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Chapter 228: Everyone Present is Trash

8906words in this chapter2024-01-24

Being grasped by the neck by Su Xin,a look of endless terror flashed in Lei Yuan's eyes.He struggled desperately,but his true energy was firmly suppressed by Su Xin,leaving him no room for resistance.

"Su Xin!I am the Deputy Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao.Even if you are the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,you have no right to kill me!Even if I have made a mistake,only headquarters orders can qualify for my execution!"Lei Yuan managed to squeeze out these words in difficulty.

Other Chief Constables standing on Lei Yuan's side also echoed,fearing that Su Xin might not be aware of the rules,and in a fit of anger,he might kill Lei Yuan.

In fact,this rule was established by the Six Fan Gates headquarters to prevent local Chief Constables from becoming too powerful.Even if you want to eliminate dissent,you cannot easily resort to killing.

Su Xin was aware of this rule,but he showed no intention of releasing Lei Yuan in the slightest.

Seeing Su Xin's demeanor,Lei Yuan suddenly remembered that this guy was known for his boldness.Throughout his journey,who wouldn't he dare to kill?Would the prohibitions of the Six Fan Gates really be able to restrain him?

Thinking of this,Lei Yuan regretted a bit.He acted too hastily.Having been in Jiangnan Dao for decades,with intricate relationships,if he wanted to sideline Su Xin,there were countless ways to do it gradually.Yet,he chose the riskiest method—issuing a direct challenge to Su Xin.

If this challenge succeeded,it would be fine.In front of many Chief Constables of Jiangnan Dao,Su Xin would lose face,and probably few would listen to him in the future.However,if it failed,like the current situation,Su Xin could be provoked to the point of killing him on the spot.

"Lei Yuan,do you really think the rules of the Six Fan Gates can protect you?"Su Xin's eyes flashed a hint of mockery."Killing you does violate the rules of the Six Fan Gates,and I might even lose the position of Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao.But beyond that,I won't face any punishment because I have the backing of the Iron Family,the Iron Family of the Six Fan Gates!

If I lose the position of Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,you lose your life.Who do you think is at a greater loss?Moreover,based on your recent actions,I can kill you first,then report to the higher-ups that you rebelled,colluded with remnants of Wu Country.I might not even face any punishment."

Lei Yuan immediately shouted,"I did not collude with the remnants of Wu Country!"

"Now,as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,if I say you colluded,then you colluded.Do you want to try?"Su Xin sneered.

No one dared to speak up among the Chief Constables present.Even though Su Xin was not a martial artist in the Elemental Realm,as he claimed,he had the support of the Iron Family.

If they provoked Su Xin too much,he could kill them directly,label them as colluding with Wu Country remnants,and escape any punishment.Reluctantly releasing Lei Yuan,Su Xin threw him aside and sat in the main seat,saying coldly,"I was sent from above to take over as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao.I know many of you are not happy,but being unhappy won't change anything.Even if I wasn't sent from above,you useless people wouldn't have a chance to rise!"

This statement immediately ignited the anger of the Chief Constables present,and they showed a disgruntled expression.

Even those Chief Constables like Zhao Yiming and Lu Xu,who initially had no intention of getting involved in the struggle between Su Xin and Lei Yuan,glared at Su Xin with anger.

No one liked being called useless.

Su Xin pointed at the people below and said,"What?You're not happy being called useless?Wu Country remnants have been operating in Jiangnan Dao for over ten years.Even the Six Fan Gates have been infiltrated by them.Almost half of the constables and Chief Constables are controlled by those Wu Country remnants.So,what have you remaining people been doing?Just watching?"

"Don't tell me that you haven't noticed the movements of those Wu Country remnants all this time.If that's true,you are even more useless than I thought!A Six Fan Gates that allowed Wu Country remnants to operate freely in Jiangnan Dao for more than a decade,and even dared to assist them,do you think the headquarters will hand over the position of Chief Constable to you remaining people?"

The people present fell silent because what Su Xin said was indeed true.If they hadn't noticed the activities of the Wu Country remnants,it would make them seem incompetent.Even if they had noticed,no one dared to report it to the higher-ups.

One reason was the control of the White Lotus Sect over the Golden Martial Forest,and the other was that they simply didn't want to stir up such a big mess.

People are inherently lazy,and the members of the Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan Dao had lived too comfortably.

In terms of strength,the Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan Dao could be said to be one of the most powerful among all the Six Fan Gates in Da Zhou.They never lacked various cultivation resources.

Moreover,under the deliberate cultivation and indulgence of Jin Wulin,the atmosphere of the Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan Dao was extremely corrupt.Those Chief Constables who focused on solving cases rarely received commendations,while those who often mingled with martial arts sects became Jin Wulin's confidants.

In this way,almost no one in the entire Six Fan Gates is dedicated to investigating cases,and for those martial arts sects,it's even more laissez-faire,making the entire Jiangnan Dao Six Fan Gates appear almost non-existent.

Su Xin knocked on the table and said,"Now,I am the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao Six Fan Gates,and we need to make some changes to the rules.From now on,the cultivation resources allocated to Chief Constables in various states and prefectures will be based on their merits.I have someone here specifically responsible for coordinating merits and verifying records,and that is him,Huang Bingcheng."

Su Xin pointed to Huang Bingcheng behind him,causing many Chief Constables to feel a bit unhappy.It used to be easy to get those cultivation resources,but now they have to be distributed based on merits.Working hard every day,completing a task without knowing how much they'll receive–how could they be happy about it?

Seeing the displeasure on the faces of the Chief Constables below,Su Xin sneered inwardly.The Six Fan Gates in Jiangnan Dao seemed to be rotten to the core.

In other Six Fan Gates,rewarding resources based on merit is normal,but in Jiangnan Dao,starting to play the merit-based distribution game seemed to be met with discontent even after restoring a normal system.

If Iron Battle saw this scene,he probably would want to overhaul the entire Jiangnan Dao Six Fan Gates.

Su Xin knocked on the table again,"Anyway,things are temporarily settled like this.Of course,you can choose not to accept it.You can go to the Six Fan Gates headquarters in Shengjing City to file a complaint.But I have a word:if you don't want to do it,then get out!Don't think being a hound for the court is such a grievous matter.If you don't want to do it,there are people outside lining up to join the Six Fan Gates.Jiangnan Dao lacks many things,but not martial artists."

Su Xin's words were harsh,and the Chief Constables present didn't look pleased,but no one spoke up about leaving.

Even though joining the Six Fan Gates meant becoming a hound for the court,the resources and treatment were even better than some major sects.Their current strength,coming from a background as wandering cultivators,was all thanks to the resources provided by the Six Fan Gates.

So,even though Lei Yuan showed a resentful expression towards Su Xin,wishing to immediately report him to the Six Fan Gates,he still showed no intention of taking off his official robe.

"Since no one wants to leave,I'll give you a task.In five days,report all the difficult issues under your jurisdiction in the states and prefectures you control.Especially concerning those martial arts sects.I want to see what you all have been doing in Jiangnan Dao these years.Of course,don't even think about concealing anything.The Six Fan Gates headquarters has already sent undercover agents to Jiangnan Dao.I will verify the issues you report with those agents.If I find anyone lying,don't blame me for not showing mercy."

Su Xin glanced at Lei Yuan and added,"After all,not everyone has the status of Deputy Chief Constable."

The other Chief Constables felt a chill in their hearts.As Su Xin said,killing Lei Yuan might bring some trouble,but if he killed these ordinary Chief Constables,there would be no hesitation.

Finally,the crowd left with mixed thoughts.Of course,Lei Yuan left with a heart full of resentment.

Originally,today was supposed to be his showing of authority against Su Xin,but it turned out that Su Xin showed authority over him instead,openly demonstrating strength.It was like killing a chicken to scare the monkeys,and he was the chicken.

After everyone left,Huang Bingcheng asked,"Boss,why didn't you just kill Lei Yuan directly?By displaying your authority in public,this old guy must be hating us in his heart.If I say it's better to directly label him with a big accusation and kill him on the spot."

Su Xin counter-questioned,"And then what?Killing him on my first day in office,Iron Family might help me bear the consequences,but within the Six Fan Gates,someone will use it as an excuse to attack me.After all,the Six Fan Gates is not solely under the control of the Iron Family.Doing this will only lower my position in the hearts of the Iron Family members.Moreover,killing him might intimidate other Chief Constables from various states and prefectures.You saw people like Wang Jingping,who clearly stand with Lei Yuan.If I scared Lei Yuan to the point that he doesn't dare to step forward,what should I do?"

Huang Bingcheng scratched his head.Having dominated Changning Prefecture for too long with the Flying Eagle Gang,he still hadn't fully transitioned from being a gang leader to being an official of the court,and he thought about the problem too simplistically.

"So,Boss,are we just letting them go?"Huang Bingcheng asked somewhat unwillingly.

A hint of coldness flashed in Su Xin's eyes."Of course,we can't let them go so easily.There's a saying:'To secure the outside,first secure the inside.'If we don't deal with them first,we won't be able to accomplish anything."