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Chapter 193: Jiangnan Prefecture

9039words in this chapter2024-01-14

Regarding the incident of Su Xin annihilating the Zhujia Village,it caused quite a stir in the martial arts world due to the public release of the ranking list.Most orthodox sects disdain Su Xin's actions,considering him ruthless and extreme.While he hasn't fallen into demonic cultivation yet,there is a risk in that direction.

Master Jueyan of Shaolin Temple wishes to bring Su Xin back to suppress and cleanse him of hostility,and he might be right.However,despite some people talking about it,most are just making idle remarks.No one is rash enough to provoke Su Xin at this point,especially since the destroyed Zhujia Village had no relation to them.It would be foolish to challenge Su Xin now.

Su Xin's background as a lone cultivator and his retaliatory nature make him someone to avoid.He is the type who,if struck,will respond with a lethal blow.Such individuals should be kept at a distance,and if provoked,they must be completely eliminated to avoid future troubles.

Su Xin is unaware of these discussions,but even if he knew,he would likely be pleased.Being feared by others indicates the success of his demonstration.As for his reputation in the martial world,Su Xin has long ceased to care about such things.

Killing Fang Dongting and getting on the blacklist is a secondary matter for Su Xin.Currently,he is a Wind Patrol Constable of the Six Fan Pavilions,a genuine hound of the imperial court.This identity won't remain hidden forever,and when it becomes known,Su Xin's reputation in the martial world will further deteriorate.

During his journey,Su Xin initially planned to travel by land to Jiangnan Dao.However,land routes are lengthy,and practicing martial arts on horseback is inconvenient.Therefore,Su Xin chose to travel by water,reaching Jiangnan Fu in just a month.

Jiangnan,known for its beautiful scenery,especially Jiangnan Fu at the heart of Jiangnan Dao,lives up to its reputation.The entire city exudes the charm of small bridges,flowing water,and peaceful homes.Boats with straw canopies are scattered along the river,and on the streets,wandering swordsmen with straw hats,elegant young masters from prominent families,and dashing young martial artists are everywhere,adding a touch of martial heroism to this graceful Jiangnan water town.

Once off the boat,Su Xin casually glanced around.Jiangnan Fu is truly the most prosperous place for martial arts in the entire Central Plains,with martial practitioners abundant as dogs.

Su Xin,with his peak innate spirit realm cultivation,is considered a formidable expert in Xiangnan Dao and Hannan Dao.However,in Jiangnan Fu,he is just average.He noticed several martial artists passing by,all with innate realm cultivation.

Su Xin replaced his Wanderer's Sword with a common sharkskin scabbard and hung it casually around his waist.On the lakeside,numerous black canopy boats awaited rental,while further away were larger flower boats available for rent,albeit at a much higher price than the simple black canopy boats.

Su Xin walked up to a black canopy boat.The boat owner,a spirited old man in his sixties,and a delicate boat girl of fifteen or sixteen greeted him.The girl had a graceful demeanor,embodying the charming and gentle atmosphere of Jiangnan.The old man grinned and said,"Young sir,how much are you willing to pay for a tour around Jiangnan Fu?This old man is just trying to make some extra money while taking a break from fishing."

Su Xin smiled and,without haggling,tossed a silver ingot onto the boat.The boat girl picked it up and,upon seeing its weight,her eyes narrowed with a smile.

Su Xin inwardly chuckled,thinking that people in Jiangnan Fu indeed knew how to calculate.Dealing with a martial artist like him,the old man had the audacity to play such tricks.Earlier,when he said Su Xin could name the price,he was clearly trying to take advantage.

If Su Xin had tossed out just a few pennies,he probably wouldn't be receiving this kind of service.The boat girl,though small in stature,was nimble and efficient.She took out a basket of freshly caught fish,suspended it at the back of the boat,allowing the fish to stay alive in the water.Su Xin observed her skillfully clean and cut a two-foot-long fish,which she then simmered with seasoning in boiling water.Beside it was a pot of yellow wine,emanating a fresh and fragrant aroma of fish.

The boat,rowed by the old man,leisurely sailed on the lake.The boat girl asked softly,"Would the young sir like to eat something?Here,we have fresh fish caught this morning and homemade yellow wine.Would you like to try?"

Her soft Wu dialect was pleasant to the ears.Su Xin nodded and said,"Sure,just prepare whatever you think is good."Su Xin watched as the boat girl brought out a stove,utensils,and other items from the back of the boat.He couldn't help but shake his head,amused.

If he had genuinely haggled over a few dozen pennies,he probably wouldn't be treated like this.The boat girl might be small,but having lived on a boat for years,she was adept at her work.A fish caught that morning,hung in a basket at the boat's stern,was still alive.The boat girl skillfully prepared the two-foot-long fish,simmered it in boiling water with seasonings,and warmed a pot of yellow wine on the side,filling the air with the refreshing fragrance of fish.

After the fish dish was served,Su Xin took a bite and indeed found it delicious.The yellow wine,with its delicate and mellow flavor,was unlike other strong liquors.The boat girl,with wide eyes,observed Su Xin closely until he uttered a'not bad.'Only then did she break into a big smile.

There are many martial artists in Jiangnan Fu,but people like the boat girl,ordinary folks who have seen these martial artists but rarely had close contact with them,seem like inhabitants of two different worlds.

Most true martial artists,in order to maintain face,would invite friends and spend a high price to rent those large flower boats for touring Jiangnan Fu.There are very few who would rent small black canopy boats like hers.

As Su Xin enjoyed the food and wine,he surveyed the surroundings of Jiangnan Fu.The prevalence of martial prowess in Jiangnan Fu is not a favorable situation for the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Despite the abundance of martial practitioners in Jiangnan Fu,very few belong to the Great Zhou Dynasty.They are considered an'uncontrollable'presence.

Tracing back,the fundamental reason Jiangnan Fu became what it is today lies with the Xiao family.Throughout the rise and fall of successive Central Plains dynasties,the shadows of various martial sects have always been present.Many times,these dynasties were supported by martial sects,but once the dynasty became stable,it tended to turn its back on the martial sects,sometimes even eliminating them directly.

An example is the Three Xiang Martial Alliance led by Martial Emperor Wu Long and Duke Du Yuan Sheng in the past.The only exception is the Daliang Dynasty established by the Xiao family.

Daliang Dynasty was originally founded by a martial force.During its quest for hegemony,it attracted not only disciples from the Xiao family but also various heroes from the martial world,making its composition highly complex.

Unfortunately,the struggle for dominance among dynasties is not the same as the conflicts between martial sects.While the Xiao family could maintain the status of their six major clans,they couldn't sustain a dynasty.

Afterwards,the Xiao family managed to smoothly transition from a fallen dynasty back to a prominent martial family,thanks to the unique characteristics of the Xiao family.

In Su Xin's view,the Xiao family still has a somewhat precarious existence,evident in their annual gathering called the Jiangnan Meeting to recruit numerous wandering martial practitioners.

Despite being one of the six major clans,the Xiao family's continuous recruitment of many followers is frowned upon by the court.

However,Jiangnan Dao is the Xiao family's headquarters,and other martial forces in Jiangnan Dao also have their representatives.The court is cautious and reluctant to interfere here.

Lost in these thoughts,Su Xin was slightly distracted when he heard the boatman and the boat girl exclaiming.The small black canopy boat hastily changed course.

Su Xin looked up to see a massive flower boat approaching directly from the opposite direction,seemingly about to collide with their small boat.

The waterways in Jiangnan Fu are not particularly narrow,especially as they are about to enter a large lake.The river could accommodate two five-yard-wide large flower boats side by side.However,the approaching flower boat didn't seem to intentionally move to the side.Instead,it continued directly in the middle of the waterway,seemingly on the verge of crashing into their small boat.

While the river is not very deep,and falling into the water wouldn't be fatal,for the old boatman and the boat girl,this small black canopy boat is like their home—it must not be harmed.

The old man quickly maneuvered the oars,attempting to dock the black canopy boat on the side.However,the flower boat's speed was incredibly fast,almost instantly about to collide with the small boat.

At this moment,laughter and commotion could even be heard from the people on the flower boat,as if crashing into others'boats was some amusing spectacle.

Due to the abrupt turn of the small boat,the violent vibrations caused Su Xin's table to shake,spilling the yellow wine.He furrowed his brows.

Even trying to peacefully enjoy the scenery is not allowed without disturbance.Some people are truly unpleasant.

Suddenly,Su Xin's figure moved like a gust of wind,and in an instant,he disappeared from the boat's bow.

The boat girl was about to remind Su Xin to jump off,but in the blink of an eye,Su Xin had vanished.When she looked up again,she couldn't help but exclaim.At this moment,Su Xin had appeared in front of the flower boat.With intense cosmic energy around his legs,he delivered a powerful kick!


A loud explosion echoed as the flower boat's speed immediately halted.However,Su Xin's movements didn't stop.He continued kicking with his legs in a relentless manner,employing the third move of the Wind God's Legs—'Storm of Fierce Wind.'The leg movements were continuous and unending,resembling a terrifying downpour.

With each kick,Su Xin's own figure advanced a step,as if he was stepping on the air,ascending with each kick.Moreover,not only did Su Xin's Wind God's Legs slow down the flower boat,but it started moving backward due to Su Xin's kicks.