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Chapter 88: Aggressive

8846words in this chapter2024-01-05

Fang Dongting is not a fool,more not an idiot,Gong Qingfeng out of this idea is clearly want to Changning house for other gangs.

But this has nothing to do with him.

In Fang Dongting's view,these small gangs in Changning Prefecture,a mere state capital,are just like ants fighting,pathetic and ridiculous.

So he would not care about these things,as long as the kamikaze would search the whole Changning Palace in three days.

Moreover,he seemed to have heard before that the gang selected by the woman Xie Zhiyan was the Flying Eagle Gang.

He from the eagle help to ten thousand people,just can slow down the speed of Xie Zhiyan.

The relationship between Qingcheng sword school and Yi sword gate has never been good,and he himself for Xie Zhiyan's ranking on the people list even before himself,is also very resentful.

The next morning,Su Xin let people take him to draw a good pattern to the streets of Changning began to ask.

But Su believes this is not very helpful.

Su Xin can be said to be a conspiracy theorist,he believes that there are not so many coincidences in the world.

If his inference yesterday is correct,there must be a black hand behind all this,the fifth key,should also be in his hands.

When the time comes the black hand will come out,otherwise even if they look,they will not find.

But he is after all by Xie Zhiyan Dan medicine,is the so-called take people money,for people to eliminate the disaster,do not find the first not to say,at least you have to go to find.

Just as Su Xin was going to have breakfast,Huang Bingcheng suddenly came over,with a face of anxiety:"Help,Gong Feng of the Kamikaze Association came with people,and there was a young man with unfathomable strength,as if he was also a guy from the big school."

Su Xin a frown,Gong Feng Feng with their daily nothing to do,those big school disciples are now in Changning house carpet style in looking for the key,they come to their own here why?

'What did they say?

Huang Bingcheng looked angry and said,"They let you go out to meet them."

Su Xin's face suddenly a cold,'see you'this word is very good ah,the other party does not say see you,but just say'see you',what does this mean?Humiliated?

Since ancient times,Baijian is used by the younger generation to meet the elder or the status of the noble words.

But that is just the name of the worshippers,if you directly say:who who who came to visit,this is simply humiliating,and does not put you in the eyes.

"Come on,let's'meet'them and see what they want."

At this time in the mouth of the gold moon square,Fang Dongting sat on the main seat before Su Xin,slowly drinking tea.

He is not to grab the position of Su Xin,but what is his Fang Dongting identity?Would he sit under the head of a small gang?

Flying eagle help in the hall of help see Fang Dongting so rude,can not help but be angry,that position is also you can sit?This is a provocation!

However,Huang Bingcheng told them when he left,these people we can not afford to provoke,everything after the help to decide.

But perhaps because a help to look at Fang Dongting eyes too obvious,this immediately let Fang Dongting a frown.

"That kid's eyes upset me.Go,palm."

Gong Qingfeng nodded,went directly to the front of the gang,to slap out,but then came Su Xin a cold hum.

"Master Gong,even if my people make mistakes,I should beat them,but it is not your turn to teach them!"

Seeing Su Xin come out,Gong Qingfeng stopped his hand and smiled,"Master Su,this is not what I want to fight,but what Prince Fang ordered."

Fang Dongting surprised to see Su letter at a glance,the Changning Fu largest gang of the help is so young?

But Fang Dongting is just surprised,again young also Changning house this south wild barren land of the small gang master,and the lake is the most not lacking,is the so-called young junjie.

And for Fang Dongting,who is only 20 years old and enters the people's list of martial arts,under the birth,all are local chickens and tiles.

"I heard that you have a lot of flying eagles,that's just right,lend me 10,000 people."Of course,I did not borrow for nothing,my Qingcheng sword school introductory sword chasing wind seven swords,I will pass you two swords."

Qingcheng sword school introductory sword method?You think you're a beggar?

And even if Fang Dongting take out good work Su xin will not promise,he has promised to help Xie Zhiyan,but now lend people to Fang Dongting,so can not win Fang Dongting,but will anger Xie Zhiyan.

So pig Bajie look in the mirror,two are not human things,will Su Xin do?

So Su Xin just smiled faintly and said,"Sorry,no."

Fang Dongting a leng,did not expect Su Xin will refuse himself on the spot,he suddenly laughed,but his face is slowly getting cold in a smile.

"How dare you,do you know who you are rejecting?"A small gang in Changning Prefecture,I Qingcheng sword faction wave out!"

Su Xin indifferent looked at Fang Dongting,he is really two extremes with Xie Zhiyan.

Xie Zhiyan does not like others at every turn to take out the door to say things,in her mind,if you can not let the opponent surrender,must use the door behind to exert pressure,that is undoubtedly the performance of losers.

This Fang Dongting in Xie Zhiyan view,is this kind of loser.

"Prince Fang,Qingcheng sword send I can not provoke,but Yi sword gate I can not provoke either."Now my men are helping Miss Xie of Yi Jianmen to find the key,if you want to borrow someone,you can go to her."

Fang Dongting cold voice:"Xie Zhiyan I will naturally go to find,but I will ask you now,you borrow,or not borrow?"

Su Xin took a deep breath,Fang Dongting attitude aggressive,should have him stand out on that side.

He thought he did not provoke Fang Dongting,but the other party is like a mad dog must come up to bite themselves,really when their good bully?

"Sorry,still no!"


Fang Dongting cold hum,suddenly burst into shape,a step will step in front of Su letter,and pointed into a sword,towards Su Letter chest to stab.

This sword refers to the speed of the wind,aggression like fire,even if it refers to the sword,you can feel that the sword is endless,if the strong momentum of the storm.

Su Xin wanted to point to point,with 24 solar terms terror God refers to meet,but this is his killer,less than the critical moment,Su Xin does not want to use at will,and also want to try,how strong the innate martial.

So Su letter does not retreat back into,enemy extremely palm blast out,enemy deep like the sea,never die!


A dull sound,Fang Dongting backward step,Su Xin but back three steps,palm vaguely feel a tingling.

"Indeed,it is worthy of the innate martial arts,let alone others,in the strength of their own first lost more than a chip."

This is the gap in strength,Fang Dongting just opened up the natural first environment of the sea of gas,but the nature of the three realms.

The innate first environment opens up the sea of Dantian gas,and its own internal forces are dozens of times or more powerful than the day after tomorrow,and the rich internal forces can even reach the point of real qi gang gas.

Fang CAI Fang Dongting is using the sword,if he uses the long sword,he can even cut out the sword gang from Su Xin three feet,directly to the internal force wounding.

Su Xin shocked in the heart of the strong power of the innate martial arts,but at this time Fang Dongting is more than Su Xin shocked.

At that moment,he did not leave a hand at all,and made up his mind to eliminate Su Xin,the leader of the small gang who dared not give him face.

But he did not expect Su Xin unexpectedly took his sword finger,although the palm method is strange,but the power is also very strong.

You should know that he and Su Xin but there is a big difference in the realm,although there is no sword,but the first sword finger but he has 30%of the power of the sword.

"Well,well,I can't imagine that such a character can come out of this barren land in Nanman,then,you will pick me up with a sword!"

Fang Dongting behind the attendant will immediately throw out the long sword in his hands,was Fang Dongting hand over,a pull out.

The brand like the pine grain is all over the sword body,and the whole long sword is like a clear spring in general,emitting a clear and cold breath,which is not a thing at a glance.

Qingcheng Sword School originated from Taoism,and his sword style also carries a strong Taoist charm.Daofa is natural,and all can be swords!

Fang Dongting long sword hands up,is still the sword used in the style of sword,wind and fire complement each other,fire borrow wind,sword body trembling,when the long sword came to the front of Su Xin,has become the trend of fire!

This Qingcheng sword school unique Dao sword,wind fire Dao sword!

Su Xin body shape retreat,he has not arrogant to now with the congenital fighters head on to contend with the point.

Although he just blocked Fang Dongting's blow,it was Fang Dongting without a sword.

For a swordsman,the sword is their second life.

A swordsman with a sword and a swordsman without a sword are two levels of existence.

At this moment,a beautiful voice came:"Fang Dongting,here is not your Qingcheng Mountain,it is not your turn to play the mighty here."

With this sound came,also accompanied by a faint sword sound sounded.

A long sword leaned out from the side,Xie Zhiyan figure like a surprise hong fairy,sword method if fairy,between the instant will Fang Dongting wind fire way sword to suppress down.

The most peculiar is that Xie Zhiyan's long sword seems to have spiritual general,every time a step ahead of the point on Fang Dongting's sword body,precise and subtle,moving if watching fire.

Just a few moves Fang Dongting's long sword has been hit several times,so that his wrist numbness,had to draw the sword back,the long sword was almost shaken out of the hand.

Fang Dongting drew back his sword,his eyes showing the color of fright.

He knew that Xie Zhiyan's list of people ranked before his own,but he has been unconvinced.

The ranking of the people list is not ranked according to the cultivation of the realm,but according to their own record to rank.

Fang Dongting used to cultivate in Qingcheng sword School,and did not really walk out of the mountains and rivers,nor did he have any record that could be taken out,so he thought that he ranked 105 on the people's list was seriously underestimated.

Xie Zhiyan just because a year earlier out walking rivers and lakes,this is ranked in the 78th,so Fang Dongting think even if they have a gap with Xie Zhiyan,should not be too big.

But today he just knew that the ranking of the people list is really fair.