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Chapter 119: All of You Attack Together

8910words in this chapter2024-01-06

The First World War shook the entire arena,and this kind of momentum was already overwhelming,but Su Xin felt it was not enough.Today,he must make his name'Meng Qingze'known throughout the city,and one battle is not sufficient.So,Su Xin directly said to Yan Zhongheng and others,"What,afraid to fight?In that case,I won't bully you.Even if you all come at once,I'll take you on,no matter how many there are!"

Yan Shuheng glanced deeply at Su Xin,"You said it yourself,don't go back on your word."

"With so many people present,how could Meng Qingze go back on his word?"Su Xin said indifferently.

Yan Shuheng and others exchanged glances and sent out one person each.Yan Shuheng's subordinate was a middle-aged man with dual swords,seemingly ordinary.However,he was a character well-known on the Wind and Cloud Ranking,ranking twenty-third,much higher than Chu Kuang before.On the other hand,Yan Shuheng sent a man from the Western Regions,a blond and blue-eyed man without any weapon in hand,but his eyes were exceptionally gloomy.

Yan Shuheng had a wide range of connections,and his subordinates were the most numerous and complicated among the brothers.Although this Western Regions man was not ranked on the Wind and Cloud Ranking,he was a genuine innate martial artist.

As for Yan Zhongheng,he only sent out Zhang Guang.Originally,Zhang Guang did not want to fight Su Xin,not because he was timid,but from the previous battle,he could tell that he was definitely not Su Xin's opponent.Going up would only be a humiliation.However,with three people now besieging Su Xin,there might be a chance to defeat him.

"Is it just you three?Alright,make your move,"Su Xin stood with his sword,a confident expression on his face.

The three of them exchanged glances and attacked together.The first one to strike was the middle-aged man with dual swords.Surprisingly,his martial arts belonged to the Daoist tradition,very stable.The dual swords formed a yin-yang pattern,Tai Chi rotating,dividing into the four symbols.The sword light seemed endless,intending to trap and kill people within it.

Zhang Guang shouted angrily.A powerful sound wave erupted,even the warriors a bit farther away felt a thunderous explosion in their ears,making their eardrums ache.Around Zhang Guang,a visible sound wave burst forth,extremely formidable.

The Western Regions man didn't move at first.However,when the middle-aged swordsman and Zhang Guang attacked,his figure suddenly flashed and disappeared on the spot.

All three attacked,but at this moment,Su Xin actually closed his eyes.Facing the attacks of three innate Qi and Sea realm martial artists,he seemed to have no pressure at all,as if he were just playing around.

However,in the way of martial arts,the fastest way to grow is through life-and-death battles.Constantly putting pressure on oneself allows personal growth in the midst of life-and-death struggles.Closing his eyes,Su Xin felt the constant changes in the surrounding spiritual energy.The fluctuations of the three warriors'true qi were mixed in the natural energy,creating a chaotic disturbance.

In the innate Qi and Sea realm,martial artists not only needed to sense the qi sea within their bodies but also absorb the external natural energy to truly be considered'innate.'


A clear sword resonance echoed,and Su Xin's Dragon Roaming Sword unsheathed.The Duan Family's sword technique unfolded,with the sword radiance weaving in a dynamic and elegant manner,yet not losing the aura of a king.

However,this was just the surface.In Su Xin's perception,the sword technique of the swordsman with dual swords seemed like a Tai Chi yin-yang fish,with the central point as the beginning and also the end.

The Dragon Roaming Sword moved like the wind,precisely hitting that central point.The power of the Blood River Divine Sword burst forth.Although Su Xin dared not use the full power of the Blood River Divine Sword,just using about ten percent was enough to break the swordsman's technique.


The sound of metal clashing resonated.The swordsman holding dual swords was shocked to find that the immense force had not only broken his sword technique but also shattered one of his swords.

Meanwhile,Zhang Guang had already rushed over.The sonic power almost landed on Su Xin at the same time as the swordsman's weapon broke.Seeing this,Zhang Guang quickly struck with a palm,and a thunderous sound burst forth,accompanied by a dazzling lightning.

Su Xin held the sword in his right hand,and with his left hand,he pointed with the Astonishing Spirit Finger,the finger wind swift as thunder,not giving the opponent any chance to react.However,as Su Xin clashed with Zhang Guang,a cloud of yellow sand scattered behind him.The Western Regions man,who hadn't made a move until then,suddenly appeared behind him.He held five black poison needles in each hand,throwing them towards Su Xin!

Seeing this scene,the onlookers cursed the Western Regions man for his despicable tactics.Regardless of the sides they supported,Su Xin was still a person from the Central Plains.In a three-against-one situation with an assassination attempt using poisonous needles,it was truly shameless.

However,Su Xin remained calm.He had been observing the Western Regions man's peculiar movements,always paying attention to his actions.The moment he appeared,Su Xin sensed it,and his protective true qi burst out,directly deflecting the poison needles.At the same time,Su Xin's Dragon Roaming Sword swiftly moved,shattering the remaining sword of the Western Regions warrior,and the sword radiance swept through the air,sending the warrior flying.

Turning around,Su Xin continued to use the Astonishing Spirit Finger,consecutively pointing it out.The powerful finger wind pressed down on Zhang Guang,making it difficult for him to lift his head.Now,he understood the pain that Chu Kuang experienced earlier.Under this relentless assault,resisting was almost impossible,let alone counterattacking.

The Western Regions man,seeing the situation,couldn't care less about hiding.He shouted and charged towards Su Xin.His palms seemed to entwine like snakes,suddenly expanding several feet,strangely crashing towards Su Xin's dantian and chest.

Honestly,Su Xin found the martial arts from the Western Regions quite troublesome,but it was only a bit troublesome.Their techniques were cunning and ruthless,but the power was quite average.

The Dragon Roaming Sword turned to defense,and the sword radiance surged,sweeping towards the Western Regions warrior like flowing water.On Zhang Guang's side,Su Xin unexpectedly abandoned the attack.

The Western Regions warrior,seeing Su Xin giving up on Zhang Guang and focusing on him,was suddenly shocked.He wasn't someone who excelled in direct combat.His attack on Su Xin earlier was just a sneak attack during the confrontation with Zhang Guang.

Now,seeing Su Xin abandoning Zhang Guang to deal with him first,he was frightened.His figure turned into a black shadow,hastily retreating.As Su Xin's sword radiance swept past him,his body suddenly turned into yellow sand,disappearing.

This situation was indeed very strange.In Su Xin's perception,the Western Regions warrior genuinely turned into yellow sand and disappeared,not some kind of illusion.

Although there were legends about martial artists being able to transform their bodies into an inhuman state,like turning their bodies as tough as iron and not shedding a drop of blood even if their bones were visible,such abilities were typically only achievable by cultivators in the Elemental Spirit realm or above.

If a martial artist in the innate Qi and Sea realm had such capabilities,the Western Regions'Thirty-Six Kingdoms would not be in the current chaotic state but would have already invaded the Central Plains.

Su Xin closed his eyes,passively resisting Zhang Guang's attacks with the Astonishing Spirit Finger.Simultaneously,he meticulously searched for any movements around him.Although he found nothing,a sudden insight struck him.He finally understood what the opponent's trump card was!

"Illusion!It's actually an illusion!"

What martial artists called illusions were essentially mental attacks.By refining one's own spirit,they could influence or even directly attack the opponent mentally,and illusions were one way to express mental power.

Generally,only those in the Divine Palace realm would begin cultivating mental power,and those in the Elemental Spirit realm would start comprehending methods to attack or use mental power.

At this moment,the Western Regions warrior's strength might be ordinary,but his array of strange and unusual methods was quite extensive.

Su Xin opened his eyes,and the Dragon Roaming Sword swung,sweeping several feet of sword radiance back and forth in the surroundings,as if he was getting impatient because he couldn't find the Western Regions warrior.However,Zhang Guang couldn't relax;he felt that Su Xin now was even more terrifying than before!

"Do you think an illusion can truly affect me?"Perceiving a slight tremor in the space after the sword radiance swept through,Su Xin stepped forward,completely ignoring Zhang Guang.The Astonishing Spirit Finger struck continuously,and a burst of blood suddenly splashed.The Western Regions warrior appeared,holding his left leg,groaning in pain.

The Dragon Roaming Sword swung,and the majestic aura of kingship gave no room for the Western Regions warrior to dodge.The dynamic sword moves completely blocked all his escape routes,forcing the Western Regions warrior to clash head-on.He was sent flying with half of his body drenched in blood.

Zhang Guang caught up from behind,and a thunderous glow flashed in his palm,striking towards Su Xin's back.Su Xin pointed with the Astonishing Spirit Finger,like a rainbow piercing through the sun,exceptionally domineering.

In the fierce summer of the twenty-four solar terms,the scorching Great Heat,the sun radiated brilliantly!

Zhang Guang felt a numbness in his right hand as the scorching force directly entered his meridians.Just as he was about to dissolve this finger force,Su Xin's sword had already stabbed towards him.He could even sense the sharp killing intent on the sword radiance!

"Wait!Stop!I surrender!"Zhang Guang quickly retreated,shouting loudly.