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Chapter 205: Zhuge Qingtian

8811words in this chapter2024-01-19

The positioning of a first-class martial force is much clearer than that of a second-class force.It requires at least five warriors in the Nascent Soul realm or a warrior in the Soul Fusion realm to be considered a first-class force.For example,the Li family in Longxi is such a first-class force,and a relatively strong one at that.

Sending Su Xin to wipe out five second-class forces means he might have to confront warriors in the Nascent Soul realm.Dealing with martial sects with over ten practitioners in the Divine Palace realm is also challenging.Unless Su Xin is willing to use his antagonist value to exchange for a four-star martial skill,he won't be able to match up against more than ten warriors in the Divine Palace realm.

Even if Su Xin exchanges for consumable martial skills,a second-class sect is likely to have more than just ten Divine Palace realm warriors.His internal energy is not limitless,and after killing those ten or so Divine Palace realm warriors,he won't be able to withstand the other innate warriors within the sect.

Considering all these calculations,Su Xin feels that the probability of completing this mission in a short time is not very high.Fortunately,the time limit for the mission is long enough—two years is sufficient for his preparations.

On the second morning,Su Xin,along with Tie Yaohua,goes to Wang Shifeng's residence.However,as soon as they leave the inn,Su Xin senses many eyes observing him.Some gaze at him strangely,some with disdain,and others with resentment.Su Xin is unsure how he offended them.

Although it's been only one night,Su Xin's true identity has already caused a stir in Jiangnan Prefecture.Being labeled as an imperial hound,many secretly gossip that a strong cultivator among the wandering cultivators ended up joining the Six Fan Sect,becoming a lackey for the imperial court in exchange for wealth and status.

No wonder he acted ruthlessly towards those wandering cultivators the night before;he never considered them his peers.However,these thoughts remain unspoken as people are afraid to voice them out loud.

Wang Shifeng,being a disciple of the Xie County Prince's family,doesn't reside in an inn.The Wang family naturally has a residence in Jiangnan Prefecture.

When Su Xin and Tie Yaohua arrive to request an audience,the disciple guarding the gate is somewhat reluctant to let them in.However,he understands the consequences of offending the Six Fan Sect,even if he is unaware of the details of their relationship with the Wang family.Therefore,he courteously leads them into the hall and goes to inform Wang Shifeng.

After a while,Wang Shifeng enters the hall,smiling and saying,"Su brother,didn't expect to meet again so soon.Your words from last time have given me much to ponder.I've thought about it carefully,and today,let's have a discussion to see who is truly right."

Su Xin,feeling a headache coming on,pats his forehead.He didn't come here for a debate with Wang Shifeng.

"Wang brother,I have something to ask for your help today.Let's save the discussions for another time,"Su Xin says,pointing to Tie Yaohua,"This is Tie Yaohua,an investigator and undercover agent from the Six Fan Sect."

Upon hearing that Tie Yaohua is from the Six Fan Sect,Wang Shifeng immediately bows respectfully,"So it's Miss Tie,I apologize for any disrespect.May I ask what brings you both here today?"

As the legitimate heir to the Xie County Prince's family,Wang Shifeng is well aware of the past conflicts between the Six Fan Sect and the Tie family.Seeing a member of the Tie family visiting,he realizes there must be an important matter at hand.

Su Xin hands over the fragment to Wang Shifeng,saying,"We want to use the information resources of the Wang family to investigate what this fragment is."

Wang Shifeng carefully examines the fragment for a while and then says,"This thing should be a corner of a token or waistplate.It's not made of jade but rather ivory or rhinoceros horn,much more expensive.There's also a thick patina on it,indicating its age."

After observing it,Wang Shifeng furrows his brow,"The patterns on this token seem familiar,but I can't recall where I've seen them.Let me have someone look into it for you."

Turning to his servant,he calls out,"Zhong Shu,come in!"

An old servant over fifty enters and respectfully asks,"Young Master,what are your orders?"

Wang Shifeng says,"Go and bring my ninth uncle,who guards the Wen Yuan Pavilion.He has extensive knowledge,and our family's intelligence data in Jiangnan Province is under his control."

The old servant,Zhong Shu,smiles wryly,"Young Master,I'm afraid that won't be possible.Three days ago,Ninth Master went back to the family to deliver intelligence.He's not here."

Wang Shifeng frowns and asks,"Why would Ninth Master personally deliver intelligence?Anyway,if he's not here,it's fine.I'll take you to meet another friend of mine,someone who truly has vast knowledge.He'll surely recognize this item."

Tie Yaohua curiously asked,"With the scholarly background of the Xie County Prince's family,who else can be more knowledgeable than you?"

Wang Shifeng smiled and replied,"Ranked tenth on the People's List is Zhuge Qingtian from the Langya Zhuge family."

Su Xin had heard of the Langya Zhuge family,one of the six major aristocratic families.The Zhuge family seemed simpler compared to the Xie County Prince's family,just a clever family that went with the flow.

The rise of the Langya Zhuge family was not heavily reliant on martial arts but rather on their extraordinary intelligence and abilities.Therefore,every generation of the Central Plains dynasty would highly value individuals from the Zhuge family after establishing a new dynasty.

Moreover,the Zhuge family made their stance clear–they were a family of mercenaries.If your dynasty is stable,they would join and wholeheartedly serve you.On the other hand,if your dynasty is on the brink of collapse,they wouldn't be blindly loyal.They wouldn't kick someone when they're down,but they also wouldn't go out of their way to support a failing dynasty.This semi-public attitude didn't anger the Central Plains dynasties;instead,it made them more trusting of the Zhuge family,which seemed more straightforward than the Xie County Prince's family.

Wang Shifeng led Su Xin and others to find Zhuge Qingtian.The tenth-ranked individual on the People's List lived a luxurious life on a huge flower boat.

The entire boat,aside from the boatman,was filled with charming maids,and an air of indulgence wafted through the flower-filled surroundings.Wang Shifeng,having a close relationship with Zhuge Qingtian,was immediately welcomed by one of Zhuge Qingtian's maids,Jin'er,upon their arrival.

Zhuge Qingtian,dressed in white,sat at the bow sipping tea,exuding an extraordinary charm.Even Su Xin had to admit that the guy had a good appearance–quite high-class.

Zhuge Qingtian greeted them,"When there's nothing to do,don't ascend the Three Treasures Hall.Wang brother,why do you have the time to come here today?"

Without answering,Wang Shifeng pointed to Su Xin and Tie Yaohua,introducing them to Zhuge Qingtian,"This is Su Xin,ranked twenty-second on the People's List as the'Blood Sword Divine Finger.'And this young lady is Tie Yaohua from the Six Fan Sect's Tie family."

"Please have a seat,both of you,"Zhuge Qingtian gestured,waving his hand.There was a small stove in front of him,brewing tea.

After everyone took their seats,Zhuge Qingtian said,"Su brother,you may not know,but we've actually met before.When you were fighting with Li Chenfeng,I saw it all,but you didn't see me.Li Chenfeng is a pawn pushed out by the Great Zhou Dynasty,and his strength is indeed questionable,not matching his rank twenty-third position on the People's List.However,I feel that your ranking is also not accurate."

Wang Shifeng was momentarily surprised.Although he and Zhuge Qingtian had a close relationship,the guy had a tendency to be eccentric,often speaking half-truths and enjoying playing with words.But why would he suddenly say such things?

Su Xin,with a smile,asked,"In what way is my ranking inaccurate?"

Zhuge Qingtian spoke seriously,"The Six Fan Sect has definitely underestimated your ranking.Even if you were placed twelfth on the list,I think it would be more appropriate."

Wang Shifeng sighed in relief.It turned out that Zhuge Qingtian was praising Su Xin.But why would he do that?Even if the top-ranked'Dao Idiot'Lin Changhe were here,Zhuge Qingtian wouldn't be eager to praise him.

"Oh?Then,what do you think my ranking should be?"

The tea water on the stove had already boiled,and a rich tea fragrance filled the air.Zhuge Qingtian poured a cup of tea and handed it to Su Xin.Just as Su Xin was about to take it,he felt a tremendous force coming from Zhuge Qingtian's hand,almost causing him to drop the teacup.

Su Xin raised his eyebrows,fully activating the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art.The strength in his hands became extremely terrifying,as if Mount Tai was pressing down,directly attacking Zhuge Qingtian.

Zhuge Qingtian's expression became strange.His pristine white hands shook,but he couldn't suppress Su Xin's strength.What surprised him even more was Su Xin's control over the force.

After this power struggle,the teacup surprisingly showed no signs of damage,and not a drop of tea splashed out.Zhuge Qingtian smiled slightly,withdrew the force in his hands,and said,"With your strength,Su brother,even if you were ranked twelfth,I think it would be about right."

Su Xin took the tea and took a sip,saying,"Zhuge brother is too kind.Besides,the rankings on the People's List are determined by the Six Fan Sect.I wouldn't dare to question my superior's decisions."

Su Xin's words were amusing,and Zhuge Qingtian burst into laughter.However,even when he laughed,he never showed an exaggerated,over-the-top smile.His smile was always gentle and composed.

Wang Shifeng interjected,"Zhuge brother,we came here this time to seek your help.Take a look at this piece;tell us its origin and what it is."

Saying that,Wang Shifeng took the fragment from Tie Yaohua and handed it to Zhuge Qingtian.