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Chapter 291 The Underworld and the Heavenly Court

8841words in this chapter2024-02-08

Upon drawing the martial arts technique,Su Xin noticed Meng Po and Judge Cui's surprise.He questioned,"Is the technique I drew very powerful?"

Meng Po sighed,"Chu Jiang Wang is one of the ten Yama Kings.How could the technique derived from him not be powerful?Xiao Cui,explain it to Su Xiaodi."

Judge Cui explained,"This stone platform is a transmission platform left behind by the ancient'Underworld.'It will assess the potential of each person and provide the most suitable martial arts technique for their cultivation.Although one technique cannot determine a warrior's future development,among all the techniques in the Underworld,the Yama Kings'techniques are considered advanced.At least they are much more advanced than my own."

Meng Po interjected,"Much more advanced than mine too.I must admit,I envy you a little,kid."

Despite her words,Su Xin could sense the terror within the woman.Meng Po's technique was by no means advanced in the entire Underworld.It could be said that Meng Po's talent was only average according to the Stone Records.However,with her average talent,she had cultivated to the Yang God realm,becoming one of the two rulers of the Underworld under King Yama.Regardless of her identity in the mortal world,this achievement was remarkable.

Meng Po took out a beautifully crafted mustard seed bag from her sleeve and rummaged inside for a while before tossing a mask of Chu Jiang Wang to Su Xin."Alright,my task is done.You two can go about your business now."

As her voice fell,before Su Xin and Judge Cui could object,the two disappeared again in a burst of speed,while Meng Po vanished without a trace.

Judge Cui smiled bitterly and said,"Alright,next I'll introduce you to the situation in the Underworld.You can also put on the mask of Chu Jiang Wang.From now on,you are an official member of our Underworld.Apart from Lord Yama and the two lords Meng Po and Hou Tu,you can address others by their names."

Su Xin nodded and held the mask of Chu Jiang Wang.He found that the mask was made of a strange metal,extremely hard yet light as paper.The design of the Chu Jiang Wang mask felt abstract.Although one could immediately recognize it as Chu Jiang Wang from operas,it exuded a chilling and sinister aura,sending shivers down one's spine at first glance.

Indeed,the masks of everyone in the Underworld were similar,likely crafted by a master craftsman.For example,Meng Po's mask was not the typical appearance of an old woman but rather a vague figure hidden among peach blossoms.Yet,at first glance,one would undoubtedly recognize it as Meng Po.

After putting on the mask,Su Xin felt a cool sensation,and his mental strength seemed to increase.Su Xin guessed correctly that this mask was also meticulously crafted by a master craftsman.Its effect could enhance his mental strength and perhaps resist some illusions.With just this,it could rival a high-grade weapon.

The location where Su Xin and the others were now was a spacious square with bronze pillars in the center,hanging some papers.Surrounding the square were rows of halls,where Meng Po and Hou Tu were previously.

Judge Cui led Su Xin into one of the halls."Every inner circle member is entitled to have their own palace in the Underworld.After coming to the Underworld,you can rest or cultivate here.This hall will be yours."

Judge Cui handed Su Xin a token."This token is also a symbol of the Underworld's members.With it,you can enter and exit the Underworld from any location,but you need to find a place where no one is present.And as long as you infuse inner energy into the token,any Underworld member within a thousand miles of the token can sense it and come to rescue you promptly."

Su Xin nodded understandingly.He had previously entered the Underworld using Judge Cui's token,but that one should have been a disposable imitation,shattered after one use.

Pointing to the bronze pillars in the center of the square,Judge Cui said,"If an Underworld member needs to issue a task,they will write their task information and rewards on the papers hanging on those bronze pillars.You can directly take down the task you want.After completing the task,either Meng Po or Hou Tu,plus two official members of the Underworld,will review it.Once approved,you will receive the reward.Also,the closer the bronze pillar is to the center,the more difficult the task.Even if the rewards are remarkable,they might not be something you can accomplish.Just take a look,but don't get any funny ideas."

Su Xin nodded again,feeling that the Underworld was increasingly resembling some business association from his past life.Everyone helped each other mutually,without interference,relying solely on freedom.There weren't many hierarchical differences,but everyone benefited.It seemed loose but was actually tightly connected.

Judge Cui continued,"Most Underworld members usually don't stay here,so it seems a bit deserted.But on the fifteenth of July each year,all Underworld members must come to the Underworld for a meeting to trade goods and discuss recent gains."

Of course,these are just extras.Every year at this time,Lord Yama himself appears to deliver a sermon,and everyone is eligible to present a doubt to Lord Yama,who will then clarify it for them."

Su Xin's eyes brightened at once.This was the true benefit of the Underworld.The legendary sermon by a grandmaster of martial arts in the True Martial Realm was an extraordinary event,but in the Underworld,it occurred annually.

After taking Su Xin around the area where the people of the Underworld often gathered,Judge Cui said,"I've told you almost everything you need to know.Now,there's one more thing I need to inform you about,a very serious matter."

Hearing Judge Cui speak with such gravity,Su Xin immediately understood the seriousness of the situation.

Judge Cui asked,"The three temples of Buddhism,the four sects of Taoism,the five sword sects,the six major families,the seven gangs of the world,the eight dark sects,and the nine demonic prisons.You must have heard of these top forces in the martial world,from three to nine.But do you know why there are no one and two?"

Su Xin shook his head.He had indeed pondered this question before and had even asked Iron Merciless about it.Iron Merciless had explained that those who possessed strength would naturally understand.

Later,when he became the Chief Constable of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Road,he had tried to borrow information from the Six Gates'spies to investigate,but he was told that such information did exist within the Jiangnan Road,and one had to go to the headquarters of the Six Gates in Shengjing City to qualify for access.

Judge Cui's voice grew deeper."One and two respectively refer to the First Dynasty and the Two Palaces of Heaven and Earth.There's no need to say much about the First Dynasty,which used to refer to the Eastern Jin Dynasty and now refers to the Great Zhou Dynasty.The power of the First Dynasty is self-evident.Although no dynasty can last forever,it is not something a force in the martial world can overthrow.As for the Two Palaces of Heaven and Earth,'Earth'refers to our Underworld,and'Heaven'refers to the Heavenly Court!They are the mortal enemies of our Underworld!"

At this point,a cold gleam appeared in Judge Cui's eyes."The existence of the Heavenly Court,like our Underworld,traces back to the ancient powerful martial arts sects.However,the Heavenly Court emerged much earlier,existing since the founding of the Eastern Jin Dynasty,while the history of our Underworld is only a few decades,established by Lord Yama after he found the remnants of this'Underworld.'The Heavenly Court,like our Underworld,uses the codes of the mythical deities of the Heavenly Court as aliases.However,the Heavenly Court used to be called the Celestial Alliance,formed by a bunch of lunatics.Those lunatics fantasized about emulating the ancient'Heavenly Court,'which was so powerful that it could dominate the martial world and dynasties.However,when the Eastern Jin Dynasty fell,and chaos reigned,they were attacked by everyone.Most of those lunatics died.However,among the lunatics of the Celestial Alliance,there were also some clever ones.They regrouped the remnants of the Celestial Alliance,acted low-key,declared themselves the Heavenly Emperor,and renamed the original Celestial Alliance as the Heavenly Court,rising again.But that's not all;those bastards from the Heavenly Court even dared to think about incorporating our Underworld.It's ridiculous!"

A trace of disdain appeared in Judge Cui's eyes."Those idiots caused outrage back then and were attacked by everyone.Now,they're eyeing our Underworld.It's simply suicidal.We've had a few clashes with the Heavenly Court before.When they couldn't gain any advantage,they understood the power of our Underworld and gave up.But since then,our Underworld and the Heavenly Court have become mortal enemies.The Heavenly Court doesn't want a force that can rival them to exist in the martial world,and our Underworld won't let anyone who harbors ill intentions towards us off the hook.So,in the future,if you encounter martial artists from the Heavenly Court and can't defeat them,then run as far as you can.And if you can defeat them,then kill them!It's a matter of life and death between the Underworld and the Heavenly Court!"

Su Xin nodded,having gained a rough understanding of these two forces.Few people in the martial world knew about the existence of the Underworld and the Heavenly Court,probably because even those top forces didn't want their disciples to know.It was astonishing that there were two forces in the martial world that far exceeded their own.Both the Heavenly Court and the Underworld had their reasons for keeping a low profile.As for the Underworld,Su Xin speculated it was because,as Judge Cui had said,the people of the Underworld were all sorrowful individuals not accepted by the world.These people,whether righteous or evil,were not considered favorable by the orthodox martial world.Moreover,from Su Xin's current perspective,the purpose of the Underworld's existence was not as grand as that of the Heavenly Court.Everyone came together for their own interests,and keeping a low profile was the way to go.