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Chapter 362:Princess Ji Yanxiu of Shu

8872words in this chapter2024-02-28

Inside the residence of the Prince of Shu in the Liyang Prefecture,Princess Ji Yanxiu was currently holding his head,feeling somewhat at a loss.

At the age of eighteen,he was sent away to the remote fiefdom of Bashu Road,far from the center of power.

Seven years had passed,and he watched as his brothers seized power in the capital city of Shengjing,while he languished in Bashu,his own influence growing slower than a snail's pace.This made Ji Yanxiu seriously doubt whether he was truly worthless.

"Wen Yu,do you think I should just give up?Being a leisurely prince for the rest of my life isn't so bad after all,"Ji Yanxiu said with a troubled expression to the old eunuch beside him.

Although Ji Yanxiu seemed weak among the numerous princes of the Great Zhou Dynasty,he did have some influence behind him.

In fact,his mother's family was descended from the Marquis of Huaishan,one of the founding nobles of the Great Zhou Dynasty,making them relatively powerful among the nobility.

Unfortunately,his mother had passed away when he was young,leading him to fall out of favor with Ji Haodian,his father.Furthermore,after the unexpected death of the first generation Marquis of Huaishan from his mother's side,their family gradually declined,leaving Ji Yanxiu with minimal support.

The old eunuch by his side,Wen Yu,was the last remnant of power left by his mother.Despite being in his seventies or eighties,Wen Yu maintained the appearance of a man in his forties due to his cultivation at the peak of the Transcendent Realm.He had followed the first Marquis of Huaishan since his youth,then cared for Ji Yanxiu's mother,and even willingly entered the palace to serve Ji Yanxiu's mother personally.After Ji Yanxiu was born,Wen Yu continued to look after him,showing unwavering loyalty across three generations.

Seeing Ji Yanxiu in his current state,Wen Yu quickly advised,"Your Highness,you mustn't think like that.Throughout history,the struggle for the throne has never been something one could simply opt out of.While being a leisurely prince for life might sound appealing to you,others may not agree.Look at the previous dynasties like the Eastern Jin,how many of them peacefully passed down the throne without rivers of blood?Those distant royal relatives might consider such thoughts,but as His Majesty's own legitimate sons,whoever ascends the throne will inevitably eliminate the others.Unless you become utterly powerless,posing no threat whatsoever,only then might you barely escape,but do you want to be that powerless?"

Ji Yanxiu shook his head.Of course,he didn't want that.However,he was currently outmatched.Kicked to the remote Bashu Road,his own influence was slow to grow.While his other brothers were probably vying for the throne,he was still stuck in this remote area.

Wen Yu reassured him,"Rest assured,Your Highness.Several sects like the Wuliu Sword Sect have already shown interest in cooperating with us.Once their disciples come to assist us,we'll soon control the power of Bashu Road."

Ji Yanxiu's expression improved slightly.At that moment,a servant suddenly entered to report,"Your Highness,someone claiming to be the Inspector of the Six Ministries,Su Xin,has come to seek an audience."

Wen Yu and Ji Yanxiu exchanged a glance,both showing a hint of suspicion.

Wen Yu was puzzled as to why Su Xin would come here,while Ji Yanxiu had no idea who Su Xin was at all.

Despite spending so much time in Bashu Road,Ji Yanxiu had no connection whatsoever with the local Six Ministries.Qiu Baichuan wouldn't support him either,so Ji Yanxiu knew very little about the local Six Ministries,let alone those from outside.He only felt that the name Su Xin sounded somewhat familiar.

However,as the steward of the Prince of Shu's residence,Wen Yu was sensitive to all matters in the martial world.Thus,he knew a bit about Su Xin's identity.

Wen Yu cleared his throat and said,"Have the esteemed Sir Su come to the reception hall first."

After instructing the servant,Wen Yu turned to Ji Yanxiu and said,"Your Highness,this Inspector of the Six Ministries,Su Xin,is not as simple as he seems.Let me give you a brief overview."

Wen Yu roughly explained Su Xin's background to Ji Yanxiu to prevent any inadvertent remarks later.

After hearing Su Xin's resume,Ji Yanxiu was quite surprised.This young man around his age was indeed remarkable.

From being an ordinary cultivator to becoming the renowned Chief Constable of the Jiangnan Road and former top-ranking figure on the Person Ranking List,and now a martial arts master who had reached the Transcendent Realm,Su Xin's achievements were impressive.Compared to him,Ji Yanxiu felt inferior except for his noble lineage.

Ji Yanxiu stroked his chin and asked,"So,what do you think Su Xin's purpose is this time?"

Wen Yu shook his head."I don't know,but for now,it's best to remain unchanged and adapt to whatever comes our way."

Ji Yanxiu nodded and followed Wen Yu to meet Su Xin.

Although Su Xin had been waiting in the reception hall for a cup of tea's time,he showed no signs of impatience.

Seeing Ji Yanxiu and Wen Yu emerge from the inner hall,Su Xin bowed slightly and said,"Greetings to His Royal Highness the Prince of Shu and Grand Eunuch Wen."

With just these words,the expressions of Ji Yanxiu and Wen Yu turned somewhat unpleasant.

Su Xin used"greetings"instead of"paying respects."Though it seemed like a minor difference,the implications were significant.

Su Xin,you're indeed the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Road,and you also hold the position of Inspector within the Six Ministries.You're highly regarded within the Six Ministries and even more so in the martial world.But no matter how you look at it,Ji Yanxiu is still a prince of the Great Zhou Dynasty,the Prince of Shu in the court.Yet,as a subject,you dare to address him not with'paying respects'but with the casual'greetings.'This shows a lack of regard for Ji Yanxiu.

Wen Yu's expression darkened as he said,"Su Sir,as a member of the court,don't you understand the hierarchy?How can you afford to offend His Highness,the Prince of Shu?"

Su Xin wore an indifferent expression."Wen Gonggong,you're mistaken.Hierarchy is also about strength.Excuse my bluntness,but as a leisurely prince,confined to a corner,far from the center of power in Shengjing,and likely to be completely wiped out in the future,it seems unworthy of a Chief Constable like me to show respect."

"Outrageous!"Wen Yu's voice rose sharply.He immediately made a move,surrounded by blazing Pure Yang energy.With a swift motion of his left-handed blade,the radiance was unmatched.

Since Su Xin was coming to the Prince of Shu's residence,he naturally had some understanding of Wen Yu,the top martial artist of the Prince of Shu's residence.This eunuch was extraordinary;although an eunuch,he had cultivated a formidable Pure Yang energy.His attack felt like the scorching sun,with unparalleled might.

Su Xin's left-handed sword was cunning and ruthless,while Wen Yu's left-handed blade was exceptionally powerful.The blade's energy seemed to want to completely incinerate Su Xin,with his Qi extraordinarily robust.

Su Xin pointed out with a finger,and countless shadows descended,dissolving the Pure Yang energy.His index finger tapped Wen Yu's short blade,emitting a soft hum.Wen Yu was astonished to find that even his top-grade short blade seemed to wail!

Stepping back after sheathing his blade,Wen Yu drew out a long sword from his right side.He was not only skilled with his left-handed blade!

With a cold glint in his eyes,Wen Yu said coldly,"Su Sir,even if you're powerful,His Highness,the Prince of Shu,is not someone you can disrespect.Even if I have to risk my life,I won't let you leave the Prince of Shu's residence!"

Su Xin took a sip of tea calmly."Wen Gonggong,there's no need to be so angry.Are people who cultivate Pure Yang energy always so irritable?As I said before,hierarchy and respect are earned through strength.Facing me,a Chief Constable of the Six Ministries,you would have to fight to keep me here.So,I'm sorry,but the strength of the Prince of Shu's residence isn't enough to command my respect."

As the tension escalated,Su Xin said,"That's why I'm here today to propose a collaboration with both of you."

Su Xin sat up straight,pointing to his own nose."I can help you earn respect."

Wen Yu,who had already drawn out half of his long sword from his right side,suddenly paused at these words.He looked at Su Xin with a strange expression,still trying to understand Su Xin's intentions.

Normally,if you were seeking cooperation,you should understand your own position first.But now,coming to seek cooperation with us and initiating provocations upfront,what was this?

It was the first time Wen Yu had encountered someone who didn't play by the rules like this.

Wen Yu turned his gaze to Ji Yanxiu;ultimately,it was Ji Yanxiu who had to make the decision.

Ji Yanxiu waved his hand,signaling Wen Yu to hold back.He addressed Su Xin with a slightly grim expression,"You claim to come seeking cooperation,but let me ask you this:you're merely the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Road,and your position as Inspector is just an empty title.You can't even command a single person in Bashu Road.What do you have to offer for our collaboration?What qualifications do you have to collaborate with me?"

Su Xin replied calmly,"With just my name,Su Xin,is it enough for His Highness the Prince of Shu to consider?"

Su Xin's words sounded arrogant,but Ji Yanxiu found himself unable to refute.Indeed,from Su Xin's resume,there wasn't much to criticize.While such words might seem arrogant and conceited from others,coming from someone like Su Xin,who once overturned the entire Jiangnan Road,they exuded confidence.

Sheathing his short blade,Wen Yu said coldly,"If we haven't forgotten,Su Sir,your purpose in coming to Bashu Road as Inspector is likely for power.But everyone knows that Qiu Baichuan is like a local emperor here,and his word is law in the Six Ministries of Bashu Road.Su Sir,you're in a difficult position.What qualifications do you have to collaborate with us?"

Su Xin shook his head."Both sides benefit;that's cooperation.I can help you gain strength,and you can help me deal with Qiu Baichuan.It's fair."