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Chapter 287:Mobilization

9435words in this chapter2024-02-08

After Yin Ji used a secret method to summon Chen Xun,he handed him a piece of paper and said,"I received information that there may be remnants of the Wu Kingdom appearing here,and the individual is even at the Yuan Shen realm.Immediately notify all undercover agents from the thirty-six northern prefectures of the Jiangnan Prefecture to come here and verify the authenticity of this information.If there are indeed remnants of the Wu Kingdom at the Yuan Shen realm,immediately inform Lord Gu Donglai."

Although Jiang Heliu asked Yin Ji to transfer all undercover agents from the entire Jiangnan Prefecture,Yin Ji did not do so.Jiang Heliu was not from the Six Ministries,and he was not familiar with the situation of the Six Ministries.Even if those undercover agents acted swiftly,it would be impossible to gather all the undercover agents from the entire Jiangnan Prefecture in one day.It was sufficient to mobilize all the undercover agents from the thirty-six northern prefectures.Su Xin's destination was Liyang Prefecture,which was among these thirty-six northern prefectures,so Yin Ji only needed to mobilize the undercover agents here.

Chen Xun cupped his hands and said,"There's no need for such a big fuss.It's enough for the undercover agents from one prefecture of the Jiangnan Prefecture to inquire about the news."

Yin Ji's face darkened."Do I need you to teach me how to do things?Would you prefer to take my position instead?"

Chen Xun's expression changed immediately,and he hastily said,"My apologies,Lord Yin.I will handle it right away."

Watching Chen Xun leave,Yin Ji's heart was not as calm as it seemed on the surface.If this matter succeeded,as Jiang Heliu said,he would almost certainly smoothly succeed as the Chief Constable of the Jiangnan Prefecture.But if it failed,he dared not even think about the consequences.The Six Ministries would not tolerate a remnant of the Wu Kingdom hiding within them for so long.Such actions would be a blatant challenge to the Six Ministries.The Six Ministries would likely issue the highest-level execution order to hunt him down.Then,he would truly have no place in this world.

Outside Liyang Prefecture,Su Xin and a group of Six Ministries constables took almost half a day to arrive.They changed into new clothes before entering the city.The official attire of the Six Ministries was too conspicuous.If the other party noticed them and fled,it would be troublesome.

"Old Huang,go contact the undercover agents in Liyang Prefecture and ask if they are still in their original positions,"Su Xin said.

They had spent nearly half a year traveling from the Jiangnan Prefecture to Liyang Prefecture.If the other party had moved or gone out during this time,they would be out of luck.

Huang Bingcheng nodded.Like Yin Ji before,he opened a small bamboo tube.However,this time there were no insects inside.Instead,an invisible streak of light soared into the sky.

There were many ways to contact the undercover agents of the Six Ministries.The insect message Yin Ji used before was one method.Inside the bamboo tube held by Huang Bingcheng were special fireworks.They were imperceptible to outsiders,whether it was day or night.Only the undercover agents of the Six Ministries,using special tools,could detect them.

Su Xin and the others waited in place for half an hour,but no one came.This made Su Xin furrow his brows.

After thinking for a moment,Huang Bingcheng said,"It seems that the undercover agents in Liyang Prefecture are all out.They are usually very busy,so they should be on missions in other prefectures now."

"Alright,let's not wait for them.Let's go in directly,"Su Xin nodded and led the team into Liyang Prefecture.

According to the information from the undercover agents of the Six Ministries,the remnants of the Wu Kingdom they discovered this time were in a martial arts hall in Liyang Prefecture,the Qingshan Martial Arts Hall.The owner of Qingshan Martial Arts Hall,Liu Qingshan,had reached the pinnacle of the Divine Palace realm in his cultivation.He had a wide network of contacts and had a good reputation within Liyang Prefecture.

The few remnants of the Wu Kingdom originally had close ties to the Renyi Manor,making them easily recognizable.So,they changed their appearances and disguised themselves as disciples of Liu Qingshan,hiding in the martial arts hall.With Liu Qingshan's protection,they had not been discovered for a long time.

Su Xin and his team headed towards the Qingshan Martial Arts Hall.Even though they weren't wearing official attire,they still attracted a lot of attention.

Liyang Prefecture was just a small prefecture with no significant forces.The appearance of so many martial artists at the Divine Palace realm was obviously not a trivial matter.

The Qingshan Martial Arts Hall was the largest martial arts hall in Liyang Prefecture,with hundreds of disciples.The entire martial arts hall occupied half a street and looked very imposing.

As Su Xin and his team reached the entrance of the martial arts hall,they immediately drew the attention of the disciples inside.

Seeing the imposing aura emanating from Su Xin and his team,as well as their aggressive demeanor,the two disciples guarding the entrance hurriedly approached."What business do you have at our Qingshan Martial Arts Hall?Please wait here;I will report to our master."

Without stopping,Su Xin waved his hand and walked straight through the two people.In an instant,two invisible sword auras slashed out,directly splitting the two individuals in half,startling the disciples inside the martial arts hall and the pedestrians outside.

"Six Ministries are here on official business.Stand aside,all bystanders!"Su Xin's voice was stern.

Although the undercover agents of the Six Ministries had said that there were only five to seven suspected remnants of the Wu Kingdom in the Qingshan Martial Arts Hall,

But Su Xin didn't have the time to distinguish between who was a remnant of the Wu Kingdom and who was innocent.These few individuals used to have close ties with the Renyi Manor in Jiangnan,and even though they were now staying at the Qingshan Martial Arts Hall in disguise,Su Xin didn't believe they could hide any traces.Anyway,the owner of the Qingshan Martial Arts Hall,Liu Qingshan,couldn't escape suspicion.Perhaps most of the disciples of the Qingshan Martial Arts Hall were innocent,but Su Xin didn't have the time to discern who was innocent.Fortunately,it was enough to eliminate them all.

When the martial artists around heard this,they immediately backed off dozens of yards,afraid that the Six Ministries would accidentally harm them.

During this period,the Six Ministries had done a lot of slaughtering and extermination.Each time,they used collusion with the remnants of the Wu Kingdom as an excuse.People were tired of hearing it,but this time,it was indeed true.

The disciples in the martial arts hall ranged from acquired realm to innate realm.When they heard Su Xin's words,they were shocked and quickly ran towards the back door of the martial arts hall.

Su Xin waved his hand,and Zhao Yiming and others immediately led the way,leaving almost no one able to resist.

These people were carefully trained constables by him.Dealing with some innate and acquired martial artists was simply effortless.

Su Xin grabbed a disciple in the innate realm and asked,"Where is your master?"

The disciple,who looked like he wasn't even twenty yet,was grabbed by Su Xin.He yelled in terror,"I don't know!I really don't know!I didn't collude with the remnants of the Wu Kingdom!"

"Ch!"With a light sound,Su Xin's invisible sword aura directly cut the disciple in half.

Su Xin took a step and walked up to another disciple in the acquired realm,gripping his neck."Where is your master?"

Seeing his senior and junior brothers being killed by the Six Ministries in just a dozen breaths,the disciple couldn't help but curse furiously with red eyes,"Su Xin!You lackeys of the court!You won't have a good end!"

As he spoke,the disciple even spat at Su Xin.

Su Xin tilted his head slightly,applied some force with his hand,and casually threw the corpse away.

Su Xin turned and walked to another disciple in the acquired realm,asking calmly,"Where is your master?"

This disciple had been frightened by Su Xin's swift killings.He pointed tremblingly in a direction and said,"Master is in the back hall!Right there!Please don't kill me,I really didn't collude with the remnants of the Wu Kingdom!"

Su Xin nodded."Thank you for telling me.Blame your master then.But it's okay;he'll come down to accompany you soon."

Su Xin turned and left.The disciple's body immediately fell apart,with a look of unwillingness in his eyes.

Su Xin walked in the direction indicated by the disciple.At this moment,seven martial artists at the Divine Palace realm also walked out.One of them,judging from his attire,should be Liu Qingshan,the owner of the Qingshan Martial Arts Hall.The others were also peak Divine Palace realm martial artists,obviously the remnants of the Wu Kingdom mentioned by the undercover agents.

"Huh?Not fleeing?How bold,"Liu Qingshan said with red eyes as he saw the scene of corpses everywhere."Su Xin!You won't have a good end!"

Su Xin shook his head."People always like to blame their own mistakes on others.If you didn't collude with those remnants of the Wu Kingdom,would I come to exterminate your entire family?By the way,I promised someone to send you down to accompany him.I always keep my promises,so,it's time for you to die!"

As his words fell,dozens of sword auras appeared around Su Xin,invisible and formless,tearing through the sky.The sword aura was fierce and varied,some sharp and soft,some strong and violent.Liu Qingshan and the others tried to resist,but they were horrified to find themselves extremely fragile under the sword aura,as if they were tofu,easily torn apart!

The only person who managed to withstand Su Xin's invisible sword aura was a martial artist with a strong physical body.His muscles seemed to be made of iron and emitted a metallic luster.But even so,he had a deep wound on his chest from the sword aura.

Just as Su Xin was about to send another sword aura to kill that person,a terrifying wave of energy came from behind him.

A pair of jade-like hands appeared behind Su Xin,and a powerful and terrifying true energy burst out instantly,covering the sky with a palm!

There was a faint smile on Yue Qingping's expressionless face.Being able to take revenge personally was what he wanted,and he had discussed it with Jiang Heliu for a long time before Jiang Heliu agreed to let him take the first shot.

Otherwise,according to Jiang Heliu's opinion,he should directly take the shot,kill Su Xin,and immediately flee without wasting any time.

But just as Yue Qingping's palm was about to imprint on Su Xin's back,a faint starlight flashed across his body.This almost surefire palm was forcibly deflected,smashing towards the remaining martial artist,directly turning him into a pile of minced meat!