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Chapter 118: Awakening Insects, Thunderous Silence

9605words in this chapter2024-01-06

Suxin decided to make Yan Qingsnow completely famous in Shangshan City,and that required a stunning performance.

Yan Zhongheng and his group brought quite a few people,including several innate martial artists.Today was the perfect opportunity to deal with them.

"We know the purpose of your visit,no need for more words.Since you brought quite a few people today,let's have a fight.If you win,I,Meng Qingze,will immediately leave Shangshan City,and Miss Yan's token will be handed over.But if you lose,don't linger here complaining.Hurry up and go home.Do you dare?"

Upon hearing Suxin's words,Yan Zhongheng and his group were immediately intrigued.

It would be great to resolve the issue with Meng Qingze and Yan Qingsnow in one battle.Even though Meng Qingze defeated Yan Zhongheng yesterday,it didn't mean much.Yan Zhongheng had only broken through to the innate Qi Sea realm less than half a year ago,and there were many innate martial artists under him who were much stronger than him.

Yan Zhongheng turned to Yan Qingsnow,"Little sister,do you agree with what he said?Don't wait until we defeat him,and you refuse to honor the agreement."

Yan Qingsnow replied indifferently,"Mister Meng's words can represent me completely."

Yan Qingsnow trusted Suxin's strength a lot.Moreover,she had already placed everything on Suxin.Even if it came to gambling,she believed that Suxin could win.

Yan Zhongheng sneered,"Very well,since that's the case,let's start now."

Suxin waved his hand,"Not so fast.Let's go outside first;this is not the place for a fight.Breaking the inn here would not be good."

The innkeeper,who had been hiding on the side for a long time,expressed gratitude towards Suxin.

This was the demeanor a ranking expert should have.At this moment,he even considered the well-being of a small person like him.This was unlike Yan Zhongheng and his group,who were like bandits,kicking down the door of his inn when they entered.

"Let's go outside.We're leaving!"Yan Zhongheng waved his hand,leading his group out of the inn.

A space of a hundred feet was cleared on the long street,providing enough room for their showdown.

Yan Jiheng spoke first,"Let my people go first!"

Yan Zhongheng chuckled,"Since Thirteenth Brother wants to take action,you go first."

He had already fought against Suxin yesterday and knew how formidable he was.Moreover,his subordinate Zhang Guang had no confidence in defeating Suxin.Yan Jiheng's desire to take the lead was something he welcomed.

"Uncle Zhong,it's your turn,"Yan Jiheng said to a burly man beside him.

The burly man,about forty years old,carried a huge ghost-headed beheading knife on his back,looking extremely fierce.

"Don't worry,Young Master.What if I'm not on the ranking list?If it weren't for my age,I might have made it onto the list!"The man named Zhong Kuang laughed wildly.

The onlookers outside became increasingly excited as they saw Zhong Kuang taking action.This was going to be a spectacle.

Zhong Kuang lived up to his name—he was indeed arrogant.However,he had the qualifications for it.Ranked twenty-fifth on the Wind and Cloud Arena,he was two positions higher than Zhang Guang.

In the top thirty of the Wind and Cloud Arena,they no longer easily challenged each other.They simply waited for others to challenge them and collected money.But Zhong Kuang was different;he actively sought challenges from higher-level martial artists every month.Although this resulted in significant financial losses with each defeat,he didn't care.

A battle between a newly ranked expert and a veteran innate martial artist in the top thirty promised to be quite exciting.

Zhong Kuang sneered as he walked out,drawing the beheading knife from behind him.His aura instantly became violent.

To be honest,he didn't hold much regard for those famous martial artists on the ranking list.In his opinion,why did the imperial ranking list have an age restriction?It seemed unfair to martial artists like him who came from small sects or had a background as wandering cultivators.

Those martial artists from prominent sects began their martial training from a young age,with renowned teachers guiding them and an abundance of elixirs at their disposal.Their starting point was undoubtedly higher.

If the ranking list were more like the Earthly Ranking,where anyone with enough strength could join,Zhong Kuang might also have had the chance to be on the list.

"Kid,today I want to see what makes you,this so-called ranked martial artist,strong!"Zhong Kuang roared.He rapidly approached Suxin with each step,and with every step,his aura grew stronger.The force beneath his feet even shattered the bluestone tiles on the street.After ten steps,the street behind him was in ruins.

Zhong Kuang's martial art focused on overwhelming pressure.With this first strike,he had concentrated all his vital energy and spirit,reaching the peak of his strength.

Back in the Wind and Cloud Arena,countless martial artists had been severely injured or even killed by this initial strike.After Zhong Kuang attacked,even if his opponent survived,they would be left with no strength to continue the fight.

Facing Zhong Kuang's earth-shattering strike,Suxin,with his ghost-headed beheading knife,could faintly see a distorted image of a roaring evil spirit forming in the middle of the blade.The imposing force was truly astonishing.

Unfortunately,this time Zhong Kuang was facing Suxin,who was stronger than him both in power and martial skills.

A powerful strike came down with unparalleled momentum,but Suxin simply extended his index finger and pointed it at the blade with a thunderous force!

The Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Divine Finger had twenty-four different applications.White Chou Fei mostly used the Awakening Insects method,and Suxin primarily used the Awakening Insects as well.

The Awakening Insects method involved the feeling of thunder,and the finger force was like thunder,swift and extremely powerful.However,besides Awakening Insects,the other variations of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Divine Finger were equally potent.Currently,Suxin was using Great Cold,the extreme of severe winter!

The icy finger force seemed to freeze Zhong Kuang's blade movement,a tremendous force surged,making Zhong Kuang's blade unable to descend any further!

The formidable finger force,combined with the robust physical strength from the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art,allowed Suxin to block Zhong Kuang's strongest strike with just one finger.

To onlookers,it appeared as if Suxin,with a single finger,was evenly matched with Zhong Kuang,which was quite terrifying.If Suxin were to throw a punch,would it not directly crush Zhong Kuang?

Of course,for innate martial artists like Zhang Guang,they wouldn't view it as superficially as ordinary martial artists.

Zhang Guang,with a serious expression,said to Yan Zhongheng,"This is a formidable finger technique with numerous variations,integrating the mysteries of heaven and earth.Its foundation is definitely not simple.I wonder what opportunities Zong Haoyang had overseas to obtain such a powerful finger technique.While there are many finger techniques in the Central Plains martial arts,the Shaolin Monastery's Seventy-Two Techniques includes techniques like Pinching Flowers Finger,Unseen Disaster Finger,and Daruma Palm.Even the demonic sects,such as the Yellow Springs Cult in the Nine Evil Paths,have techniques like Yellow Springs Finger.But I feel that if this finger technique is fully unleashed,its power may even rival them!"

The innate martial artists present had keen eyesight and could instantly perceive the power of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Divine Finger.Zhong Kuang,who had experienced it firsthand,was even more deeply affected.

The powerful finger force circulated within him like freezing ice,disrupting his qi circulation.Zhong Kuang immediately roared,turned to sheathe his blade,and a burst of fiery true qi spewed out,expelling Suxin's finger force from his body.

He retreated,and Suxin advanced!

The finger wind,like thunderbolts,continued to strike in rapid succession–Awakening Insects,Thunderous Silence!

Zhong Kuang hurriedly swung his blade to defend.With the reinforcement of true qi,the powerful finger wind created a loud noise upon hitting his ghost-headed beheading knife.Striking the ground created a hole several feet deep,surrounded by cracks.

The finger wind,like thunderous lightning,directly suppressed Zhong Kuang,making it difficult for him to lift his head.

Onlookers exclaimed in shock:Zhong Kuang was about to lose!

Zhong Kuang,known for his explosive strength,usually crushed his opponents in one go.However,if he fell into a disadvantage,it was challenging for him to turn the tide.It might even lead to a worsening situation,spiraling from bad to worse.

Now,he was in such a situation.The sharpness in his heart had been erased by Suxin,and in a moment of carelessness,Suxin's finger struck his right shoulder blade,causing his ghost-headed beheading knife to slip from his hand.Finally,a finger struck his chest,directly sending him flying and spitting out blood.

This series of attacks left people dizzy and astonished.Previously,Zhong Kuang was the one who always overwhelmed others in one go.Unexpectedly,today,he was the one being overwhelmed.

Suxin stood with hands behind his back,calmly saying,"Anyone else?"

This indifferent posture immediately gained the approval of the martial artists present.Indeed,he was worthy of being a ranking expert.His demeanor was extraordinary.

On the side,LüLi excitedly pulled Xie Zhiyan's arm,shaking it continuously,"Miss,look,look!Mister Meng is so powerful and handsome!"

Chi Rang,somewhat sarcastically,said,"Mister Meng is strong,but winning with style?I can do that too."

LüLi rolled her eyes at him,"Humph,Mister Meng is a master feeling lonely;what you're doing is just showing off."

Chi Rang was left speechless by her remark.

Yan Zhongheng,with a dark face,had someone carry the severely injured Zhong Kuang back.He wished to leave immediately,feeling utterly embarrassed.He had eagerly taken the lead,only to be swiftly dealt with by someone in no time.

He wasn't an innate martial artist,and his vision was limited.He couldn't see Suxin's true strength;he only saw Zhong Kuang's incompetence.

So,Yan Zhongheng secretly decided to send Zhong Kuang away when they returned.He had taken so much money and resources,yet the results were disappointing.

Yan Jiheng and Yan Shengheng exchanged a glance,both showing a hint of bitterness.

One was the ninth son of Yan Emperor,with numerous subordinates,and the other was known for his wide network and open-mindedness,with even more martial artists under him.However,the power displayed by Suxin had shocked them.Among the martial artists they recruited in Shangshan City,it seemed that none could confidently defeat Suxin.

They had quite a few experts at the innate realm behind them,but due to the influence of Yan Emperor Nine,they couldn't openly bring those experts along.For a moment,they couldn't find anyone suitable.