators among their followers are not their only cards.Their real strength lies in the support of powerful sects behind them,each with its own Innate cultivators.

Su Xin calmly stated,"I've already said,leave these matters to me."

Liang Bo expressed surprise,"Young Master Meng,it's not that I doubt you,but currently,there aren't any spare Innate cultivators in Shangshan City available for recruitment.Most of them are already aligned with the city lord,and the rest have been recruited by the elder and second young master.There are hardly any left."

Su Xin chuckled,"That's not necessarily true.Not all the Innate cultivators listed on the ranking board have joined them,right?There must be some remaining."

Liang Bo replied,"But those cultivators are impossible to recruit.They have a free-spirited nature and won't be bound by others.Whether it's the city lord personally recruiting them or the elder and second young master trying,they won't agree."

Su Xin raised his fist and waved it in front of them,"It's simple.If they don't agree,I'll keep fighting until they do."

The group was stunned.Was this still the Meng Young Master who upheld justice and intervened in the face of injustice?Why did he sound like a bully now?

Yan Qingsnow hesitated,"But,wouldn't this be a bit inappropriate?"

Even Lüli whispered,"Meng Young Master,people might say you're acting domineering and not living up to the name of a knight."

A faint smile appeared on Su Xin's lips,"Do you still remember what I once told you?A true hero serves the country and its people.I've never considered myself a knight.When being a great hero becomes too burdensome,my master wasn't a hero,and neither am I.I'm just a wanderer who likes to meddle in other people's affairs.That day,I couldn't stand seeing them bully Miss Yan,so I stepped in.However,if it were a rough man being bullied that day,even if he were beaten to death,I wouldn't have intervened."

Finding Su Xin amusing,Lüli couldn't help but giggle,and Yan Qingsnow couldn't suppress a smile.

"So,if you want to be a righteous hero,you need to consider who the target is.I,Meng Qingze,can't do something as despicable as bullying ordinary people.However,when facing these cultivators,I have no psychological pressure.Leave this matter to me.I guarantee that within three days,I'll bring them over,"Su Xin declared before walking out confidently.

Watching Su Xin's departure,the others exchanged glances.Despite the initial shock,they had developed a blind trust in Su Xin after witnessing his overwhelming strength in the previous battle.

After leaving the mansion,Su Xin went to the inn and found Fang Hao.Having lived in Shangshan City for many years,Fang Hao was familiar with the city's people and affairs,making him a convenient companion.

Upon seeing Su Xin,Fang Hao immediately wore a resentful expression,"Young Master,I thought you abandoned me."

Ignoring his playful antics,Su Xin spoke earnestly,"I didn't bring you along yesterday for your own good.You saw it yourself,I'm getting involved with helping Yan Qingsnow,which puts me in a hostile position against Yan Zhongheng and his group.This may not be the only trouble I encounter in the future.That's why I didn't take you back to Yan Qingsnow's mansion yesterday.Now,I'm giving you a choice.Are you ready to continue following me,or do you want to leave?If you choose to leave,I won't take back the pill,and you don't need to worry.Yesterday,no one saw us,and this won't reach Yan Zhongheng's ears."

Considering his current situation,having cultivated for more than a decade and still being at the mid-stage Innate level,Fang Hao realized that even if he wanted to join Yan Zhongheng's group,they wouldn't accept him.He had finally managed to attach himself to the current top-ranked figure in Shangshan City,Meng Qingze.If he left now due to fear and hesitation,he would probably despise himself.

Therefore,Fang Hao only hesitated for a moment before saying with a righteous expression,"I,Fang Hao,am not the kind of untrustworthy person.Taking your pill makes me your subordinate.Even if you ask me to climb a mountain of knives or jump into a pan of oil,I'll go!"

Su Xin's lips curved into a smile.Fang Hao might be mischievous,but he was indeed a smart person.