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Chapter 92: Clearing Suspicions

8608words in this chapter2024-01-05

When all the evidence pointed to Su Xin,Xie Zhiyan suddenly raised a doubt,causing some people present to become suspicious.However,Gong Qingfeng from the Shenfeng Guild suddenly said,"The appearance of Qingzhu paper in Changning Mansion is not surprising.Not long ago,Master Su,together with us,monopolized the trade of various Southern exotic products in Changning Mansion.Those merchants are all from the Central Plains.They may not trade Qingzhu paper,but it's possible they carried it with them.The Flying Eagle Gang has also had transactions with these merchants.Perhaps it was their Qingzhu paper that ended up in the hands of the Flying Eagle Gang and coincidentally used by Master Su.After all,not everyone can distinguish between ordinary paper and Qingzhu paper like Miss Xie."

Upon hearing Gong Qingfeng's words,everyone suddenly felt that this possibility was quite reasonable.Su Xin looked coldly at Gong Qingfeng;this guy was quick to kick someone who had fallen into a well.

Jiang Ling laughed,"That's right,this doesn't prove anything.On the contrary,the sword wounds on Zhang Qingfang's body cannot be fake.Inside Changning Mansion,there is only one person with the strength to kill Zhang Qingfang and is skilled in using a left-handed sword,and that's you,Su Xin!"

Gong Qingfeng sneered,"I can prove that.Master Su's reputation for the fast left-handed sword in our Changning Mansion is well-known.Isn't that right,Master Meng?"

Meng Changhe smirked,"Of course,my disciple died under Master Su's left-handed sword!"

With everyone pointing fingers at Su Xin,Jiang Yuandong snatched a long knife from a Three Heroes Society member.He had to get a result today.Zhang Qingfang couldn't die in vain;he had to give an explanation to his family.

But at this moment,Su Xin suddenly looked at Gong Qingfeng and Jiang Ling,smiling.This smile made both of them feel uneasy.

"Who told you that only a left-handed sword can cause such wounds?It's a joke!There are countless strange martial arts techniques in the world,making such wounds is very simple.If not,let me demonstrate it for you now."

Su Xin suddenly switched to a right-handed sword and thrust towards Gong Qingfeng.The sharp edge instantly arrived at his front,startling Gong Qingfeng.No one expected Su Xin to make a move at this moment,and even Jiang Ling,who was closest to Gong Qingfeng,didn't react in time.Fortunately,Gong Qingfeng's agility saved him.He took three steps and leaped behind a gang member,using him as a shield against Su Xin.

The sword of the Wandering Dragon vibrated with a strange frequency,cutting off the gang member's throat,blood splattering on the ground.Gong Qingfeng shouted angrily,"Su Xin!Are you trying to kill someone to silence them?"

Su Xin sneered,"Silence what?Now look at the wound on his neck."

Everyone focused their gaze,and the wound on the gang member's neck was exactly the same as Zhang Qingfang's,but they had just witnessed Su Xin using a right-handed sword!Jiang Ling and Gong Qingfeng's expressions changed.Su Xin coldly said,"Don't assume others can't do what you can't.I,Su Xin,am just a small figure at the pinnacle of the acquired realm.If I can do it,others stronger than me can do it too.What does a left-handed sword wound represent?Even if it were me,wouldn't I be able to use my right hand?I forgot to tell you;although my left-handed sword is strong,my right-handed sword is not bad either!"

The blatant fact was in front of them,and everyone fell silent.Su Xin was manipulating the situation,but he was right in saying that creating the same sword wound with both hands was possible.It was because the Wandering Dragon Sword technique that Su Xin practiced was ambidextrous.This kind of person was rare in the martial world,and Su Xin was capable of achieving these results.

"Now that you know I didn't kill him,why are you still standing here?Waiting for me to invite you all for a late-night snack?"Su Xin sneered.

People with grudges against Su Xin and those who didn't like him snorted coldly and left.Jiang Yuandong,however,angrily ordered someone to take Zhang Qingfang's body away.

Su Xin was not the murderer,so who was?If this case remained unsolved,he would undoubtedly be punished by the family when he returned.

After everyone left,Xie Zhiyan came over and asked,"What exactly happened?Why were you in front of Zhang Qingfang's body just now?"

Su Xin recounted the incident to Xie Zhiyan and said in a deep voice,"It's clear that someone wants to frame me,but I don't know what their motive is.The one who killed Zhang Qingfang is definitely not someone from Changning Mansion.The person who hates me the most in Changning Mansion is Meng Changhe.However,he doesn't have the guts to do such a thing,and he doesn't have the strength.This must be the work of an outsider."

"If he wanted to monopolize the treasure,he could have dealt with you directly,or framed you.But what's the use of framing the leader of my small gang?"This was also a point Su Xin couldn't understand.He had never expected someone to secretly target him.However,since understanding was elusive,not thinking about it was fortunate;conducting a direct investigation was the real solution.

Su Xin called Huang Bingcheng and instructed him to find out who Zhang Qingfang had interacted with on the day of his death,especially the last person he saw.Even though Zhang Qingfang was part of the Three Heroes Society,it didn't mean that Su Xin couldn't gather information about him.

In Changning Mansion,the five major gangs had infiltrated each other with spies or directly bought people over the years.Su Xin wanted information about the Three Heroes Society,and Huang Bingcheng immediately contacted their contacts.In a little over an hour,he brought back all the information.

Huang Bingcheng's expression was strange as he said,"Boss,the last person Zhang Qingfang contacted was actually a member of our Flying Eagle Gang.After meeting that gang member,Zhang Qingfang left alone shortly afterward."

Su Xin knocked on the table and said coldly,"This person acting in the shadows is quite ruthless.If I hadn't used the sword wound to completely clear my suspicion,continuing the investigation would have eventually led everyone to that gang member."

It seemed like the other party had scripted everything exceptionally clearly.If Su Xin hadn't managed to clear his name with the sword wound,someone would have inevitably questioned how he delivered the letter to Zhang Qingfang.After all,Su Xin had never left the territory of the Flying Eagle Gang,and this was known to everyone.So how did Su Xin manage to deliver the letter to Zhang Qingfang?Someone would definitely follow this lead.

"This chain of schemes is quite clever.Come,let's go check on that gang member and see who's behind him."Su Xin beckoned Huang Bingcheng and Li Huai to accompany him,and Xie Zhiyan also followed.

"Miss Xie,aren't you going back to rest?"Su Xin asked.

Xie Zhiyan shook her head and said,"The events tonight are too suspicious.I also want to see what's going on.Who is messing with us."

Since she insisted on going along,Su Xin didn't refuse.He immediately had someone lead the way to the residence of that gang member.

According to Huang Bingcheng's information,the gang member was an old member of the Flying Eagle Gang,having been with them for more than five years.He used to be a disciple in Lin Fuhu's War Hall.Later,when Su Xin expanded the War Hall,he successfully became a small leader,having accumulated enough strength from his previous experience.Within the Flying Eagle Gang,he had a certain status.

The gang member lived in a small courtyard not far from the Golden Moon Pavilion,with only himself in the house.

Su Xin and the others didn't bother knocking on the door;they simply kicked it open.However,there was an eerie silence inside.

Huang Bingcheng immediately ordered someone to break into the house.Inside the small room,a gang member wearing the Flying Eagle Gang's clothes lay on the table,lifeless.

Li Huai approached and examined him,saying,"He died by poisoning.It's unclear if it's suicide,but there are no signs of struggle."

Su Xin murmured,"He did it quite cleanly."

He turned to Huang Bingcheng and said,"Continue investigating.See who he really is."

Huang Bingcheng took out a stack of papers and said,"No need to investigate further;it's all here,although I didn't have time to look at it earlier."

Su Xin took the information Huang Bingcheng had investigated and carefully examined each page.Finally,he found something unusual.

"This gang member is named Du Jing.His father is a distant relative of Du Yuansheng.Although the relationship is distant,he used to be Du Yuansheng's attendant,in charge of his weapons."

Weapons were the second life of a martial artist.Anyone skilled in using weapons wouldn't easily be separated from them.Therefore,those trusted with managing a martial artist's weapons were highly trusted individuals.

The fact that this gang member,Du Jing,had such a background proved that he was definitely related to Du Yuansheng's treasure.He couldn't have been bribed because he was already involved.At this point,Su Xin's gang member,Su Xin,couldn't have been framed,or else he would have been the one to reveal this information.

At this moment,a gang member suddenly reported that they had found some clues in the courtyard.Su Xin and his group immediately went outside.In the middle of the courtyard,a withered tree had been moved,revealing a passage that could accommodate one person.

"I'll send someone down to explore."Huang Bingcheng called a few gang members to lead the way.Su Xin and his group followed suit.

The passage was roughly constructed,only allowing one person at a time.It twisted and turned like a maze.

After walking for half an hour,the surroundings suddenly cleared up,revealing a hall large enough to accommodate over a thousand people.