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Chapter 288 Ambush

8951words in this chapter2024-02-08

Yue Qingping's sudden attack caught Su Xin off guard.

Fortunately,Su Xin had a habit of being alert to his surroundings during battles,allowing him to shift Yue Qingping's palm strength with a swift move at a critical moment.

Turning around,without hesitation,Su Xin unleashed his innate Broken Body Invisible Sword Qi,roaring with hundreds of sword energies in an instant,pushing his ability to release sword qi to its limit.

Yue Qingping was taken aback by this move.

Although he and Jiang Heliu had returned to Jiangnan Dao together,they hadn't really taken the time to understand Su Xin.Originally,according to the plan,it was Jiang Heliu who was supposed to directly kill Su Xin.Facing a peak Nascent Divinity realm against a peak Divine Palace realm,there was simply no comparison;was there any need to understand the opponent's strength?

But now,with Yue Qingping taking action,his memory of Su Xin still lingered on the moment at the Jiangnan Assembly.The sudden burst of strength from Su Xin startled him.

The countless invisible sword qi tore through the sky,sometimes sharp,sometimes gentle,ever-changing.Yue Qingping felt as if he were battling more than a dozen sword cultivators at once.

His Broken Jade Hand erupted,shattering several sword energies.Endless palm shadows burst forth,barely managing to block all the sword qi.But as he prepared to counterattack,Su Xin had already disappeared from his sight.

The moment Su Xin appeared,Yue Qingping anticipated it was a trap.

The remnants of Wu Kingdom were real,but they were merely bait to lure him in.

And the crucial problem wasn't Yue Qingping;even if Yue Qingping couldn't defeat Su Xin,he wouldn't be at Su Xin's mercy either.The problem was,if Yue Qingping was here,then where was Jiang Heliu?

So after making his move,Su Xin immediately unleashed his full power with the Wind God's Kick and ran away.But he hadn't gone far when a terrifying pressure descended upon him.

Jiang Heliu descended from mid-air,forming hand seals with one hand,a dazzling white lotus blossomed,radiating a supremely holy light.

But under this holy light,Su Xin felt a chill run down his spine,as if he were being targeted by an ancient savage beast,sending shivers to his core.

Back at the Jiangnan Assembly,Su Xin had seen Jiang Heliu make a move,but at that time,he was also engaged in a battle with Yue Qingping,so he only glanced briefly and didn't pay much attention.

But now,facing Jiang Heliu himself,Su Xin felt that Jiang Heliu's strength might not even be inferior to'Nine Mountain God'Dong Buyi,the Autumn Altar's master,and he definitely had the strength to rank on the Earth List!

Su Xin didn't hesitate for a moment,directly exchanging for the Three-Finger Sky Strike.As he swiftly retreated,he pointed out with one finger,instantly unleashing a torrent of finger force like a violent storm,dissolving into the radiant white lotus.

With one finger,the holy light faded!

Jiang Heliu was surprised.This time,he was genuinely astonished.

Although he had heard that Su Xin once took three moves from Dong Buyi head-on,Jiang Heliu had thought it was because Dong Buyi was wary of Su Xin's background and didn't want to completely break with the court,so he let him off.

But now,seeing the strength displayed by Su Xin,Jiang Heliu realized that Su Xin might indeed be capable of taking on Dong Buyi head-on.

Although the two only exchanged a single move,the momentum generated was comparable to two Nascent Divinity realm warriors fighting.It immediately suppressed Huang Bingcheng and the others who were still massacring in front of the Qing Shan Martial Hall.

They couldn't believe that what was supposed to be a simple mission had turned into a confrontation with a true peak Nascent Divinity realm remnant of Wu Kingdom.

Su Xin fully utilized the Wind God's Kick to escape from Liyang Mansion,with Jiang Heliu in hot pursuit.

Although the spies in Liyang Mansion had been withdrawn by Yin Ji,making a move in such a public place might not remain hidden for long.

If Gu Donglai and others arrived in time to block them,he would be in big trouble.

Last time,they could escape from Gu Donglai and the others only because they joined forces.Now,if it was just him alone,he didn't have the confidence to escape from Gu Donglai's hands.

Every delay increased the danger.Yue Qingping also hurriedly chased after him,killing two Six Gates Sect constables in passing,without paying attention to Huang Bingcheng and the others.

In the eyes of Yue Qingping and others,these people were just some lowly characters;the main priority was to kill Su Xin.

Seeing this scene,the constables of Six Gates Sect were somewhat at a loss,even Lu Xu and Zhao Yiming were looking at Huang Bingcheng,unsure of what to do.

"Damn it!What are you all staring at me for?Quickly,choose the fastest runner among you to go back to Jiangnan Mansion and seek help from Lord Gu Donglai.Don't kill the rest;capture them all alive!Damn it,I want to see who is plotting against my boss here!"

Huang Bingcheng cursed,but he had everything arranged properly.Everyone immediately followed his orders,no longer as panicked as before.

Lu Xu and Zhao Yiming looked at Huang Bingcheng with complicated expressions.

To be honest,they didn't really pay much attention to Huang Bingcheng at first.

They were quite impressed with the two trusted aides Su Xin always kept by his side,Li Huai and the others acknowledged their strength,which was definitely comparable to the top fifty on the ranking of experts.

As for Huang Bingcheng,they were somewhat skeptical.

It was simply because Huang Bingcheng's strength was too low.

There were thousands of Constables at the post-celestial realm in the entire Jiangnan Dao's Six Gates Sect.What gave Huang Bingcheng the right to be on equal footing with them as the chief Constable of the prefectural capital?Moreover,Huang Bingcheng's abilities under Su Xin's command were quite straightforward;he simply followed orders without question.Whatever Su Xin asked him to do,he did,plus some flattery on regular days.That was the impression everyone had of Huang Bingcheng.

The fact that someone like him could rise to such a position alongside them made Lu Xu and the others silently criticize.Although the boss was deep in scheming,in some respects,he was not much different from some bigwigs,preferring to keep a flatterer by his side.

But now,they understood why Huang Bingcheng had the qualifications to stay by Su Xin's side and become one of his trusted aides.

With Su Xin around,Huang Bingcheng played the perfect role of an executor.Whatever Su Xin instructed,he would carry out,something many people could do.But the rarity lay in someone like Huang Bingcheng,who had never made a mistake in anything he did.Moreover,when everyone else was in a panic,the only one who remained calm and issued orders was Huang Bingcheng,whom they had always underestimated.This made Lu Xu and the others feel ashamed.

At this moment,Su Xin was desperately fleeing.The speed of the Wind God's Kick was almost pushed to the limit,making Su Xin seem as if he were flying in the air,continuously leaping on the ground,his speed leaving behind mere shadows.

Even someone like Jiang Heliu,a peak Nascent Divinity realm existence,couldn't catch up with him for a moment.But the problem was,Su Xin couldn't maintain this speed indefinitely.

In essence,the Wind God's Kick was a martial technique meant to increase combat effectiveness by bursting out speed in an instant,not suitable for using as a fleeing technique.

After dashing out more than ten miles,Su Xin had already depleted a third of his internal energy.

Helplessly,Su Xin had to stop,and at this moment,Jiang Heliu had caught up.

"Su Xin,you are indeed someone outstanding.If you hadn't joined the Six Gates Sect,I would have spared no effort to recruit you.On the day of Wu Kingdom's revival,you would surely rank above ten thousand others in the court,"Jiang Heliu shook his head,as if feeling regretful,but his figure continued to approach Su Xin.

Su Xin shook his head with a smile."But unfortunately,even if I hadn't joined the Six Gates Sect,I wouldn't have followed you guys."

"Why?"Jiang Heliu asked calmly.

Su Xin shook his head."Because there's no future.Throughout history,those who have seized power have always built high walls,stocked plenty of grain,and delayed proclaiming themselves king.The one who jumps out first always ends up the worst off.When the Eastern Jin Dynasty declined,several powers vied for supremacy,but in the end,the small barbarian state that rebelled last ended up seizing the Central Plains.Where is the force that rebelled against the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the first place?You are the same now.The Hundred Footworm of the Great Zhou Dynasty hasn't died yet,but you are eager to cause trouble before the realm is in total chaos.Dream of restoring the kingdom in your next life!"

Jiang Heliu's face darkened,and he sneered,"Nonsense!Take this nonsense to the King of Hell when you go down to the underworld!"

With that,Jiang Heliu formed hand seals,and white lotuses,emitting the sound of Buddhist chants,descended from the sky.Endless Buddhist chants disrupted Su Xin's mind.Su Xin's Variegated Heaven and Earth Spiritual Technique frantically operated.His mind was clear,and his spiritual power seemed to turn into thin threads,forming a large net,blocking out the disturbing sound of Buddhist chants.

Seeing this scene,Jiang Heliu was even more astonished.He actually mastered spiritual secret techniques as well.How many cards did this kid have left?

As the threatening white lotus descended,Su Xin pointed his finger,and his finger force dissipated into the air.With one finger,the myriad Buddhas had to retreat!

A Finger to Shock Dreams!

In an instant,the dazzling white lotus,shining with glorious Buddhist light,shattered like a bubble under Su Xin's Finger to Shock Dreams,dispersing into countless rays of energy.

However,although Su Xin broke Jiang Heliu's move,this finger also drained all the true energy from his body,leaving Su Xin's face pale and his body swaying,almost unable to stand steady.

"Have you used up all your trump cards?Alright,now you can die!"Jiang Heliu pointed out,and instantly the heavens and the earth changed color,the wind and clouds surged,and endless Buddhist light appeared,as if this one finger had shattered a world.