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Chapter 218: Aspiring to the Top, Do You Have the Strength?

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Xiahou Changqing's thoughts are known to everyone;he simply wants to make a name for himself in the martial world.So,the first time he lost to Shen Jin,feeling that he couldn't deal with those in the top twenty of the ranking,he chose Su Xin,ranked twenty-second,as an alternative.

But what if Su Xin is still not a match for him?Would he then choose others like Liu Xiao?What does he take these top-ranked martial artists for?Are they just stepping stones for his advancement?

The desire for personal gain is universal;the only difference lies in how well one conceals it.For example,Shen Jin undoubtedly wants to leap directly to the top of the rankings,but anyone who meets him would say that Shen Jin is modest and courteous.

Xiahou Changqing's behavior is somewhat unsightly.He seems to treat the ranking list as a stepping stone for his own advancement.This makes all the martial artists present,even the flawless Xiao Huang,look displeased.

Is it a game to switch opponents if one can't defeat you?Is the Jiangnan Tournament just child's play to you?

Xiahou Changqing knows that what he is doing is inappropriate,but at the moment,he has no other choice.If he wants to make a name for himself in the Jiangnan Tournament,he must defeat a martial artist on the ranking list.

So,Xiahou Changqing looks at Xiao Huang and says,"Young Master Xiao,it seems like the rules of the Jiangnan Tournament don't specify that one can only challenge once,right?"

Xiao Huang's expression is somewhat unpleasant.Of course,there is no such rule in the Jiangnan Tournament,and it seems that even the predecessors of the Xiao family who founded the tournament did not anticipate someone daring to play such tricks.

Just as Xiao Huang is about to say something,Su Xin suddenly smiles and steps forward,saying,"Since Brother Xiahou wants to challenge me,I can't let you down,can I?"

Seeing Su Xin taking the initiative,Xiao Huang naturally has nothing to say.He withdraws from the stage,waiting for the two to start.

Xiahou Changqing looks at Su Xin,and a hint of joy appears in his eyes.He bows to Su Xin and says,"Brother Su,then I will have to make a move."

Su Xin raises his chin,indicating that Xiahou can make his move.

Xiahou Changqing takes a deep breath and performs the"Falling Moon Slash"once again.The chilling blade,accompanied by the cold moonlight,descends.In the moment it reaches Su Xin,his surroundings plunge into darkness.Only the hazy moonlight and the sharp blade pass through.

Su Xin remains motionless,his eyes fixed on the descending"Crescent Moon."

People around are puzzled.They can't believe that Su Xin,with his strength,would be stunned in such a situation.But Su Xin stands still,not reacting even when the blade is about to reach him.

Xiahou Changqing also senses something amiss.Su Xin,ranked twenty-second,a formidable martial artist,how could he be frightened by a single slash?Is there some trap?

The more Xiahou Changqing thinks about it,the more suspicious he becomes.His hand holding the blade trembles slightly,but at this moment,Su Xin suddenly makes a move!

A slender finger points out silently,but thunder rises around,tearing the dark sky apart.

This pointed finger,like an angry dragon soaring,unleashes endless thunder,shattering the firmament and resonating through the world.

This finger,like the wrathful god of thunder,is majestic and intolerant of defiance!

This is the most powerful move in the"Shocking God Finger"–Thunder Awakening!

In the original work,Bai Choufei often used this move,and Su Xin has also frequently used it.Among the twenty-four solar terms"Shocking God Finger,"Thunder Awakening is the most proficient move for Su Xin.

Having used it so many times,each time deepening his mastery,Su Xin's proficiency in Thunder Awakening has reached 99%,while the other moves of the Shocking God Finger are only around 60%proficiency.This makes Thunder Awakening almost as powerful as exchanging for a three-star-level consumable.

In the face of this god-like finger,the crescent moon dissolves,the curved blade shatters,and in Xiahou Changqing's horrified gaze,Su Xin's right hand swings the Blood River Divine Sword!

The sword brings a river of blood,annihilating heaven and earth!

With blood-red light,Xiahou Changqing falls,and a heavy thud is heard as he hits the ground.

"If you want to seize an opportunity to rise,first consider whether you have the qualifications."

Su Xin sheathes his sword,but at this point,Xiahou Changqing can no longer hear what he's saying.Under Su Xin's Blood River Divine Sword,keeping his life intact is already fortunate.

Having severely injured Xiahou Changqing in just two moves,everyone present looks at Su Xin and then at Shen Jin with strange expressions.

Although both of them defeated Xiahou Changqing,Su Xin's method was undoubtedly more decisive and efficient,incapacitating the opponent in just two moves.

Doesn't this mean that Su Xin is even stronger than Shen Jin?

But before everyone can think carefully,two middle-aged martial artists at the peak of the Divine Palace realm rush to the stage,anxiously checking Xiahou Changqing's injuries and hastily feeding him some pills.

One of them,realizing that Xiahou Changqing is not in mortal danger,angrily steps forward,pointing at Su Xin and shouting,"Su Xin!This is just a competition on the Jiangnan Tournament stage.Yet,you almost crippled my Xiahou family's disciple.What are you trying to do?"

Su Xin sneered,"On the arena,life and death are at stake.Is it not allowed to accidentally go too far?You should be grateful that this is the Jiangnan Tournament.If it were outside,who would care whether he lives or dies?Of course,if you find it intolerable,you are free to intervene.There are plenty of places beneath the arena for such matters."

With these words,the two warriors from the Xiahou family fell silent and resentfully escorted Xiahou Changqing off the stage.Locally,they might be notable figures in the Zhongshan region,but compared to young talents like Su Xin on the ranking list,there was simply no comparison.

Moreover,the martial artists below,upon witnessing Su Xin severely injure Xiahou Changqing,didn't condemn Su Xin for being ruthless as before.Instead,many secretly admired Su Xin's actions.

For them,the most detestable individuals were those who broke the rules.In the past,it was Su Xin who violated the rules,but now,with Xiahou Changqing breaking them,the treatment naturally shifted.

After this battle,the other victorious participants of the Jiangnan Tournament also abandoned the idea of challenging martial artists on the ranking list.Witnessing Su Xin's strength,they finally understood the terror of those on the ranking list.

Shen Jin's previous actions may have seemed ordinary because he never went all out.However,if he were to encounter someone like Su Xin,the consequences would be dire.

Just as Xiao Huang was about to let the other Jiangnan Tournament winners choose the top three,Yue Qingping spoke up,"Brother Xiao,I remember that on the Jiangnan Tournament stage,challengers can freely challenge those on the ranking list,right?Today,I would like to have a match with Su Xin.Is that acceptable?"

All eyes immediately turned to Yue Qingping and Su Xin.Everyone knew that Yue Qingping had come for revenge.Previously,he had sought trouble with Su Xin but was stopped by Zhuge Qingtian.However,now,on the Jiangnan Tournament stage,Su Xin couldn't hide behind Zhuge Qingtian,right?

While Jiangnan Tournament prohibited killing,resolving personal grievances between ranking list martial artists was allowed.It depended on the intentions of both parties.

Many martial artists looked at Su Xin,waiting to see how he would respond.Refusing Yue Qingping was normal since they were separated by a small realm.Among ordinary martial artists,a small realm difference might not matter much,but when it came to those on the ranking list,even a slight realm difference was significant.

If Su Xin declined,it would be considered normal.Some might criticize him for being afraid or avoiding a fight,but that was expected.However,if Su Xin accepted Yue Qingping's challenge,the consequences would be unpredictable.

Jiangnan Tournament might not allow killing,but could it prevent crippling someone?

Yue Qingping stared at Su Xin,his eyes flashing with mockery.Would you dare to fight?

Su Xin chuckled,stood up,and said,"Since Brother Yue wants to teach me a lesson,then I will once again learn from Brother Yue's Jade-breaking Hand."

"Don't worry;this time,I will show you what a true Jade-breaking Hand is."

On the stage,Yue Qingping extended his hand,signaling Su Xin to make the first move.

Su Xin,of course,wouldn't be polite.He pointed his finger,and wind and thunder surged.The momentum of his finger seemed to shatter the sky,causing the entire stage to rumble.

The previous finger had directly shattered Xiahou Changqing's blade,and that imposing force was still fresh in everyone's minds.

Facing this astonishing finger,Yue Qingping simply stretched out one hand–a Jade-breaking Hand!

The enormous palm condensed the surrounding elemental forces,descending like a mountain.The force of Thunder Awakening shattered the opponent's palm strength,making Su Xin step back.

Yue Qingping's figure appeared like a demon god,taking a step forward.A fierce aura swept over,and his palms clapped continuously,the violent palm strength causing the stage to tremble constantly.

The martial artists present had somewhat pale expressions.They were witnessing this terrifying side of Yue Qingping for the first time.As the ninth on the ranking list,Yue Qingping had a considerable record,and having been on the list for over ten years,many had seen him in action before.

However,his martial arts had always been grand and majestic.Today's appearance,resembling a demonic god,was rare.

The Blood River Divine Sword was unsheathed by Su Xin,and his body seemed to be covered in a thick layer of blood.The spectacular scene of the blood-red sword radiance burst forth.

Unfortunately,Yue Qingping's strength was too formidable.Beneath the Jade-breaking Hand,he directly condensed a gigantic palm shadow with a size of several zhang,forcefully shattering Su Xin's blood-red sword radiance.

With the Jade-breaking Hand,a palm that covered the sky descended!

Under this palm,Su Xin stepped back once again,but his mind was exceptionally clear.Sensing the power of Yue Qingping's Jade-breaking Hand,Su Xin seemed to be on the verge of grasping something,just a hair's breadth away from enlightenment.

At this moment,Yue Qingping attacked again without hesitation.Converting palms into claws,he moved like a soaring eagle capturing a dragon,fiercely pouncing towards Su Xin!