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Chapter 240: Amnesty and Recruitment

8477words in this chapter2024-01-26

Liu Hao brought Su Xin to the largest group of bandits in the southern Jiangnan region.The leader of this group was a formidable warrior in the Divine Palace realm,with at least seven such leaders under him.There were over ten innate realm warriors,and hundreds of post-innate realm warriors,making them comparable to some weaker second-tier forces.

Among all the bandits in the jianghu,the most powerful were the Taihang Mountain Stronghold in the Henan region.The Thirty-Six Blades Hall dominated Henan,and even major jianghu sects dared not easily provoke them.

Therefore,the Taihang Mountain Stronghold sat conspicuously on the Taihang Mountain,and for centuries,no one dared to challenge them recklessly.

On the other hand,these bandit strongholds in the Jiangnan region had to keep a lower profile.The one Su Xin and his group were heading to didn't even have a name,just located in the midst of Beiling Mountain,referred to simply as Beiling Mountain Stronghold.The leader of the bandits was Zhang Xiao,known as the"Beiling Tiger,"and he was at the pinnacle of the Divine Palace realm.

Under Liu Hao's guidance,Su Xin and his group meandered through the winding paths of Beiling Mountain,finally arriving at the entrance of a valley where Zhang Xiao's stronghold was situated.

Upon seeing Su Xin and his group,especially noticing the official attire of the Six Fan Gates they were wearing,the guards were instantly alarmed.They quickly struck a large drum by their side.

The drum resounded,and within half an hour,the entire stronghold,with a history of several centuries,had assembled.The speed was astonishing.

Su Xin nodded in satisfaction.This bandit force was indeed one of the largest in the Jiangnan region,and at least the quality of their subordinates seemed commendable.

As the stronghold's gates opened,a man in his forties with a fierce countenance appeared as the leader.He carried a giant guandao on his back,giving him a fearsome appearance.Surrounding him were six warriors at the Divine Palace realm,all key figures within Beiling Mountain Stronghold,staring at Su Xin and his group with solemn expressions.

Since Jin Wulin took over as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan,due to his intentional leniency,no one had come to eliminate these bandits and thieves.Therefore,in recent years,Zhang Xiao and his bandit group had lived quite comfortably.They only needed to be on guard against the major martial sects.

Even though Su Xin's appointment as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan was heard by them,they paid it little attention.According to Zhang Xiao and others,Su Xin's first task would be to eliminate internal opposition,firmly control the Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan,and then prepare to deal with the martial sects.

They believed that their bandit forces would be dealt with much later.However,they never expected that after eliminating internal opposition,Su Xin would come directly for their stronghold.

Cautiously,Zhang Xiao arched his hand and said,"Lord Su,our Beiling Mountain Stronghold has been well-behaved recently.With your busy official duties,why bother with us?After all,we are just a minor nuisance.You should deal with those martial sects first.Wanting to eliminate us would be an unwise move."

Zhang Xiao's tone changed,becoming somewhat chilly,"Although our Beiling Mountain Stronghold is weak and has few people,if Lord Su insists on eliminating us,we won't just surrender.Even if our stronghold is wiped out today,it might cost you a few teeth,causing a significant loss to the strength of the Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan.Think carefully,Lord Su.We are already living on borrowed time,and whoever wants our lives,we will fight to the death!"

Ruthlessness flickered in the eyes of Zhang Xiao's followers behind him.Anyone who dared to establish a stronghold here as bandits was not an easily dealt with individual.Especially in Jiangnan,they might be eradicated by major sect disciples at any time.If you don't have the determination to fight to the death,you'd better quit this line of work early.

Su Xin raised an eyebrow and asked coldly,"Are you threatening me?"

Zhang Xiao remained calm and said,"Lord Su,you have faced the Autumn Altar Master of the Nian Faction,a powerful cultivator in the Elemental Spirit realm.How could I dare to threaten you?I'm just stating a fact."

A smile appeared on Su Xin's face,"Zhang,don't be nervous.I'm not here to eliminate you.If that were the case,I wouldn't have brought so few people."

Zhang Xiao looked at Su Xin with confusion.Su Xin only brought Liu Hao and a few others with him,and the dozens of innate realm constables were not enough to wipe out his stronghold.

As the Chief Constable of Jiangnan,Su Xin was not expected to come for a casual chat.Zhang Xiao remained cautious and asked,"I wonder why Lord Su has come here?"

Su Xin loudly addressed the crowd of Beiling Mountain Stronghold,"It's simple.I've come this time to offer you all a way out.The Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan are currently in need of talents.As long as you join the Six Fan Gates,you can become officials under the court,securing a good background."

Su Xin's words immediately caused a commotion in the entire stronghold.The Six Fan Gates were actually recruiting bandits.Did they hear it correctly?

Upon hearing this fantastical proposition,the crowd didn't feel excitement but rather caution,a deep sense of caution.Who knew if Su Xin was trying to deceive them,luring them out of the stronghold to annihilate them in one fell swoop?

Su Xin chuckled and shook his head,saying,"Are you worried that I'm deceiving you?I believe your stronghold has spies outside.The constables and heads of the Six Fan Gates in the various provinces of Jiangnan have shown no unusual movements.Even if I wanted to eliminate you,what strength could I use to do so?With just the few dozen people I brought today?"

"I've brought only this many people because I sincerely want to recruit you all to help the court.It's better than hiding in these deep mountains,always on edge,isn't it?"Su Xin continued.

After hearing Su Xin's explanation,the crowd thought about it.Su Xin wasn't a fool;coming to eliminate them now would be of no benefit to the Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan.

In that case,was what Su Xin said true?Could they really transform from bandits to officials?

With this in mind,many people in the crowd were indeed swayed.

For those who lived the life of bandits,whitewashing their reputation was challenging.Their reputation was only slightly better than those demonic disciples who committed all sorts of evil deeds.Even if they wanted to change their ways,few sects would accept them.

For example,the leader of the Lianyun Stronghold,Pang Feiyun,the"Hidden Mist Dragon,"had good strength but struggled to join a local sect in the Xiangnan Province.Even a weaker third-tier force wouldn't accept him.In the end,he had to rely on the special circumstances in Xiangnan to join Di Yunfei's side,hoping to be accepted into the Zhengjian Alliance for redemption.

Seeing some of his subordinates showing signs of being tempted,Zhang Xiao immediately thought it was not good.He had no interest in Su Xin's recruitment.

In this Beiling Mountain Stronghold,he led hundreds of people,and they lived freely and comfortably.Why join the Six Fan Gates and become lackeys for Su Xin,serving the imperial court?Some people just thought that way—better to be a rooster than an ox.

So,witnessing this scene,Zhang Xiao immediately said,"Lord Su,it seems you're planning to use us as cannon fodder.Everyone in Jiangnan knows that the Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan are weak.If you and the martial sects of Jiangnan are in conflict,and we join the Six Fan Gates,we will inevitably become enemies of the martial sects in Jiangnan.This is a suicidal move,and we won't participate."

His bandits quickly understood the situation.They wondered why Su Xin,as a member of the Six Fan Gates,risked recruiting them,the bandits.It turned out that Su Xin was waiting for them here,intending to use them as cannon fodder against the martial forces of Jiangnan.

With this understanding,the gazes of the many bandits in Beiling Mountain Stronghold turned unfriendly toward Su Xin and his group.

Su Xin sneered and said,"Do you think that not joining us means you won't be enemies with those martial sects in Jiangnan?Do you know how those martial sects view you?You're nothing more than stepping stones they use to build their reputation!The strength of your Beiling Mountain Stronghold is indeed not weak,just slightly inferior to some second-rate forces.But if any first-rate martial sect in Jiangnan makes a move,you will undoubtedly die.You've survived until now because those major sects deliberately spared you,using you as stepping stones for their disciples.Think about it.Over the years,how many of your people have died at the hands of those major sects?Even if you don't oppose them,do you think they will spare you?It has always been them killing you to boost their reputation.If you dare to touch the core disciples of those major sects,do you not believe your stronghold will become history the next day?Instead of living in constant fear that your stronghold might be wiped out one day,it's better to join us,the Six Fan Gates.Although we're called the imperial court's lackeys,at least we live with dignity.Which sect's disciples would dare point at us and say we're the imperial court's lackeys?"Su Xin's words plunged the bandits into contemplation,and some felt anger.After all,what Su Xin said was indeed the truth.

Over the years,many of them had died at the hands of disciples from major sects.Sometimes,even though they had the numerical advantage for revenge,their leaders restrained them,fearing retaliation that would bring disaster to the entire stronghold.

This situation was truly frustrating.