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Chapter 125: Hong Lietao

8449words in this chapter2024-01-06

If Su Xin knew that Nie Fang only needed to examine his Youlong Sword to agree to join Yan Qingxue's command,he wouldn't have had to put in so much effort to provoke Nie Fang and engage in a duel.

However,Su Xin suddenly remembered something and asked Nie Fang,"Brother Nie,you've seen my Youlong Sword.It makes a loud sound every time it's unsheathed.Can you create something to make the sound disappear?And this thing should be removable at any time."

The issue of the Youlong Sword was something Su Xin had always overlooked.His current identity was Meng Qingze,and he preferred not to reveal any symbols of his previous identity as Su Xin.Even though the Bounty Board only mentioned his signature as a fast sword,his name was still on the Blacklist.If someone wanted to claim the reward for killing him,they would surely investigate everything in Changning Mansion.The occasions where Su Xin's Youlong Sword appeared were not few,especially the unique sound it made,making it highly recognizable.So,after thinking about it,Su Xin wanted to hide the Youlong Sword;otherwise,he would have to temporarily stop using it.Otherwise,if someone figured it out,all his efforts in setting up everything in Shangshan City would be in vain,and he would be constantly pursued.

Now that he saw Nie Fang,who was skilled in refining,Su Xin thought about temporarily modifying the Youlong Sword.

Taking the Youlong Sword from Su Xin,Nie Fang carefully examined it.After about a quarter of an hour,he sighed,"Indeed,it's a genius design.The small balls in the hilt can dissipate the recoil force.When facing the enemy head-on,combined with the sharpness of the Youlong Sword itself,it can easily cut through the opponent's weapon.But why do you want to make it silent?The unique feature of this Youlong Sword is its dragon's cry when unsheathed.Removing the sound would undermine its essence,wouldn't it?"

Su Xin replied,"Of course,it's not a problem when facing enemies head-on.However,during covert attacks,the sound becomes a flaw."

Upon hearing a Ranker like Su Xin casually mention"covert attacks,"several people had a hard time reacting.Shouldn't covert attacks be condemned?Why was this person speaking so openly about it?

Su Xin chuckled,"All of you are experienced in the Jianghu.You should know that in life-and-death battles,who cares about covert attacks?When someone wants to kill you,talking about their righteousness is foolish.They deserve to die."

Nie Fang and Tao Qian both laughed.It made sense.In their days of wandering the Jianghu,even when they had to deal with enemies,they would use covert attack methods.

However,such acts were generally frowned upon.How come this person was so forthright about it?

Su Xin lightly laughed,"You're all old Jianghu.You should know that in life-and-death struggles,who cares about the morality of covert attacks?When someone is trying to kill you,talking to them about righteousness is absurd.Such idiots deserve to die."

Nie Fang and Tao Qian both laughed;it made sense.In their days of wandering the Jianghu,even when they had to deal with enemies,they would use covert attack methods.

However,this kind of thing,as unpleasant as it sounded,was usually done by members of evil sects.Even if the righteous sects used such methods,they often had justifications.Su Xin's openness about it was truly unique.

But precisely because of this,Nie Fang and Tao Qian felt that Meng Gongzi was straightforward and not like those hypocrites who said one thing and did another.

After some thought,Nie Fang said,"I can create a soundproof cover for this hilt.It can reduce the sound to a minimum,but it's impossible to eliminate it completely.Within one step,the sound will still be audible."

Su Xin nodded,"Thank you,Brother Nie."

Nie Fang said,"It's a small matter.I can do it for Meng Gongzi right now.Achen,light up the furnace for me."

The apprentice promptly lit the fire,and Nie Fang took out a piece of pitted ore from the backyard,resembling a honeycomb.He swung a large hammer with both hands,swiftly smashing the ore and refining the iron core.Then,he switched to a small hammer and iron chisel,continuously striking the iron core,creating a small ball imitating the shape of the Youlong Sword's hilt.The process was extremely fast,taking less than a quarter of an hour.

The small ball exhibited a bright silver color with some pitted textures on the surface.Nie Fang polished it and placed it over the Youlong Sword,seamlessly covering the hilt without any gaps.

Nie Fang handed the Youlong Sword to Su Xin,who swung it a couple of times.The sound was indeed minimal,almost inaudible from one step away.

Nie Fang said,"This is made of deep-sea sinking silver,providing excellent sound insulation.Many people like to use it to forge daggers for covert assassinations.However,the color doesn't quite match the Youlong Sword.I'll add a layer of red copper later."

Su Xin replied,"No need.This is fine as it is."

Nie Fang felt a bit regretful;for craftsmen like them,a work had to be flawless.

"Let's go.The last person we need is the'Repeated Defeats'Hong Lietao.Let's go find him,"Su Xin said.

Nie Fang and Tao Qian had not interacted with Hong Lietao and didn't know where he was.However,with Fang Hao around,it was quite simple.He had many friends in Shangshan City,so finding information about Hong Lietao wouldn't be difficult.

"Master,Hong Lietao is currently drinking at a tavern on West Feng Street.We can head there directly now."

Su Xin nodded and led the group towards West Feng Street.Although Fang Hao mentioned a tavern,it was essentially just a low,modest pub.Even ordinary martial artists would be reluctant to visit such a place,but Hong Lietao,as an innate martial artist,seemed to enjoy it.

Hong Lietao,around forty years old,with a scruffy beard,looked quite sloppy.He had a pitch-black long knife beside him,while he held a jug of liquor along with a plate of five-spiced silkworm beans and salted peanuts,enjoying himself.

As Su Xin and his group approached,Hong Lietao had already sensed the innate martial energy emanating from them.However,he acted as if he hadn't noticed,continuing to eat and drink.

Su Xin declared,"Brother Hong,I am Meng Qingze,representing Miss Yan Qingxue,to invite you to collaborate."

Hong Lietao lazily emptied the jug of liquor and replied,"I don't care who you represent.If you can defeat me,I'll do whatever you say."

Among the three,dealing with Hong Lietao seemed the simplest.He was straightforward,using his fists to communicate,which was more effective than words.

Su Xin squinted and asked,"If I defeat you,will you really obey my commands?"

Hong Lietao smirked,"Would I lie to you?The people from the Yan family came to recruit me before,but those guys were useless.If you can't defeat me,I won't join them,even if I have to fight to the death.And you,with the reputation of being a Ranker,and that sword of yours,a Yellow-grade weapon,right?If you use it against me,I won't submit.Your master is a Martial Grandmaster at the Elemental Realm,surely passing on many powerful martial techniques to you.If you use them,I won't submit either."

Muttering from the background,Fang Hao commented,"Can't use this,can't use that.Why not just have the master fight with tied hands?"

Hong Lietao,lacking any sense of a martial artist's demeanor,didn't even seem bothered by Fang Hao's comments.Instead,he provocatively looked at Su Xin,"So,Meng Gongzi,do you dare to agree to these terms?"

"No problem,I agree."

Su Xin tossed the Youlong Sword to Nie Fang and said to Tao Qian,"Master Tao,may I borrow your sword?"

Tao Qian immediately threw his long sword to Su Xin.Although it wasn't a Yellow-grade weapon,it was still a meticulously crafted Dragon Spring Sword by Nie Fang,with a sharp steel blade.

"Let's go outside;breaking the owner's tavern wouldn't be good."Su Xin said casually.

Hong Lietao replied,"Of course,we have to go out.I can't show my skills properly in here."

The tavern was located in a relatively remote area with few people.Fang Hao had cleared the pedestrians from the vicinity,creating enough space for the two to fight.

Su Xin stood firm,and Hong Lietao drew the long knife by his side.It resembled a horse-cutting knife,though with a slightly shorter handle.

Gripping the knife,Hong Lietao's aura changed instantly.From a previously haggard appearance,he became incredibly sharp,as if he embodied the horse-cutting knife in his hand,exuding an intense and sharp atmosphere.

With a fierce shout,Hong Lietao made his move,and in an instant,a sky-covering array of knife shadows overwhelmed Su Xin!

Tao Qian and Nie Fang,observing from behind,immediately changed their expressions.Although they hadn't fought Hong Lietao before,they had seen him in action.However,today's Hong Lietao was entirely different,both in terms of aura and the astonishing array of knife shadows.It seemed that encountering the Ranker Meng Qingze had ignited his fighting spirit!

In the midst of those knife shadows,Su Xin felt a profound sensation.In Hong Lietao's strike,he sensed a kind of knife intent—a sharp,unstoppable knife intent!

When martial arts reached its peak,practitioners could comprehend the profound martial essence within it.Swords had sword intent,fists had fist intent,and now,even this knife had its own intent.

Most martial artists,even in the innate realm,could only master a technique to a certain form,like the Qingcheng Sword Sect's Fang Dongting.Although he had reached the Ranker level,he could only manifest the form of the secret technique passed down by the Qingcheng Sword Sect and couldn't comprehend the underlying sword intent.

Unexpectedly,in Shangshan City,an unknown innate martial artist had displayed knife intent!