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Chapter 40: Do You Really Think I Won't Dare to Kill You?

8157words in this chapter2024-01-02

Mr.Tiger Three said Hou Tong wasn't stupid,and indeed he wasn't.Among the thirteen big bosses of the Flying Eagle Gang,Hou Tong might not be the smartest,but he certainly wasn't the most foolish.Otherwise,he wouldn't have lasted in this position for so long.

His method of dealing with Su Xin was straightforward—three words:shameless and without scruples.He made it clear that he would use his status to pressure Su Xin.What could Su Xin do about it?

If Su Xin gave him this one million taels of silver,his reputation in the Flying Eagle Gang would undoubtedly plummet,and he would leave an impression of being easily bullied.Even if Su Xin took control of Yongle Alley,wouldn't we still have our ways to manipulate him?

And if he didn't give it,Hou Tong would continue causing trouble in Happy Forest.Su Xin,you have shares in Happy Forest,and didn't you promise to protect it?I'll stir up Happy Forest,what can you do about it?

The people behind Su Xin,including Huang Bingcheng,showed anger.Even though Hou Tong was a big boss,he shouldn't be bullying people like this.Li Huai even drew his long sword from his waist,but Su Xin pressed it back.

"Did Tiger Three send you?"Su Xin asked.

Hou Tong sighed,"Not even calling him foster father anymore.Tiger Third has indeed raised a white-eyed wolf."

Hou Tong didn't deny it,which meant he admitted it.

Su Xin sighed and walked towards Hou Tong."I directly handed over the protection money to the gang,wanting to tell him that from now on,we won't interfere with each other.But it seems my foster father isn't willing."

The aura around Su Xin gradually rose,a murderous intent enveloping him.

"Hou Boss,whether Tiger Three instigated you or promised you something,I'll give you a chance now.You can still leave."

Hou Tong,who understood Su Xin's murderous intent very well,remained defiant."Kid,what do you mean?Want to kill me?Do you really think you'll be invincible after killing Dai Chong?Today,I'm standing here and letting you kill.Will you dare to kill me?"

Su Xin's left-hand sword unsheathed with a clear ring.A chilling murderous intent instantly attacked.Hou Tong felt as if a thousand evil wolves were staring at him,ready to tear him apart the next moment.

"He dares to kill himself!He really dares to kill himself!"

At this moment,Hou Tong finally got scared.If given another chance,he would never provoke this madman Su Xin.

Yes,in his heart,Su Xin was now a madman!A complete madman!

He was one of the thirteen big bosses of the Flying Eagle Gang.If he died,even the gang leader would be alerted.Yet,Su Xin actually didn't care and intended to kill him!

Originally weaker in strength,Hou Tong had less than ten meridians opened in his entire body.Years of living a comfortable life made his skills extremely slow.Faced with Su Xin's sword,he wanted to dodge,but his body no longer obeyed him.He watched helplessly as the sword stabbed into his throat,and in an instant,everything turned blood red.

Having played clever all his life,Hou Tong finally got scared.

If given another chance,he would never provoke Su Xin,a lunatic in his eyes.

He imagined himself as Su Xin,thinking Su Xin wouldn't kill him.But he miscalculated.If Su Xin were really like him,he wouldn't have achieved what he has today.

With a swift stroke,Su Xin beheaded Hou Tong,and his head fell to the ground with a thud.

At this moment,everyone finally reacted.All were shocked by Su Xin's actions.Huang Bingcheng and the others had anticipated Su Xin's intervention,but they never expected Su Xin to directly kill Hou Tong!

Hou Tong's few subordinates brought in earlier screamed and immediately turned to run towards the door.However,a ghostly figure arrived first,and a chilling sword light flashed before them.The four subordinates brought by Hou Tong all fell to the ground,clutching their throats.

Seeing Li Huai taking action,Huang Bingcheng also realized that since the person was already dead,they needed to think about how to deal with the aftermath.

Looking at Mr.Sun and the other gang members present,Huang Bingcheng asked in a low voice,"Boss,do we need to control these people?"

Although everyone present,except for Mr.Sun and the others from the gambling house,were Su Xin's gang members,knowing people by face didn't mean knowing their hearts.What if the news leaked out?

The person behind Su Xin,Mr.Sun,shivered,fearing Su Xin would kill him to silence him.

Fortunately,Su Xin just waved his hand."Don't be so nervous.This news can't be concealed,and I wasn't planning to conceal it."

"Then boss,what should we do now?"Huang Bingcheng asked.

If this happened before,Huang Bingcheng would probably be scared crazy.

However,spending a considerable amount of time with the boss,Huang Bingcheng had also developed an unyielding demeanor in the face of adversity.Though initially nervous,he quickly regained his composure.

"Don't worry for now.This incident has given me an opportunity,a chance to reclaim what rightfully belongs to me."

"What do you mean?"Huang Bingcheng inquired.

"Of course,I mean the position of the big boss.And,I can take the opportunity to root out some worms,"Su Xin's eyes revealed a hint of coldness.

Hou Tong arrived at the perfect time.Since you all want to play,let's play this time!Ordering his men to tidy up the gambling house,Su Xin carried Hou Tong's head back to the entrance.He turned to Huang Bingcheng and asked,"Old Huang,how much silver do we have in our account?"

"One million four hundred thousand taels,"Huang Bingcheng replied without hesitation.

Although Happy Forest had generated substantial income in the past few months,Su Xin had also spent a significant amount.Adding the recent acquisition from Yongle Alley,they had just crossed one million taels.

"Take out one million one hundred thousand taels.Among the big bosses,except for my foster father,each person will receive one hundred thousand taels."

Huang Bingcheng hesitated,"One hundred thousand taels may not be enough for them.If it were a minor issue,it would be fine,but we just killed Hou Tong.They won't speak up for us."

Su Xin tapped the table with his fingers,"I didn't intend for them to speak up for me in the first place.This one hundred thousand taels is just to shut their mouths and prevent them from adding insult to injury."

"Do we need to offer a little more silver to Lord Lin Fuhu?He seems to have a good impression of you.He might support us,"Huang Bingcheng suggested.

Su Xin shook his head,"It's not necessary.Even if we don't offer a single coin,he will speak up for me.Why?"

"Simple.I killed Hou Tong.With such a heinous crime,do you think Master Dung Chengwu,the head of the judiciary,will spare me?Considering Lin Fuhu's character,as long as Dung Chengwu agrees,he will oppose it.We don't need to ask for his help;he will speak up for us."

Huang Bingcheng nodded and took the silver to bribe the other big bosses.

Su Xin sat with Li Huai at the entrance,silent in contemplation.Li Huai did not waste any time,diligently practicing martial arts while Su Xin pondered.

Su Xin hadn't anticipated Hou Tong coming after him.He thought even if Tiger Three was angry,he would only send his men to secretly employ some small tactics.But in the end,it turned out to be Hou Tong.

Even if Su Xin calculated endlessly,he would never expect someone like Hou Tong—a character who would put down the face of a big boss for a measly one hundred thousand taels of silver.Killing Hou Tong wasn't an impulsive decision;he thought about the information someone sent him two days ago and secretly sneered.This time,Tiger Three was seeking his own demise.

Hou Tong provided the perfect excuse for Su Xin to challenge this situation.He was confident that he could safely navigate this and secure the position of the big boss.Even if he failed,he wasn't afraid.With his current strength and influence,he had the capital to become a local power.His last resort would be to switch to another faction,and other gangs would likely welcome him.

Of course,this was the last resort.If everything went as planned,Su Xin wouldn't choose this path.He still had system tasks to complete.Once he failed to become a leader in the Flying Eagle Gang,the punishment would be severe—a martial art abolished,and a dropped cultivation level.With his current foundation,such a heavy penalty would almost turn Su Xin into a cripple.

After a while,Huang Bingcheng returned."Boss,the silver has been delivered.But can we be sure those guys won't stab us in the back later?"

"There's no harm in things without benefits.Why would they sabotage us?Hou Tong and other big bosses don't have a good relationship.Even if they try to harm us,they won't harm me directly.Alright,it's almost time.Let's go and clean up those worms in the gang."

Su Xin referred to Tiger Three's man,Ji Gang,who was assigned to his gang.He hadn't dealt with Ji Gang earlier because he didn't want to confront Tiger Three directly.Now,with no reservations,he could use this opportunity to identify and eliminate not just Ji Gang but others who might be hiding in the shadows.

"Old Huang,you take Li Qing and the trustworthy brothers to expose those worms.I'll go with Li Huai to find Ji Gang and see what tricks he has played during this time."

Huang Bingcheng's expression tensed.He immediately left to inform Li Qing and others to start the operation.

The people exposed this time probably wouldn't just receive a beating like before.