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Chapter 59: Building Good Karma

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Translating the text into English while considering American cultural norms:

Under the management of Li Qing and others,the Passing Skills Hall was in good hands,and Su Xin felt reassured.He took care of the daily rounds,brushing up his presence,letting the helpers know who provided them with the opportunity to learn martial arts.That was enough.

During the remaining time,Su Xin practiced in the courtyard of Yongle Inn or sparred with Li Huai.Li Huai's talent was already good,and after witnessing Su Xin's battle with Li Zhonghe,he gained some insights.Last night,he directly broke through the thirty-sixth acupoint,advancing to the early stage of Heavenly Circulation.

Su Xin's Jing Wuming's Quick Sword had a relatively high demand for internal strength.It was a pure killing sword technique-the more strength you had,the more terrifying the killing technique could be.

On the other hand,Li Huai's Heretic Expelling Sword Technique had fewer requirements for internal strength.After advancing to the early stage of Heavenly Circulation,he mainly increased his speed,not the force of his sword strikes.

Compared to the original version of the Kuihua Manual,the advantages and disadvantages of the Heretic Expelling Sword Technique were equally obvious.

At this moment,Huang Bingcheng entered the courtyard and said to Su Xin,"Boss,Liu Shengming is looking for you."

"Why is he looking for me?"Su Xin asked in confusion.

Liu Shengming was one of the leaders of the Flying Eagle Gang,and he usually wasn't close to the three hall masters,being more aligned with the gang leader.Su Xin had little interaction with him.

Huang Bingcheng shook his head,"I don't know,he came alone,just saying he wants to see you."

"Okay,let him in."

After a while,Huang Bingcheng brought in a middle-aged man approaching fifty.

Upon seeing Su Xin,Liu Shengming immediately laughed and greeted,"Congratulations,Lord Su,for becoming the youngest hall master in our Flying Eagle Gang.Oh,Lord Su,you're truly a young talent.I envy you,an old man like me."

Su Xin humbly replied,"Liu Boss,you're too kind.You're not that old,as far as I know,you're not even fifty yet,right?You should be in your prime."

Liu Shengming smiled bitterly and shook his head,"Lord Su,you're flattering me.With my mediocre internal skills,I focused too much on pursuing combat power when I was young.As a result,my body couldn't handle it.After forty,my health started to decline.Honestly,I dare not engage in intense fights anymore;my body can't handle it."

Su Xin consoled him with a few words.Since Liu Shengming didn't mention the purpose of his visit,Su Xin didn't rush and engaged in a long conversation.

Finally,Liu Shengming couldn't hold back and sighed,"Lord Su,the reason I came this time is to ask for a favor."

"What's the matter,Liu Boss?Just say it.If it's something I can do,I will definitely help.After all,we're all brothers in the Flying Eagle Gang."

Liu Shengming hesitated,"Well,it's like this.I have a wayward son who caused trouble by drinking and smashing a store in Changde Alley some time ago.As you may know,Changde Alley is different from our peripheral markets.Those who can open stores there have significant backgrounds.They directly involved the officials,and my troublesome son got sentenced to two years in prison.I went to plead with them with money,but they didn't buy it.The person in charge even dared to defy my connections in the government.I'm afraid my son won't withstand two years in prison.I heard that Lord Su has a good relationship with Iron Ruthless,the Chief Constable of the East Twelfth District.So,I came to request your help.If you could talk to Chief Constable Iron and have my son released,I'm willing to pay generously.I've saved some money over the years."

After listening,Su Xin pondered for a moment and said,"Liu Boss,wait a moment.I'll go inquire with someone and be right back."

"No rush,take your time,"Liu Shengming said,appearing excited despite his words.

Su Xin,without rejecting the request outright,decided to seek assistance from the patrol officers under Iron Ruthless,the Chief Constable of the East Twelfth District.There were forty-nine markets in Changning Prefecture,and each market had several patrol officers responsible for managing various issues.Yongle Alley fell under the jurisdiction of Iron Ruthless.These patrol officers,being under Iron Ruthless,were well-acquainted with Su Xin.

Su Xin had no qualms about spending money on government officials.While figures like Iron Ruthless might be unimpressed by small amounts of money,Su Xin still provided them with opportunities to earn additional income.

Especially after the life-and-death arena,the patrol officers realized that Su Xin was not only their benefactor but also a formidable figure.Consequently,their attitudes towards Su Xin became more amicable.

Here you go:

Without delay,Su Xin called,and immediately a patrol officer emerged from a nearby tavern,following Huang Bingcheng.These patrol officers were arguably the most comfortable under Su Xin's command.

Su Xin maintained strict discipline among his subordinates,ensuring that they didn't extort merchants or cause trouble on the streets.Moreover,a considerable number of gang members patrolled the streets every day.Anyone causing trouble in Su Xin's territory would undoubtedly face severe consequences.

The patrol officers enjoyed a leisurely life under Su Xin's rule.They would start by finding a small tavern to drink and watch performances,anticipating a substantial amount of money coming their way.They knew that these pleasant days were thanks to Su Xin,so when he called,they responded promptly.

"Sutang Master,is there something you need?"the young patrol officer politely asked.

"Why so formal,Xiao Zhang?We're close in age;just call me Su Bro,as you used to,"Su Xin replied.

Xiao Zhang chuckled,"Sutang Master,please don't put me in a difficult position.Our boss is quite particular about respecting hierarchies.If he hears me calling you'bro,'it won't be good."

Su Xin didn't insist and led him to the hall."This is Liu Shengming,one of the leaders of the Flying Eagle Gang,and this is Xiao Zhang,a patrol officer from Yongle Inn."

Seeing that Su Xin quickly brought someone from the official side,Liu Shengming felt delighted.His connections within the government were limited to minor roles,with a significant hat on his head but minimal authority.

In large cities in the Central Plains,clerks and scribes in the government wielded considerable power.However,in a small city like Changning,even the government adhered to the principle that strength was paramount.Iron Ruthless,with his strength,ranked among the top five figures in Changning's official circles.

Therefore,in Changning,the real power lay not with the clerks of various offices but with the constables and patrol officers.

Liu Shengming extended his greetings to Xiao Zhang,praising,"Xiao Zhang,you're truly a promising young man,being a patrol officer in Yongle Inn at such a young age."

Facing Liu Shengming's flattery,Xiao Zhang merely snorted,paying no attention.He was courteous to Su Xin because of the money and comfortable life Su Xin provided,but more importantly,because of Su Xin's strength in the mid-stage of Heavenly Circulation,demonstrated by defeating Li Zhonghe.

Despite Xiao Zhang being only a few years older than Su Xin,his strength was at the early stage of Heavenly Circulation.Faced with Liu Shengming,who had just opened over ten acupoints,he had no reason to worry.

Liu Shengming forced a smile.Even if Xiao Zhang disregarded him,he dared not say anything.

To ease the awkwardness,Su Xin directly addressed Xiao Zhang,"I called you here because of Liu Boss's matter.His son offended someone in Changde Alley,got sentenced to two years in prison,and I want to know who he offended.Afterward,we can seek help from Chief Constable Iron to get him out."

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,Xiao Zhang instantly understood,"Oh,you mean the kid who smashed the tavern in Changde Alley.If it's just a small matter like this,there's no need to trouble our boss.I'll take care of it for Sutang Master."

Upon hearing Xiao Zhang's promise,Liu Shengming's eyes lit up.

"Do you know the person he offended?"Su Xin asked.

Xiao Zhang nodded,"That kid smashed a store owned by Sun Shiyeh,a clerk in the Prefectural Government.This trivial matter wouldn't even reach the Prefect if it weren't for the fact that Sun Shiyeh is handling it.So,once the case was handed over,Sun Shiyeh secretly altered the outcome to a two-year prison sentence."

Realizing this,Liu Shengming suddenly understood why his efforts were in vain.If Sun Shiyeh was a clerk responsible for criminal matters and his son vandalized his boss's store,seeking help from them was undoubtedly futile.

Su Xin said,"Is this matter troublesome?If helping Liu Boss's son causes any issues with Sun Shiyeh,it might not be worth it.Otherwise,let's go talk to Chief Constable Iron."

Xiao Zhang patted his chest,showing disdain,"No need for that.What's Sun Shiyeh?He's just a newcomer,brought in by the Prefectural Governor to handle official matters.Without the Prefectural Governor backing him up,he has no rank whatsoever.My Zhang family has been working as patrol officers in Changning for over ten years.Why would we be afraid of him?My elder brother is a patrol officer in Changde Alley.I'll have him say a word,and I guarantee Sun Shiyeh will release the person the next day."