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Chapter 298 Orchid Hall

9321words in this chapter2024-02-19

Su Xin was really curious why Bai Wuchang chose them as peripheral members of the underworld,it's just naive.When Su Xin said this,Tailuxi even asked,"Why?Are they going to dare to kill us?"Su Xin sneered,"What else do you think?Even if they are just a hall master of Jinyulou,what if they get greedy and don't want to hand over this heavenly soldier to Jinyulou,intending to keep it for themselves?Of course,you guys would be silenced.Let me say one more thing,even if he doesn't want to keep this thing for himself,this time he has made a big grudge with you guys,and Lin Yueming has helped you,he will definitely instigate the people of Jinyulou to kill you.If you were all mediocre scattered cultivators with poor talents,it would be fine,but unfortunately,you are all existences of the Divine Palace Realm,and your talents are not weak.You will all have the opportunity to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm in the future.Would you feel at ease leaving these few enemies outside?Of course,it's better to cut the grass and roots as soon as possible."

Su Xin's words made Tailuxi and others break out in a cold sweat.Before,they were worried about Chu Lin's safety,so they were all thinking about how to rescue Chu Lin.They hadn't even considered their own future.Now,after hearing Su Xin's words,they realized how dangerous their previous actions were.

"Then,what should we do,sir?"Tailuxi and the others looked at Su Xin with pleading eyes.

Su Xin said lightly,"I promised Bai Wuchang to help you,so of course,I will help you rescue Chu Lin,but you also need to cooperate with me."

After hearing Su Xin's words just now,the three of them completely admired Su Xin.They realized that they had been too panicked before.Now with Su Xin,a master,they naturally had to listen to him.

Su Xin nodded and told Tailuxi and others his plan,causing them to nod slightly with some confusion,but they didn't know why Su Xin had to go to such trouble.In their opinion,with Su Xin's strength,as long as he directly attacked and killed the people of Jinyulou,he could rescue Chu Lin,so why bother with such trouble?However,based on their trust in King Chujiang or the underworld,they didn't think much about it,just obediently nodded and followed Su Xin's plan.

In fact,Su Xin didn't want it to be so troublesome either,but the difficulty of this task was definitely underestimated,and it was also because Tailuxi and others didn't explain it clearly.This time they were going to face one of the branches of Jinyulou,where there might not be any Nascent Soul Realm existences,but there were quite a few Divine Palace Realm cultivators.If Su Xin went,it would have to be a direct assault.

Although Su Xin didn't care about these Divine Palace Realm warriors,the problem was that his task this time was to rescue Chu Lin.If he dared to force his way in to save someone,then Jinyulou would dare to kill him directly.Then Su Xin's task would be considered incomplete.Although Judge Cui said that this task was just a formality,if he couldn't even complete a formality task,how would the people in the underworld view him?

Meanwhile,in the Orchid Hall of the Golden Jade Building,Chen Xian,the hall master of the Orchid Hall,was watching with interest Chu Lin,who was attempting suicide.

The Golden Jade Building had over a hundred halls under its jurisdiction,each named after a flower,and among all the halls of the Golden Jade Building,the Orchid Hall's strength could also rank in the top ten.

When Lin Yueming took action to incite him to attack several scattered cultivators,Chen Xian didn't pay much attention to it originally.After all,the other party was four Divine Palace Realm cultivators.Although his Orchid Hall was powerful,he didn't want to provoke them.However,Lin Yueming solemnly stated that there were benefits in it,so he hesitated and took action,unexpectedly gaining a big advantage.

Looking at Chu Lin,who wanted to commit suicide and not drag Tailuxi and others down,Chen Xian shook his head and sighed,"You can't die now.I'm waiting to use you to exchange for that heavenly soldier's remains."

Standing beside Chen Xian was a handsome warrior,who looked like a young nobleman in appearance and temperament.However,he was actually a wandering cultivator,and he had learned a variety of things.He would befriend young disciples of some major forces,but in fact,he was just currying favor with them,taking advantage of the prestige of those major sect disciples.

Although Lin Yueming had helped him a lot this time,Chen Xian still looked down on him.

"Hall Master Chen,this guy wants to die,so let him die.When Tailuxi and the others arrive,we can directly take action and capture them all,"Lin Yueming suggested.

Chu Lin's gaze towards Lin Yueming at this moment seemed as if he wanted to devour him,which made Lin Yueming very uncomfortable.

Chen Xian snorted coldly,"You fool,haven't you seen Chu Lin?Do you think Tailuxi and the others will hand over the remains of the heavenly soldier?What if they anger them,and they destroy the remains of the heavenly soldier directly?Will you compensate me for this treasure?If you want to kill,you have to wait until we have the remains of the heavenly soldier in hand."

Lin Yueming immediately flattered,"Hall Master Chen has a long-term vision.I am not as good as you."

Seeing Lin Yueming's appearance,if his mouth wasn't gagged,Chu Lin would even have wished to tear off a piece of flesh from him on the spot.When he deceived Zhai Qinglian before,he pretended to be a good-natured young man,and even he didn't realize what kind of person he was.At that time,Chu Lin only thought he was somewhat hypocritical.

Just then,a subordinate suddenly reported,"Hall Master,Young Master Liu Xiao is here to visit."

Chen Xian's expression changed immediately,"Liu Xiao?What is he here for?"

At this time,Liu Xiao suddenly came to visit,which made Chen Xian inevitably think of the matter of the remains of the heavenly soldier.

Actually,Chen Xian did have the intention to swallow the remains of the heavenly soldier alone at first,but then he immediately gave up on it.If the remains of the heavenly soldier were damaged,they must be repaired by a Grandmaster Refiner.In the field of refining,those who can forge yellow-grade weapons can be called masters,but the title of Grandmaster Refiner is not something that anyone can claim.It must be someone who has successfully refined a heavenly soldier to dare to call themselves a Grandmaster Refiner.Such figures can be counted on two hands in the martial world,and even their Jinyulou's owner,Liu Qianfang,must be polite to them.

Given Chen Xian's status,it would be acceptable to invite a Grandmaster Refiner to help,but as for a Grandmaster Refiner,it was better to forget it.So Chen Xian decided to hand over the remains of the heavenly soldier to the higher-ups,so he could still get quite a bit of reward.Normally,since Chen Xian had decided to hand over the remains of the heavenly soldier,he should be happy when Liu Xiao came,because he could take the opportunity to show his merit to Liu Xiao.But now Chen Xian couldn't be happy because he was not a follower of Liu Qianfang,the owner of Jinyulou,but a follower of"Seven-Star Begonia"Li Wancheng,the deputy owner.Jinyulou was not dominated solely by Liu Qianfang.Although Liu Qianfang's strength was not in the Divine Palace Realm,he was already at the peak of the Merging Spirit Realm,and was only one step away from the Divine Palace Realm.Moreover,he had much more seniority in Jinyulou than Liu Qianfang,so his power was even enough to compete with Liu Qianfang.Now that Liu Xiao's son suddenly came here at this time,it was no wonder that Chen Xian would be so surprised.However,even so,Liu Xiao was still the young master of Jinyulou.Chen Xian could not just drive him away when he came to the subordinate branch.So Chen Xian had to say,"Please bring the young master in quickly."

After a while,Liu Xiao walked in gracefully,and Chen Xian quickly arched his hand,"I heard that the young master recently broke through to the Divine Palace Realm,which is truly gratifying.It's just that I was far away from the headquarters at that time,otherwise,I would definitely come to congratulate you in person."

Liu Xiao waved his hand casually,"Hall Master Chen is joking.It's just a Divine Palace Realm martial artist.I think I'm slow.What's there to congratulate?"Lin Yueming quickly added,"Yes,to ordinary innate martial artists,breaking through to the Divine Palace Realm is already a big deal,but for Young Master Liu,it must be a matter of course.In the future,breaking through to the Nascent Soul Realm will be the same."

Liu Xiao frowned,"Who are you?"

Lin Yueming quickly said,"Last time,Young Master Liu,you were drinking with disciples from Moyazong and the Zhang Family of Nanning.I went with the people from Moyazong."

"Sorry,I don't remember."There was a hint of disdain in Liu Xiao's eyes.It turned out to be another small character trying to climb up to him.

The Moyazong and the Zhang Family were both second-rate forces in Jiangdong Road.Liu Xiao didn't even bother to look at the younger generation of disciples under them.Going out to drink with them was just to expand the influence of Jinyulou.Lin Yueming was just their lackey.Liu Xiao naturally didn't bother to remember such a small character,and besides,he came today for important matters.

Liu Xiao turned his gaze to Chen Xian and said with a smile,"Hall Master Chen,I heard that you have a piece of heavenly soldier's remains with a complete spirit.Is that true?My father was very happy to hear about it.He praised you for being able to handle things.Your Orchid Hall's ranking should also be raised for this.During this council of Jinyulou,I guarantee you will be among the top five of all the halls in Jinyulou!"

Liu Xiao's knowledge was so clear,obviously someone had leaked the news to him.This made Chen Xian curse inwardly.After this matter was over,he must investigate Orchid Hall strictly to see who betrayed him.Thinking like this in his heart,Chen Xian smiled bitterly,"Young Master,even if I want to give you the remains of the heavenly soldier,I can't.Now the remains of the heavenly soldier are not in my hands,but in the hands of a group of scattered cultivators.But I have captured their people,and they will definitely come to exchange for the remains of the heavenly soldier,but they won't come for a while.So,Young Master,you should go back and rest first.When there is news,I will definitely notify you first."

At this time,a warrior from the Orchid Hall suddenly ran in and shouted,"Hall Master!Tailuxi and the others have all arrived!"

Liu Xiao looked at Chen Xian with a smile that wasn't a smile,"Just right,it seems that Hall Master Chen doesn't need to notify me anymore.Someone has already done so."