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Chapter 192: Annihilation

8054words in this chapter2024-01-14

At this moment in the Zhu family village,Mr.Zhu and others are not sleeping.Instead,they are anxiously waiting in the hall.Although news has come from Zhu Yancheng that he has successfully instigated Jue Yan to confront Su Xin,for some reason,they still feel a lingering unease in their hearts.

Almost a day has passed,why haven't they returned yet?Su Xin is just a cultivator in the Pre-Natal Realm,while Jue Yan is a martial arts master in the Elemental Spirit Realm.He could easily defeat Su Xin with just one move.Why hasn't it been done yet?Could there be some unforeseen circumstances?

Everyone is worried,especially Zhu Qifang,who keeps pacing in the hall,causing annoyance to Mr.Zhu."Enough!Stop pacing around,my eyes are getting tired!"Mr.Zhu scolds.

Zhu Qifang stops and mumbles,"I've said it before,we shouldn't have taken such risky actions.A Cheng is just a child.What if Jue Yan sees through the flaws?And what if we can't kill Su Xin?Won't that attract him to us?"

Mr.Zhu snorts,"As the head of the family,why don't you have any decisive courage?Anyway,the deed is done.Worrying now is pointless.Jue Yan,as a strong Elemental Spirit Realm practitioner,can easily deal with Su Xin,who is only in the Pre-Natal Realm.Su Xin is as good as dead this time!"

Just as he finishes speaking,there is a loud bang outside.The main gate of Zhu's residence is forcefully knocked open.Zhu's family members rush out and see the shattered gate and Zhu disciples torn apart by swordlight.In the midst of a pool of blood stands Su Xin,wearing a devilish smile.

"How is this possible?How could you still be alive?"Mr.Zhu's face shows horror.The strong Elemental Spirit Realm couldn't kill him?

Zhu Qifang looks dismayed,muttering,"I said not to provoke Su Xin.Now that we took such a risk,we're done.Zhu's family is finished!"

Su Xin calmly says,"Why should I die?Just because a martial artist in the Elemental Spirit Realm was instigated,does it mean I'm doomed to die?You stirred up Jue Yan to deal with me,now be prepared for my retaliation."

Mr.Zhu takes a deep breath,"Alright,I understand."Unexpectedly,he kneels down and says,"Everything was planned by this old man.I am willing to take responsibility and apologize.I hope,Su Xin,you can spare the others in Zhu's family."

Su Xin shakes his head,"Not enough."Mr.Zhu raises his head,pointing at Zhu Qifang and others,the second generation of Zhu's family,"They can also die with me.I only ask you,Su Xin,to spare the old,weak,women,and children in Zhu's family and leave a trace of bloodline for Zhu's family."

Zhu Qifang and others look at their father with disbelief.What is he saying?Let them take responsibility and apologize by sacrificing themselves?

Some second-generation members of Zhu's family want to say something,but they all fall silent in the end.With Su Xin holding their lives,even if they don't take responsibility,can Su Xin spare them?

But Su Xin still shakes his head,"Still not enough."Mr.Zhu raises his head abruptly,"Then what do you want?"

A cold gleam appears in Su Xin's eyes,"Very simple,I want Zhu's family to be annihilated,not a single one left!"

"We'll fight you!"Zhu Qifang and others,hearing this,charge forward madly.Since Su Xin wants to exterminate them all,what else is there to say?Besides fighting desperately,do they have any other options?

A mocking smile crosses Su Xin's face as the Blood River Divine Sword sweeps through,directly beheading Zhu Qifang and others at the waist.Currently,the strongest in Zhu's family are the second-generation members in the Pre-Natal Qi Hai Realm,but they are inconsequential to Su Xin.

Half an hour later,over 300 members of Zhu's family have been slaughtered by Su Xin.Wiping the blood off his sword,Su Xin turns and leaves.He shows no mercy even to the old,weak,women,and children of Zhu's family.

Li Chenzhou is unparalleled in his domineering aura.He can give enemies a chance to grow,but Su Xin won't.It's not that he's afraid,but he wants to avoid unnecessary trouble.Killing and not killing,Su Xin thinks of the overwhelming hatred in the eyes of the young disciples of Zhu's family.These people might cause him unnecessary trouble in the future.

While in most novels,antagonists usually spare the protagonist,giving them a chance to rise before seeking revenge,unfortunately,Su Xin doesn't share this sinister taste.He won't grant those who hate him the opportunity to become the main character.

Zhu's family estate in Hannan Dao is a considerable force.Though it's not in the capital,it is close to the official road.

Su Xin massacred Zhu's family,turning the once lively estate into a silent graveyard.Travelers in the martial world sense something amiss,with a continuous waft of blood around Zhu's family.Curious individuals investigate,only to witness a hellish scene—Zhu's family completely annihilated!

Currently,the martial arts world in Central Plains is relatively stable.Although major sects have constant minor conflicts and fierce competition among disciples,the complete extermination of a family has not occurred for a long time.

The news of Zhu's family,a relatively renowned force in Hannan Dao,being wiped out overnight becomes a major headline.Local sects send representatives to investigate,suspecting a disciple from some demonic sect committed this heinous act.

Traditionally,the righteous and the wicked don't coexist,but the nine powerful demonic sects,known as the Nine Abyss Demon Sects,have been suppressed by the righteous sects in recent years.Moreover,these demonic sects have internal issues,and it's been a while since a bold disciple from the demonic path has acted so outrageously.

If it's confirmed that a disciple from a demonic sect committed this act,the martial world in Hannan Dao would immediately issue a wanted notice,aiming to eradicate the culprit and prevent further atrocities.

However,when the results of the autopsy come out,everyone is stunned.The perpetrator turns out to be Su Xin,ranked 23rd on the People Ranking!

Su Xin's massacre of Zhu's family,while motivated by revenge,also serves the deeper purpose of intimidating others.He wants them to carefully consider the consequences before plotting against him.Hence,when he struck,he didn't conceal his identity,using his well-known martial skills,easily recognizable by others.

This leaves the martial artists in Hannan Dao with no recourse.The affair has to be left alone for now.The feud between Su Xin and Zhu's family has become well-known in Hannan Dao during this time,just a typical vendetta.

Su Xin killed Zhu Yanxin,Zhu Zefang sought revenge and was killed by Su Xin in turn.Then Zhu's family instigated Jue Yan from Shaolin Temple to deal with Su Xin,but they failed,leading to Su Xin's retaliation and the annihilation of Zhu's family.The right and wrong in this matter are unclear,but with one party exterminated,the conflict can finally be considered resolved.

Though Su Xin's methods were ruthless,both sides had become sworn enemies.His actions are justifiable,and the martial sects in Hannan Dao,having no grievances with Su Xin,show no interest in labeling him as a demonic disciple or offering a hefty reward.Hence,the matter ends without further consequences.

A month later,when the People Ranking updates,Su Xin advances one more spot.

"Name:Su Xin

Alias:Blood Sword Divine Finger


Martial Skills:Blood River Divine Sword(Slaying dragons with a river of blood,previously used to break Difeng's Dragon Transformation Technique),Blood River Divine Finger(An extension of the Blood River Divine Sword,versatile and mysterious),Twenty-Four Solar Terms Astonishing Finger(Incorporates changes of the twenty-four solar terms,extremely ingenious)

Strength:Pre-Natal Lingqiao Realm,Grand Perfection

Achievements:Inside the burial grounds of'Sword Sovereign'Luo Yunling in Xiangnan,defeated Di Yunfei,Xiaomo Yun,and Shangguan Yanqing.Killed'Smiling Night Fiend'Cao Zheng'an,the leader of the bandits in Huayin Mountain,outside Hanyang Prefecture in Hannan Dao,ambushed and killed by four Divine Palace Realm martial artists.

One month ago,Shaolin Temple's'Evil-Slaying Monk'Jue Yan,instigated by Zhu's family,tried to suppress Su Xin.After a few moves,Su Xin managed to escape.

Note:The following day,Su Xin struck,annihilating Zhu's family with over 300 members.


Seeing Su Xin's ranking rise again,the person transcribing the People Ranking wears a peculiar expression.Not because Su Xin advanced another spot,but because of the bizarre reason for his promotion this time.Unlike others who ascend the ranking due to personal achievements,like defeating or killing opponents,Su Xin's rise is attributed to escaping Jue Yan's pursuit,a first in the People Ranking.

However,no one can argue against such an accomplishment.Engaging in a few moves and successfully escaping from a divine-level practitioner like Jue Yan,considering both are on the People Ranking,is an achievement few can boast about.

Moreover,Jue Yan isn't just any divine-level martial artist;he's a renowned figure in the martial world,belonging to the Luohan Hall of Shaolin Temple.