The strongest villain system
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Chapter 58: "Purple Mist Divine Technique"

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"Congratulations to the host for completing the mainline mission:'Heroic Stature(Part Two).'Mission rewards include the martial art manual'Purple Mist Divine Technique'(comprehensive rating two and a half stars),800 points of villain value,and two chances for intermediate-level lottery."

Suxin's eyes gleamed as he looked at the manual in his hands.With the'Purple Mist Divine Technique,'the only weakness in his strength was now addressed.

Upon flipping through the manual,due to the 5%proficiency provided by the system,Suxin immediately felt his internal qi,cultivated through his own practice,transforming rapidly into the qi derived from the'Purple Mist Divine Technique.'A purple aura emerged on Suxin's face as his internal energy circulated more than ten times faster than before.

Proficiency in internal arts accumulates more rapidly than in martial techniques.Suxin's proficiency in the'Primary Internal Art of Quanzhen Sect'had already reached 100%.However,the internal energy cultivated with 100%proficiency in the'Primary Internal Art of Quanzhen Sect'was incomparable to the internal energy cultivated with 5%proficiency in the'Purple Mist Divine Technique.'The difference was astounding.

Now,if Suxin unleashed a full-powered attack using the'Purple Mist Divine Technique,'even if he avoided Li Zhonghe's secret techniques,he could still break through his Golden Bell defense.

Compared to a half-star internal art,a two-and-a-half-star internal art was like heaven and earth.

Moreover,after Suxin finished reading the entire'Purple Mist Divine Technique,'he discovered a hidden attribute:the ability to neutralize foreign types of internal energy.

While the'Purple Mist Divine Technique'was not exceptionally high-ranked,being only two and a half stars among countless martial arts in the system,it possessed a unique capability–the power to neutralize different forms of internal energy.

In the original work,the'Purple Mist Divine Technique'was overshadowed by more potent martial arts such as the'Sunflower Manual,''Evil-Repelling Sword Manual,'and'Lonely Nine Swords.'However,it had a distinctive trait:the remarkable ability to neutralize foreign internal energies.

In"Smiling Proud Wanderer,"Linghu Chong was troubled by a foreign internal energy within his body.Yue Buqun suggested that once Linghu Chong learned a bit of the'Purple Mist Divine Technique,'he could autonomously neutralize the foreign internal energy within him.Yue Buqun,in the past,had successfully withstood Left Emissary's three'Cold Ice Palm'strikes during a sword duel,showcasing the formidable dissolving power of the'Purple Mist Divine Technique'against foreign internal energies.

With the Grand Villain System at hand,Suxin was not limited to learning only one set of internal arts.Ordinarily,Suxin would have to choose one or several internally congruent internal arts for cultivation.However,if there were internally conflicting internal arts,he would have to abandon the weaker one and choose the stronger.

But with the'Purple Mist Divine Technique'now in his possession,the situation was different.It possessed a robust ability to neutralize foreign internal energies,acting as a fusion agent within Suxin's body,preventing conflicts between different internal energies.

In this regard,the'Purple Mist Divine Technique'was more valuable to Suxin than some four-star martial arts.

"System,how many lottery chances and villain values do I have now?"

"The host currently has three chances for intermediate-level lottery,twenty-four chances for primary-level lottery,and 1000 points of villain value."

Suxin had initially considered participating in the lottery but decided to wait until he had a multiple of 30 primary-level lottery chances,as the system allowed him to exchange them all for intermediate-level lottery chances.Regardless,with six intermediate-level lottery chances combined,he hoped for some valuable items.

After leaving the system interface,Suxin returned to his residence in Happy Forest.After days of secluded cultivation and a life-and-death battle with Li Zhonghe,he hadn't seen Xiner for over ten days.

As he pushed open the door,Xiner immediately rushed into his arms.Her big,teary eyes looked at him,and her voice quivered,"Big brother,where did you go these past few days?Please don't leave Xiner alone again,okay?"

Although Xiner was young,having lost her mother at a tender age made her more mature than other children.She felt that something must have happened to her brother when he was absent.

Suxin knew that Xiner didn't want to disturb him during this time,but she had been enduring her worries.Now that he was back,she couldn't hold back her emotions.

He comforted Xiner by patting her head,"Alright,Xiner,I promise.I won't leave you alone again."

After hugging Xiner and calming her down,Suxin personally prepared a feast.He noticed that the mansion was empty,and he suddenly realized that he had neglected Xiner's feelings.

He had always wanted to ensure her safety but forgot that she was just a seven-year-old child.While he spent his days cultivating and managing gang affairs,making his life fulfilling,Xiner had to spend her days practicing swordsmanship with no one her age around.She must have felt lonely.

After Xiner finished her meal,Suxin cleaned up the table and said,"Xiner,starting tomorrow,I'll arrange for someone to take you to a private school to study."

"Why?I've been studying with Brother at home;isn't that enough?Why do I have to go to a private school?"Xiner refused with a pout.Despite her intelligence,she was the least fond of studying and writing.

Suxin gently tapped Xiner's little nose and said,"If you stay at home all the time,you'll turn into a little fool.Going to a private school will give you peers of the same age,and I guarantee it will be much more interesting than staying at home."

Hearing about having peers,Xiner's eyes widened.

Back when she was in Changle Lane,there were no private schools in the slums.She had only seen students from other types of private schools passing by Changle Lane after school,laughing and playing in groups,wearing beautiful clothes and carrying backpacks,making her envious.

However,Xiner's gaze darkened again as she hesitated,"But if I go to a private school,I won't be able to see Brother for a long time."

"Don't worry,I'll have someone bring you home every day.I won't make you stay at the private school.Besides,there's a break every five days,and the private school won't have classes then."

Upon hearing Suxin's words,Xiner happily widened her eyes again.

After sending Xiner away,Suxin returned to his room to contemplate the'Purple Mist Divine Technique.'

Although the proficiency of internal arts was not as crucial as that of martial techniques,it still affected the efficiency of cultivation.

At 5%proficiency,the circulation of internal energy would still be somewhat awkward.However,when the proficiency in internal arts reached 100%,the flow of internal energy would be continuous,smooth,and even during daily activities,internal energy would subconsciously circulate within the body.The difference in cultivation efficiency compared to the initial stage was significant.

The next day,Suxin arrived early at the entrance of Yongle Lane.As promised,Shafeiying directly announced throughout the entire Feiying Gang that Suxin was promoted to the position of the hall master of the transmission hall,while Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai were promoted to the status of major leaders.

This news sent shockwaves throughout the entire Feiying Gang.

Although other major leaders harbored thoughts,none of them came forward to oppose.

They had witnessed Suxin's strength on the life-and-death arena;what qualifications did they have to object?

With the establishment of the transmission hall,Suxin abolished titles like uncles and elders among his subordinates and replaced them with smaller titles like small leaders.

Anyway,now that he had a recognized position,it didn't matter much if he appointed a hundred small leaders among his subordinates.

As a new hall,Suxin did not establish it in the position of the main hall but directly positioned it next to the entrance of Yongle Lane.Any gang member who wanted to learn martial arts could enter.

However,Suxin would not personally teach these other gang members;he wouldn't even let Li Huai teach them.

The responsibility of teaching fell on the elderly subordinates under Suxin,such as Li Qing.Whether it was the'Primary Internal Art of Quanzhen Sect'or the'Damaged Version of the Dog-Beating Staff Method,'they were already well-versed in them,making teaching others no problem.

Suxin treated his own subordinates differently from ordinary gang members.While both were entry-level internal arts and martial techniques,Suxin's core team was personally taught by him,supplemented by Li Huai's practical combat training,making their strength far superior to these hastily trained gang members.

However,even though it was just a crash course in martial arts training,on the first day of announcing the establishment of the transmission hall,Suxin's hall was almost crowded by the influx of gang members.

As long as they were part of the jianghu,they understood the importance of internal arts.Now that the gang had established a transmission hall,these gang members were ecstatic,dreaming that they could soar to the sky once they learned internal arts.

Seeing their subordinates rushing into the transmission hall,the other major leaders did not stop them.

Suxin provided free training for their subordinates,so they didn't lose out.Besides,even if they wanted to stop it,they couldn't.Could they say they wouldn't allow their subordinates to learn internal arts,to prevent them from becoming stronger and threatening their positions?Anyone who dared to say that would find their subordinates all gone the next day.

Suxin didn't manage the affairs of the transmission hall much.He only needed to show up a couple of times a day to maintain his presence.

After the first day's frenzy,Li Qing and others assigned numbers to those gang members,and everyone took turns coming to the transmission hall to learn internal arts and martial techniques.There were about a thousand people each day.

This reduced their pressure significantly.With ten people,they could handle it,and they could also take turns.

When Suxin walked into the transmission hall,he saw the scene of gang members earnestly seeking knowledge.Li Qing and others were explaining internal martial arts in the front,while the gang members below were diligently memorizing.Even those who used to be unruly and fierce dared not make a sound here.

Suxin had once planted the seed of ambition in the hearts of his subordinates,giving them a path to climb higher.

These gang members present were the same.Even if they didn't have great ambitions,they definitely wouldn't be willing to be the lowest-ranking gang members for their entire lives,only to be kicked out of the gang when they got old and couldn't fight anymore.

In this power-centric jianghu,Suxin's transmission hall was like giving them a hope—a faint hope of climbing upward!