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Chapter 12: Changes in Joyful Forest

7860words in this chapter2023-12-27

As a loyal customer of the Joyful Forest,Young Master Sun,upon his arrival,was promptly announced to the Drunken Moon Pavilion.The proprietor,Manager Liu,personally came out to greet him.

"Hahaha,Young Master Sun,the ladies at the Drunken Moon Pavilion have missed you so much in this past month.Today,I've specially reserved two top-tier performers for you,"Manager Liu chuckled warmly,his face adorned with a genial smile.

"Old Liu,you're truly thoughtful."

Young Master Sun patted Manager Liu's shoulder,rubbing his hands together,"I haven't had any action in a month.After accumulating luck for so long,I need to indulge myself.Take me to the gambling den first,let the ladies freshen up and wait for me."

Saying that,Young Master Sun headed towards the direction of the Shunde Gambling Den.

Manager Liu hurriedly stopped him,"Shunde Gambling Den has closed early.I've got a new one opened.The interior is brand new,and the staff has been recruited from Shunde Gambling Den."

Surprised,Young Master Sun asked,"Why did Old Huang,whose Shunde Gambling Den made a fortune every day,suddenly stop?"

Manager Liu's face immediately became awkward,but he quickly concealed it and diverted the topic vaguely.

Shunde Gambling Den next to the Drunken Moon Pavilion had become a branch controlled by Su Xin,and the new one was the Longqing Gambling Den.

The owner of Longqing Gambling Den was quite insightful.After witnessing Old Huang being crippled by Su Xin and the subsequent display of Su Xin's capabilities,he realized that his group of businessmen had no chance against Su Xin in a fight.Since fighting was futile,cooperation was the only option to maximize profits.

With the entire Joyful Forest and its flagship brothel,establishing a gambling den next door was sure to boost business.So,he decisively offered a thousand taels of silver to Su Xin,exchanging the adjacent land for Drunken Moon Pavilion.

"Hey?Why are the Drunken Moon Pavilion ladies all working in the gambling den?"

Seeing a line of Drunken Moon Pavilion's top ladies standing at the entrance of the Longqing Gambling Den,Young Master Sun was taken aback.

"This is our new service in the Joyful Forest,Young Master Sun.Pick a few,"Manager Liu said with a smiling face.

"Ah,not bad at all."Young Master Sun waved his hand,picked two familiar ladies,and entered the gambling den.

Upon entering,Young Master Sun realized there were many changes.Smart servants carrying drinks and snacks roamed around.If you wanted to eat a proper meal,there were menus on the trays of these servants,and as soon as you ordered,the food would be delivered from the adjacent restaurant with utmost speed.

The dice dealers,who were originally shaking the dice,were replaced by the Drunken Moon Pavilion ladies.Although their movements were not as deft,they were quite pleasing to the eye.

Young Master Sun's eyes lit up.He casually took a jug of wine from a passing servant and threw a silver note onto the gambling table.

"Five hundred taels,all on big!I've saved up for a month,and today,I'm going to win big after a few rounds.First,take me to the gambling den,and let the ladies wait for me after cleaning up."

Laughing arrogantly,Young Master Sun pulled the pile of silver and notes towards himself and stuffed two notes into the bosom of each of the two ladies,groping them as he pleased.

Seeing those two silver notes,the two ladies'eyes brightened.These two notes were both worth a hundred taels,and normally,they would only receive such a reward after fully serving a customer.Now,without doing anything,they had earned a hundred taels each.

Others looked on,their eyes blazing.They clamored,"Get me two ladies too,with big bosoms.Today,I want to bet big!"

At the entrance,Managers Liu and Chen from Longqing Gambling Den exchanged glances,both revealing smiles.

The next day at noon,Young Master Sun woke up from Gentle Town,smacking his lips as he reminisced about last night's events.He couldn't help but chuckle.

"This Joyful Forest is truly extraordinary!When I go back,I must bring Old Li and the others,these country bumpkins,to see it.Compared to Joyful Forest,Changde Lane is nothing!"

On the first day of reopening,Joyful Forest had already left a deep impression in the hearts of old customers like Young Master Sun.

Constant Peace Prefecture was not that big,and once there was any news,it could spread throughout the city in a day.

Within three days,news of the new changes in the Joyful Forest spread throughout Constant Peace Prefecture.Everyone who had experienced it had nothing but praise.As a result,in the following days,the customer flow at the Joyful Forest surged dramatically.By the time the gambling dens and brothels in Changde Lane reacted,it was already too late.

They didn't change their conditions,and they didn't change in time.Only a few wealthy bosses consecutively acquired several storefronts and began redecorating following the Joyful Forest's model.However,compared to the scale of the Joyful Forest,the difference was too significant.

After a month,the owners of several shops in the Joyful Forest calculated their income.Their pure income for the month had more than doubled,with the least profitable ones doubling,and the most profitable ones,like Manager Liu from the Drunken Moon Pavilion,reaching an astonishing fivefold increase.

Originally,the most lucrative business for the Joyful Forest was the gambling dens,but now it was the brothels.With Su Xin's changes,those young masters who liked to gamble at the Joyful Forest were quite generous.As long as they won,they would stuff silver into the bosoms of the girls.

These bosses earned a lot,so naturally,they had to pay Su Xin's share of the profits.Su Xin never fully trusted these Joyful Forest bosses,even the seemingly obedient Manager Liu from the Drunken Moon Pavilion.

Therefore,when it came time for profit distribution,Su Xin had Huang Bingcheng bring in several accountants to check the accounts of various major businesses,checking for any hidden profits.

The investigation revealed some audacious attempts to exaggerate profits.Su Xin didn't say much;he just had a few of his men break the hands of the accountants responsible for these establishments on the spot.

The bosses turned pale,and they no longer dared to engage in any underhanded tactics.They obediently handed over the rightful share of profits.

Huang Bingcheng arrived at Su Xin's home with two large boxes,excitedly saying,"Boss,guess how much we earned this month?"

"Oh?How much?"

Huang Bingcheng opened the two large boxes,revealing a dazzling array of silver.

"A whopping eighty thousand taels!And this is just the first month.If we wait until next month,with the increasing popularity of the Joyful Forest,business is sure to continue booming.We'll definitely make even more money!"Huang Bingcheng's face was flushed with excitement,as if he had taken some kind of stimulant.

"So much."Su Xin was also startled.

According to his original estimate,the first month's profit should have been around thirty thousand taels.Unexpectedly,it turned out to be eighty thousand taels,nearly triple the anticipated amount.

It seemed that there were indeed quite a few wealthy people in Constant Peace Prefecture,considering it was the former capital of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

Touching his chin,Su Xin said,"Allocate thirty thousand taels of this silver and send it to Third Brother Tiger.Then instruct the brothers to gather at the headquarters."

"T-Thirty thousand taels!"Huang Bingcheng stared at Su Xin,dumbfounded.

Although they had given Third Brother Tiger the assets of the Shunde Gambling Den before,that was because they wanted to use Third Brother Tiger's name to take over the gambling den.However,this thirty thousand taels in profits was practically a free gift.

"We can't swallow this money;forcing it down would only choke us."

A faint smile appeared on Su Xin's lips."As they say,it's better to share joy than to enjoy it alone.Consider this money my gift to'Father-in-law.'"

Huang Bingcheng,being an old member of the Flying Eagle Gang,immediately understood Su Xin's intention.Although it was a bit stifling,they still had to pay what was due.

Huang Bingcheng left with his men.In Su Xin's mind,the system's voice resounded,"Congratulations to the host for completing the main quest:'Ambitious Vision(Part One).'Rewarding the host with 200 points of villain value and one intermediate draw."

Entering the system,Su Xin asked,"How many drawing chances do I have now?"

The system replied,"The host currently has 33 chances for basic draws and one chance for an intermediate draw.Would the host like to use them now?"

After some consideration,Su Xin shook his head."Not for now.Let's save it for later."

With over a month's accumulation of basic drawing chances,he could exchange them for three intermediate drawing chances.Plus,the intermediate draw rewarded from this main quest,he had a total of four chances.

Intermediate draws had uncertainties,so Su Xin planned to accumulate a bit more before using them all at once,hoping to get some good items.