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Chapter 290:Benefits of the Underworld

7588words in this chapter2024-02-08

Su Xin's thoughts naturally couldn't escape Judge Cui's notice.He smiled and said,"The structure of the underworld is quite simple.All inner circle members are named after the positions in the legendary underworld,and they wear masks to conceal their original identities.

In the underworld,the highest rank is held by Lord Di Zang,who single-handedly established its existence.As Lord Di Zang is often in seclusion,the underworld is alternatively managed by Lady Dream and Lady Earth.

Apart from these three,all other members of the underworld hold equal status.Even if the three lords need our assistance,it will be in the form of tasks rather than direct commands."

Su Xin asked,"How powerful is Lord Di Zang?"

Su Xin had a good memory;he remembered Judge Cui mentioning that the underworld had the strength to request people from the Shaolin Temple's Abbot Xuan Ku,a true martial master of the True Martial Realm,renowned on the Heavenly Rankings.Considering this,it was imaginable how powerful Lord Di Zang,as the ruler of the underworld,would be.

Judge Cui chuckled,"Your guess is correct.Lord Di Zang is indeed a grandmaster of the True Martial Realm."

Upon hearing Judge Cui's confirmation,Su Xin couldn't help but gasp.It wasn't due to his lack of knowledge but because True Martial Realm figures were legendary,and some martial artists spent their entire lives without ever meeting one.

In the martial world,there was a saying about True Martial Realm masters:"They tread the skies like true immortals on land!"

True Martial Realm masters could traverse the skies,condensing their true martial forms.They could appear across vast distances,exerting their dominance and influence.This power was akin to the legendary land immortals,hence the alternate title of True Martial Realm masters as"land immortals."

With such a legendary figure in the underworld,it's no wonder they had the audacity to challenge the Shaolin Temple.

"Alright,follow me.As you're new to the underworld,it's time you received your benefits."

"Benefits?"Su Xin looked surprised at Judge Cui.

Judge Cui explained,"The positions within the inner circle of the underworld are not arbitrary;they are determined by the foundational techniques granted by the underworld.Our origins trace back to the discovery by Lord Di Zang of an ancient and powerful sect's legacy.The space where our underworld exists was once the location of the main gate of that powerful sect.

Within that formidable sect,there are hundreds of techniques named after the positions in the underworld.The technique you choose will determine your position within the underworld.Since we don't integrate with the mundane world,once you receive a technique,you can only use it by wearing the mask associated with that position to avoid detection by others.

Similarly,once you wear the mask,it's best not to use the martial arts you practiced in the mortal world,as you might be recognized."

Judge Cui led Su Xin to a slightly eerie palace.Standing at the entrance,he said,"Lady Dream,I've brought Su Xin.It's time for him to select his technique."

Su Xin felt a flash of darkness before him,and a woman wearing a Lady Dream mask appeared.

This woman was tall,dressed in a loose black robe,yet her alluring figure couldn't be concealed,exuding an irresistible charm like a ripe peach.

"Oh?Little Cui,you're quite efficient this time,"Lady Dream exclaimed,her voice seductive enough to send shivers down Su Xin's spine.

Su Xin quickly activated his mental defense technique,barely resisting Lady Dream's enchanting voice.Lady Dream glanced at Su Xin with slight surprise before giggling,"Little Cui,you've done well this time,bringing us such a handsome young man.Otherwise,dealing with old faces like yours every day would be tiresome."

Judge Cui wryly smiled,"Lady Dream,let's not jest.Please help Su Xin choose his technique."

Su Xin cautiously glanced at Lady Dream.Though she seemed a bit eccentric,her power was unfathomable.

Based on Su Xin's estimation,Judge Cui already possessed the strength of the Integrated Divine Realm,akin to the powerful figures in Gu Donglai's Integrated Divine Realm,qualifying for the Divine Rankings.Meanwhile,Lady Dream likely belonged to the Sun Divine Realm,given her qualifications to oversee the underworld when Lord Di Zang was absent.

As Lady Dream caught Su Xin's gaze on her,she straightened,accentuating her chest,and teased,"Su little brother,no need to sneak glances.Boldly stare;big sister won't blame you."

A clear,icy voice interrupted,"A person in their twenties calling someone'big sister'?You could almost call him your grandson!"

From inside the nearby palace,a woman dressed in golden attire,wearing a Lady Earth mask,stepped out.

Judge Cui quickly bowed,"Greetings,Lady Earth."

Su Xin also followed suit,bowing behind Judge Cui.

The strength within the underworld seems to have little correlation with the titles representing their divine positions.

For example,Meng Po is just a minor deity among the underworld Yin gods,while Houtu is the supreme deity ruling over the netherworld.Yet,they are on equal footing now.

Meng Po snorted,"What's it to you?Sister here is naturally beautiful.If you dare,let's compare talents."

Houtu coldly glanced at her,"Boring."

Then,addressing Judge Cui,Houtu said,"Little Cui,Lord Di Zang has gained insights and entered seclusion.He instructed that new recruits be under your guidance.Be diligent;consider it a task."

Judge Cui replied,"Certainly.Su Xin was my first choice,so I'll make sure to instruct him properly."

Houtu nodded,acknowledging Su Xin before departing.Meng Po muttered something behind Houtu's back,then reached out with a hand as white as jade,pinching Su Xin twice,seemingly teasing or flirting.

"Hmm,your physical cultivation isn't bad.You're not much different from those at your level who specialize in physical training.You should be able to withstand it.Stand firm;let's go,"she said.

Before Su Xin could react,Meng Po waved her hand,and peach blossoms filled the sky,forming a beautiful shower of flowers.But before Su Xin could examine closely,everything began to change.Endless fierce winds roared,slashing at Su Xin like blades.

It was only then that Su Xin understood what Meng Po meant by standing firm.She was taking him on a supersonic journey,with even the sound of their breaking through the air trailing behind.

In an instant,Su Xin felt as if struck by two giant hammers,almost spitting out blood on the spot.Luckily,it lasted only a few breaths before Meng Po stopped.

Su Xin staggered,and even Judge Cui's hands trembled slightly,showing that even with his strength,he wasn't quite accustomed to such supersonic travel.

Judge Cui couldn't help but complain,"Lady Meng Po,the distance from the Underworld Terrace to your palace is only half an hour.Was it necessary to use such extreme measures as the Three Lives Blossoming Flowers?"

Meng Po rolled her eyes,"Little Cui,you really should work on your physique.Su little brother here practices all three aspects:physical,internal,and spiritual cultivation.You're too focused on one thing."

Judge Cui's lips twitched.Why bother with so much explanation?Just say it's because you're lazy.

Su Xin,however,paid no attention to their banter,instead surveying his surroundings.

They were standing on a stone platform suspended in mid-air,only ten yards in size.Below was a bottomless abyss,and several tens of yards beyond the stone platform was the visible land.In the center of the platform lay a giant stone book with hundreds of pages,each as thick as a thumb.

The stone book was closed,adorned with strange symbols on the cover,none of which Su Xin recognized.In the center of the cover was a handprint.

Meng Po emitted a faint light,using her internal force to write several strange symbols on the cover of the stone book,causing it to emit a faint glow that enveloped Su Xin and the others.

Satisfied,Meng Po clapped her hands,"Alright,Su little brother,place your hand on the handprint.Don't use your internal force;just leave it there."

Su Xin placed his right hand on the handprint,feeling a clear stream circling within him.The stone book erupted with a brilliant light,and then,page by page,it began to turn until it stopped on one page,emitting a radiant glow that entered Su Xin's mind,forming scriptures.

Meng Po glanced at the content on the stone book,surprised,"The True Understanding of the Frosty Hell...You actually drew Chu Jiang Wang?!"

Hearing this,Judge Cui also glanced at Su Xin in astonishment.They didn't expect that Su Xin's potential would be so high as to directly grant him the technique of Chu Jiang Wang,one of the Ten Yama Kings,as determined by the stone book.