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Chapter 234: 'Nine-Mountain God' Dong Buyi

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The Seven Gangs of the world,if someone is to be ranked first,it is undoubtedly the Year Gang.

However,the Year Gang's top position is not just because of its massive number of members,but also because the Autumn,Summer,Autumn,and Winter Altars,along with the experts of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms Hall,are abundant.

Due to deliberate spreading by people like Lei Yuan,Su Xin is preparing to independently enter the Year Gang to find the Autumn Altar Master'Nine Mountain God'Dong Buyi and demand the taxation of transportation and supply,which has already become widely known.

When the martial arts sects of Jiangnan Dao learned about this,most of them coldly chuckled and uttered four words:Ignorance of the situation!

Even though the Year Gang is just a sub-altar,its strength is comparable to top-tier sects.The Autumn Altar Master,Dong Buyi,is a peak Nascent Divinity Realm existence,just one step away from entering the Merging Divinity Realm,ranking sixty-first on the Earth Ranking—a rare few to achieve such a position with Nascent Divinity Realm strength.

Where does Su Xin find the courage to demand the transportation taxes from Dong Buyi?If it were Iron Battle,it would be about the same.

However,Su Xin still went.He didn't let Li Huai and Huang Bingcheng accompany him;instead,he went to the Year Gang alone.

Among the Seven Gangs of the world,almost all factions rely on their territories for survival and also control other businesses.However,the Year Gang is different.

As the world's number one gang,their only controlled business is transportation,not just in Dazhou but throughout the entire world.While managing transportation in Dazhou earns the Year Gang money,managing transportation across the entire world brings them cultivation resources.

For example,in the hostilities between Dazhou and Dong Jin,the unique cultivation resources and precious ores and weapons of each side would never be sold to the other.However,the Year Gang secretly engages in such dealings.Despite it being taboo,as the world's top gang,who dares to interfere?

The Dazhou court is aware of this,but they can't control it.If they interfere,it would be undermining the foundation of the Year Gang,leading to a relentless conflict.Moreover,the Dazhou court has also obtained some resources from the Year Gang related to Dong Jin,so they turn a blind eye.

Nevertheless,some supervision is necessary.

Therefore,each Year Gang transportation port has inspectors from the Six Gates who keep an eye on things.For ordinary cultivation supplies transported by the Year Gang,they turn a blind eye,but if there's anything particularly prohibited,they would step in.

Because of this,Su Xin knew that Jiangnan Dao hadn't supervised the Year Gang's transportation for several years.He understood that he had to make a trip.

Not only did he have to handle the Year Gang,but he also had to explain to the Six Gates.

Since the last conversation with Iron Battle,Su Xin had already figured out that although the Iron Family made him the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,there would surely be some objections within the headquarters of the Six Gates.Su Xin,who had been in office for less than ten days,had already caused so much trouble;it's likely that the headquarters of the Six Gates had received the news,and it was time for him to give Iron Battle an explanation.

The Year Gang's Autumn Altar sub-altar is located outside Jiangnan Prefecture,next to a huge transportation dock.

The Year Gang is wealthy and influential.Even such a massive transportation dock was built with the Year Gang's own money.On the great river,large ships navigate through it continuously.

The Autumn Altar consists of giant towers,and the most peculiar thing is that at the very top of each building,there is a decoration of dried yellow leaves,highlighting the identity of the Autumn Altar.

When Su Xin arrived at the entrance of the Autumn Altar,a Year Gang disciple immediately approached and respectfully said,"May I ask what business this young hero has with our Year Gang?"

As one of the Seven Gangs of the world,the Year Gang is not comparable to small sects.The strength of their disciples might not be outstanding,but each of them carries a strong and imposing aura.

Su Xin said,"I am Su Xin,the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,seeking an audience with the Autumn Altar Master Dong Buyi."

Upon hearing Su Xin's introduction,the disciple's expression changed immediately,unsure of what to say.A few days ago,someone from the Six Gates of Jiangnan Dao came,but when he went to inform Dong Buyi,he was directly kicked out.When he reported this to Dong Buyi,he only said one word:Leave.

Hearing that Su Xin had come,a playful expression appeared on Dong Buyi's face.He was somewhat puzzled about what this young Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao was thinking.

To be honest,Dong Buyi rarely paid attention to the younger generation of warriors because he simply didn't regard them highly.

He,as the Autumn Altar Master of the Year Gang,had climbed up from a lowly gang member.

Back when Dong Buyi,at the age of thirteen,joined the Year Gang,he had to wait until he was almost twenty to qualify to learn a basic martial art.Over the years,he never made it to the Earth Ranking,never competed with the so-called geniuses on the ranking.Yet,didn't he still reach his current position?

So,in his view,those Earth Rankings were nonsense.True talent is demonstrated by those who grow up to be geniuses,not those who die halfway through.Who cares if you've made it to the Earth Ranking or not?What glorious achievements do you have?

Although he thought so in his heart,Dong Buyi still allowed the gang member to bring Su Xin up.After all,Su Xin was the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,and if someone came personally,it would be too disrespectful to not even meet them.

The gang member,following the order,respectfully brought Su Xin to the discussion hall of the Autumn Altar.

Su Xin saw the Autumn Altar Master,who was renowned throughout the world,for the first time.Honestly,Dong Buyi's appearance was ordinary,and his attire was casual,like a farmer in the field.However,the first impression one got upon seeing Dong Buyi was not his appearance but the profound and majestic aura emanating from him.

The four Altar Masters of the Year Gang,all grassroots,had fought their way up from the bottom.The Autumn Altar,besides Dong Buyi,had several Nascent Divinity Realm Deputy Altar Masters,but they were not present today.Only Dong Buyi was there.

Su Xin bowed and said,"Greetings,Altar Master Dong."

Dong Buyi smirked and said,"Is this how the younger generation lacks manners now?I've been practicing martial arts for longer than your father's age,yet you don't even call me a senior."

Su Xin calmly replied,"If I were meeting Altar Master Dong in my capacity as Su Xin on the Earth Rankings,I would certainly address you respectfully as a senior.But now,I am here as the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao.It's only appropriate for us to address each other as peers.Does Altar Master Dong think he's a generation above even the Chief Constable of the Six Gates?"

Dong Buyi was slightly surprised.Su Xin was quite bold,playing these word games in the presence of a Nascent Divinity Realm warrior.But Dong Buyi understood.If Su Xin was the type to tremble in the face of a Nascent Divinity Realm warrior,even if he were Iron Battle's illegitimate son and became the Chief Constable of Jiangnan Dao,he wouldn't be fit for the position.

Dong Buyi looked at Su Xin with a playful expression and asked,"I wonder why Chief Constable Su came today?"

Su Xin said solemnly,"It's simple.I hope that the Year Gang will return the transportation taxes to the Six Gates and,from today onwards,let the constables of the Six Gates resume supervision of transportation."

Upon hearing Su Xin's words,Dong Buyi burst into laughter.The arrogant laughter showed that he didn't take Su Xin's words seriously,as if he were hearing a joke.

After the laughter,Dong Buyi stood up,and a ferocious aura,like a primordial beast,surged towards Su Xin.

"Kid,do you know what you're saying?Do you know what it means to ask for the transportation taxes back and the supervision rights of the Six Gates?Only the Year Gang has always snatched things from others.No one can take even a fraction from the Year Gang!"

Dong Buyi's aura was astonishing,and the entire hall's atmosphere changed,as if it would explode in the next moment.This was the power of a Nascent Divinity Realm warrior,borrowing the natural energy of heaven and earth,causing a change in the surroundings.

Under the seemingly overwhelming pressure,Su Xin silently operated the"Mountain Scripture Technique."He emitted a hazy radiance,like Buddha's light,yet not quite,appearing dreamlike and enchanting.

Seeing that Su Xin used an unknown technique to resist his aura,Dong Buyi was slightly surprised.This technique seemed mysterious,with elements of orthodox Daoist cultivation.It was strange to Dong Buyi,a Nascent Divinity Realm warrior who had studied various martial arts from different sects.

However,Dong Buyi didn't pay too much attention to it.The Six Gates had countless martial arts,even more comprehensive than some top sects.When Dazhou attacked the Central Plains,they absorbed all the martial arts collected by the former Great Jin,coupled with the techniques they obtained from destroying sects,resulting in a terrifying number of techniques.

Su Xin,as the Chief Constable of the Six Gates,might have exchanged for this technique from that vast collection.Seeing that his aura couldn't suppress Su Xin,Dong Buyi didn't waste more effort.He retracted his aura,and Su Xin stopped the"Mountain Scripture Technique."However,the next sentence from Su Xin made Dong Buyi explode on the spot.

"Dong Altar Master,I want the transportation taxes for the Six Gates and the supervision rights back for your own good.Otherwise,the Year Gang will face a great calamity!"