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Chapter 13: Wealth Attracts All Hearts

7822words in this chapter2023-12-27

Inside the residence of Third Master Hu in Shunyi Lane.

Third Master Hu played with the silver that Su Xin had sent,a smug smile on his face.

"LǐShīye,how's my adopted son doing?In just over a month,he brought me back eighty thousand taels of silver.Hahaha!"Third Master Hu burst into laughter.

Comparatively,the previous one couldn't match up.It's said that in life,you can't compare people to people;in merchandise,you can't compare goods to goods.

The previous adopted son,Chen Dao,cost Third Master Hu countless efforts.Just the silver spent was tens of thousands of taels.

Practicing Iron Sand Palm required a large amount of herbs to soak the hands,coupled with the practice of Iron Sand Palm.

In twenty years of training,Third Master Hu had thrown in several large carts of herbs alone.

But what was the result?Almost cultivated a big trouble.

Now that he had adopted Su Xin as his son,all Third Master Hu invested were just a few words.The result was that in less than a month,Su Xin brought him such a big gift.

Beside him,LǐShīye flattered,"Third Master,your calculations are deep.If you had directly killed Su Xin back then,we wouldn't have so much income now."

As the two were talking,a gang member came in and handed a small note to LǐShīye.

"Who sent this message?"Third Master Hu asked.

LǐShīye hesitated for a moment and said,"It's news from JìGāng.It says that Su Xin's total dividend for this month is one hundred and eighty thousand taels."

Third Master Hu threw away the silver in his hand,and the smile on his face gradually faded.

Meanwhile,inside Joyful Forest,Su Xin had someone carry a box of silver and arrived at the new entrance of Joyful Forest.

The former Shunde Gambling Den had been renovated.Internally,some gambling tools were dismantled,and a large number of tables and chairs were replaced.Externally,it was slightly refreshed,and a new signboard with black background and golden characters was hung:"Flying Eagle Gang."

At this moment,all the gang members of the Flying Eagle Gang had gathered.In this month,due to the booming business of Joyful Forest,dozens more people had joined Su Xin.Now,there were more than a hundred under Su Xin's command.

"SūLǎodà!"Seeing Su Xin come in,the group of gang members quickly stood up and shouted in unison,quite imposing.

Su Xin waved his hand,had someone place the box in the middle of the hall,and loudly declared,"Today,calling you all here is for two things.The first thing is to prepare to distribute money to everyone."

With a loud bang,Su Xin directly kicked open the box,and the dazzling silver instantly blinded the eyes of many gang members.

They had seen silver before,but so much silver laid out together had an immense impact on these bottom-tier gang members.

Traditionally,the rule of the Flying Eagle Gang was that the more money the leader made,the more money his subordinates received each month.

If the leader was poor,his subordinates could only drink soup.

They had seen the business of Joyful Forest this month.They knew this month's money would definitely not be meager.

Sure enough,Su Xin continued,"If you follow me,Su Xin,I won't let you eat plain buns and drink cold water while fighting with others.This month's monthly pay,ten taels of silver each!"

When these words came out,the gang members almost shouted out in excitement.Su Xin's monthly pay was much more than they had imagined.

From the perspective of their common income as ordinary people in the Changning Prefecture,working as waiters in a hotel or working for others,it would be good to earn one or two taels of silver a month,barely enough to support a family.

As for these gang members,who were even more miserable,despite their imposing appearances,some couldn't even get one or two taels.

Even those in the core group under the gang leader of the Flying Eagle Gang,each month,they received no more than five taels of silver.Now,Su Xin was giving each of them ten taels,making them wonder if they were dreaming.

"However!"Su Xin,seeing them getting excited,changed his tone and said,"After taking my money,you must follow my rules!"

"Just as the saying goes,'You reap what you sow.'You probably haven't been shy about extorting businesses in Joyful Forest,have you?Eating without paying,leaving after sleeping with the girls,you've done these things a lot,haven't you?"

Su Xin looked around,and many gang members present lowered their heads,not daring to meet Su Xin's gaze.

They had indeed done these things,and some even secretly deducted some when collecting monthly pay.

"If you had done this before,I,Su Xin,wouldn't say anything.But do you know what it means to do this now?You're not just taking advantage of those businesses;you're undermining your own interests!

Joyful Forest's every shop contributes a tenth of its dividends to us.Your monthly pay also comes from there.

This month's pay is ten taels.If Joyful Forest's business is good next month,you might get eleven,twelve,or even fifteen taels.

You may think you're taking advantage of the businesses,gaining benefits from them.In reality,you're undermining our collective interests,taking advantage of yourselves!"

The gang members also realized that by taking advantage of businesses in Joyful Forest,they were affecting the overall income.In the end,the ones suffering were themselves because their monthly pay was tied to Joyful Forest's overall earnings.

"After taking the money,you must abide by the rules.Those who violate the rules,don't blame me,Su Xin,for being ruthless!"

Su Xin returned to his main seat,sat down,and spoke sternly,"Lao Huang,read the names."

Huang Bingcheng nodded,magically produced a small book from behind him,and began reading,"Zhao Chendong,Liu San,Chen Laodao,Zhang Hu..."

More than twenty names were read in one breath,and those whose names were called turned pale.

"Twenty strokes each in front of everyone,"Su Xin said.

With a wave of Huang Bingcheng's hand,other gang members immediately brought in sticks,and,under Huang Bingcheng's command,began the punishment.

Regardless of their previous relationships,now that Su Lao Da was personally watching,they didn't dare to hold back.Every strike was delivered with full force.

After twenty strokes,the more than twenty people barely managed to get up,their legs trembling.

Su Xin tapped the table and said,"Remember these twenty strokes today.This is what rules mean!Now I ask you,do you accept or not?If you don't accept,you can take your monthly pay and leave now;I,Su Xin,won't stop you."

The more than twenty beaten gang members hurriedly shook their heads.Ten taels of monthly pay each month,who would want to leave?They would be fools to do so!

"Alright,now come up one by one to receive your monthly pay.For the twenty-something brothers who got beaten,each person receives an extra two taels as medical expenses."

With these words,the last trace of resentment in the hearts of the more than twenty beaten gang members disappeared.

Not only was there no resentment,but they also felt moved.Rewards and punishments were clear.This was a good boss.

As for Liu Sandao,who used to be a little tyrant,what a joke!

Standing in the crowd,Ji Gang looked at Su Xin,his eyes showing incomprehension.

This young man was getting more and more difficult for him to understand.In his teens,how could he have such sophisticated tactics?

At this moment,Su Xin took out two one-hundred-tael bills and handed them to Ji Gang and Li Huai.

"The monthly pay for you two,of course,can't be compared to ordinary gang members.This is what you deserve."

"Thank you,Su Lao Da."

Ji Gang smilingly took the silver note,but Li Huai said,"No merit,no reward."

The main reason Third Master Hu sent them here was to help Gang Leader Su Xin stabilize the situation in Joyful Forest.

Unexpectedly,Su Xin's methods were so strong.Under his combined use of kindness and severity,whether it was the shop owners in Joyful Forest or the gang members,all bowed their heads to Su Xin.

The top two under Third Master Hu,on the other hand,hadn't been put to good use.

"Whether there's merit or not is for me,Su Xin,to decide.This money is what you two deserve."

Su Xin directly stuffed the silver note into Li Huai's hand.This time,Li Huai didn't refuse,and his attitude was not as bad as when he first met Su Xin.

After all,no matter how arrogant Li Huai was,he still had to eat.

Under Third Master Hu,with his identity,his monthly pay was over ten taels.If he accomplished something,he would also receive a reward of several dozen taels.

But now,without doing anything,he received one hundred taels of silver.Such a thing had never happened before.

Using a little over one thousand taels of silver to win the loyalty of everyone,for the current Su Xin,it was very cost-effective.

Being fierce alone wasn't enough because of his shallow background.

Therefore,there had to be kindness.At the very least,the monthly pay he set was unmatched by any other gang leader in the Flying Eagle Gang.

Joyful Forest was in full swing,but some people were not so happy.

These people were from the Green Bamboo Gang.