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Chapter 111: A Troublesome Task

7835words in this chapter2024-01-06

To be honest,Yan Qingxue is definitely considered a first-rate beauty,and Su Xin,being a big man,naturally wouldn't be sentimental about this ridiculous and thankless task.Su Xin only finds it troublesome.

Just like when he escaped from Changning Mansion and had to arrange the Flying Eagle Gang properly,now that he wants to win Yan Qingxue's affection,he can't just leave as the system suggests,right?

But in this reincarnation,Su Xin also never thought of having a romantic relationship with a certain female warrior.Even with exceptional women like Xie Zhiyan,Su Xin mostly just appreciates them without any other intentions.

This world is more brutal than the previous one.Without strength,whether you are a gentle and charming lady or a valiant female warrior,they will kick you away without hesitation.In the time before becoming powerful,Su Xin doesn't have the luxury to cultivate a relationship,nor does he want to.

However,this task is too annoying,and he has to take it even if he doesn't want to.Looking at Yan Qingxue's delicate figure,Su Xin thought to himself,"Fine,let's start this task from you.Since I am destined to hurt you,let me compensate you with a great gift first.Whatever you want,I will help you obtain it."

What does Yan Qingxue want?Actually,it's very simple—she just wants to protect her last bit of dignity.She has no interest in contending for the position of the City Lord of Shangshan.She knows she's not qualified for it.

Among the numerous children of Yan Emperor Nine,the mothers of the other children are either married from prominent families or disciples of major sects in the Southern Wilderness.Yan Emperor Nine could establish the largest city,Shangshan,in the Southern Wilderness not only based on his own strength but also with the help of other forces in the Southern Wilderness.

Marriage alliances are the most suitable means of alliance everywhere,and the various forces in the Southern Wilderness value Yan Emperor Nine.Hence,they let their daughters or disciples marry him.Therefore,all the wives and concubines of Yan Emperor Nine have backgrounds from major martial arts forces in the Southern Wilderness.When his children compete for the position of City Lord,they naturally leverage their mothers'backgrounds.

Among the thirteen children,only Yan Qingxue's mother was an ordinary person.Even before she turned ten,she lived with her mother in an ordinary town.After her mother's death,Yan Qingxue was taken to Shangshan City.

Because of this,she was naturally rejected and even bullied by the other children of Yan Emperor Nine.Now,as Yan Emperor Nine asks them to compete for the position of City Lord,Yan Qingxue has no illusions.

But she doesn't want to hand over the token.With the token in hand,she is still one of Yan Emperor Nine's children and one of the successors to Shangshan City.If she hands over the token,she will become a pawn for some people,and even her future will be in their hands.

Yan Qingxue doesn't believe that her brothers will treat her well or treat her subordinates well.They have never regarded her as important.So,she can only resist stubbornly,even though in the eyes of others,this is obviously a wrong decision.

At this moment,the second brother Yan Zhongheng,who is the most cunning among the heirs,sneers,"I say,everyone,we've been fighting on this Wind and Cloud Arena for so long,but no one has really prevailed over anyone.Does this still make sense?"

The ninth brother Yan Shengheng takes out a folding fan and waves it twice,a slight smile on his lips."If I remember correctly,the one who suggested determining the winner on this Wind and Cloud Arena was the second brother."

There is a hint of ruthlessness in Yan Zhongheng's eyes.This is also the mistake he made this time.After Yan Emperor Nine announced the rules for the competition,they all initially wanted to develop their own business routes,accumulate some funds first,and then compete for the tokens of others on the Wind and Cloud Arena.They also intended to merge the funds earned from their business routes directly.

Yan Zhongheng planned to seize the token first,plunder the business routes of others,and then merge several business routes for a big deal.His plan is not wrong,but when it really came to the Wind and Cloud Arena,he miscalculated one thing—the issue of alliances.

Yan Emperor Nine has thirteen children,and everyone naturally wants to vie for the position of the successor to Shangshan City.However,the most influential forces are Yan Zhongheng and three others;the rest of the children have no chance at all.Since they can't compete,they choose to proactively align themselves,anticipating a share of the spoils when their chosen candidate becomes the City Lord.

As they are all half-siblings sharing the same father,aligning themselves is a strategic move,ensuring benefits in the future.In this alignment,Yan Zhongheng stands out as the most powerful among Yan Emperor Nine's other heirs when they haven't yet chosen sides.

Yan Zhongheng possesses innate Qi Sea Realm strength and was the first among Yan Emperor Nine's children to break through this realm.Moreover,his mother is the saint of the prominent Southern Wilderness sect,Lihuo Sect.She was attracted by Yan Emperor Nine,married him,and entered as a common wife.

Among Yan Emperor Nine's children,Yan Zhongheng has the strongest backing.His influence,coupled with the forces he has cultivated,is formidable.In the competition on the Wind and Cloud Arena,he is expected not to face any setbacks.However,his volatile and cunning nature is his only drawback,causing none of his brothers to choose his side when the real struggle begins.

The eldest,Yan Shuheng,although appearing ordinary in every aspect,has the advantage of being the firstborn and enjoys a sense of legitimacy.Three individuals choose to stand by Yan Shuheng due to his seniority and recognition from some of Yan Emperor Nine's older followers.

The ninth,Yan Shengheng,is known for his openness and friendliness,adept at making connections in the martial world.His good character attracts three followers,despite his seemingly average qualities.

As for the youngest,Yan Jiheng,he is the most favored by Yan Emperor Nine.He has always been cherished,and two individuals choose to stand by him.

Although the strengths of the remaining eight children are significantly lower compared to Yan Zhongheng's group,they still form a decent force.

With this alignment,the strengths of the other three groups have suddenly caught up with Yan Zhongheng.The ninth,Yan Shengheng,even seems to surpass Yan Zhongheng in strength.

Initially,they could have smoothly seized the tokens of others,but unexpectedly,after days of fighting,Yan Zhongheng has gained no advantage.However,Yan Zhongheng clearly doesn't want to give up.Everyone else has chosen sides,but there is still one person left.

Yan Zhongheng's gaze falls on Yan Qingxue,and he sneers,"Little sister,everyone has sent their subordinates to the Wind and Cloud Arena for battles.Now,it's your turn.How about I let my subordinate Fan Ge challenge someone from your side?Don't worry;Fan Ge doesn't go heavy in the arena."

Seeing Yan Zhongheng finally targeting her,Yan Qingxue sighs inwardly but can only say softly,"Second brother,I don't want to compete for this token now.If you want a challenge,please find someone else."

Fan Ge,under Yan Zhongheng's command,may not have entered the top thirty on the Wind and Cloud Arena,but as a postnatal peak martial artist,he is ruthless and formidable,ranking thirty-second on the arena.Those who have faced him have almost all been either injured or crippled.

Yan Zhongheng's face grows cold,"Little sister,if you don't want to send someone to the Wind and Cloud Arena,that's fine.Just hand over the token representing this business route,and I won't make things difficult for you."

Yan Qingxue shakes her head,"I won't hand over the token,second brother.Please don't make things difficult for me."

"Make things difficult for you?"Yan Zhongheng sneers,"Do you think this is the time for you to act alone?Is that possible?Either hand over the token or go to the Wind and Cloud Arena.Watch your subordinates being killed!"he threatens.

"Second brother,you're in the wrong here.Why intimidate little sister like this?"The eldest,Yan Shuheng,speaks up.

Yan Zhongheng coldly snorts,showing no respect for his elder brother.In his view,his elder brother is a useless person,occupying the position of the eldest son but acting indecisively.If he had been born a few years earlier,he could have easily suppressed all his brothers.

Yan Shuheng kindly says to Yan Qingxue,"Little sister,as long as you hand over the token,big brother will definitely not mistreat you.Your mother was from Ningshou Prefecture,right?I can buy all the unused land in Ningshou Prefecture and build a grand tomb for your mother."

Yan Qingxue has always missed her mother,a fact known to everyone in Shangshan City.Yan Shuheng uses this to entice her,believing that Yan Qingxue will surely agree.