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Chapter 39 Disturbance

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“What do you mean?”Tiger Third Master stared at Hou Tong with cold eyes,squeezing these words through his teeth.

Hou Tong chuckled,"Tiger Old Third,don't pretend.Everyone knows about your little trouble with Su Xin.Now,he directly hands the money to the gang.It's a clear slap in your face.Can you still sit still?But no matter what,he's still your adopted son.Moreover,this whole thing started with your lack of integrity.If you use the reputation of a so-called foster father to suppress him,your reputation in the Flying Eagle Gang will stink.If you give me some money,I can handle that kid for you,guarantee to deal with him thoroughly.I'm not afraid of being accused of bullying the weak,I have no face anyway,but you,Tiger Old Third,still care about your face."

Tiger Third Master remained silent for a while before saying,"A fixed price,fifty thousand taels of silver."

"Hehe,deal!"Hou Tong clapped his hands,looking extremely satisfied.

"How do you want to handle it?"

Hou Tong leisurely walked out,"You don't need to worry about that.I won't let that kid off easily,that's for sure."

Watching Hou Tong leave,Li Shiyéexpressed his concern,"Will Hou Tong mess things up?He doesn't seem like a reliable person."

Tiger Third Master said in a deep voice,"Don't worry,Hou Tong is just a gambling addict,but he's not really stupid.Since he dared to come and negotiate with me,he must have his own ideas.A guy who is a lousy gambler,weak in strength,and also foolish,wouldn't have been able to sit in the position of a big boss for so many years."

Seeing Tiger Third Master so confident,Li Shiyéstopped saying more.However,in his eyes,there was a hint of unclear meaning.

At this time,in the hall of the Happy Forest,Su Xin handed over everything to Huang Bingcheng for handling.He returned home alone and entered seclusion.

After the battle with Luo Zhen,he gained a lot of experience,and even the speed of his cultivation had increased.In these two days,he broke through five acupoints in one go.He had now opened fifty-one acupoints,and the middle stage of Houtian was just around the corner.

After breaking through five acupoints in a row,Su Xin did not close up to cultivate.Instead,he found Li Huai and wanted to spar with him.

"How is your Demon Expelling Sword Technique?"Su Xin saw that Li Huai had replaced the twin short swords around his waist with a long sword.Obviously,his Demon Expelling Sword Technique had reached a preliminary level.

Li Huai,who had practiced the Demon Expelling Sword Technique for a few days,appeared much more restrained than before,no longer exuding the icy breath he had before.

However,precisely because of this,it proved that Li Huai had become even more formidable than before.

"The sword technique is simple but insidious and ruthless.It has truly brought the demonic sword technique to the extreme.I've been practicing for a few days,but it's just the beginning.I always feel like something is missing in this sword technique."Li Huai said.

Hearing Li Huai's answer,Su Xin was a bit surprised.The Demon Expelling Sword Technique was originally a fragment of the Kuihua Sutra.Li Huai could actually see through this,proving that his talent in martial arts was quite good.

"You feel right.This sword technique was originally separated from a very powerful technique.Come,let's have a few moves to try it out."Su Xin was quite curious about the Demon Expelling Sword Technique.

Li Huai nodded,drew the long sword from his waist,and his figure was like a ghost.The movements were swift and agile.In an instant,he had come to Su Xin's front!

The cold sword light made it difficult to discern from where the sword was stabbing,it was truly extremely mysterious.

However,at this moment,Su Xin flicked his fingers,and with a'clang'sound,Li Huai's sword was directly flicked away.

With another change in his posture,Li Huai had already arrived behind Su Xin.However,Su Xin turned around,and once again,a finger was extended,knocking away Li Huai's sword.

Putting away his long sword,Li Huai shook his head."My sword is still too slow,and my strength is too weak.I can't even force you to draw your sword."

Shaking his somewhat numb fingers,Su Xin said,"I've opened more than fifty acupoints,and my strength is much greater than yours.You don't need to worry about this,the cultivation of internal energy must proceed step by step,and you will eventually reach this level sooner or later.And correct one point,your sword is not slow;it's just that I'm faster.Although the Demon Expelling Sword Technique is a sword technique,its most important aspect is actually the seemingly ghost-like body technique.As long as your speed is faster than the opponent's sword,you can prevent the opponent from even drawing the sword."

Su Xin was able to flick away Li Huai's sword because his speed was faster than Li Huai's.

Compared to the Demon Expelling Sword Technique,Jing Wuming's Rapid Sword Technique focused on the speed of body movements,while the Demon Expelling Sword Technique focused on the speed of drawing the sword.

Seeing Li Huai practicing the Demon Expelling Sword Technique,Su Xin also had a rough understanding of this martial art.

Derived from the Kuihua Sutra,the essence of the Demon Expelling Sword Technique was only one word:speed.

The Demon Expelling Sword Technique emphasized speed,making it difficult for opponents to see any flaws,leaving no chance for a counterattack.Even if the opponent could see through the flaws in the moves,they wouldn't have time to counterattack,as the flaw would disappear in a flash.

To break through the Demon Expelling Sword Technique,one either had to completely crush the opponent with internal energy or,like Su Xin,have a faster speed when attacking than the opponent.

While Li Huai and Su Xin were mutually verifying their martial arts skills,Huang Bingcheng suddenly came over to report,"Boss,there's trouble.Mr.Sun,the owner of Longqing Gambling House,is waiting outside."

"Longqing Gambling House?"Su Xin thought for a moment,recalling some impression of Longqing Gambling House.After dealing with Mr.Huang from Shunde Gambling House,Mr.Sun from Longqing Gambling House seized the opportunity to become the largest gambling house in Happy Forest.He was a clever man.

"Old Huang,what's going on?"Su Xin asked.

With a worried expression,Huang Bingcheng said,"Mr.Sun says someone caused trouble in his gambling house,losing hundreds of thousands of taels but refusing to pay a single penny."

"Who caused the trouble?"

Seeing Huang Bingcheng's expression,Su Xin knew this person was definitely not easy to deal with;otherwise,Huang Bingcheng could handle it himself,and there would be no need to bother him.

"One of the top bosses,Hou Tong."

"Hou Tong?How did he end up in Happy Forest?"Su Xin furrowed his brows.

Regarding the high-ranking members of the Flying Eagle Gang,Su Xin had already instructed Huang Bingcheng to investigate.This gambling addict Hou Tong left a deep impression on him.However,Hou Tong was usually quite sensible,causing trouble only in his own territory.Why did he come to Happy Forest today?

"Let's go and take a look."Su Xin and Huang Bingcheng walked out of the hall,with Li Huai silently following behind.

Outside the hall,Mr.Sun immediately complained when he saw Su Xin coming out,"Boss Su,if Hou Tong continues like this,my Longqing Gambling House will go bankrupt.It's not just about him not paying the losses;when he wins,he hands the money to his subordinates,but when he loses,he wants credit.Isn't this blatant bullying?"

"Enough,stop crying.Come with me and let's take a look,"scolded Su Xin.

Mr.Sun followed Su Xin with his head down.In fact,when he came to find Su Xin,he didn't have much hope.After all,Hou Tong was an old member of the Flying Eagle Gang,one of the thirteen big bosses,while Su Xin,despite his rising reputation,was still just a small boss.

Although Su Xin had promised to protect them as long as they paid their dues,would this promise still be effective when facing the big bosses of the Flying Eagle Gang?

Inside Longqing Gambling House,all the gamblers had been driven away by Hou Tong and his men.The large gambling house now only had him shaking dice with the staff.

He shook the dice,and the gamblers guessed the outcome.The simplest was to guess the total of the dice.Even if Hou Tong had bad luck,he could win two or three rounds out of ten.

Each time he won,he threw the silver to his subordinates behind him.When he lost,he wanted to run up a tab with the gambling house.

"Five,five,four!Fourteen points,hahaha!I won again!"Hou Tong laughed heartily and threw down the dice cup."Stop dawdling,bring the money over."

"Hou Boss,you've won thirty thousand taels in just this short time.All the profits from our gambling house have been won by you.We really have no money left.If you don't mind,we can deduct it from the tab you owe?"The person in charge of the gambling house was on the verge of tears.He had never seen such a bully.

Hou Tong coldly smiled,"My tab is one thing,the money I won is another.I'll pay off the tab later,but the money I won,if you dare not give it to me,I'll immediately shut down your shop!"

"Such arrogance!"

Hou Tong's expression turned cold,"In terms of identity,I and your foster father Tiger Third are peers.In terms of status,I am a big boss in the gang,and you are just a small boss.You don't even greet me when we meet,do you still have any respect for your foster father and the Flying Eagle Gang?"

Hou Tong's tone was aggressive,but Su Xin remained expressionless.He calmly said,"Hou Boss,the hierarchy is not determined by your words.Stop beating around the bush.What do you want?"

Seeing Su Xin so calm surprised Hou Tong.From what he knew,Su Xin was a proud and arrogant young man who dared to cripple Tang Tai,one of Tiger Third's confidants,without hesitation.Now,Su Xin's calmness felt unusual.

"I'm here to gamble.But when I win,the gambling house won't pay up.Since this is your territory,why don't you settle this money matter?"Hou Tong said with a menacing look.

"How much money?"Su Xin's expression remained calm.

"Ten thousand taels!"Hou Tong extended a finger.

The person in charge of the gambling house immediately

shouted,"How is it possible to have ten thousand taels?The highest in one round is only a thousand!"

"I said ten thousand taels,so it's ten thousand taels!Do you have the qualification to speak here?Slap him!"

Hou Tong sneered,and his subordinates immediately pulled over the person in charge of the gambling house.A few slaps later,he was left bleeding.

"How about it?This ten thousand taels,are you going to give it or not?"Hou Tong sat arrogantly on the chair,looking fearless.