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Chapter 233: Desolation Without a Soul

8472words in this chapter2024-01-25

After Huang Bingcheng was driven out of the Xunfeng Sword Sect,Wu Qingyun sneered.This Su Xin thought that becoming the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Road would allow him to swagger in Jiangnan Road?It's simply a pipe dream!

Wu Qingyun's actions were not without reason.After all,in this world,there is no love without reason,and no hatred without reason.In the past,when Su Xin first came to Jiangnan Road,he had conflicts with people like Pei Yanjun.Perhaps Su Xin didn't notice,but Wu Qingyun was one of those who mingled with Pei Yanjun.

Wu Qingyun had long disliked Su Xin,a warrior from a small barbaric land,who not only entered the top twenty of the ranking list but also acted arrogantly.Although he had no previous interactions with Su Xin,given his strength and the influence of the Xunfeng Sword Sect,there was no need to bother with Su Xin.

However,now Su Xin had practically delivered himself for punishment after Huang Bingcheng was expelled.Wu Qingyun's father,Wu Yuanting,the sect leader of the Xunfeng Sword Sect,suddenly approached him and asked,"Did you drive away the constable sent by Su Xin?"

Wu Qingyun nonchalantly nodded and said,"Yes,that Su Xin is simply ignorant.He thinks he's something special,even trying to set rules for all the martial forces in Jiangnan Road.The Xiao family,with such strength,doesn't dare to utter such words.When Jin Wulin was present,the Six Gates were even more obedient.But as soon as he took over,problems arose.Of course,I had to teach him a lesson."

Wu Yuanting,frustrated,said,"How many times have I told you?Be more steady in your actions.Look at how other sects handle such matters.Even if they don't take Su Xin seriously,at least they wouldn't drive away the messenger he sent.What will our Xunfeng Sword Sect look like now?"

Wu Qingyun waved his hand dismissively,"Su Xin is just a warrior from a small barbaric land,overestimating himself after some stroke of luck.I know his background.It was his incompetence that led to the beating of that constable.If it were someone else,I wouldn't have treated them this way."

Wu Yuanting coldly snorted,"I've told you many times.Don't look down on warriors from other regions just because you come from the Central Plains martial arts.What's wrong with a small barbaric land?The Great Zhou Dynasty rose from such lands.Qingyun,ever since the Jiangnan Gathering,you've become more impatient.Have you forgotten what I taught you before?I've told you not to associate too much with Pei Yanjun and his group.Their cunning is ten times yours.Mixing with them,one day,you'll be counting money for them when they plot against you."

After scolding Wu Qingyun,Wu Yuanting let him go back and cultivate.He didn't care much about Su Xin;his anger stemmed from his son's apparent lack of competence and shallow scheming.The Xunfeng Sword Sect was just a martial sect,not a noble family.The position of sect leader couldn't be passed down through generations.Wu Yuanting hoped to cultivate Wu Qingyun before his death,so he could smoothly take over as the sect leader.

Meanwhile,news of Su Xin's invitation had spread not only to the noble families in Jiangnan Prefecture but also to all martial forces in Jiangnan Road.However,everyone's first reaction was that Su Xin had gone mad.

The Six Gates of Jiangnan Road had completely lost their prestige due to the deliberate indulgence of Jin Wulin.Unless powerful experts from the Six Gates came to restore their reputation,the Six Gates would be nothing more than a decoration.Now,Su Xin,a martial artist in the Divine Palace realm,was appointed as the Chief Constable.The representatives of these martial forces sensed a different atmosphere,as if the Six Gates of the Great Zhou Dynasty were truly struggling.

If Su Xin honestly served as the Chief Constable,it would be acceptable.After all,without support from above,it was essential for him to rebuild the framework of the Six Gates.However,Su Xin's arrogance reached the point of wanting to establish rules for the entire martial world of Jiangnan Road,which was simply absurd.

Almost everyone thought Su Xin had either gone mad or become overly inflated.A top-twenty-ranked figure on the ranking list seemed to have lost his way,thinking that the title of Chief Constable could make even experts in the Nascent Soul realm retreat.Moreover,when delivering the message,Lei Yuan and others intentionally or unintentionally revealed the incident with the Year Gang,causing many forces to sneer at Su Xin's ignorance and foolishness.

Year Gang was on a different level compared to these second or third-rate sects.Even a branch of the Year Gang had strength comparable to a first-rate sect.Su Xin's attempt to provoke the Year Gang was truly seeking death.

When Huang Bingcheng returned to the headquarters of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Road,Li Huai was enraged at the sight of his injuries and wanted to go to the Xunfeng Sword Sect for revenge.The two of them had been leaders in the Flying Eagle Gang before;when had they ever suffered such humiliation?

However,before Li Huai could make a move,Su Xin pressed him down,saying coldly,"What do you want to do?The sect leader of the Xunfeng Sword Sect,Wu Yuanting,has a cultivation level in the Divine Transformation realm.What are you going to use for revenge?"

Li Huai said bitterly,"Are we just going to endure it?"

Su Xin's lips curled into a cold smile."Endure?Of course not!Those who disrespect me will pay the price.Xunfeng Sword Sect dared to slap my face?I'll remember that.Old Huang,rest assured,I'll definitely help you settle this score."

Huang Bingcheng smirked,"When the day of revenge comes,Boss,you better let me handle it personally.Damn,I've never suffered such a big loss!"

Although Huang Bingcheng only suffered superficial injuries,he had never felt such grievance since following Su Xin.

Revenge is a dish best served cold,Xunfeng Sword Sect,we'll see!

In the posted notice,Su Xin scheduled a meeting at the headquarters of the Six Gates of Jiangnan Road three days later,inviting representatives of major martial forces to attend.

When the deadline arrived,Su Xin was still seated in the main position,and the Chief Constables from various states and prefectures had gathered.However,as the sun rose high in the sky,not a single person arrived,making Lei Yuan and others sneer inwardly.

They had anticipated that no force would attend this meeting.Even a third-rate sect wouldn't send a representative.The martial forces in Jiangnan Road were intricately connected,and if a few major sects decided not to attend,the order would cascade down to the smaller ones.

Moreover,they viewed Su Xin's actions as mere antics.If anyone really went,they would be considered foolish.

As the afternoon approached with no attendees,Lei Yuan stood up,clasping his hands,"Lord Su,it's already this late,and no one has arrived.Shouldn't we disperse?By the way,when I went to deliver a message to the Year Gang,I,unfortunately,didn't have the strength.I couldn't even meet the Autumn Altar Master of the Year Gang,'Nine Mountain God'Dong Buyi,and got beaten by one of their hall masters.The letter wasn't accepted either.Perhaps,Lord Su,you should personally seek an audience with Dong Buyi.I've exhausted all means and couldn't invite that esteemed figure."

Lei Yuan wore a malicious smile,hoping Su Xin would decline.That way,he could use it as leverage to complain to the Six Gates headquarters in Shengjing City and possibly remove Su Xin from the position of Chief Constable.

Just when everyone thought Su Xin would concede,to their surprise,Su Xin directly said,"Dong Buyi of the Year Gang Autumn Altar?Alright,you don't need to worry about this matter.I'll handle it."

Everyone present was stunned.Was Su Xin planning to burn bridges?

Lei Yuan had been involved with the Six Gates of Jiangnan Road for almost half of his life,accumulating significant connections.Even he couldn't meet Dong Buyi,and here was Su Xin,thinking he could meet him with confidence.

Moreover,even if Su Xin could meet Dong Buyi,what gave him the audacity to challenge the Year Gang and demand control over tax and supervisory rights?

Lei Yuan and others smirked inwardly,thinking Su Xin was really pushing his luck.

With the position of the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Road,Su Xin was safe from being killed by Dong Buyi,as that would bring disgrace to the Six Gates.However,safety from harm didn't mean immunity from humiliation.

After this incident,Su Xin not only lost his basic prestige within the Six Gates but also any semblance of dignity.

A few days ago,he arrogantly insulted them,threatening violence,but now all martial sects in Jiangnan Road regarded his words as nonsense.If Su Xin failed to resolve the issue with the Year Gang,his standing in the eyes of others could easily be imagined.

Just a rat with a gun,bullying from within but timid when facing external challenges.

After everyone left,Huang Bingcheng looked worried."Boss,this commitment seems a bit reckless.We have no comparison with the Year Gang Autumn Altar now,especially Dong Buyi,who is notoriously hot-tempered and hard to deal with."

Su Xin tapped the table."The Year Gang Autumn Altar is indeed formidable,but I must provoke them.When I took office at the Six Gates headquarters,Tie Zhan assured me not to worry about the Xiao family,as they had someone watching.However,he didn't mention resolving issues with the Year Gang.Therefore,the first force we must deal with in Jiangnan Road is the Year Gang Autumn Altar;there's no way around it."

Seeing that Su Xin had made up his mind,Huang Bingcheng refrained from saying anything more.He knew his boss's habits—this rhythmic table tapping meant Su Xin was either contemplating or had already formulated a plan.It seemed the latter was true.