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Chapter 93: The Puppeteer Behind the Scenes

8987words in this chapter2024-01-05

Looking at the spacious hall in front of him,Huang Bingcheng asked in confusion,"Where are we now?"

Su Xin whispered,"If I'm not mistaken,we should be under Changde Square right now."

Everyone looked at each other.If Changde Square was above them,then it must be related to Du Yuansheng.

Changde Square used to be the imperial city of the Great Zhou.Who else could dig such a large space and passage under the imperial city of the Great Zhou,except for the mad lion Du Yuansheng,who was the leader of the Three Xiang Martial Arts Alliance at that time?

"Boss,look over there!"Huang Bingcheng pointed to a wall with five grooves,different from the others,and there was a key-shaped slot,and one of the grooves already had a key in it!

Su Xin and Xie Zhiyan exchanged glances,feeling somewhat unbelievable.They had been searching for this last key for such a long time,and unexpectedly,it appeared so easily before their eyes.

However,at this moment,laughter suddenly came from behind:"Haha!It turns out the key is right under our feet,effortlessly obtained.I didn't expect the key to be right here."

Su Xin and the others turned around to see Fang Dongting,Jiang Ling,Jiang Yuandong,Ruan Mingyue,and other gang leaders walking out of the passage one by one.

"You've been following us?"Su Xin frowned.

Jiang Ling calmly said,"Although you have proven that the wound from the left-handed sword can be reproduced by others,your suspicion is still the greatest.So,I suggested that everyone follow you for a night to see what else you might do.I didn't expect such a big surprise."

Huang Bingcheng anxiously asked,"What about the people guarding us from above?"

Before entering,Huang Bingcheng had deliberately left some gang members to guard above,instructing them not to let anyone else in.But now,Jiang Ling and others walked down openly.What happened to those gang members?

Jiang Ling didn't answer,but Fang Dongting sneered,"Are you talking about those few waste who dared to stop us,ignorant fools?Since they don't know what's good for them,I generously sent them to their deaths."

"You!"Huang Bingcheng's face turned red with anger,and the other members of the Flying Eagle Gang also drew their weapons,looking ready for a fight.

"Stop!"Su Xin reprimanded,giving Fang Dongting a cold glance.

This young and outstanding person on the list really lacked foresight.Killing his subordinates,Su Xin was sure that Fang Dongting was retaliating against him for offending him during the day.

This account couldn't be settled for now,but one day,he would settle it with Fang Dongting.His subordinates could not die in vain.

Fang Dongting sneered contemptuously.Now he felt a bit relieved in his heart.Since coming to this wilderness in southern Hunan,he had always felt uncomfortable.Even a small gang leader dared not to put him in his eyes,which made Fang Dongting extremely unhappy.

Although he hadn't really taught Su Xin a lesson yet,killing a few of his subordinates,seeing the angry look on Su Xin's face,at least gave him some relief.

At this moment,Jiang Ling said,"Everyone,the treasure is right in front of us now.Let's take out our keys,or else none of us can get in.But I have a suggestion:the local gang leaders of Changning Mansion can come in,but their subordinates should all leave.With too many people,in case they take something they shouldn't,don't blame us for being ruthless."

Everyone nodded,and Su Xin asked Huang Bingcheng and the others to go up first,waiting for his message.

After the other gang members left,everyone took out the four keys and placed them in the grooves.However,there was no change in the underground palace at this time.Jiang Ling lightly touched the pattern in the middle of those grooves with his hand.The entire underground palace trembled,and the wall with the embedded keys slowly sank,revealing a huge portal.

Everyone rushed towards the portal,fearing they would miss the treasure.

Su Xin followed along,but a palpable unease rose in his heart.He couldn't shake the feeling that something was not right.

Fang Dongting,who was at the forefront,stopped and loudly exclaimed,"Where's the treasure?What's going on here?"

What appeared in front of everyone at this moment was not the mountain-like treasures they had imagined,but a misty fog,making faces indistinct within three steps,appearing extremely eerie.

Jiang Ling leisurely walked behind and said,"Don't be surprised.Haven't you seen a formation before?When martial arts cultivation reaches the Yuanying stage,using Yuanying to guide the power of heaven and earth to engrave formations on the ground is not strange.This is where Master Du hid the treasure.Setting up some traps and such would easily damage the treasure,so he engraved a formation to delay time and make those guarding the treasure alert.Unfortunately,those guarding the treasure are almost extinct now.Even if someone comes to steal the treasure,they can only watch helplessly."

Fang Dongting's face turned slightly red.Of course,he knew this was a formation,and their Qingcheng Sword Sect had no lack of martial arts masters in the Yuanying stage.However,when he entered,he was so focused on the treasure that he forgot about the formation.

But at this moment,Su Xin's unease grew stronger.Listening to Jiang Ling's nostalgic tone,a flash of insight struck Su Xin's mind.The fragments of everything that had happened in the past few days echoed in Su Xin's mind,forming a clear clue!

He suddenly exclaimed,"Jiang Ling!Is all of this your conspiracy?From the beginning,you planned this.You knew the burial place of the treasure,and the fifth key was actually...and even Zhang Qingfang,you killed him!"

The hearts of everyone present were suddenly shocked,and Su Xin's words left them at a loss for words.What was going on?Was Su Xin losing his mind?

But at this moment,Jiang Ling showed a brilliant smile.Standing at the back,he moved his hand and seemed to touch a mechanism,closing the passage behind them swiftly,trapping them all inside!

"Congratulations on getting it right,but unfortunately,there's no reward."

Fang Dongting's expression immediately turned cold."Jiang Ling,what do you mean?"

Jiang Yuandong sternly said,"Jiang Ling,did you really kill Zhang Qingfang?Do you think your influence in the Nanshan Three Great Families allows you to disregard us?"

Xie Zhiyan wasn't as agitated,but a look of seriousness appeared in her eyes.

Su Xin sighed,"This has nothing to do with the Nian Gang.Jiang Tangzhu's identity probably has never been the leader of the Nian Gang.Also,Gong Qingfeng,the leader of the Gong Gang,you are probably not just the leader of a small gang in Changning Mansion,right?In the dark,I suspected there was a conspiracy,but I didn't expect you two to be involved.What are your true identities?There's no need to hide it now,right?"

Fang Dongting's expression turned cold.The seemingly submissive little gang leader beside him,who had been nodding and bowing,turned out to have been plotting against him all along?

Gong Qingfeng chuckled as he walked out and stood next to Jiang Ling."Su Xin,you truly live up to your reputation.Among the leaders of Changning Mansion's three gangs and four societies,they are all mediocre.They can only grow old in this small place,but only you,Su Xin,can break free and explore the vast world.Unfortunately,now that you're involved in this matter,you can't escape.If you want to blame someone,blame your bad luck."

Jiang Ling coughed and said,"Let me reintroduce myself.I am Jiang Ling,adopted in my youth by Du Yuansheng,the Mad Lion,as one of his ninety-third adopted sons.However,due to frequent illness in my youth,I was sent to the Nian Gang's Xia Tan and treated by'Three Unworthy Physician'Xue Busan,escaping the disaster of that year."

Gong Qingfeng also spoke,"Du Yuansheng had countless disciples in the past.My father was the least noticeable and the weakest in strength.Probably because of this,he managed to escape a disaster,allowing our Gong family to survive the purge by the court."

Upon hearing their confessions,everyone was at a loss for words.The treasure they had been searching for turned out to be a conspiracy intentionally designed by others.

Su Xin breathed a sigh of relief,"It turns out Du Yuansheng was indeed killed by the court.You two managed to escape a disaster,and for the sake of the treasure,you plotted against the Qingcheng Sword Sect and Yijianmen.Aren't you afraid of death?"

A sinister expression appeared on Jiang Ling's face,"Half of the land of the Great Zhou Dynasty was conquered with the help of my adoptive father,Ji Haodian.However,his Ji family forgot their debt of gratitude,colluded with some villains within the Three Xiang Martial Arts Alliance,and plotted against my adoptive father,leading to the disintegration of the alliance.Now,Ji Haodian is old and incompetent.It's time for us to take what belongs to us!"

Su Xin shook his head.The plot was truly melodramatic.When Iron Merciless told him about Du Yuansheng's situation,he had already guessed the intricacies,but he didn't expect it to be true.

Gong Qingfeng chuckled and asked Su Xin,"Su Xin,I'm curious.Why did you suspect me in the end?Although I participated in this plan,I played only a supporting role.Besides,I've been in Changning Mansion since birth,and it's impossible for me to conspire with Jiang Ling.Where did you guess it was me?"

Su Xin said indifferently,"It's simple.It's because what you've done during this time doesn't match your character.That's why I suspected you.The Gong Qingfeng in my eyes is the leader of the Godly Wind Society,taking over at a young age,astute and deep-minded.But Fang Dongting,did you incite him to trouble me?Later,when you framed me,you threw stones at me when I was down.If it were done by Meng Changhe,I wouldn't have any suspicions,but since you did it,with no apparent benefit,it obviously goes against your character.That's when I truly began to suspect you."

Su Xin then pointed at Jiang Ling,"As for this Jiang Tangzhu,there are even more flaws.You secretly incited the conflict between Yijianmen and Qingcheng Sword Sect,and even on the night when you framed me,you pretended it was a coincidence.One thing could be a coincidence,but with so many things combined,it seems like you are afraid the world won't be chaotic enough.This is no longer a coincidence!"