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Chapter 112: Coercion

8847words in this chapter2024-01-06

Yan Zhongheng uses coercion,Yan Shu Heng lures with benefits,but in the face of them,Yan Qingsnow consistently shakes her head and refuses.

Seeing this scene,Yan Shengheng's words are also held back.

Yan Qingsnow is clearly determined,and no matter what they say,it's of no use.

As for Yan Jiheng,he never thought about trying to win over Yan Qingsnow.

Among the twelve children of Yan Huang Jiu,most of them are indifferent or even disdainful towards Yan Qingsnow.Only he harbors deep hatred for her.

From childhood to adulthood,the others are older than Yan Qingsnow.Even when they are putting on a show in front of Yan Huang Jiu,they would affectionately call her"little sister."

Yan Jiheng is the youngest,but he has never called Yan Qingsnow"sister."The reason lies in his mother.

Yan Jiheng's mother was the last one to marry Yan Huang Jiu.However,at the time she married him,Yan Huang Jiu was often away,and he had already had Yan Qingsnow with the mother of Yan Qingsnow.

This made his mother resent Yan Qingsnow's mother,thinking that this fox interfered,clung to Yan Huang Jiu,and thus caused her to be ignored.

So,from a young age,Yan Jiheng's mother instilled in him the idea of how detestable Yan Qingsnow and her mother were,leading to Yan Jiheng's deep hatred for Yan Qingsnow now.

"Ignorant fool!"

Yan Zhongheng coldly snorts,"Since that's the case,don't blame me,the second brother,for being ruthless.Today,whether you go up the Wind and Cloud Arena willingly or not,you're going up!"

Yan Qingsnow shakes her head and says,"Second Brother,I won't let my people go to their deaths."

Unlike others who are surrounded by a large group of followers,Yan Qingsnow only has three people behind her.

One is an old man in his seventies,sent by Yan Huang Jiu to take care of Yan Qingsnow.Although he has innate Qi Sea realm strength,due to his old age,his vitality is declining,and his strength is not as good as before.

Another is a maidservant about the same age as Yan Qingsnow,who grew up with her.Although she has learned martial arts,her strength is only at the early stages of the acquired realm,just enough for self-defense.

The last one is a reliable young man in his twenties,seemingly with full acquired realm strength.However,he is alone,and anyone Yan Zhongheng picks at random would likely be stronger than him.

When the three hear Yan Qingsnow defending them,they are moved,but unfortunately,they can only feel moved;confronting them head-on is simply not Yan Zhongheng's match.

"Yan Qingsnow!You won't even toast or eat the fine for not toasting!"Yan Zhongheng coldly shouts.He doesn't even call her"little sister"this time.Perhaps in his heart,this illegitimate child has never been considered his sister.

"Who do you think you are?You are just a bastard!Your mother gave birth to you only after Father left.Who knows if you are a descendant of our Yan family,or maybe you are the seed left by some wild man!Now you dare not hand over the token.What do you want?Still dreaming of inheriting the position of the lord of Shangshan City?Hmph!It's just a joke!"

Although Yan Zhongheng's words are vicious,none of Yan Qingsnow's other siblings speak up for her.Some even show a mocking look,watching her tremble under everyone's cold gaze.

Although Yan Shuheng feels a bit reluctant,he also doesn't want to see anyone holding the token separately,wandering outside their circle.

Yan Jiheng,who deeply hates Yan Qingsnow,doesn't need to be mentioned.Yan Shengheng,who has always appeared generous,has a hint of unpredictable smile at the corner of his mouth,but he remains silent.

Even the onlookers at the scene are starting to find it hard to bear.The people from the Yan family are going too far.

Yan Qingsnow's popularity in Shangshan City is excellent.She has never done anything evil based on her identity as a Yan family descendant.On the contrary,whenever someone is in trouble and she can help,she always does her best.

Such a kind and gentle woman,just wanting to keep what rightfully belongs to her,is being pressured and humiliated by you.How can you bear it?

However,these people can only silently protest in their hearts.Shangshan City belongs to the Yan family.They are all descendants of Yan Huang Jiu.Who dares to provoke them?

Even when Yan Zhongheng was rampant in Shangshan City before,forcing several businessmen from Southern Chu to ruin,he was only scolded and restricted by Yan Huang Jiu.

From that time on,everyone knew that Yan Huang Jiu is also a human being,and he protects his own.The principle of treating the emperor's offense the same as a commoner's does not work in Shangshan City.

But among the indifferent ones,the young man who has always followed Yan Qingsnow can't hold back.

He steps forward and shouts angrily,"Shut up!You are not allowed to insult Miss like this!You are just trying to go up the Wind and Cloud Arena,right?I'll accompany you!"

"Agron,don't do something foolish!"Yan Qingsnow is suddenly shocked and shouts.

The young man named Agron says in a deep voice,"Miss,we know in our hearts how good you are to us,but we can't let them insult you like this!If it weren't for you saving me,I'm afraid I would have been killed by those bandits long ago.My life was given by you,and even if I have to risk my life now,I can't let them bully you like this!"

The old man behind Yan Qingsnow sighed helplessly and shook his head.

Agron is still too young,too impulsive!

Earlier,Yan Qingsnow had not participated in the competition for the token,remaining silent as a way of dealing with it.

Now Yan Huang Jiu is not dead yet,so they dare not kill each other.Even if they want to take action,they can only let their subordinates do it,and the scope is limited to the Wind and Cloud Arena.

If Yan Qingsnow insists on not letting anyone go up the Wind and Cloud Arena,the other side can only gain some verbal advantage.As for the covert methods,not to mention them for now.At least on the surface,the other side can't force Yan Qingsnow.

Now,by provoking Chiran,Yan Zhongheng has recklessly stepped onto the stage,essentially courting death!

A cold smile appears on Yan Zhongheng's lips.Since he's seeking death,don't blame me for being ruthless!As long as these followers around Yan Qingsnow are dealt with,even if she doesn't want to hand over the token,Yan Zhongheng has a thousand ways to make her do so.

"Fange,go up and have a good time with this young fellow.Remember,don't be'too heavy-handed.'"With Yan Zhongheng's command,a tall and thin man immediately steps forward.

Fang Ge is over two meters tall,towering over ordinary adult men by three heads,but his body is thin like a bamboo pole.However,this doesn't affect his reputation in Shangshan City.In the eyes of the people in Shangshan City,Fang Ge is simply a madman or a pervert!

Since the establishment of the Wind and Cloud Arena,those who have ascended it either sought wealth or fame.Therefore,most people stop at a certain point,with minor injuries at most and severe injuries being rare.

But Fang Ge is different.He seems to enjoy killing his opponents,and if you duel with him and lose,you are likely to end up dead or severely injured.His methods are extremely cruel.

Drawing the long-curved knife behind him,Fang Ge smiles ferociously,"Don't worry,sir.I'll have a good time with this young fellow."

With these words,Fang Ge leaps up,agile as the wind,and crosses the stage in a few steps.

"Kid,I'll give you a chance to make the first move."Fang Ge mocks as he looks at Chiran.

Although both are at the Acquired Great Perfection stage,Fang Ge doesn't even consider Chiran a threat.The opponent is just an inexperienced rookie,easy to defeat.

Chiran snorts coldly,pulling out two short swords from his waist.The two swords merge into one,one yin and one yang,simultaneously thrusting towards Fang Ge.

"Tsk tsk,too slow,simply too slow!"Fang Ge sneers contemptuously,effortlessly dodging Chiran's dual swords like a slippery eel.

"Kid,you're simply too weak,so weak that I'm not even interested in torturing you."Fang Ge's eyes reveal a trace of ferocity."Such a waste,utterly worthless.Since that's the case,you can die!"


A clear sound of blades clashing rings out.Fang Ge's long-curved knife,like a hurricane,goes wild,and Chiran,struggling to defend,steps back with each move.

During the fight,Chiran considers counterattacking,but he can't find a single opening.

Fang Ge's knife skills are formidable,not the sly and vicious style,but a straightforward and powerful approach.Each strike is grand and unmatched,and the longer the battle goes on,the more powerful Fang Ge's aura becomes.Even his pupils emit a faint crimson glow.

"Shadow Moon Slash!"

The long-curved knife traces a peculiar arc.Astonishingly,Fang Ge splits Chiran's dual swords in half,causing intense pain in his tiger's mouth and sending his weapons flying!

Not every martial artist is like Su Xin,proficient in both weapons and fists.Most martial artists skilled in weapons,once disarmed,face only death.

Yan Qingsnow can even imagine the next moment when Fang Ge's long-curved knife slashes again,leading to Chiran's head separating from his body.

"Agron!"Yan Qingsnow utters a soft cry,ready to rush onto the stage,but she is firmly held back by the little girl behind her.

"Miss,you can't go.The Lord has ordered not to allow members of the Yan family on the Wind and Cloud Arena.If you go up now,not only won't you save Agron,but it will make him die faster!"

"Liang Bo,quickly save Agron!"Yan Qingsnow pleads with the elderly man beside her.

The man named Liang Bo sighs and prepares to intervene.Initially,he saved Chiran from the hands of bandits at Yan Qingsnow's command,taught him martial arts,and considered him his disciple.Naturally,he doesn't want Chiran to perish under Fang Ge's blade.

But just as he takes a step forward,Yan Zhongheng,who has been observing their movements,makes a move.

He strides directly in front of Liang Bo,sneering,"Liang Bo,this is the Wind and Cloud Arena.If you want to interfere,you'll be breaking the rules.You are an old man of Shangshan City,and I don't want to lay hands on you.But if you don't know your place,don't blame me for being ruthless!"