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Chapter 241: Blocking One's Path to Success is Like Killing Their Parents

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Looking at the bandits under Zhang Xiao who all showed a deep sense of agreement,Su Xin's lips curled into a faint smile as he continued,"No matter where you go,you'll be enemies with those martial arts sects.What I can guarantee is that if you join my Six Gates,you'll gain much more than you could as bandits.

You should all be familiar with the system of my Six Gates.The capable ones are valued.Besides the fixed monthly salary and training resources,if you want more resources for cultivation,as long as you earn enough merits,all kinds of resources will be available.

Break through the Innate Realm,and you'll be constables of the prefecture;break through the Innate Spirit Realm,and you'll be constable heads;break through the Innate Divine Palace Realm,and you'll be the chief constable of the prefecture.

As long as your strength is sufficient and you accumulate enough merits,you can attain positions within the Six Gates of Jiangnan Road.With the added cultivation resources,you'll have endless possibilities."

Su Xin's words carried a tempting tone,causing those present to feel a bit moved.

Although the Six Gates were often criticized as henchmen of the court,they were generous in providing resources for cultivation,even more so than some major martial sects.After all,if they bore the title of court henchmen and didn't receive good benefits,no one would join the Six Gates.

A martial artist in the Divine Palace Realm beside Zhang Xiao respectfully asked,"May I ask,Lord Su,if we join the Six Gates,what positions can you offer us?"

Su Xin replied,"I've already said,I'll give you a position based on your strength.Once a martial artist in the Divine Palace Realm joins the Six Gates,they will be appointed as the chief constable of a prefecture."

The martial artist in the Divine Palace Realm's eyes immediately revealed a hint of excitement.Being the chief constable of a prefecture was a position of real power,with hundreds of subordinates,making them practically the second most important figure in a prefecture.

However,just as things seemed to be going smoothly for Su Xin,Zhang Xiao suddenly spoke up,"Lord Su,please leave.My North Ridge Stronghold does not wish to be involved in the conflicts between the Six Gates and the martial forces of Jiangnan Road.Although the position of chief constable and the cultivation resources are indeed valuable,there are things that require life to enjoy.Without life,everything else is meaningless."

Su Xin narrowed his eyes,"Does Chief Zhang mean to decline?It's fine if you don't agree,but I've not only invited you.What about your brothers behind you?Do they agree?"

Zhang Xiao coldly snorted,"No need to ask.I,Zhang Xiao,can make decisions for them.My small stronghold doesn't want to meddle in external affairs,so please leave,Lord Su."

Hearing Zhang Xiao's words,the bandits behind him were a bit dissatisfied,but no one directly opposed him.North Ridge Stronghold was established by Zhang Xiao,and over the years,he had become too influential.His nickname,'North Ridge Tiger,'spoke to his formidable authority within the stronghold.When he spoke,no one else dared to refute.

Zhang Xiao revealed a pleased expression.Managing North Ridge Stronghold for over a decade,it wasn't something that others could easily divide.

However,at this moment,Su Xin smiled,"Chief Zhang,have you ever heard a saying?Blocking someone's path to wealth is akin to killing their parents.Your brothers behind you may respect you,but that's not a reason to hinder their future.I came here today specifically to recruit these people.If you obstruct me,it's like cutting off my path to wealth.What do you think I'll do?"

A strong sense of danger flashed through Zhang Xiao's heart.He was about to say something,but Su Xin had already taken action.Pointing his finger,a dazzling blood moon appeared behind him,and dozens of blood-red lines shot out from the blood moon,twisting and turning like lifelike blood,eerie and mysterious.

Under the blessing of the Mountain Character Scripture,the power of the Blood River Divine Finger not only became stronger,but the surreal scene also differed significantly from the original version of the Blood River Divine Finger.

In Zhang Xiao's perception,although he speculated that the dozens of blood lines were likely fake,he didn't know which ones were real,which ones were fake,or if they were all real or all fake.

Real and fake,dreamlike,Su Xin's mystical use of the Mountain Character Scripture made it even more challenging than pure illusion.

With a roar,Zhang Xiao swept his enormous guan dao horizontally,and a tiger's roar echoed through the mountains and forests.Sharp blade radiance spread,exuding an unparalleled dominance.

The Western White Tiger belongs to the element of gold.A virtual image of a white tiger appeared behind Zhang Xiao.The blade radiance contained a rich sharpness,intending to cut through Su Xin's Blood River Divine Finger.

However,as the dozens of blood lines approached Zhang Xiao,they suddenly merged into one,accelerating rapidly.They directly shattered the guan dao in Zhang Xiao's hand and slammed into his chest.

Zhang Xiao fell with a look of unwillingness.The six martial artists in the Divine Palace Realm beside him had just made a move,but seeing this scene,they immediately stopped.

Su Xin couldn't help but sneer inwardly as he observed their reactions.

Although his Blood River Divine Finger was fast and vicious,seven martial artists in the Innate Divine Palace Realm could definitely stop it together.However,intentionally delaying their actions resulted in Zhang Xiao's death,and the implications were intriguing.

As Su Xin had said before,blocking someone's path to wealth is like killing their parents.Zhang Xiao obstructed the advancement of others;for those lower in strength,it was acceptable,but how could these martial artists in the Divine Palace Realm settle for being the second-in-command or even the fifth or sixth in command in this small stronghold?

"Are you all willing to join my Six Gates now?"Su Xin asked with a smile.

The remaining six martial artists in the Divine Palace Realm glanced at each other and respectfully said to Su Xin,"We pay our respects to you,Lord!"

The remaining bandits,seeing their leader had fallen,and the other leaders had already submitted to the Six Gates,also respectfully called Su Xin"Lord,"indicating their willingness to join the Six Gates.

Someone wondered,"Isn't it too easy for these bandits to surrender?Some of them seem to lack principles."

After hearing this,Liu Hao sneered disdainfully,"Principles are worth nothing!Initially,after leaving those bandits,I spent several years concealing my identity before infiltrating the Six Gates.Now,Lord Su is giving them a chance to join openly.If they refuse,they would be idiots.

You wouldn't understand if you've never been a bandit.Those who have better alternatives will never choose to be bandits."

Curious,someone asked,"With your talent and strength,why did you choose to be a bandit back then?"

Liu Hao replied indifferently,"Back then,I was only in the Post-Innate Realm,and the martial arts I learned were from an old bodyguard retiring in my hometown.After he died,I joined a small sect,but later I stole the son of the sect's elder's woman.He plotted against me,but I was fortunate enough to kill him and had nowhere to go.So,I became a bandit.

Moreover,during the years I was a bandit,the resources for cultivation I obtained were much more than in the sect.Otherwise,with my talent,I wouldn't have reached the Innate Realm."

Hearing Liu Hao's story,someone couldn't help but be speechless.It seemed like Liu Hao was bound to fall into trouble because of women.

He felt that Liu Hao would sooner or later be ensnared by women.He had caused trouble by stealing the son of the sect elder and then almost got killed by Su Xin for involving himself with a woman again.It seemed that Liu Hao never learned his lesson.

After all the bandits from these strongholds agreed to join the Six Gates,Su Xin instructed a constable to take the Post-Innate Realm bandits directly to the Six Gates headquarters for registration.The other Innate Realm warriors accompanied him to other strongholds to continue recruiting more bandits.

In ten days,Su Xin and his group traveled to almost all strongholds in Jiangnan Road.However,for the later strongholds,Su Xin wouldn't be as merciful.

With each stronghold he conquered,Su Xin's strength increased.In the later strongholds,Su Xin simply asked the bandits one question:"Are you willing to join my Six Gates?"

Those willing to submit were recruited,and those unwilling were directly eliminated.

In these ten days,Su Xin recruited more than eighty Divine Palace Realm bandits,over seven hundred Innate Realm bandits,and over ten thousand Post-Innate warriors.This force had already surpassed the influence of Jin Martial Arts,which governed Jiangnan Road when Su Xin took control of the Six Gates.