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Chapter 219 - Divine Palace Realm

8088words in this chapter2024-01-24

Before the battle with Yue Qingping on the flower boat,Su Xin already sensed the aura of the Divine Palace realm emanating from Yue Qingping.This allowed him to gradually enter that realm himself.However,the battle was ongoing at that time,and it was interrupted midway by Zhuge Qingtian,preventing Su Xin from breaking through to the Divine Palace realm.

Now,continuing the fight,Su Xin can more profoundly comprehend the majestic aura of the Divine Palace realm emanating from Yue Qingping.The Divine Palace realm involves refining the spiritual palace in the center of the brow with the elemental forces of heaven and earth.The brow's spiritual palace is where the human spirit resides,the most fragile and closest to heaven and earth among all acupoints.

After refining the spiritual palace in the brow,although it doesn't mean one can harness the elemental forces directly,the surrounding elemental forces of heaven and earth become more harmonious with oneself.Su Xin is now experiencing this subtle yet marvelous feeling.

Postnatal body refinement,prenatal qi cultivation–both are self-cultivation processes.Only when reaching the Divine Palace realm can one truly feel the assistance of the forces of heaven and earth.Though subtle,the forces of heaven and earth are indeed aiding you.For example,Su Xin,currently in conflict with Yue Qingping,feels the rejection of the surrounding elemental forces,albeit a faint sensation.Yet,through Su Xin's focused perception,he can genuinely sense the changes in the elemental forces of heaven and earth.

While perceiving,Su Xin continues the battle with Yue Qingping.With each strike,Su Xin is forced to step back,as he is no match for Yue Qingping in sheer strength.When Yue Qingping finally corners Su Xin at the edge of the arena,a radiant light blooms on his Broken Jade Hand,indicating that he is about to strike a fatal blow.However,Su Xin's feet move,and the Wind God's Leg is unleashed.With a furious gust of wind,Su Xin swiftly retreats,almost instantly leaving the arena.

"I concede!"Su Xin declares these three words,leaving everyone stunned.Isn't this too timid?Especially considering that he accepted Yue Qingping's challenge earlier and now concedes so decisively after being unable to defeat him.Is he playing tough after admitting defeat?

But the most uncomfortable person on the stage is Yue Qingping.He had prepared his killer moves,but Su Xin jumps out of the arena,declaring his surrender.What is this?

Yue Qingping looks coldly at Su Xin.It's not yet time for him to make a move.Later,he won't even give Su Xin a chance to strike.

Su Xin calmly walks back to his position,then closes his eyes.A mysterious aura envelops him.The elemental forces of heaven and earth around him flow into the spiritual palace above his head like a trickling stream.Su Xin's spiritual power combines with the elemental forces,almost tangible,allowing him to sense the existence of spiritual power for the first time.

Spiritual power is a profound thing Su Xin had not encountered before.However,many cultivation techniques are related to spiritual power,such as"Dao Heart Cultivates Demon**"and"Heaven and Earth Spirit**."

Breaking through to the Divine Palace realm,Su Xin perceives the existence of spiritual power for the first time,entering a completely new realm.

Zhuge Qingtian and Yin Xixue are the first to notice Su Xin's anomaly.As Divine Palace realm warriors,they've long gone through this step and can easily discern what Su Xin is doing.

Because Su Xin is absorbing the elemental forces of heaven and earth to refine the spiritual palace,the surrounding elemental forces become unusually dense.Combined with his surging true energy,Su Xin now appears like a light bulb,emitting a faint glow even in broad daylight.

There are quite a few Divine Palace realm warriors present,and they instantly understand what Su Xin is doing.Initially,they thought Su Xin surrendered out of fear,but now it seems he dared to play this trick during a life-and-death battle with Yue Qingping.People are unsure whether to commend Su Xin for his courage or question his sanity.

Su Xin has accumulated enough for the Divine Palace realm,so he only needs to refine the acupoints normally.This takes a short time,and in just half an hour,he completes the process.

After successfully breaking through to the Divine Palace realm,Su Xin clasps his hands towards Yue Qingping,expressing gratitude.However,everyone present can see that this is more of a mockery than genuine thanks.

In Yue Qingping's eyes flashed a hint of icy intent.You won't be so happy in a moment.

After the battle between Su Xin and Yue Qingping,no one dared to challenge the strong again.Now it was time for the winners from the Jiangnan Association to select the top three.

Among the thirty-five warriors who emerged victorious in the Jiangnan Association,the top three had to be chosen from those in the Divine Palace realm.So,warriors below the Divine Palace realm directly gave up the qualification for the competition,leaving a few Divine Palace realm warriors to vie for the top three positions.

Apart from Xiahou Changqing,who was disabled by Su Xin,there were still five Divine Palace realm warriors taking turns to compete for the top three.After that,it would be the highlight of the Jiangnan Association,seeing if they were willing to join the Xiao family.

Originally,the elders of the Xiao family should have personally invited them,but none of the elders had come now.Xiao Huang turned to the stage and gestured towards Gu Donglai,saying,"This Jiangnan Association is jointly organized by our Xiao family and the court,so please let the Grand Commander go first."

The faces of the warriors who stood out in the Jiangnan Association looked somewhat strange.It was evident that they were conflicted about whether to join the court or the Xiao family.

In terms of influence,the Great Zhou Dynasty was,after all,the Great Zhou Dynasty,far beyond what the Xiao family could compare to.However,joining the court would undoubtedly bring more competition.Both the military and the Six Fan Gates had numerous strong individuals.To stand out,one needed strength,opportunity,and strategy.Moreover,joining the court meant carrying the title of a court hound.

Even someone like Su Xin,ranked twenty-second on the leaderboard,though others didn't dare to say anything disrespectful in his presence,secretly ridiculed his status as a court hound.Of course,joining the court had its benefits.The best outcome of joining the Xiao family would be becoming an honorary elder,then marrying into the Xiao family and becoming a complete subordinate.On the other hand,joining the court,if one reached the position of a chief constable or a marching general one day,they could truly be on equal footing with the Xiao family elders.People would treat them politely.

These warriors were contemplating,and at this moment,Gu Donglai spoke,"Our Great Zhou court recruits talents without discrimination.You are all outstanding young talents in the martial world.As long as you are willing to join Great Zhou,whether in the military or the Six Fan Gates,you can choose freely.You don't need to worry about various cultivation resources.The more meritorious service you contribute,the more rewards you'll receive.I believe you all know this."

The warriors nodded.The system of the Great Zhou Dynasty was indeed better than ordinary martial sects.It didn't follow the practice of ranking by seniority.Everything followed the rule of the more capable,the better.The more meritorious service you accomplished,the more resources you could obtain.If someone dared to secretly withhold these resources,they would be immediately executed upon discovery.

This policy was a key factor that allowed the Great Zhou Dynasty to compete with numerous martial sects.They didn't allow anyone to undermine it.

However,at this moment,Jiang Heliu,the lord of the Renyi Manor,who had been sitting among the crowd,suddenly stood up.

"Hehe,the Great Zhou court?Is your Great Zhou court really so fair?"Jiang Heliu revealed a sneer."If your Great Zhou court is truly fair,why do people from the Iron family of the Six Fan Gates occupy half of the entire Six Fan Gates?Moreover,in the military,each marching general recruits his own trusted subordinates.The supplies provided from above,even if we can get half,most of the cultivation resources are still controlled by you marching generals and your trusted subordinates.Is this what you call fairness?"

The people present stared at Jiang Heliu in shock,not understanding what this usually mild-mannered good person was trying to do.Jiang Heliu,as the lord of the Renyi Manor,had countless friends in the martial world.His reputation in Jiangnan was astonishing.

Even if Jiang Heliu offended Gu Donglai today,the Renyi Manor still had many martial forces in Jiangnan that would plead for him.But now,what was Jiang Heliu saying?He was openly criticizing the court in front of thousands of warriors at the Jiangnan Association.This was an outrageous act of defiance.Even if Gu Donglai's army directly invaded and annihilated the Renyi Manor,the martial world in Jiangnan wouldn't be able to say anything.

Su Xin and Zhuge Qingtian exchanged a glance,both showing a mysterious look in their eyes.These people were indeed prepared to take action at the Jiangnan Association,and they started with a big move right away!