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Chapter 229: Calculations

7964words in this chapter2024-01-24

The strength of the Six Gates Headquarters in Jiangnan Dao has been severely weakened since the last incident,and now with internal conflicts escalating,it's even harder to control the major sects in Jiangnan Dao.In this situation,Su Xin must thoroughly organize the internal affairs of Jiangnan Dao to present a united front externally.

Meanwhile,the various deputy heads who have left the headquarters each have their own thoughts,and none of them are happy.Initially,they thought Su Xin,with his cultivation at the Divine Palace level,would be relatively weak as the new chief.However,to their surprise,Su Xin turned out to be more dominant than they had imagined,almost killing Lei Yuan within the headquarters.

They can even imagine that the relaxed atmosphere during the time of Jin Wulin may never return.After leaving the headquarters,Lei Yuan goes straight to Wang Jingping's residence.Although Wang Jingping is the chief of the state capital,Jiangnan Prefecture is the most prosperous in the entire Jiangnan Dao and is also where the Six Gates Headquarters is located.In this place,each of them has their own residence.

Lei Yuan has a close relationship with Wang Jingping.In the Six Gates Headquarters of Jiangnan Dao,these deputy chiefs each have their own influence.In contrast,if it were a chief from another Dao,they would be cautious about their subordinates developing power.However,Jin Wulin has been influenced by the White Lotus Cult,hoping for more chaos in the Six Gates Headquarters,allowing the remnants of Wu Kingdom to erode the power of the Six Gates.

In this background,Wang Jingping collaborates with Lei Yuan.They enter a separate room,and Wang Jingping dismisses all servants before saying,"Brother Lei,you went a bit too far today.Su Xin is not someone you don't know.Pressuring him like this not only makes it difficult for him,but also puts yourself in a difficult position."

Lei Yuan knows he made a mistake but still snorts,"Just an arrogant junior,thinking that holding onto the Iron Family's thigh gives him free rein?When I was cultivating,he was probably still in some woman's belly!"

Wang Jingping remains silent,watching Lei Yuan vent in his own house.When Lei Yuan tires himself out,Wang Jingping says,"Brother Lei,we need to figure out how to deal with Su Xin.Apart from his strength on the Bounty List,dealing with him is not that simple with the Iron Family backing him.If he decides to cut our heads,we might only get a verbal reprimand from the Iron Family.We would be at a disadvantage."

Lei Yuan sneers,"I was indeed too hasty this time.Shouldn't have confronted him publicly.But you don't need to worry too much.Based on what Su Xin said today,not many constables and heads in Jiangnan Dao will stand with him.In the past,when Chief Jin was here,we didn't have to worry about anything.Just collecting cultivation resources peacefully every month was enough.It's not easy to change that comfortable lifestyle after so long."

Wang Jingping hastily warns,"Brother Lei,be cautious with your words!Jin Wulin is a traitor to the court.Many warriors in Jiangnan Dao Six Gates died because of him.Don't say anything reckless.If someone accuses us of colluding with remnants of Wu Kingdom,it's a serious matter."

Lei Yuan laughs,"I know,but it's just the two of us now.What is there to fear?"

Wang Jingping thinks,'I'm afraid you might casually mention it outside,and Su Xin won't even need an excuse to arrest you and hand you over to the Six Gates Headquarters.That would be a significant achievement.'

Lei Yuan suddenly becomes serious,"You heard what Su Xin said today.He wants us to report all the difficult issues accumulated over the years.He wants these things.I'll take this opportunity to give him a tough one.After all,I can't solve this issue myself.Let's see if Su Xin can."

"What issue?"Wang Jingping asks in surprise.

"The matter with the Nian Gang!"Lei Yuan says.

Wang Jingping takes a sharp breath,and his gaze at Lei Yuan changes drastically.Lowering his voice,he says,"Lei Yuan,have you gone mad?We were the ones who dealt with the Nian Gang back then.We've kept their things for so many years.If we keep quiet,no one will know about it.Why would you want to bring it up now?Are you out of your mind?"

Lei Yuan is indifferent,"This matter was decided by Jin Wulin initially,and everyone knows it.Although we were the intermediaries,if someone asks,we can easily shift the blame onto Jin Wulin."

Wang Jingping hesitates,"But what if the Nian Gang reveals the matter?After all,we've been the ones dealing with them all these years."

Lei Yuan shakes his head,"You're mistaken.I've said it before;it was Jin Wulin who dealt with them.We have no connection with the money we earned from dealing with the Nian Gang."

Unless the members of the Nian Gang follow Su Xin and come to identify us,no one will know about this matter.But do you think the Nian Gang would support Su Xin?"

Wang Jingping thought for a moment and shook his head,"It doesn't seem likely.I heard that Su Xin had conflicts with Xiao Moro,a disciple of'No Second Blade'Jin Kexin,the head of the Xiaotan faction in Huanan Dao.The Nian Gang is unlikely to support him."

Lei Yuan sneered,"Exactly,so why worry?I want to mention this to provoke Su Xin into causing trouble with the Nian Gang.Let's see if he dares to go!If he doesn't,Su Xin's prestige will be lost,and everyone will see that he's just a bully.If he goes,I doubt Su Xin can even enter the Autumn Altar of the Nian Gang.The leader there is'Nine-Mountain God'Dong Buyi,and with Su Xin's strength,even if he's the chief of Jiangnan Dao,it won't matter."

After contemplating for a moment,Wang Jingping said,"Alright,but we need to find a few more people to openly talk about this matter.They knew about it initially,but they weren't aware of the additional transaction we had with the Nian Gang."

Lei Yuan considered and said,"No need to approach Zhao Yiming;his temper is too foul,and we have personal grievances.He won't help me.Lushu is out of the question too.His family has been operating in Jiangnan Dao longer than me,and any chief who comes will rely heavily on him.Chen Bai,the old guy,and Liu Hao can be persuaded.Offer them some benefits to make them fully align with our side."

After reaching an agreement,Lei Yuan and Wang Jingping decided to offer incentives to Chen Bai and Liu Hao.Chen Bai,an old and experienced chief,had achieved his position of authority in a state capital not through strength but through years of influence and management.

Because of this,although Chen Bai was friendly with Lei Yuan,he hadn't completely sided with him.However,he held a strong aversion to Su Xin.At his age,he had no ambition to progress further,and his cultivation had reached a peak.He preferred a peaceful life over the daily risks Su Xin suggested for obtaining cultivation resources by monitoring the martial forces in Jiangnan Dao.

When Lei Yuan and Wang Jingping approached Chen Bai with their proposal,he immediately shook his head in refusal."Brother Lei,it's not that I won't help you,but Su Xin is too dominant.You saw him today;if he gets angry,he really might kill someone!I'm old;I don't want to bother.Cheering you on from behind is more appropriate.Charging into battle?I'd rather not."

Lei Yuan responded calmly,"Brother Chen,haven't you figured it out yet?In a broken nest,there are no whole eggs.If we don't completely sideline Su Xin or drive him away,do you still expect the old days to return?"

Chen Bai shook his head,"A powerful figure ranked fifteenth on the Bounty List isn't so easily sidelined.If we anger Su Xin,we might end up with a massacre,and we'd be risking our lives.I'm old;I don't want to take such a gamble.Also,what do you mean by driving him away?With what?Su Xin is the recognized chief,and he has the backing of the Iron Family.It's not that simple to remove him."

Lei Yuan shook his head,"Brother Chen,you've got it wrong.Although Su Xin has support from the Iron Family,they are not the sole power within the Six Gates.Others are watching too.Su Xin,with Divine Palace-level strength,has taken the position of chief in Jiangnan Dao.Many old members of the Six Gates are not pleased.If Su Xin fails to achieve something significant in Jiangnan Dao within a short period and continues to create chaos in the Six Gates,there will be voices from above.We won't need to act;Su Xin will be ousted immediately."

Lei Yuan's words made sense,but Chen Bai,cautious by nature,still hesitated.Seeing Chen Bai's hesitation,Lei Yuan spoke sternly,"Brother Chen,don't forget your own situation.You're not alone.If the Chen family wants to expand in Jiangnan Dao,can you do it without the resources from the Six Gates?Over the years,the resources distributed by the Six Gates have been shared equally.You've gained a lot from it,causing dissatisfaction among your constables.Jin Wulin wouldn't have cared,but now with Su Xin in charge,do you think he'll overlook your actions?If Su Xin discovers what you've been doing,even a minor offense could cost you your life.Do you still think this has nothing to do with you,and you can continue hanging high and mighty?"