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Chapter 217: Challenge

8828words in this chapter2024-01-24

At a previous gathering of martial artists in the Jiangnan region,there was an incident where an unknown young warrior challenged a renowned expert on the People's List and emerged victorious.This became quite common,prompting the Xiao family to establish a rule,providing an opportunity for anyone to challenge as they pleased.

The People's List rankings are ruthless,recognizing strength above all.Those who stand tall retain their positions,while the defeated must obediently step down.In the current Jiangnan gathering,six warriors in the Divine Palace realm exchanged glances,some revealing eager expressions.

Once you become famous,the world takes notice.Today,they have made a name for themselves in the Jiangnan gathering,but beyond the martial artists of Jiangnan,only those from other regions might acknowledge them as the ones who claimed the top spot and joined the Xiao family.However,for these young warriors aspiring to become widely known,it's not enough.

The People's List is where one can truly make a name for themselves.With this in mind,someone couldn't resist stepping forward,loudly declaring,"I am Chen Xuancheng from Yannan Dao,and I wish to challenge Liu Xiao,also known as'Night Flow Hand.'"

Among the numerous martial artists present,Liu Xiao holds the forty-third position,not too high nor too low.Chen Xuancheng,having some confidence,dared to challenge Liu Xiao.The other five Divine Palace realm warriors observed carefully.

Since they hadn't witnessed the People's List warriors in action up close,they took this opportunity to observe and analyze Liu Xiao's strength,helping them determine their own challenge targets.

Liu Xiao chuckled and raised an eyebrow,"Oh,you've chosen me?Very well,I'll indulge you for a few moves."

Liu Xiao's laughter sounded somewhat peculiar,and those familiar with him knew he was a bit annoyed.Why pick on him?Among the many People's List warriors,did he seem like an easy target?

Ascending the central stage,after exchanging greetings,Chen Xuancheng took the initiative.He didn't use any weapons but employed a powerful and fierce fist technique,like the descent of a scorching sun.The intense true energy condensed into a surging burst of flames,blackening the surrounding arena.

Chen Xuancheng's attack was fierce,while Liu Xiao remained calm and composed.In his Night Flow Hand,the dark flowers of death bloomed.With a light touch of Liu Xiao's fingers,delicate yet powerful,they intersected with Chen Xuancheng's iron fist.Instantly,black true energy burst forth,and night-flowers blossomed before Chen Xuancheng.

The exploding fist wind was dissolved,and the fiery true energy was devoured by the night-flowers.Chen Xuancheng's face turned pale,quickly retreating as he exclaimed,"Liu Master's strength is truly formidable.I am not your match,and I willingly concede."

Seeing Chen Xuancheng admit defeat,Liu Xiao reluctantly stopped.He had initially wanted to teach him a lesson,but this guy reacted swiftly,sensing something amiss and withdrawing immediately,denying Liu Xiao the chance to strike harder.

This was the Jiangnan gathering,and if the opponent had surrendered,Liu Xiao couldn't pursue and kill him.He could only return to his seat with some reluctance.

At this moment,a handsome and spirited warrior stepped forward,saying,"I am Xiahou Changqing from Zhongshan Dao,and I wish to challenge Shen Jin,also known as the'Double Sword Master,'ranked eighteenth on the People's List."

Upon hearing this,the entire arena was astonished.Shen Jin was among the top twenty martial artists on the People's List,a position achieved through genuine skill.Xiahou Changqing's challenge either indicated his madness or genuine confidence.

As the eighteenth-ranked powerhouse,Shen Jin had to show a more modest and rational demeanor.Hearing Xiahou Changqing's challenge,he simply smiled and said,"Very well,I will spar with Brother Xiahou for a few moves."

Shen Jin ascended the stage,leisurely drawing the sword and knife from behind him.Below the stage,Su Xin asked,"Who is Xiahou Changqing,and what's his background?"

Boldly challenging Shen Jin suggested that Xiahou Changqing was either reckless or genuinely confident.Judging by his aura,he didn't seem like a martial artist from a minor force.

Zhuge Qingtian smiled faintly,"There's nothing extraordinary about his background.Xiahou Changqing should be from the prominent Xiahou family in Zhongshan Dao,boasting several Nascent Divinity realm martial arts masters.In Zhongshan Dao,they are a dominant force."

The only notable thing about the Xiahou family is that they produced a strong individual on the Earth List in the early years.Unfortunately,the later disciples are not ambitious,and they can only barely maintain the current status.Judging by Xiahou Changqing's appearance,it seems to be the first time the Xiahou family has released him.He's likely their secret weapon,prepared to make a splash at the Jiangnan gathering."

Saying this,Zhuge Qingtian's mouth revealed a hint of disdainful smile,and Su Xin followed suit with a laugh.If the Xiahou family is really thinking along these lines,they are going to suffer a heavy loss this time.

This Jiangnan gathering is not as simple.If the remnants of the Wu Kingdom and the White Lotus Cult really want to cause trouble,even if Xiahou Changqing performs exceptionally at the gathering,it will be immediately overshadowed by such significant news.

On the stage,Shen Jin took off the sword and knife from behind him.Shen Jin has always been disciplined.As a People's List expert,he naturally doesn't lack gold and silver.He can pass by a small sect,and they would offer him wealth,seeking a few words of guidance.However,Shen Jin has never accepted these things.When he lacks money,he goes to escort goods for others,living a simple life like in his poorest days,having rough tea and plain meals,wearing coarse linen clothes.

Because of this,Shen Jin can be ranked eighteenth on the People's List as an independent cultivator.Even those who don't acknowledge his strength admire his strong self-discipline.Especially now,as Shen Jin casually threw away the brocade wrapping his sword and knife,contrasting with his somewhat shabby appearance,this feeling became even more pronounced.

Shen Jin's nickname is the'Double Sword Master,'wielding a sword in his left hand and a knife in his right,displaying an extraordinary coordination.At this moment,Shen Jin crossed his sword and knife,making a gesture of invitation to Xiahou Changqing,indicating for him to make the first move.

Xiahou Changqing didn't hesitate.A curved blade like a silver crescent slipped into his hand from his sleeve,slashing towards Shen Jin.The blade's movement was elusive and shadowless,causing the sky to darken.Xiahou Changqing's one knife seemed to absorb all the surrounding light,with only the silver moon-like brilliance of the blade shining brightly.

This knife was indeed stunning,and the Nascent Divinity realm powerhouses from various major forces in Jiangnan Dao couldn't help but praise it.They said Xiahou Changqing truly had the strength to be in the top thirty of the People's List.

However,Su Xin disdainfully pursed his lips in the audience.He found Xiahou Changqing's knife very familiar,similar to the'Non-Dual Blade'displayed by Xiao Moyun in Xiangnan Dao.

Su Xin wasn't referring to the visual similarity but rather the similarity in the technique—both involved condensing one's essence,energy,and spirit to unleash the peak strike.However,Xiahou Changqing's knife was far from Xiao Moyun's'Non-Dual Blade'—more glamorous than powerful.

As the silver moon descended,Shen Jin remained calm.He swung his left-handed long knife,tearing through the air with a fierce and cunning momentum,like a storm,directly shattering the silver moon.

At the same time,Shen Jin's right-handed long sword thrust forward.Unlike the elusive and fierce blade movements of his left hand,Shen Jin's right-hand sword technique was upright and majestic,with a vast and righteous sword energy sweeping through the sky.Xiahou Changqing's expression changed instantly.

On one side was the elusive and fierce blade light,and on the other was the vast and righteous sword aura.But regardless of the blade or sword technique,Xiahou Changqing couldn't find any flaws.He could only reluctantly start to parry and evade,but he became increasingly powerless.

Left knife,right sword—this wasn't just a simple addition of two,but two different styles,even two different martial paths.Only the heavens knew how Shen Jin perfectly fused them together.

But precisely because of this,it made it difficult for people to keep up.After dozens of moves,Xiahou Changqing was already sweating profusely.

After almost having his protective true energy shattered by Shen Jin's strike,Xiahou Changqing hurriedly shouted,"I concede!I concede!"

Upon hearing Xiahou Changqing's concession,Shen Jin immediately stopped and nodded towards Xiahou Changqing before turning to leave.He wasn't like Liu Xiao;he couldn't injure someone at the Jiangnan gathering,or else his hard-earned reputation of over a decade would be in vain.

Xiao Huang lightly laughed,"Brother Xiahou,don't be disheartened.Brother Shen has diligently cultivated his strength day and night for over ten years to reach his current state.Brother Xiahou is still young;you can start afresh at the next Jiangnan gathering."

Xiao Huang gave Xiahou Changqing a way out,but a hint of a different color flashed in Xiahou Changqing's eyes."Lord Xiao,no need for the next time;it can be this time too.I may not be able to beat Brother Shen,but I want to challenge'Blood Sword Divine Finger'Su Xin,ranked twenty-second on the People's List."

As soon as these words were spoken,everyone in the audience was stunned for a moment.However,they were not foolish people,and after a little thought,they understood what Xiahou Changqing was up to.A hint of disdain appeared on their faces;his actions were somewhat disgusting.