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Chapter 126: Acknowledgement from the Heart and Mouth

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Hong Lietao possesses the Dao Intent of the knife,and Su Xin actually possesses it as well.His Hate Extreme Fist and Enmity Extreme Palm are both martial arts with profound martial principles.However,Su Xin's proficiency in these two martial arts is only around 40%even now,and he cannot fully unleash their martial principles'strongest power.

In addition to the martial principles of these two boxing techniques,Su Xin also has his own sword intent!When Su Xin merged the Fast Sword,Blood River Divine Sword,and Duan Family Sword Technique into one,he realized that once the techniques were in his hands,they were his own.They wouldn't remain unchanged,and as long as he had the ability,he could completely unleash stronger power from them.

The fusion of three sword techniques is given form by Su Xin,but the true sword intent within is neither the sinister and vicious nature of the Fast Sword,nor the regal atmosphere of the Duan Family Sword Technique,nor the Blood River Divine Sword's method of nourishing the sword with blood.The sword intent Su Xin pursues should be annihilation–a complete and utter annihilation,seeking the maximum lethality to destroy everything before him.

Although this sword intent is still just a vague outline,it belongs exclusively to Su Xin and can encompass the sword intents of any cultivation technique.

The Dragon Spring Sword thrusts forward,a seemingly slow movement,yet it shatters the countless knife shadows in the air,aiming directly at Hong Lietao.

Tao Qian also wields a sword,and upon witnessing Su Xin's sword,he couldn't help but sigh,"Truly worthy of a renowned figure on the Rankings of Men.The Dao is simple,this seemingly straightforward sword can break myriad techniques,much stronger than those flashy sword techniques."

If Tao Qian had thoughts of competing with Su Xin before,seeing this sword made him abandon such ideas.

Both are cultivators at the Innate Qi Sea realm,but Su Xin's advantage isn't just in age.In the current situation,Su Xin hasn't employed the power of the Blood River Divine Sword;he is purely using his own sword intent to counter the knife intent of the opponent.Even the true qi is scarcely used.

The same goes for Hong Lietao.It's not that he doesn't want to use it,but coming from a background of a lone cultivator,he developed his own knife techniques.He simply doesn't know any sophisticated knife techniques.

Yet,relying on this simple yet sharp knife intent,Hong Lietao reached the thirteenth position on the Wind and Cloud Ranking,even daring to challenge cultivators at the Innate Spirit Channeling realm.

After more than a hundred moves,even Tao Qian finds it hard to understand.They start to constrain their own strength,and even when their blades clash,there are no traces of erupting true qi.Both seem not to be using their inner energy,as if two postnatal martial artists are sparring,but with a speed hundreds of times faster.

To observers like Tao Qian,it's almost dizzying.Nie Fang sighed,"They have discarded all external factors,solely competing in martial principles and mastery of their fundamental sword and knife techniques.

It's not surprising for Hong Lietao to achieve this,as he has no other knife techniques aside from the basics.But Young Master Meng,despite having a master in the Elemental Spirit realm,is able to develop such solid foundations and comprehend martial principles at this age.That is truly remarkable.I've dealt with disciples from major sects in Xiangnan,but compared to Young Master Meng,they are far behind."

After exchanging blows with Hong Lietao,Su Xin understands why he was dissatisfied even after being defeated by disciples from Xiangnan sects brought by Yan Zhongheng.

In terms of foundations,Hong Lietao is not inferior to anyone.Even achieving comprehension of martial principles at the Innate Qi Sea realm is not something every top-ranked cultivator can do;at least Fang Dongting couldn't.

However,apart from the basics,Hong Lietao doesn't know any other knife techniques.Su Xin even suspects how he cultivated to the Innate realm with such a simple knife technique,despite his excellent foundation.

Defeated by disciples from Xiangnan,Hong Lietao wouldn't accept it.In his opinion,with their resources and cultivation techniques,he would undoubtedly be ten thousand times stronger than them.

However,facing Su Xin,Hong Lietao cannot summon such thoughts.Su Xin's foundation in the Dao of the sword is not inferior to his.After hundreds of moves,Su Xin not only relies on his basic sword technique but also suppresses Hong Lietao forcibly.

In the end,after nearly a thousand moves,Su Xin's sword instantly dislodges Hong Lietao's Slashing Horse Blade with sixteen consecutive strikes.

Rubbing his numb tiger-mouth,Hong Lietao smiled bitterly,"I've lost.In the future,Young Master Meng,whatever you command,I,Hong Lietao,will surely comply.Of course,if you order me to go to my death,I won't agree."

Before being defeated by Su Xin,he was quite arrogant,always referring to himself with'this old man.'Even if Su Xin is a top-ranked cultivator,he didn't put him in his eyes.

Now,Su Xin defeated him in his area of expertise,making Hong Lietao completely acknowledge him.

In fact,Su Xin also secretly breathed a sigh of relief.His victory was not that easy.In terms of martial foundations,Hong Lietao had practiced his Slashing Horse Blade for decades,while Su Xin hasn't even reached a year.

Normally,even with Su Xin's exceptional talent,he shouldn't surpass Hong Lietao.However,every time he acquires a martial art,the system gifts Su Xin with 5%proficiency.

Don't underestimate this 5%proficiency;it means that Su Xin can quickly grasp and use any martial technique once obtained.This is equivalent to gaining several months of experience in martial arts cultivation for Su Xin.

A single martial art is 5%,and with the accumulation of many such arts,although they may be different,the saying goes,"One skill mastered,all skills mastered."The path of martial arts always converges despite various branches.Considering this,Su Xin's foundation is not bad.

Moreover,Su Xin has cultivated the Dragon Elephant Wisdom Technique.Even though he doesn't use other powers,the strength of this technique cannot be concealed.Overall,he still has an advantage.

Of course,he won't say this out loud.Su Xin just smiles and says,"Brother Hong,don't worry too much.I invited you here to help Miss Yan compete for the position of city lord,not to send you to your death.If Miss Yan really wins the position of city lord,over the years,Commercial Mountain City has accumulated quite a few martial arts,including many knife techniques.Brother Hong,feel free to choose."

Su Xin turns to Nie Fang and Tao Qian,saying,"Brother Nie and Master Tao,the materials you need for refining and the facilities at Master Tao's East Forest Martial Hall,as long as Miss Yan becomes the city lord,your needs will surely be fulfilled!"

Nie Fang,Tao Qian,and Su Xin all bow to each other.They may be skeptical of Yan Qingsnow,but at least the current Young Master Meng's strength is enough to impress them.

Fang Hao also nods happily from the side.Now,he can be considered part of Yan Qingsnow's side,and seeing his own strength increase,he is naturally excited.

When Su Xin brings the three of them back,Xie Zhiyan and Liao Bo are completely stunned.They really didn't expect that Su Xin would bring back three innate cultivators from the Wind and Cloud Ranking with just one trip.

Especially Hong Lietao,ranked thirteenth on the Wind and Cloud Ranking,who is notoriously difficult to deal with.How did Su Xin manage this?

Su Xin doesn't explain much;after all,his methods against Nie Fang were somewhat unsightly.He introduces Hong Lietao and the others to Yan Qingsnow's group,and also allows Fang Hao to join Yan Qingsnow's side.Any issues can be directly discussed with him.

After nightfall,Liao Bo is once again brought over by Yan Huangjiu to recount today's events.However,this time,he didn't personally follow them,and what he knew was the exaggerated version that Fang Hao told him afterward.Yet Fang Hao didn't exaggerate too much,merely portraying Su Xin as even more heroic and martially skilled.It can still be considered true.

After hearing it,Yan Huangjiu dismisses Liao Bo,clears his throat,and casually asks,"Zi Zhong,what do you think of this Meng Qingze?"

A middle-aged man in his forties,carrying a knife on his back,emerges from the darkness behind.His face is pale,eyes lifeless,and his expression is slightly vacant,as if he hasn't fully awakened.But despite his somewhat dazed appearance,the knife in his hand is the fastest in Commercial Mountain City.He is Wind and Cloud Ranking's number one,'Wind-Breaking Knife'Lie Zizhong!Also,he is Yan Huangjiu's top subordinate.

Lie Zizhong's knife is very fast,and there's even a legend that his knife can split open a gust of wind,hence his nickname'Wind-Breaking Knife.'

But compared to his knife,Lie Zizhong himself always seems a bit slower.After Yan Huangjiu asks for a while,Lie Zizhong,as if organizing his words,says slowly,"Quite good.His martial arts foundation is solid,worthy of his place on the Rankings of Men.He is meticulous in his thoughts and has excellent eloquence.Most importantly,he is not rigid,not entangled by false benevolence and righteousness.As long as he grows,he is a remarkable talent."

Yan Huangjiu nods in agreement with Lie Zizhong's words.The three individuals Su Xin invited today were handled in three different ways,demonstrating Su Xin's character and approach to things.

Facing Tao Qian,Su Xin used words to attack his mind,taking him down without using a single sword or knife.This showed Su Xin's meticulous thinking and excellent eloquence.

Against Hong Lietao,Su Xin didn't waste many words,directly convincing him with real swords and knives.This kind of convincing method is more reliable than enticing innate cultivators to serve you with heavy rewards.

And the methods Su Xin used against Nie Fang are what Yan Huangjiu appreciates.Although somewhat unscrupulous,it shows that if you are honest and talk about righteousness and morality in the Jianghu,you will be played to death in the end.

Lie Zizhong,speaking slowly,says,"I thought the disciple taught by Zong Haoyang would be a kind of sour Confucian with good martial arts skills.I didn't expect him to be such an interesting guy."

Yan Huangjiu laughs heartily,"You're thinking wrong.Although Zong Haoyang has a good reputation in the martial arts world,he has never been that kind of rigid person.Being able to cultivate to the Elemental Spirit realm as a solo cultivator is not simple.Although Zong Haoyang has done a lot of chivalrous deeds,he has also killed quite a few people."