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Chapter 87: Clues

9623words in this chapter2024-01-05

Although Su Xin knew that Xiner had great talent in swordsmanship,he never expected her to be so highly regarded by Xie Zhiyan.

The gaze of the disciples of the Yijian Sect spoke for itself.If Xie Zhiyan said Xiner had a natural sword heart,then she must indeed have one.

However,Su Xin shook his head and refused,"Miss Xie,I appreciate your kindness,but I won't let Xiner join any other sects."Currently,Xiner was the only family Su Xin had.As long as he had the ability to protect her,he would never hand her over to others,even if it was one of the Five Sword Sects like the Yijian Sect.

Xiner tugged at Su Xin's sleeve,"Yes,I won't be separated from my brother."

Although the elder sister in front of them appeared kind and beautiful,Xiner still had no intention of being separated from her brother.

Seeing the attitude of these siblings,Xie Zhiyan did not insist further and could only sigh.She disliked forcing people,especially when it came to accepting disciples.If the person was not willing,it would turn the disciple into an enemy rather than a follower.

Although it was a pity that someone with a natural sword heart like Xiner didn't join the Yijian Sect,as one of the Five Sword Sects,Yijian Sect had seen many talents.Even though Xiner possessed a natural sword heart,it wouldn't be a situation where she would relentlessly pursue her to join.

"Teach Xiner well in the art of the sword.Don't waste her talent.As long as nothing unexpected happens,with her talent,she will surely make a name for herself on the rankings in ten years,"Xie Zhiyan advised.

Su Xin nodded.Even if Xiner didn't join the Yijian Sect,he had the Grand Antagonist System,which contained numerous powerful sword techniques that were no less inferior to those of the Yijian Sect.

At this moment,the innkeeper of the Shenglong Tower had already served the dishes.Su Xin waited on the side until Xie Zhiyan and her companions finished eating before returning to the main hall of the Feiying Gang for further discussion.

Xie Zhiyan and her group had traveled from the Central Plains Sword South Road to Changning Prefecture,a journey that took three months.Xie Zhiyan,being an innate martial artist,could endure such hardships,but her junior brothers and sisters,who were on their first adventure,found the journey dull and tiresome.Upon arriving at the Golden Moon Inn,Su Xin arranged for them to rest at the inn,bringing joy and excitement to the young men and women.

After they had left,Su Xin asked Xie Zhiyan,"Miss Xie,since you want my help in finding clues,you need to tell me the information you have obtained.The top martial sects of the Central Plains and the three major families from the Southern Xiangnan have sent their young disciples to Changning Prefecture.I find it hard to believe that you all rushed here just upon hearing some rumors.There must be something important involved."

Xie Zhiyan nodded,"You're correct.We have indeed obtained some crucial information.Do you know about the life of the Lion King Du Yuansheng?"

Su Xin nodded,recalling the detailed information he had just received from Tie Wuqing.

Xie Zhiyan continued,"Although Du Yuansheng assisted the establishment of the Supreme Dynasty of the Great Zhou,the Xiangnan Wulin Alliance he founded is a secret alliance,and it should be seen as a cooperative relationship with the Great Zhou Dynasty.The speculation in the martial world is that the Emperor of the Great Zhou feared Du Yuansheng's influence and wanted to eliminate the Xiangnan Wulin Alliance.However,Du Yuansheng was always vigilant against the Emperor.He concealed the spoils he acquired during the attack on Dong Jin,and ninety percent of that treasure is believed to be in Changning Prefecture,the Dragon Prosperity land of the Great Zhou Dynasty."

Xie Zhiyan took out a peculiar token and placed it on the table."After Du Yuansheng's death,the Xiangnan Wulin Alliance fell apart.We obtained these tokens from his trusted subordinates.They are the keys to unlocking the treasure.There should be five keys in total—one held by Yijian Sect,one by Qingcheng Sword Sect,one by the Jiangling branch of Nian Bang,one by the Southern Xiangnan family,and the last one is missing.However,we recently received information that this missing key had appeared in Changning Prefecture,so we rushed over."

Su Xin frowned,pondering for a moment."Something doesn't add up.You all received the news about the last key being in Changning Prefecture and came here today,but you entered the city at the same time?"

Xie Zhiyan nodded,"Perhaps it was an hour or two apart,but we did arrive in Changning Prefecture today."

Su Xin knocked on the table,saying,"That's where the problem lies.Yijian Sect is in Sword South Road,Qingcheng Sword Sect is in South Sichuan Road,and Nian Bang is in South Jiangnan Road.The distances between these three are thousands of miles.After receiving the news,it would be impossible for you to all arrive in Changning Prefecture at the same time.Moreover,the three major families from Xiangnan are closest to Changning Prefecture.If they set out,they would arrive in just over ten days.Yet,they are here at the same time as you."

Listening to Su Xin,Xie Zhiyan also felt the anomaly."Are you suggesting that someone deliberately passed on the information to us and even calculated the timing to ensure that the three major sects and the three major families would gather in Changning Prefecture simultaneously?"

Su Xin nodded,"Exactly.The possibility is high.However,if there is indeed a puppet master behind the scenes,their target is likely Du Yuansheng's treasure.Once the treasure appears,they should also reveal themselves."

Mere speculation would not lead to anything.Su Xin took out a piece of paper and drew the shape of the key,planning to have his subordinates inquire about it.Additionally,information about Du Yuansheng's life could provide clues to the whereabouts of the treasure.

Although Du Yuansheng died for more than ten years,some old people in Changning Prefecture must have heard some news or legends about Du Yuansheng,which may have useful things.

See Su letter arrangement in good order,Xie Zhiyan also rest assured,after Su Letter goodbye,also back to the inn to rest.

And at this time the other gangs are not idle,because the other big people,also came to them.

Three Yinghui.

Meng Changhe and other three people will personally welcome three young people into the door,the attitude is extremely respectful.

They are the three big families in southern Hunan:Ruan,Zhang,Chiang three family of Ruan Mingyue,Zhang Qingfang and Jiang Yuandong.

Xiangnan three big family in this south of the land is one of the biggest forces,before the three British association as Changning House in the strongest gang,also with them to play,know the terror of the three big family.

The same three families for Changning house forces are also very understanding,so the first time to choose the strongest three Ying will be their helper.

Years help Jiangling after entering the Changning house,just met the iron knife will help,so he directly chose the iron knife will help him.

Although He day is proud,but also heard the world seven help in the name of the year,dare not have half a slight.

Among these several people,Fang Dongting of Qingcheng sword school came to the latest,until he came to Changning House,other gangs have been selected,leaving only the blood clothes will and kamikaze will.

In fact,the beginning Fang Dongting is want to choose Su Xin's eagle help.

Now the eagle help in Changning house,although most people know,Changning house in the strongest gang is the three British club,but outsiders only know the eagle help the name of the largest,and Su letter but Changning House gang alliance leader.

Since want to find someone to find out the news,that Fang Dongting naturally want to choose the most powerful one,but how Xie Zhiyan coincidence to Shenglong building met Su letter,Fang Dongting a step later,can only dark hate in the heart.

The relationship between his Qingcheng sword school and Yi Sword Gate is not good,it should be said that as one of the five sword schools,everyone's relationship is not too good.

As the saying goes,there is no literary first,and no military second.

The first sword hat of the day,but everyone wants it.

There were still two to choose from,and Fang Dongting directly chose Kamikaze.

The strength of the Blood clothes Society is naturally stronger than the kamikaze Society,but Fang Dongting will not choose him,because behind the blood clothes Society stands the blood clothes building,one of the eight left road blood clothes building.

Qingcheng sword sect prides itself on being a decent family,and certainly does not want to be associated with such killer organizations as Bloodclotheshouse.

Moreover,the blood clothes house and his Qingcheng sword school belong to one of the strongest forces in the world,he wants to command people casually,people are afraid not to listen to it,so Fang Dongting finally had to choose the kamikaze.

Fang Dongting is dressed in a light blue Taoist robe,tall and handsome,and the sword in his hand is not placed on his own body,but is held by an attendant.

Gong Qingfeng carefully served in his side,dare not have the slightest slack.

Although Gong Qingfeng was considered a vassal in the Changning Palace,he was the youngest of the lieutenants besides Su Xin.

However,he is no doubt different from the son of the elder of the Qingcheng sword school,who reached the birth of Fang Dongting at the age of more than 20 and entered the list of people.

Fang Dongting light way:"Gong Gong,I let you draw down the key to help the whole Changning house to find,you have done it?"

Gong Qingfeng quickly said,"Don't worry,Prince Fang,I have already had thousands of copies of the shape of the key engraved,and my men are helping each other to make a copy,and they are all probing outside."

"How long will it take to search all of Changning?"

Gong Qingfeng considered for a moment and said,"At least seven days."

"Seven days?"Fang Dongting suddenly a frown:"Seven days is too much,three days."

Gong Qingfeng said with a face:"Prince Fang,three days of naivety can not be ah,my men only 10,000 people,even if they do not sleep,it is impossible to find the whole Changning Prefecture in three days."

Fang Dongting cold hum:"Gong Fengfeng,you are playing with me?"I paid you for the first three styles of our Qingcheng Sword school,and now you're telling me you can't do it?

Yi Jianmen was looking for the key,and Nian Gang was also looking for it,seven days later,they all got the treasure!"

Gong Qingfeng turned his eyes and said,"Prince Fang,three days is really impossible,otherwise,you open your mouth to find other gangs in Changning to borrow some people,with your face they will certainly not dare to offend you."

Fang Dongting faintly glanced at him:"Which gang of people do you Changning Prefecture have the most?"

"The Eagles!Su Xin has the largest number of flying Eagles,more than 30,000 people,three times as many as my Kamikaze Society,and Su Xin is also the leader of our Changning District Gang alliance."

Gong Qingfeng's eyes flashed a trace of fine mang,he clearly knew that there were more than 50,000 people in the three Ying will help,but at this time he said that the number of flying eagles is the most.